Friday, June 1, 2007

Captain Croz

Before we get to anything.
June 1, 1992
Chicago, Illinois

World Champs

Well, unless your gay, a black politician, and/or a Pirate fan,
you know Sidney Crosby is the new captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Believe it Jake.
What's even more remarkable than Sid being the youngest ever captain in the NHL is the fact that, really, only three men have worn the "C" in Pittsburgh since 1987.

What a picture. The camera broke 12 times because of the dominance of this shot.

Empty Netters finds a pic of Steve Mckenna wearing the "C"...scary

Say what you want about the Pens franchise. But they don't just throw the "C" around.
This isn't the Islanders.

(Marcie Warner)


The Hamilton Spectator reports that Hamilton, Ontario, has renewed their agreement with Jimbo, paving the way for him to bring an NHL team to Hamilton.

"He has assured me that he wants to secure a team and he is interested in bringing it here," Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger told The Spectator.
"Certainly he has the resources to do it and we will leave it up to him to pull it together."

Bettman says Nashville ain't goin' nowhere.

Here's an article from a Nashville paper.

If you don't want to read it...
basically, there's something about if Nashville doesn't average 14,000 tickets a game next year, Balsillie can move wherever.

====='s Scott Cullen does a stand-up job with his Penguins offseason game plan...

The usual "Pens need defenseman -- and scoring wingers to complement their centers."

But the most alarming part of the article talks about how, with an inflated salary cap on the horizon, Sid may be getting inked to a $9.6 mil/year deal.

That's the scary part -- Sid is the best player in the league.
What he makes will work as a benchmark for the rest of the top-tier players in the NHL.
The NHL won't let the Pens job.

...The Habs make an offer to Sheldon Souray...

...Don Beaupre is still a postseason flop...


Commentorblog took off with a soccer debate.

Ronaldinho could not be reached for comment.
He's too busy playing the most popular sport in the world.

And you know us.
We hate the NBA.
But Lebron James.
48 points
29 of his teams last 30 in a two OT classic.

Big time effort
The NBA is still mud though.

What does that even mean?
Musicblog will be in this spot every night until the puck is dropped.
Tough beans homo.

Carlos Santana

Black Magic Woman
Thats how you get it done

(Thanks The Nick)
What great hair

I would Walk 500 Miles
These guys were no question serial killers at one point
(Thanks Dying Alive)

Peggy Sue
(Thanks Jesse)
Buddy Holly just knew what it was all about

And finally
We didn't start the fire
(Thanks Willsmith)
At the 1:19 mark it sounds like he says Joseph Allen Melichar
Maybe we just miss hockey

Winter in the Sun
Game #15
November 11, 2006
The low point of the year?

Tropical Depression Warning....PENS LOSE.

The third period was a meltdown. It looked like it was going to be good when Sergei Gonchar went coast to coast on a powerplay, and as the puck slid under Ward, Nils Ekman looked to have swiped it past ward and into the net for the HUGE game tying goal. Or...not.
I am still stunned. Listening to Mike Lange, he even said it was in. How many calls does Mike Lange miss?
The play continued until the game stopped on yet another penalty. The refs then went upstairs to review the Gonchar/Ekman goal and decided the replays weren't conclusive. But the puck went it....simple as that. You can tell by how irate Ekman was on the bench. He never gets worked up like that.

Box Score:

Crap we said:
  • The Carolina fans booed Brooks Orpik every time he touched the puck, and loudly. They trailed off late in the third, no word if they are saving their voices for the big NASCAR race tomorrow...hicks.
  • Chris Thorburn had a nice fight with Mike Commodore.
  • The defense is melting down before our very eyes. No coincidence that it's been happening since Eaton went down.
  • Ryan Whitney needs to be removed from the evolution commerical.
  • Jordan Staals stick broke in half on a late breakaway... summing up the game nicely
Commentorblog said:
Andrew said...

Seriously...I have not seen a game officiated this poorly in a long time, maybe ever. That was a doubt about it. All you need to do was use a little geometry and fucking common sense. You see the puck in front of the line, then it goes behind the post and you don't see it...what does that mean? Goal. It's a fucking goal.

And all of the Just wow. Some were legit...others were the refs saying "hey, you guys broke a players neck and put another in a pool of his own, yeah, we're givin it to them...they deserve it!"

Such an infuriating loss...

Message board said:
AHL All-Star
<span class=AHL All-Star" title="AHL All-Star" border="0">

Joined: 30 Jan 2006
Posts: 5159
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 10:36 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Peter wrote:
boo boo refs refs victims victims.

I'm with you, the pens are doing this to themselves, why would you make excuses for them when they have done this for FOUR GAMES IN A ROW!!!

So it;s been the refs for FOUR GAMES IN A ROW? Get a clue poeple!

This teams idea of stepping it up a notch vs. better teams is not to skate harder and play smarter; it's to take unneccessary penalties, time after time. Colby got hit. He punched Cole in his head twice and then slipped on a stick. How is that the refs fault?

FOUR GAMES IN A ROW. All good teams, all faster teams, lazy undisciplined penalties in each and every game. Write a letter too yourself, wipe your tears with it, and give yourself the Vulcan grip until you pass out.


Day number:

If you don't know who this is, are you even a Penguin fan?


Seth Rorabaugh said...

Stephane Richer wore 44 once too.

Andrew said...

I wish Robbie Brown was my dad.

Spencemo said...

Sometimes, it just doesn't get any better than Santana. Unless, that is, you're craving a 'One-hit Wonder'...
Dexy's Midnight Runners..

loralei said...

Sweet Robbie Brown pic. And, you got one of him on his second tour of duty here..sweet.

Its not worth winning if you can't win big said...

Can we please get a Robbie Brown windmill goal celebration video? At least the video of Hextall chasing him around? Someone tell me this exists.

Teej said...

Downtown Rob Brown (courtesy of legendary play-by-play man Gary Thorne).

Solid band: Steely Dan. YouTube link for "Reelin' In The Years" will be posted later.

dying alive said...

The Hextall/Brown video definitely exists because I've seen it recently, but I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere.

Me said...

Rob Brown, the Doom Bringer. Great pic, guys

wilsmith said...

spencemo, this music blog thing has been going on for a couple weeks now, do you seriously think someone hasn't already posted Come On Eileen? get with it.

and isn't this the second time the proclaimers have made it on?

Anonymous said...

"Well, unless your gay, a black politician, and/or a Pirate fan,
you know Sidney Crosby is the new captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins."

It should be you're, as in "you're a dumbass" not your as in "your mom is a whore."

Anonymous said...

"Well, unless your gay, a black politician, and/or a Pirate fan,

you know Sidney Crosby is the new captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins."

Next time we bash readers for not making any sense, make sure we don't job the English language. That's so bush-league.

Christina said...

Robbie Brown is awesome.

nice photoshop of Captain Sid, Marcie...although, does that image remind anyone else of Prince William?? kind of freaky.

TSN's Cullen = Therrien?? how else do you explain this line:
"Michel Ouellet doesn't have tremendous physical gifts, but his offensive instincts should warrant him playing on the second line."

oh yeah - Carlos Santana is absolute money as well.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Ok, it's about time I make a prolific contribution to MusicBlog: Some Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers goodness.

They started out in the 70's, but came into their own in the 80's and continue to be the best American rock n' roll band going today.

There aren't many better, more prolific songwriters than Petty. Mike Campbell on lead guitar is a god that is vastly underappreciated. I'd put him up against any lead guitarist of his generation.

How bad ass is Petty's jacket at Farm Aid? I saw this jacket in the Rock N' Roll HOF in Cleveland (and how bout those muttonchops?)

In 1989, the MTV video awards almost spontaneously combusted when TP&HB and Axl Rose of GnR shared the stage(couldn't find a vid of the real Free Fallin' video with the chick skateboarding in fluorescent spandex that we all owned in the 80's)

TP&HB dominating Alice in Wonderland (this is what MTV was all about in the early 90's. TP&HB won the 'video vanguard' for groundbreaking vids. I don't think MTV even has this award anymore because, well, they hardly play videos anymore)

'Into the Great Wide Open' Another MTV-era classic. Argh! Jack Sparrow in his pre-swashbuckling days

'Here Comes My Girl' (Tom playing a bad ass Rickenbacker)

'Mary Jane's Last Dance'. Best necrophiliac-themed video. EVER. ( Don't judge. You'd do a dead Kim Basinger too.)

(Speaking of this song, this guy gives a big 'FU' to Def Leppard's one-armed drummer. "Beat this, fucker.")

Classic 'Runnin Down a Dream' cartoon vid. This song has one of the simplest, best guitar riffs ever. It's right up there with Keith Richards' riff in 'Satisfaction'

TP's most recent effort 'Saving Grace' from last year's awesome album 'Highway Companion'(if you like old TP&HB stuff, get it). A bit Roy Orbison-ish in this vid, not that it's a bad thing.

Jason said...

has any one person benefited more from mario's greatness then robbie brown? robbie made a career out of going to the net and letting mario get him the puck.

glad to see someone finally posted we didnt start the fire. in my opinion, one of the greatest songs ever written. to get all of those historical events and people to rhyme is genius.

i can't remember all the videos that have been posted so far, so im gonna head to an untouched area. country. now i hate country as much as the next guy, but theres some people that you just have to respect

cash - a boy named sue

willie nelson - always on my mind

charlie daniels

garth brooks - friends in low places
in 48 states, its illegal to listen to this song without a beer in your hand

Spencemo said...

Hey, wilsmith, I haven't been around for a few weeks, so don't be a dick, or I'll post it again. Sheesh.

Jake said...

Tom Petty sucks.

He is nothing more than yinzer ear fodder. Much like Skynnard or Buffett, that tool has no career outside of the Three Rivers.

wilsmith said...

Relax, don't do it

wilsmith said...

dammit, jake, you slipped in that comment before me and totally ruined the timing of my response to spencemo's!

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Jake said...

Tom Petty sucks.

He is nothing more than yinzer ear fodder. Much like Skynnard or Buffett, that tool has no career outside of the Three Rivers.

6/01/2007 12:24 PM

Is this Jake Wheatley?

You can not like Petty... that's cool. Music preference and opinion is subjective, of course.

But to suggest he 'doesn't have a career outside Pittsburgh' is ridiculously ill-informed.

Just because a band is played on DVE or sellout Post-Gazette Pavilion doesn't mean that they're 'yinzer fodder'.

Spencemo said...

Ha! I freakin' love Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!!

wilsmith said...

yeah and knowing my luck someone posted the same video last week.

Anonymous said...

The video of Hextall chasing Rob Brown around is in this tribute to Hextall. I love this video. He is my 2nd favorite player of all time, dispite the fact that he mostly played for the Flyers, whom I hate with a passion only beaten by the hate I feel for the Capitals.


Anonymous said...

I've been having issues with my computer, hence the "anonymous" login right now... I meant to post this yesterday but it wouldn't take.

So, I went to the video store last night and they didn't have The Mighty Ducks, all they had was D2 and D3. D2 was mud but D3 was actually entertaining... for a children's movie made by Disney. I realized five things:

1. The acting is horrible.
2. The writing is horrible.
3. The hockey "coreography" is horrible.
4. Charlie Conway was in Dawson's Creek. (Did he get a lot of chicks on that show for being a kick ass hockey player? I never watched it.)
5. The Mighty Ducks is Emilio's second best role, the first being Men At Work.

thenick, that may be the sickest photoshop I've ever seen. Gary Roberts doesn't need a jacket... in fact, Gary Roberts scored two goals and an assist in a game in which he did not use a stick. It's a fact.

The Pensblog Staff excellent bit about the people buying the Crosby jerseys without the "C." I laughed my ass off at that one. Almost as funny as those people who bought the Gary Roberts jerseys without the Stanley Cup finals patch on them.

Bet on it.

Julie "The Cat" Gaffney=Money In The Bank.

Also music regardless of the era, genre or artist begins and ends with the fucking RAMONES.



Its not worth winning if you can't win big said...


Thanks for the video link, but I swear I saw that video on its own somewhere -- maybe not though. I was really looking forward to a windmill celebration anyway...can't find one. Sad.

Can't we get the staff to do a top 10 goal celebrations post? Kasper diving head first, Malkin jumping into glass, Robbie Brown windmill, etc?

Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

Pensblog Derek, theNick & I cooked up a little something. Now seemed like a good time to post it since the release of Gary Roberts' new CD No Jacket Required (or should that be No Stick Required?). (~_~)

Shero and Therrien - Mr. Roberts, Sir

We'd like to know
A little bit about you
Will you sign?
We'd like for you to stay
And help us out
Look around you. All of these
Anticipating eyes
They’ll be curious
Until you say it’s home

And here's to you
Mr. Roberts, sir
Pens’ fans love you more than you will know
Woah, woah, woah
We beg you, please
Mr. Roberts, sir
Pittsburgh has a place for you to play
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Go to the front of the net
Where no one ever goes
Put it in top shelf with your other goals
It's a little battle
Mr. Robert’s Neighborhood
Most of all, you've got to sign here
For the Kid

Coo, coo, Ruutu
Mr. Roberts, sir
Pens’ fans love you more than you will know
Woah, woah, woah
We beg you, please
Mr. Roberts, sir
Pittsburgh has a place for you to play
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Skating at the Mellon
On a Sunday afternoon
Gonna start the first fight. Yeah, that’s right
Laugh about it
Shout about it
Since you get to choose
Every way you look at it they lose

Where have you gone Mario Lemieux?
The city turns its lonely eyes to you
You, you, you
What do you say Mr. Roberts, sir?
Please decide you’ll be with us always
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

bluzdude said...

Regarding the Preds 14000/game clause, has anyone looked to see if maybe Balsillie got Rachel Phelps as a silent partner? Next thing you know, they'll be putting together a team made solely from the dregs of the ECHL...

Ryan said...

Hey I've been pretty pissed about this for awhile, but watching the video at the top of today's post has compelled me to share my thoughts.

It's in regards to the Stanley Cup Playoffs commercial that VS. has been running. Specifically, the part in reference to Ray Bourque and the Avs winning that says...

"The Stanley Cup engraver finally has to learn how to spell Bourque."

Fuck that.

Phil Bourque won it way before Ray did. No disrespect to Ray but still. Fuck VS.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Wow, tiffany (and Nick)... that is some good stuff. I'm seriously impressed. You should get somebody to parody that into a real song. Someone here, or at LGP, or even at the DVE morning show would probably do it.

Oh, and ryan, about the Bourque commercial.... it's been running since the start of the playoffs. During the Pens series, Phil Bourque even said something about it to the effect of 'hey, they had to know how to spell Bourque long before that!'.

Ellen said...

Tiffany - That was your best song ever - I love it!!

Barraso35 - The Hextal video was money. I loved seeing Hextal beat the crap out of Chelios. To bad they wouldn't show the goal Robbie scored before he got chased around the ice.

Ryan and Stanley P. - The reason they say in the commercial that they finally had to learn to spell Bourque (for Ray) was because they spelled it wrong the first time (for Phil). I believe they spelled it "Borque".

Staff said...

I am trying to record that song.. Tiff owns the world of parody.

Whoever insulted tom petty. Go to hell


Teej said...

As promised...

Steely Dan - "Reelin' In The Years"

chris said...

ryan....that is a damn good point....i was wondering the same crap myself....


go pens

ps this isnt

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

ellen - thanks for the clarification. I didn't hear about the old 29er's name being wrong on the Cup. That makes some sense now, but it's still a slap in the face to Phil.

Oh, and staff, I think it was Jake Wheatley who insulted Petty. Probably jealous that Petty's music far surpassed Wheatley's own personal fave: Bell Biv Devoe.

Jerry said...

uh, robbie brown once scissor kicked angela landsbury. Hey, anyone know where i can find that video of hextall chasing brown around the net for celebrating with a windmill? its gold.


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