Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Suffragette City

Hey man....
At least the Pens beat the Senators once.
One more game, and not even Buffalo fans can say that.
What a huge disappoint Sabre nation must be feeling.
Right now the Senators are more dominant than Joel Steed in the mid 90's.

Best Nose tackle in the game. If we would had the Internet in 1995 how fun would the "Joel Steed Photoshops been."

The Sens got a 1-0 lead.
Buffalo pooped on themselves.
Number one seed, presidents trophy winners.
It all means jack.

Alfredsson- 9 goals
Tons of of junk to deliver

...Bucci thinks the Pens should go after Paul Kariya.. ( Thanks to Jonny V)

Now, if Kariya were willing to go three years at $12 million-$15 million, I think he would be a perfect complement to Crosby in talent and personality. Additionally, this move would cement Kariya's Hall of Fame credentials

...We got this in our email the other day:

Hey, this is Witty from the Islander Mania board. I have written a letter that we at Islander Mania are sending to Charles Wang imploring him to buy out Alexei Yashin. We absolutely need to get as many names on the letter as possible. Many of us have complained for a long time about Alexei being on this team, worse yet ... being the "Captain." I am asking everyone who shares that sentiment to focus their energy into something that may make a difference. If you feel that this is a cause you can rally behind please visit the "Grass Roots Movement" thread at www.islandermania.com.

Back in December we went onto the Islanders message boards to starts some fights. As usual we completely forgot we had the name. But apparently we somehow got included in a mass email. They are organizing a grass roots movement to get the Isles to to release Alexi Yashin. Funny stuff. You have to register to see the thread. Or you can just use our name to go look.

login name: volekismud
password: mario

We don't use it anymore so you can have it.

......Season tickets are up 60% for the Penguins....some people are mad or something.


The Official Penblog Offseason job tour is well into its first month.
We played another show at the Fedko phoney zone tonight .

Needless to say Fedko seemed upset that we asked why the Pirates haven't traded for Gary Roberts yet.


Tonight is also the first night of looking back on the entire season.
Instead of just doing one big season recap,( Empty Netter's recap is better than anything we could job together.)
We are going to take it game-by-game for the next 87 nights.
We are going to pick some of our favorite comments from the recaps. And scan letsgopens.com message boards ( if we can get through the massive egos of some posters) to see what people were saying.

Game 1
October 5,2006

Recap title:
Give Us Some Moore. Pens WIN.

"Marc-Andre Fleury stole the show tonight as the Pens shut out the Flyers 4-0 at the Mellon Arena. His defense was clearing sightlines for him and the Pens, as a whole, were very impressive. The parts that Jarrko Ruutu and Domin(ate)ic Moore played in this game were things that the Pens have been missing."

Stupid crap we said:
  • Jordan Staal looks like he'll dominate in the AHL this year
  • Jarrko Ruutu is already a fan favorite
  • Dominic Moore looks like the best acquisition of the Ray Shero era. What a hockey player.
That is embarrassing

Jim Balsillie and the Pens held a press conference to announce his intent to buy the team.
Balsillie, who was on angel dust, came off as wierd.
Thank god we don't have to go back to those Arena times.

What Commentorblog said:
Nothing, no comments.
rough times.

What the message boards were saying:
Poster "Jamie" from lgp.com said it best in the official Game day post:

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 10:23 pm
"Whether the PENS make the p-layoffs or not, this season is going to be an enjoyable one to watch. Faster, stronger, and a little more talent. THE PK is greatly improved. The D still needs work. 40 SOG is not good. MAF showed what his potential is. I think with a full season under his belt, and not the up down crap because of money reasons he can develop into a top notch netminder. I hope this squelches the trade MAF rumors. We are above .500 Very Happy"

Poster "Ziggystardust" had to find fault somewhere:
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:37 am

"Don't care. he was worse than Whitney and Letang tonight.... and that says a lot."
"Gonch couldnt play defense in Junior A"

Good times


David Bowie knows it

Day 27


Anonymous said...

don't quote me on this but i do believe that the sens scored about 2 minutes after they played "sweet escape" at the arena!!

Wes said...

excellent idea... i will enjoy reading recaps of the recaps. it is eerily reminiscent of groundhog day.

by the way, you can kiss student rush good-bye. i cant wait to pay above face value for tickets off ebay because every game will be sold out weeks in advance.

Anonymous said...

People need to quit whining about their season tickets. Half-season ticket holders were never supposed to get those good seats in the first place, but because the Pens sucked, management let them move into the better seats. Now they're all crying because they have to move back out of the seats they were never supposed to have. That's what the Pens get for trying to do something nice for the fans in the first place.

Just suck it up and upgrade your tickets to a full season. That's what I'm doing, and if I can't make a game, it shouldn't be too hard to sell the damn tickets. Either that, or move to another seat. BFD. These are the same people who will be crying when we can't afford to sign both Malkin and Staal and we have to trade one of them.

I will miss the student rushers, though. They were a lot of fun to have in the building. I wish the Pens would set aside a section for them.

Love the recaps of the recaps.

- dying alive

Joshua said...

RIP Student Rush

Jason said...

dying alive, since you brought up the topic of not being able to keep both malkin and staal, I was kinda wondering what others thought about the subject. I dont think theres any way you can get rid of staal, hes such a great all around player. Malkin kinda reminds me of kovalev, he can absolutely dominate when he wants to, but just doesnt bring it every game. He's still young and this could change, but the pens will probably have to make this decision before either players really reach their 'prime'.
They're both great players but i think if you HAVE to get rid of one of them, it would be geno.

Loser Chris said...

I have been struggling with the same issue myself for a while. I think when all is said and done you have to move Geno ahead of Staal. Part of that is because I think Malkin would return more in a trade than Staal would. If Malkin can become more consistent over the next couple years my mind may change, but at this point I think Staal is much more valuable to the Pens.

But let's just enjoy having them both for the next few years!

Anonymous said...

There's always hope that one of the three big young guns will be the type thats not all about the cash.


Anonymous said...

If you guys want to make your next post killer, you will use billy squier.



Teej said...

Good one anon... here's another good one, it can describe many NHL players as we speak...

Dire Straits - "Money For Nothing"


"I want my MTV............"

Hopefully the link is legit, I just copied and pasted. It could be garbage.

scott said...

nice prank on fedko...as soon as u guys said gary roberts his producer knew where it was goin and cut u off which was great...more people need to prank him

Look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Respect for a Steeler... you guys going soft on us?

Anonymous said...

Steed was a pimp, he would have fish hooked joey porter till he cried.

Anonymous said...

What time is fedko on? I think i watched him once when I was a little kid with my grandfather who is a pirates die hard since 1918 and he hated fedko so bad, it was in my genetics to scream this guys a clown at age 4 just to gain praise from pap!

Jason said...

if theres any way you can record the next time you prank fedko, please do it...i would love to see it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else agree that Luke Ravenstahl looks a lot like Bill Pullman in that picture?

dying alive said...

I think it's too early yet to start weighing the Staal vs. Geno trade situation. I just want to enjoy having both of them on the Pens for a few years. Who knows how each will develop?

I think I'm going to have to start watching the Fedko show. Damn you, Pensblog.

Anonymous said...

ask a question about a pirate. like, how do you see freddy sanchaz doing in next couple months, then if you can, squeeze: "gary roberts will beat bonds in homeruns"


Barrasso35 said...

Seriously, what they said about recording the pranks to Fedko... some of us will never get to see it if someone doesn't tape it.

Please, won't someone think of the expatriots?

Staff said...

Its really hard to prank him because he is on a 5 second delay. But we are doing it every day from now on... I might say something about Mark Eaton.
I didn't get on till last caller last night... Its tough

Staff said...

got him

Anonymous said...

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