Saturday, June 23, 2007

Offseason Day Number:

"And on the 66th day of the off-season, good things will happen" - Genesis 1:4

What a day.
It all started out innocently enough.
People got up, made coffee, went to work.
It's a normal Friday on Earth.
Then around 2:36 PM, fired the shot heard 'round the Internet.

Gary Roberts returns

"The only place that really would have worked in that regard was Toronto," he said.
"And I'd been there and done that."

That quote is why Gary Roberts is great.

King Friday, thoughts?


Who knows what factors were involved in Roberts' decision.
Maybe playing with the best player in the NHL had something to do with it.
If any top free agents are given offers to come play in an emerging Penguin dynasty, why wouldn't they sign?

Opening night.
Gary Roberts comes storming out of the tunnel with the "A" on his sweater.
You can almost feel the goosebumps.
A whole year with Gary Roberts.
May God have mercy on John Fedko's soul.

Start the season tomorrow. We're ready.

Oh, the Pens signed Mark Recchi, too.


In some sad news, Chris Thorburn was traded for a third-round pick.
Why is it sad?
Because last year's team will always be a special team.
It was the year things started turning around.

Chris Thorburn was a part of it.
Who can forget his goal against Anaheim when he was on the Malsby line?

Getting a third-round pick is robbery.
Ray Shero owns the NHL.


To the draft we go.
Pens sitting at number 20.
Probably gonna draft some jobber.
Shero walks to the podium with the brass of a riverboat gambler.

The Penguins draft:

Angelo Esposito

From the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.


Damn it, he looks like Ryan Malone.
Here is a nice little feature on Espo from Sportsnet.

Scouting report:
Quebec • QMJHL
6'1", 180 lbs. Center, shoots left
Born: February 20, 1989 in Montreal, Quebec
Final Ranking: 8 • Mid-Term Ranking: 1 • North American Skater

Central Scouting Report:
A skilled forward with excellent skating ability…
his top-end speed and mobility backs off defenders… sees the ice well and has
the ability to make pin-point passes… not afraid to go to the net… needs to
increase his physical presence and his play in traffic… needs to show more consistency.

Hockey Profile:
Participated in the 2007 CHL Top Prospects Game on Team
White for Scotty Bowman and Jacques Demers… was named QMJHL Player of
the Week on Nov. 16, 2006 after registering 11 points (4-7-11) in three games…
had three assists for Team QMJHL in the two-game All-Star series, 2006 Canada-
Russia Challenge … member of the 2006 Memorial Cup Champion Quebec
Remparts, posting five points (1-4-5) in four Memorial Cup games… awarded the
Michel Bergeron Trophy as the QMJHL’s Top Offensive Rookie in 2005-06…
named to the QMJHL All-Rookie Team in 2005-06… attended Team Canada’s
selection camp for the 2007 World Junior Championships… captained Team
Canada to a gold medal at the Under-18 Junior World Cup in the Czech Republic
in 2006.

The story on him is that he basically was the consesus number-one pick a year ago.
But he only had 79 points, and by all accounts, a disappointing year.

Still, what a pick for Shero and the Pens.

From the Post Gazette:
The Penguins had no inkling Esposito would last so long -- "We had him very high on our list," general manager Ray Shero said. "So much so that we didn't have a name tag for him -- but made sure he wasn't there for the club picking 21st."

Espo's take:

"I'm working hard this summer," said Esposito, whose workout partners include Tampa Bay center Vincent Lecavalier. "My goal is to play in the NHL next year."

Oh man.
Can you already see the "Angelo's Italian Army" signs?
It will be better than Franco's Italian Army, because Franco is a sellout.

Picture: Franco Harris spots a dollar bill on the sidelines and runs out of bounds to pick it up.

If you aren't excited to log-on to and read 10 posts a day about why the Pens need to keep Espo or why they should trade him, you don't know what life is about.

Ray Shero > David Littlefield


Around the NHL

...Tons of draft news...
Chicago takes Patrick Kane number one.
No one has any idea how good the Blackhawks are going to be.
Mark it down.

The Flyers picked number two... we don't care who they got, we must've been too busy thinking about how we owned them last year.

The Rangers drafted the lights-out Russian Alexei Cherepanov...
should provide some good Russian battles with Malkin in the future.

.........There were a bunch of trades as well.
The Maple Leafs get some big-time goaltending help..
Vesa Toskala and Marc Bell is a solid deal for draft picks.



Craig Leopold, owner of the Preds, is shutting down Balsillie's offer to buy the team.

In layman's terms, Balsillie had already put the yellow boot to Leopold's face, but Leopold rolled out of the way as Balsillie's leg drop came raining down.

Speaking of the formerly Shero-run Nashville Predators, they traded away Tomas Vokoun.

The Florida Panthers, a steady goalie away from a playoff spot last season, stole Vokoun for a couple draft picks.



A Winter in the Sun
Game #29
Monday, December 11, 2006
Ferocious Comeback.


But, hold the phone. Just when I started praying Alexander Semin would score just so I could make Semin jokes in the recap, Maxime Talbot beats Olaf Kolzig to make it 4-1. The riveting Versus announcers made it abundantly clear with their call of the goal: "...yeah, I have a pet monkey and it likes to thr -- Hey, Penguins scored. Who is that -- Tallbott? The Penguins Hey, was Crosby on the ice? Crosby wasn't on the ice, but I bet he had something to do with that goal. Crosby is amazing. Him and Ovechkin are two young stars in this league."

Crap We Said:

  • If the Versus guy would have said "stick-to-itiveness" one more time, I don't even know.
  • I don't think I missed it, but these guys fellatiaze all over Crosby and Ovechkin all game...and don't even mention the prospect of them playing on the same line in the All-Star Game?
  • Brooks Orpik turned the game around tonight. He left the game after delivering a bone-jarring hit. Did the game change due to his huge hit? Or simply because he left the game? Hmmm.
Commentorblog Said:

Scott said...

At 4-0 i thought i better just stop watchin and then 3 quick goals and im pumped. Malkin goes flyin through the crease as we tie it and later wins it in shootout...great game

Go Pens.


Jonny V said...

How dare you even mention Littlefield's name in an equation with Shero.

I was just reading about Esposito last night, hoping he would fall all the way to us. And last year I was pulling for us to draft Staal. Let's hope this leads to great things next year. And Roberts, Fedko must be quaking in his pennyloafers with that news.

66th day indeed...

Erica said...

Besides the last post, which was obviously money, this was the BEST one in awhile... It almost felt like the season had started.

Every move King Shero makes as GM is solid.

Long live Gary Roberts!

Andrew said...

i was so fucking excited tonight at work getting txt updates from a friend and seeing Espo still on the board when the pens got to him. then he mentioned they signed roberts too, and i almost had to go home and change myself. sucks i missed all the excitment today, but it's a great day to be a pens fan. rumor has it kovi may be back here too. can't fucking wait!


DL is a joke.

Tee said...

What a freaking GM Shero is... rock solid moves all around. Sad to see Thorburn go, but lets be honest about it, there was really no room for him. And I'm sure Thorburn is happier going somewhere that he can actually play as opposed to sitting.

Regarding Espo... this is direct from his wikipedia page

"Esposito scored in his first regular season game on his very first shift against the Rimouski Oceanic."

Thats in the QMJHL, which is like the NHL of Junior leagues. Scores on his first shift of his first game... sounds familiar...

Love to see them let him play a few games in the preseason just to get his feet wet... stick him on a line with Sid, if he can finish half as well as someone like Cheechoo we could be looking at some serious point totals in a few years.

Antonette said...

Pumped. That's all there is to say.

Anonymous said...

sixth! espo indeed. it was nice to know at around pick 14 or 15 that a guy like moller, who i was pumped for, was going to be there and a guy like cherapanov/espo would be a bonus... awesome!


Mike Costa said...

I Remember From A Post A Few Weeks Ago That If The Penguin's Resinged Gary Roberts There Would Be Gary Roberts Facts, Are You Still Going To Do It?

Kenny Melvin said...

What an amazing day. I'm so pumped about Espo. We got a top five talent at pick 20. Shero is god, all those other GM's who didn't pick Angelo are going to regret it.

pensblogderek said...

Gary Roberts facts will appear, without warning

Joshua said...

"Esposito scored in his first regular season game on his very first shift against the Rimouski Oceanic."

Who once played for Rimouski? haha

Coincidence or forshadowing?

Barrasso35 said...

And on the 66th day of the off season, the Penguins did sign Gary Roberts to a one year deal. So let it be written, so let it be done.

Anonymous said...

Was that the Million Dollar Man about to get the Hulkster's leg drop?

Nah. It couldn't have been. Virgil would've snuck in from behind with a foreign object and layed him out.

Oh, and by the way. Please don't compare Espo to Mario. Please.

Christina said...

brilliant day for the Pens, all around. King Shero is proving he's a master...I'm loving his draft moves so far (last yr and this yr).

next step - strengthen up the blue line!

snoopyjode said...

wow. a beautiful day, indeed. and a drunken night. life is good.
the upcoming season is going to blow our minds...
nine months from now, penguins fans will experience a baby boom...
the sun somehow seems brighter today...

all because of gary roberts.

snoopyjode said...

snagging esposito at the draft was a steal, but i don't think he's worthy of mentioning in the same comment post as roberts (yet, anyhow). andrew, i echo your sentiment that it DEFINITELY is a great day to be a pens fan.

also, did anyone else who signed up for text alerts get FIVE about getting espo? wtf?!

Jason said...

espo is a tremendous pick, but you cant tell me that you wouldnt have liked to see cherepanov skating alongside malkin with that mullet flapping in the wind. the only way this draft could get any better is if king shero ends up getting billy sweatt and that tremendous porn star name of his in the second round.

snoopyjode said...

just got a text:

rd 3, 78 overall, pittsburgh penguins pick ROBERT BORTUZZO, d, right handed, 6'3"


snoopyjode said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snoopyjode said...

here's a list of the pens' draft picks.

dying alive said...

What a tremendous time to be a Pens fan. It just keeps getting better and better every day. This is our karmic reward for sticking with the team when players like Tarnstrom and Fata were our big stars, no doubt about it.

Love the King Friday reference.

Kenny Melvin said...

There is a 43 page thread about the NHL Draft on, those people need to get lives.

snoopyjode said...

got another text:

pens trade wb/s center stephen dixon to anaheim for center tim brent. brent, 23, 6-0, 197lbs appeared in 15 games las season for ducks.

Kenny Melvin said...

Man it's refreshing to hear Ray Shero talk candidly about the draft after so many years of the tight-lipped Craig Patrick

Tee said...

Damn I don't really like that Dixon trade... Dixon was an underacheiver, but he has potential to develop into a solid 2nd line player. Dont know much about Tim Brent other than he has 2 first names and was a jobber for a few games last year for Anaheim.

snoopyjode said...

okay, seriously. i've been getting texts all day about the trades and drafts, which is cool because i signed up for them. but i just got the SIXTH text telling me about the espo draft. I GET IT!!!!!!!!
(am i the only one getting 800 duplicate texts from the nhl draft alert?!! it's starting to piss me off.)

Kenny Melvin said...

Hey snoopy did you just hear that we drafted Angelo Esposito?

snoopyjode said...

lol, kenny, ya smartass! :)

Anonymous said...

"Kenny Melvin said...

There is a 43 page thread about the NHL Draft on, those people need to get lives.

6/23/2007 1:07 PM"

Awww, kenny, feeling left out? How many pages of those did you read, and how badly did you want to respond?

Go eat some more pizza hut, fag.

What you did to call out the admin and his sick wife over there won't be forgotten.

Kenny Melvin said...

Anonymous go fuck yourself. How can this summer get any better Penguins wise? Oh I know on July 1 RS announces Sidney Crosby has signed a 200 year deal to play in Pittsburgh.

pensblogderek said...

Anonymous said...

"Awww, kenny, feeling left out? How many pages of those did you read, and how badly did you want to respond? "

"Go eat some more pizza hut, fag."

"What you did to call out the admin and his sick wife over there won't be forgotten."

-I am not sticking up for Kenny here because, well its Kenny Melvin and he is no question a huge jobber.
But thats what makes him Kenny Melvin.

Telling someone to " go eat some more Pizza hut."

It brings up a few questions.
Like why wouldn't someone want to go eat some more Pizza hut?
Pizza hut is money in the bank.

Are we missing some sort of inside joke?

And also it sounds like Kenny Melvin stunned the whole world over there, what did he say about someones wife?

" Free Kenny Melvin"

Anonymous said...

Oh god don't tell me Pensblog staffers support low lifes like Kenny Melvin.

Letsgopens owns this site anyway

pensblogderek said...

I don't think anyone really cares about Kenny Melvin either way.

He took his beatings from us like a man, and actually has been ok lately.

Normally we don't really pay attention to him

But it seems he has pissed alot of people off via the internet, and thats what life is all about.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the pizza hut thing... it's not really an inside joke. There were a few at letsgopens that kenny made his AIM screename available to. I'm not going to post it on here, just because I don't do things like that... but basically, at least 2-3 times a day, kenny would have the away message 'Eating Pizza Hut'.

Eating pizza hut is not a bad thing. If you eat it everyday, you may have some health issues (see 'SuperSized'), but that's another topic. 'Go Eat Some More Pizza Hut' was in reference to him telling LGP folks to go 'get a life' due to lots of draft posts. Ironic, because he'd be one of the ones over there posting (he had over 3K posts in a like 3 months or something like that). The only reason he isn't is because he was banned. Why?

Well, I won't get into specifics, but he broke a board rule, causing the Admin to ban him from posting. So, in immature retaliation fashion, he starting registering new posting names. Newly-registered posting names used to show up at the bottom of the main LGP site. He basically created the names to make obscene shots at the LGP admin and some of the posters over there. Juvenile? Yes, but most of the internet is. Where he crossed the line was when he started making new post names that were making horribly vile, morbid, disgusting shots at the admin and his wife, who is being treated for breast cancer.

I'm not going to post any more about this. I just want folks to know the real little boy behind the curtain who is kenny melvin.

Anonymous said...

for clarification, when I said he was making fun of the admin's wife, I don't mean in general fashion. I mean about her being sick.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a link to the story or webpage where Gary Roberts made the remark about how he 'couldn't see himself ever wearing a Sens jersey'?

snoopyjode said...

okay, i'm DEFINITELY not one to be jumping on the "defend kenny melvin" bandwagon - i had words with him earlier myself on this blog. HOWEVER, i'm not going to take an anonymous commentor's word as gospel truth. he didn't make comments about anyone's illness here, and unless i have proof or you have the stones to make reveal yourself, anonymous, i'll say this to you: when you're on this blog, let it go and ignore him. kenny melvin jobbed us for a while, we jobbed him back, and now it's over. what he did on another blog is that blog's issue. also, if "letsgopens owns this site anyway," why do you even care?

pensblogderek said...

You beat me to it.


Anonymous said...
Does anybody have a link to the story or webpage where Gary Roberts made the remark about how he 'couldn't see himself ever wearing a Sens jersey'?

6/23/2007 4:45 PM

I need to find this too.
The pure fact Roberts didn't go to ottawa is why he is great.

He could of went there easily, but Ottawa jobbed him last year.

Gary Roberts will own pittsburgh before it is all said and done

Barrasso35 said...

Gary Roberts.

Every time I think about it I smile.

Gary Roberts=Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh.

Kenny Melvin said...

Thanks for defending me snoopy and derek. I have done some jobber type things in the past on this blog and on lgp. That's part of the fun of the internet to rile people up especially in the offseason. And why don't you get some balls, anonymous and reveal yourself instead of hiding. And are you that obsessed with me that you're looking at my AIM? That's pathetic.

Kenny Melvin said...

I think we should stop talking about me and focus on what's really important: Another year of Gary Roberts and Gary Roberts jobbing.

Kenny Melvin said...

I think we should start to go national with Gary Roberts jobbing. CSPAN has a call in show everyone morning on weekdays from 7-10 where there is no tape delay at all. We could say something like "I really like Giuliani for president but he's no Gary Roberts."

The ~D said...

I almost forgot about the draft last night. When I tuned in the Blues were on the clock. I looked up, saw Esposito on the board, and promptly crapped myself. I immediately jumped online and saw the Roberts & Recchi news. What a freakin glorious day!!!

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kenny Melvin said...

The Gary Roberts joke has been over for a long time. It was funny the first five years it was used but now it's old and played out. Think of something better instead of the same old shit recycled over and over

6/14/2007 5:53 PM

Jonny V said...

We get to watch a whole season of Gary friggin' Roberts bust chops all season with his activity around the net suggesting that the opponents are "like the buzzing of flies to me!" attitude (U rock if u know where that quote is from). I am seriously thinking about applying for a credit card just to buy a brand new authentic white Roberts jersey. Whoa maybe i need to let the euphoria wear off a little.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of Kenny Melvin's life. Can't we all just get along? But truthfully Ken, if u did talk shit on dude's wife about her breast cancer, karma does owe you a swift kick in the nads. U know i'm right.

And holy shit Mike Costa, what the hell disorder do you have where u capitalize the first letter of every word in a sentence? That's some fearsome shit.

Textacy said...

Who the fuck is Kenny Melvin?

Barrasso35 said...

Roberts the Carpathian? Nice one jonny v

I won't be buying a new Roberts jersey but I'll be sending my currently blank jersey in to get Roberts' name and number put on it. (Anyone know if he'll be getting an "A"?)

Christina said...

I think Gonchar's "A" should go to Roberts - the guy already has the younger Pens' complete respect after less than a season together. Gonch, well, just doesn't care sometimes.

Kenny Melvin said...

Who the fuck is textacy? And seriously anonymous get some fucking balls and reveal yourself.

Doubt About It said...

you have my absolute and complete admiration/respect because you dropped the "brass of a riverboat gambler" line in this post.

Staff said...

the phrase "LetsGoPens" is mentioned more than 4 times in these comments, and this is undoubtedly the most hate-filled comment string in our history.

Saying "LetsGoPens owns this site" are fightin' words.
Be careful.
We like LGP, we like what they do.
What a great idea for a site.

We said it before and said it again.
Kenny Melvin came here and started jobbing.
We took it in stride and jobbed back.
Now, there's no jobbing going on at all.
That's how life should work.

If this commentorblog turns into anything resembling the nature of conversations on LGP, we'll shut it down.
We have standards.


if you don't like this site, your mom is fat.

Staff said...

Doubt About It, that's been our staple for a while. hahaha.

One From The Heart is unreal.
We still want to get it onto Google Video's NHL page one day.


Kenny Melvin said...

PensblogAdam=General Custer of this blog

Kenny Melvin said...

He stopped the uproar before it even began.

Mdubs34 said...

"pensblogderek said...

-I am not sticking up for Kenny here because, well its Kenny Melvin and he is no question a huge jobber."

"snoopyjode said...

okay, i'm DEFINITELY not one to be jumping on the 'defend kenny melvin' bandwagon"

"Kenny Melvin said...

Thanks for defending me snoopy and derek."

wtf?? did I miss something in that transaction?

Oh, and kenny, I'd suggest picking a different general to compliment someone with. Things didn't end up so well for Custer. ;o)

ZarleyZalapski said...

Here's the thing:

There's a lot of people, including myself, that lurk on LGP and thepensblog. Both sites are great, for their own reasons. LGP is an institution when it comes to internet PensFandom.

Those that frequent both sites know the history with the whole kenny melvin situation. I'm not going to sugar coat it and chalk the atrocious things that he said about a woman with cancer to 'internet jobbing'. Saying that, I don't think its right for people to continually bring it up... there and especially not here. He's a jr-high kid. He made a mistake. Hopefully he's learned from it.

Agree w/ staff. Those who know what he did and can't let it go: ignore him here. Those that don't know what he did: be glad you don't. Don't let a glorious thing like commentorblog be turned into a hate machine. Peace. Love. Pizza Hut. Pens.

Jonny V said...

ZZ I think u summed it all up. And Barrasso35, U rock my friend.

Staff said...

Well said ZZ..
I know I go to LGP everyday, and I have no problem with it.
I have no idea what happen. It sounds bad.
But its over.
I am sure Kenny Melvin is ashamed.
But we will not stand people from LGP coming over here and start jobbing anyone.

Go pens


dying alive said...

I am not anonymous, and everything that was said about what Kenny did at LGP was true. As someone who's mother is a breast cancer survivor, I find it a pretty fucking sickening thing to make fun of and I hope that Kenny never has to find out firsthand what it's like when someone you love has a disease like breast cancer.

That said, arguing on the internet is retarded, so I choose to just ignore him. Sorry, I will make fun of just about anything, but I have my standards as to what is and is not acceptable.

And Roberts is still money in the bank.

Bill said...

pensblog ilu

Staff said...

when did this whole thing go down?
Was it recent?

Kenny Melvin said...

God you people need to get over yourselves. If anyone on that board took my seriously than your a fool plain and simple. I'm not the one who brought this whole thing up and I don't see why it's an issue. Get over and move on, there's no point of spending time on me.

Jason said...

something tells me jonny v was watching comedy central today. if not, then i shall quietly bow before him, for he is the gary roberts of 80s movie quotes.

when the hell did this turn into kennymelvinblog?

Anonymous said...

I post anonymously here on the pensblog, because im too lazy to register a name. that being said, i always leave my name so people know what i say.

I go to LGP daily to have more serious penguins discussion and enjoy a lot of the people there (once you wade through the shit) The Faceoff Factor folk are reason enough to visit LGP and its a great source for hockey information.

LGP runs a strict, but fair ship when it comes to its members (for the most part) and you gain a respect for some of the posters and the dedication that RJ (admin) has put into the site over the past decade, so yeah, we're gonna get defensive when mindless absurdities are thrusted upon an innocent person is going through personal issues. I respect those that stood up for RJ. That being said, Kenny was banned and that should be the end of it. It shouldn't carry over to another site (cough this one cough). save the drama for somewhere else.

The Pens Blog is a truthful, yet sardonic (in a comical way) to look at pittsburgh sports, most spefically the penguins. I love this site and I respect those that run it (ive known some of them way before there was a pensblog) so i would stand up for them in the same way i've done for RJ.

in closing, here are the reasons why arguing on commentorblog is awesome:


--the end--

p.s. comments like this is why adam and the pensblog staff are awesome:
"if you don't like this site, your mom is fat."

thanks and keep the good work, folks.


Anonymous said...

kenny - just wondering, have you made any effort to apologize to lgp or RJ for what you did? Others on here have hoped/guessed that you probably realize the error of your ways, but have you? the post saying that posters need to 'get over themselves' is a bit worrisome. Saying that people shouldn't take you seriously when you're making fun of a real person with a lethal disease is a bit naive, don't you think??

staff - it was fairly recent - probably a couple weeks ago or so. He got banned at lgp a week or so before he started his jobbing tour here. I guess he's been OK as of late....

SicHatTrick said...

'''''''Kenny Melvin said...

God you people need to get over yourselves. If anyone on that board took my seriously than your a fool plain and simple. I'm not the one who brought this whole thing up and I don't see why it's an issue. Get over and move on, there's no point of spending time on me."

Anyone remember that scene from Wizard of Oz where the wiz says 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain'? I kind of feel sorry for this kenny melvin bastard. His sordid past continues to follow him. Of courxe, I feel sorrier for someone with cancer.

And Pizza Hut is awesome at 3AM.

Kenny Melvin said...

Anonymous yes I have apologized


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