Monday, June 11, 2007

The Offseason Blues

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June 8-9, 2007
Our consecutive-days-with-a-post streak ended at 273.

Running a Hockeyblog in the off-season is like running a blog tracking Keanu Reeves' Oscar nominations.

If you ever got sucked into watching Sweet November, and you haven't thought about killing yourself, you can't be helped.


Facebook News

Sean Jenney, heroic founder of The Jeff Jimmerson Fanclub on Facebook, sent out a mass message, alerting people to the fact that a Jeff Jimmerson bobblehead night at Mellon Arena is long overdue.

Here's the link to get the e-mail address of the Penguins Head of Promotions

In a perfect world, it would sing the last lines of the Star Spangled Banner accompanied with the roar of the crowd.

Included with the bobblehead will be a cupboard that will bring the bobblehead to life when locked inside of it.

Fact: On January 11, 1987, the Calgary Flames gave out a Gary Roberts action figure to fans that entailed the same cupboard gimmick.
The next day, every Barbie doll in the Alberta province was pregnant.

Some actual NHL news

Lost in the glim-glam of professional sports is how devastating it is to a human being when they see something like that.

Speaking of indians and cupboards, the Islanders bought out the remaining portion of Alexei Yashin's contract.
They are paying him $2.2 million for the next eight years.

Yashin, thoughts?

(More old time photoshop)
Andrew W

A few people sent us the story about the NHL thinking of expanding.
The idea of expansion could make you light yourself on fire.
Just don't even think about it.
When it comes to Gary Bettman, no one even knows anymore.
Here is a column from yahoo.

There is some good NHL stuff coming up.
On Thursday 8:30pm -- the NHL awards.
We assume it will be on Versus?
But at this point who knows.

(Patrick Jackson)

Seeing Michel Therrien and the boys will be nice.
One can only hope Therrien wins the Jack Adams award.
To hear him refuse to use plurals on a national stage will put a jump in our step.
It will be like old times.

Also coming June 22-23...

First time the Penguins will not be drafting within the first half-hour of the draft.
Good times.


Pens to get Scott Hartnell(Nashville) in free agency?
And while this article is just from some jerkoff,
Could you image if we get Scott Hartnell.

The Scott " the hitman" Hartnell photoshops would be too much fun

Spector hockey is an interesting place for rumors.
We have been going there for years.

He also reported the Penguins could, key word "could", be interested in getting Nikolai Zherdev from Columbus.
Not really sure what to say, other than 'Why not?'
Some people say he is a Cancer.
But wouldn't you be an asshole if you played in Columbus?

More rumors as we can catch them.
If anyone hears anything, feel free to drop it in commentorblog.

We're definitely gonna miss a few.
Most edits have been deleted by Wikipedia anyway.
Here's what we could grab:

Ones that have been deleted can easily be found in the previous post's Commentorblog.

Fastest Mile:

Olympics World Records in weightlifting:

The best part is how the edit made reference to the record in English rather than Metric.

"Problem Child 2"

Flavors of Slim-Jim:


Yes, the novelty may have already worn off, but can you really put a price on dropping Gary Roberts into anything?

We are also attempting to run a smear campaign on Jason Spezza for disappearing in the finals.
And if you really get bored, job Jerome Bettis and Big Ben's pages.

It is the offeaseaon, this is the life we lead.

Tiff had the weekend off.
Musicblog will return tomorrow.

Till then...

I would do anything for Love.......
This video may need it own post at one point.

If you are looking for a great read, we strongly recommend this from the post-gazette.

It is the story of a how a death was first ruled sucide, but later changed into murder.
The 12 part series looks at how things fell into place.
Strong stuff.

On a lighter note reader Vern sent us this:

It is some jobber site that blasts the Senators.
They have some great photoshops.
Some kind of look like they stole them from us, but they are still funny:

Great Stuff

And finally...

The Sopranos are done.
What even happened?

Maybe the most bizarre ending to a show, ever.

A Winter in The Sun
Game #18
November 20, 2006
Does anyone else not remember this game?

Role Players. PENS WIN.

As we hoped, the Pens caught the Flyers in their first game after the West Coast trip. Not surprisingly, the Pens jumped out to a 1-0 lead on a John LeClair powerplay goal. Three minutes later, Crosby makes an unbelievable move to set up Dominic Moore on what was basically a shorthanded goal. Then, with 9 second left in the first, Ryan Whitney threw it into the net after a scramble. 3-0, end of the first. Doing this to the Flyers is really starting to feel good.

  • Steigerwald mentioned the term "role player" a record 94 times during this game.
  • How dare FSN let Keith Primeau into the booth to converse during a Penguins game. Doesn't anyone remember 2000?
  • WHERE WAS DANNY P-TASH? You don't respect how well of a job he does until third-line center Marshall Harris jumps in.
  • That Malkin goal: If he loses the rookie points race by one point, it will be another reason to hate Derian Hatcher.
  • First time I've seen Petrovicky (Petrohicky?) and I love him. We've been missing that kind of player.
  • Malone, LeClair, Petrovicky...something's got to give in the next few weeks. That sound you hear is the rumor mill starting to churn. Or maybe it's your girlfriend farting in the other room.
Things we said:

If Armstrong was on Heroes, his power would be the ability to not score a goal.

Anonymous said...

a few things that pissed me off:
armstrongs breakaway. send him back down to the baby pens where he can get his game back. also, almost getting in the way of whitneys goal. though he did set it up nicely, he almost fucked it up too.

bob errey saying every damn minute that malkins goal was not a goal after we saw the replay. listen fucker, we understand its not a goal. we saw the net was off its mouring. idiot

the camera shot of malkins disallowed goal. what the hell, lets keep the camera on the player five seconds after he passes it
TO THE FUCKIN NET. 9 out of 10 chances when some one passed the puck to the net, it might go in.
idiots once again.

derrien hatcher is a bitch.
enough said

other than that, the flyers are the penguins bitches



Day Numbers 53 -54

If you don't know who Bryan Hinkle is, you aren't a Steeler fan.

Hardy Nickerson would end your life.
This picture is why the internet was invented.


Anonymous said...

Tell me you didn't sell out to Advertisers?

Great post though

Anonymous said...

if Gary Roberts wrote The Sopranos this shit wouldn't have happened tonight.

Staff said...

HAHAHA no we didn't sell out to ads.

It is more of,well as a 13 year old girl would say, an inside joke.

Go Pens..


Staff said...

Anonymous good call on the Sopranos, I meant to put something in the post, so I just added something..

what a wierd ending to a great show..


Anonymous said...

you guys are children.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of a certain racially confused pedophile, who was bigger than Bon Jovi in the 80's?


snoopyjode said...

a rumor i heard:

the nhl is trying to organize an outdoor hockey game for new year's day 2008. according to scott laughlin and mike bossy (of xm radio's home ice), three teams are interested in participating - one of them being the pens. if it's true, i am SO there.

Anonymous said...

flyers v pens in beaver stadium.

Tyler said...

Gary Roberts.

Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snoopyjode said...

[sarcasm] awwww, poor senators. [/sarcasm] included: the author claims to have seen jason spezza... and is ray emery really worth $925,000?!

Jason said...

as awesome as it would be, i really doubt that the outdoor game would be in PA, the weather is just to damn unpredictable. You can't play an ice hockey game outside if its 50 degrees outside. i bet it will be played in canada, probably edmonton or calgary. pens vs sens in ottawa might be pretty sweet though

Stoosh said...

Coffee met computer screen after reading that "Problem Child 2" thing. Quality stuff!


I may be in the minority here, but I liked the Sopranos finale. I expected a little more action, but the last 10 minutes may have been the most tension-filled ten minutes of TV that I've seen in a long time. Lots of red herrings...lots of waiting around for the other shoe to drop. At the very least, that it made it an enjoyable watch. Great foreshadowing in some of the scenes, too (Phil's grandkids). I like the open-endedness of it...not enough left to really make a good movie, but enough to make the ending unique.

And Gary Roberts wouldn't have needed an SUV to crush Phil's skull.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pensblog!
Wanted to let you guys know that I have been reading your blog since October. You made the 06-07 season that much better. I would watch a game one night, then at work would check ThePensblog the next morning, and inevitably 1) commiserate, 2) cheer or 3) crack up laughing, and sometimes all three. You guys do a great job.

The reason I'm commenting is this. You guys were a rock throughout the whole offseason. You were solid. You were money in the bank! Never missed a day. I loved that.

It's now the offseason. I don't want you guys to get burned out. I want you guys chroniciling every up and down of the '07-08 season... and you can't do that when you've been putting it in hard for three months before the season even starts. Even hockey players take a few weeks off to rest. (Except, maybe, Gary Roberts.)

So I hope you guys take it easy for the next couple moths, a post or two a week, or something like that. Recharge the batteries. Rest up.

And then come out rocking the '07-08 starting at rookie camp.

Avid reader, you guys are the best,

- Mat

Anonymous said...

dont worry, the sopranos movie will be out in late 2009...

90s era songs

alice in chains- no excuses:

dave matthews band- ants marching:

oasis- champagne supernova:

pearl jam- jeremy:


Anonymous said...

Stoosh, thanks for the positive remarks concerning the Problem Child 2 post =)

I am in full agreement with the tension-filled conclusion of Sopranos. In retrospect, i absolutely loved the ending. The stress of being Tony Soprano was incredibly portrayed with the drawn out scene (even to the point of Meadow's parallel parking increasing the tension was intense). well done sopranos!


wilsmith said...

so who has it on their pc already for me to see it?

Jonny V said...

The Sopranos was unreal. Phil's head-crunching and the subsequent random guy throwing up at the sight was priceless. And did anyone else notice that Tony's shirt when he first came in the place was different from when he was sitting with his family? Wonder what that was all about...

And I was reading some old postings on Mondesi's house, and came across this interesting little read courtesy of our Snoopyjode, an older interview with Mario.

He spooned with the Stanley Cup.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff...

Can you use these?

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy

Teej said...

Yeah, the novelty MAY be wearing off... but one for the road...

Teej said...

Sorry... in the "Trivia" section :)

Anonymous said...

gary roberts gets all the revenue and is also the highest paid player.

Anonymous said...

where bonifay is now.


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