Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Solid piece.

Pens signed winger Tim Wallace.

A Notre Dame alum who was in the Pens training camp last year.
A million dollars there is a golfer on the PGA Tour with the same name.

KC is one step closer to the NHL.

He's coaching in the Minnesota Wild system.

Speaking of Minnesota...
How pathetic was Jon Casey.

Have you seen a more deflated human being than Jon Casey after Larry Murphy scored the 8th goal in Game 6?

This picture is the reason the internet was invented.



Featuring Phil Collins.

How dominant is Phil Collins --
You search "Genesis" in Google, and Phil Collin's band's Wiki page is a higher result than the first book of The Bible.

We planned to only have five Phil Collins videos.
But we couldn't contain ourselves.

Here is ten Phil Collins.
You can't rank them...because they all are sick

Thanks to:
Karri, Tiff, Phill, J Schiff, Anyomous, Phil, Dying Alive, Pete, Jason ,Tee, Joe, Dee, CJ,
and to everyone else who we forgot for submitting videos.


First up:

What a song.
"Another Day in Paradise"

A few people put this one through.
It may have already been on Musicblog.
Phil Collins had sex with every woman in the bar after this:

"Don't Lose My Number"
This video makes no sense.
It is awesome.

"Take Me Home"
It doesn't get much better.
Phil Collins does have a weird-shaped head

"Doesn't Anyone Stay Together"
Live performance.
It is what life is all about.

"That's All"
As Tee said:
"I dare you not to think about your ex-gf while you listen to that."
So true.

Almost speechless for this one.
If you had a time machine...and you didn't go back in time to see the Ultimate Warrior wrestle, you're gay.

What a relaxing song.

"You'll Be In My Heart"
What a tear-jerking 4-minute ride of a song this is.

But when you talk Phil Collins, you talk this song.
Stunning video.
"In The Air Tonight"

One bonus track:
"Can't Hurry Love"

We need to start a petition to get Phil Collins to sing a National Anthem at the Mellon.
Could you imagine Gary Roberts, Mark Eaton, and Phil Collins in the same building?

Other unreal Phil Collins songs:

"Two Hearts"
"Invisible Touch"
"Land of Confusion"
"Jesus He Knows Me"
"In Too Deep"
"I Can't Dance"
"No Son of Mine"

The more you think about it, the more it comes to realization that Phil Collins is under-appreciated in the world.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #13

Discontinued Chevrolet Car Scores In OT. PENS LOSE.

"But then Ryan Whitney reminded us why we have a love/hate relationship with him. In the middle of an excellent shift, he tries to get a shot through three Lightning players. It hits a player's leg and bounces to the boards. I saw what was coming in slow motion. I saw Lecavalier breaking; St. Louis getting the puck on the boards; St. Louis springing him on a breakaway with an unbelievable pass and Vinny undressing Fleury like he was an altar boy at a Catholic priest weekend retreat.

The only thing Ekman did all year.

Box Score

Crap we said:

  • Crosby-Ekman-Armstrong looks solid
  • Malkin-Recchi-Staal will be dominating within the next two games
  • Pens did an OK job staying out of the box tonight
  • You gotta love Ekman smiling on the bench after scoring his third goal
  • If you didn't stand up in your living room as soon as Lecavalier got that puck in OT, you're not a hockey fan.

commentorblog said:
Adam said...

Yea, I just looked it up. It is interchangeable with Nils. Not that I didn't believe you guys.

Malkin was only gonna survive for so long as a winger. He's adapting to smaller rinks...and then he has to learn a new position. I bet it's tough.

I really like the potential of the recchi-malkin-staal line.

and F the 'Ning.

Wow, AC really thought the Recchi-Malkin-Staal line was gold.

Messageboard said:
Donald Fagen
Junior 'A'
Junior 'A'

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 11:10 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Fleury was abused on that breakaway...start t-bo next game
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theNick said...

Ace Of Base is what its all about.

why are those 2 dudes even in the band

Anonymous said...

We can't speak 80's without this timeless piece....I RAN - flock o seagulls

i know...its bad


Anonymous said...

and yea, thenick, the chicks in ACE of BASE....smokin. i think the dudes are just the muscle or something for their protection


Anonymous said...

isn't genesis coming in concert to the igloo sometime this summer? maybe phil could help ray ray with the gary roberts contract negotiations. with phil, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist posting these songs...

Animotion Obsession - (hahahaha)

Tears for Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World -

Blondie Call Me -

Styx Mr. Roboto -


jaos said...

can't resist... must share...

saw this on a quick news flash last night

luvnmypens said...

Inside Out
Who Said I Would
are a couple great ones you missed. I am at work and can't go looking for videos, but I am sure there are some out there. But even better is the entire "Hello, I Must Be Going" CD. Not sure what was going on in Phil's life at the time, but that CD is very strange, odd and awesome all at the same time.
I Don't Care Anymore
Like China(one of Phil's best ever)
Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
I Cannot Believe It's True
Thur These Walls(what was he thinking here??? Demented I tell ya!
Great CD!

luvnmypens said...

Oh And......
(I'm going to show my age here)
For those of you that don't know, and since it is Phil day..... This is where I first fell for Phil.... this is what he ruled the world at before he stepped behide the mike.

The other guy in the video is Chester Thompson. He usually tours with Genesis since Phil can't be behind the drums and the mike at the same time. To see these 2 go at it live is mind blowing. They are spot on. Trust me it is worth the price of admission to the Genesis concert just to see the drum duo.

And if you are bored, do a youtube search for some old genesis with Gabriel. That is one odd man. Phil rocked on the drums.

EmDubs said...

That poor fat doggy. What the hell are they feeding him?

I see the Penguins are making an attempt to sign all Alaskan-born/raised hockey players to their roster. Hopefully they make it to the big leagues. Could present a good opportunity to work Northern Exposure into some posts.

Barrasso35 said...

PSI is saying that the Penguins are going to name Crosby the captain. Did anyone not see this coming?

IMHO, Gary Roberts should get an "A" if he re-signs.

american oil said... where is the KC reference coming from????

.....he just left our team...

american oil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan said...

Don't worry.

Be happy.

american oil said...

Nevermind, clearly I need to cut back on my use of booze. I sat here for a few more seconds and thought about it.

Ryan said...

Totally forgot Eddie Murphy made a CD.

The big hit:
Party all the time - I'm Rick James Bitch!

And then there was this:
What's up with you?, with special guest...

And don't forget:
Put Your Mouth on me -

EddieMurphyBlog. Money.

justin said...

with the pens new rink I think we need to try to champion the idea of getting ourselves some of these to go along with it:

Jason said...

jon casey is a joke. i'm almost ashamed to attend the same school as he did.

phil collins tribute was money. any plans for tributes to other monsters of the 80s? maybe sting? poison? billy joel? van halen?

rachel said...

Sidney Crosby will be named the youngest captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the entire NHL on Thursday at a press conference in Mellon Arena.

Also KDKA announced it on their news.

Spencemo said...

Two words:
Old Rick:

New Rick: me some Rick Springfield

Barrasso35 said...

Jon Casey is a HUGE joke. He played for the KC Blades and sucked. Being a lifelong Pens fan and witnessing his Emery-like meltdown in Game six I was pissed when I read in the paper we were getting him.

Jon Casey=seive

Of course, that was back in the day when there was a hockey team near me. Topeka is getting the Roadrunners from Santa Fe, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Work sucked today in a way it has not sucked for many months. No Versus, so I can't watch the game tonight... there's only one thing for it: I'm renting The Mighty Ducks and drinking beer. District 5 in the house.

Thanks, Pensblog!

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the jobbing of Jon Casey recently? He's simply Exhibit A of the obsolescence of stand-up goaltending. I suggest finding a picture of Andy Moog flailing uselessly at Mark Recchi's series clincher in '91 and jobbing him.

Tiffany said...

Philcollinsblog rocked!!! (~_~)

Oh! Not sure how everyone feels about Hall & Oates, but what if it was their day on Tuesday? And just look at the stache on Oates.
One on one
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

theNick, Ace Of Base IS what it's all about.
And your reasoning makes sense, Phil.
Beautiful Life

EmDubs said...

Eddie Money and Hall and Oates are the balls!! Excellent finds!!

Dwayne said...

If you didn't like tonight's game, you just don't like hockey. Period.

I cringe everytime I hear Bettman mention something about "getting the thrill only scoring a goal can provide", in reference to changing the rules or net sizes or whatever. No one scored tonight until 54 minutes in. 54 minutes of 0-0 hockey. And I sat on the edge of my damn seat the entire fucking time.

No amount of goals can replicate that feeling. Nothing can measure up to the anticipation of 'knowing' "next goal wins", but as soon as it gets scored, all you can think is "oh shit, 6 minutes, do or die... ottawa is going to come back", and you're just as sure they're going to score after it, if only to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Staff said...


So well said. How about the duck player laying his life on the line to block the shot..

And whoever stuck up for John Casey, your a joke.

rachel said...

Barrasso, I feel for you. I had to go visit my gram to watch the game, but hearing stories from her childhood was worth that game.

Dwayne, just wow. That game was amazing. My body was tense from the opening faceoff. I could feel every check into the boards. I pretty much died watching Giguere on the 5 on 3. It's time for Ottawa to choke. The best had to be Emery's face after being scored on.

Who was the Duck that stopped the Sens from scoring first?

rachel said...

More links to Crosby being Captain... The news conference will be at noon at Mellon Arena.

The Duck that saved the goal was Roberts, Gary Roberts.


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