Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nashville Burning

Breaking news
Parasite Jim Balsillie has latched himself onto another host franchise.

This time, it's the Nashville Predators.
( Thank you to longtime friend Dennis from PittBlather for the link. )

We all know this feeling.
We'd make the obligatory points that no one cares in Nashville anyway, and that maybe it was a bad idea to put a franchise there.
But still it is never fun to see this.
Jimmy Ballsack is a joke.

Good Luck Nashville.
Good luck.

Maybe this totally random 80's video will cheer you up.
If not, have fun packing boxes.
(Thanks to Jason)


.......Nothing new on the contracts of Reechi or Mr. Roberts.

Shero, who Monday expressed optimism and predicted there would be a resolution one way or the other soon, declined comment yesterday.
Rick Curran [Agent]also remains optimistic that both players could return to the Penguins for 2007-08, but he said more time is needed.

"No deals are a simple process anymore in the days of a salary cap," he said.

......Great Story from Empty Netters today.
Francis "King" Clancy was a hall-of-fame defenseman mostly noted for his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs. But before he went on to make his mark with the Maple Leafs, Clancy was a star player with the original Ottawa Senators helping them win the Stanley Cup in 1927. Following the 1929-30 season, the Senators, feeling the pinch of the Great Depression, sold Clancy to the deep-pocketed Maple Leafs in a Ruthian trade. Legend has it, an upset Clancy, who had roots in Ottawa, bellowed this statement as he boarded a train to Toronto:

"Mark my words! I will be dead for at least 20 years before they lift that cup again!"

The Maple Leafs would win the Stanley Cup 10 times since that time while the Senators would move to St. Louis for a season and finally fold in 1935. A new Senators franchise would not form until the 1992-93 season and endure several years of postseason difficulties, especially at the hands of the Maple Leafs.

After a long and fruitful life that saw him win the Stanley Cup several times as a player and front office employee of the Maple Leafs, good old King passed away in November of 1986.

That was over just over 20 years ago.

One thing Empty Netters didn't find, is how Francis Clancy died
Car accident.
He was killed by a drunk driver.

Yea like Heatley jokes weren't going to come back

........Nice little Column from Yahoo's Dan Wetzel about the " Preakness game"


The 2007 Offseason Jobbing Tour Rolls On

Seeing that John Fedko has voluntarily mentioned Gary Roberts two nights in a row and has even show a picture of The Gary Roberts during his program, it is safe to say that the tour bus is pulling out of the PCNC parking lot.

Any further jobbings of the Fone Zone are not the work of us, although said jobbings are very much condoned.

The happenings of the last two nights on PCNC have been hearsay to us, however, as we were experimenting with the Comcast parental controls on our television.
And since the parental controls block out gay porn, PCNC and the Carson Daley show have been unavailable to us.


Speaking of gay porn, a turd in the Steelers office accidentally sent a mass e-mail littered with porn out to NFL big wigs league-wide.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who starred in the porn.

"Lord, grace us with your mercy and don't let any of us pull muscles during this massive orgy we're about to partake in. Amen."

More News from the gayiron

The Clock and his agent want a contract extension that could make him the highest-earning athlete in Pittsburgh history, surpassing Mario Lemieux.

What a mistake this would be by the Steelers.
Neil O'Donnell agrees.

Picture: Neil O'Donnell showing God how big Gary Roberts' erect penis is.


Another lights out day.
We are trying to get everything in.

Hulk Hogan + late 1980's= dominating.
(Thanks Lloyd)
We should probably have a blog dedicated to wrestling entrances.

She Drives me Crazy
What a video
(thanks Willsmith)

And also.
Anything by Madness we are putting up.
(Will again)

Living in a Box
(Thanks Phil)

OK now it gets tough.
As always any music video link will be up for posting.
But can you handle music video montages in Movies?
An example?
Bring it


A Winter In The Sun
Game #9
Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hat Trick or Treat. PENS WIN.

" Four minutes after Knuble scored, Sidney Crosby started his rampage. Ryan Whitney fed Sid a nice pass on the rush that Crosby knuckled into the net. Six minutes later, the Flyers had a 4-on-3 powerplay, and it felt like they could take the lead there. But, Forsberg and Gagne decided to hump each other, springing Maxime Talbot on the most liberal breakaway in Penguins history. Talbot buries it, and that shorthanded goal ended the scoring in the first, Pens up 2-1. "

Crap We Said
  • Maxime Talbot with two goals tonight. One year older, one year better.
  • Jordan Staal: 1 A, and doing well in all areas of the game.
  • How bout Thorburn standing up for Gonchar by taking on Derian Hatcher. Chris Thorburn sounds like the name of an NFL special teams specialist. But I like having him on that fourth line.

Message Board Blog:

Junior 'A'
Junior 'A'

Joined: 18 Oct 2006
Posts: 63

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:35 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Flyers will more than likely win this game.

The Flyers are a very good team, but weren't playing good hockey under Hitchcock this season. Something was wrong. Flyers are better than the Penguins, and will be until the young players on the Pens mature.

I look for the Flyers to make up for the first game they met this year. Flyers 6, Penguins 2

For old time sakes

the 36th day


theNick said...

music montage you say?

I hear montage I think Rocky

Rocky 1

Rocky 2

Rocky 3

Rocky 4 now with twice the montage

Anonymous said...


FritoWill said...


Anonymous said...

it sucks that jimmy balls is gonna buy the predators. i feel bad for the few nashville fans out there.

wilsmith said...

I remember reading that Clancy story a while ago, but the time I saw it the article quoted the guy as saying "they'll never win in my lifetime."

It'd be way more impressive if the version you guys put up is the more accurate one.

madness ftw.

*fires up photoshop and dany heatley google image search

wes said...

Someone needs to start pranking Mondesi's House. I posted a comment about the Fedko situation to get his opinion. He not only deleted the comment, but he deleted the ability for anyone to comment on the particular post that I started the comment on. TOOL.

Mike Costa said...

That Hulk Hogan Video Is Solid

AJ said...

OK... I started my own youtube account just to post the greatest music video/movie montage of all time.

It's got a lame 80's inspirational song, Crew Jones, totally kick ass BMX stunts, and a cameo by a very young Lori Loughlin (aka: Uncle Jessie's hot wife Aunt Becky).

EmDubs said...

Neil O'Donnell is actually demonstrating the size of Gary Robert's flaccid penis. Noone has ever seen the full erect size and lived to tell about it.

Teej said...

Yeah we have jobbed Nashville quite a bit this year, and if there are true fans in Nashville (whether displaced or what) best of luck to them and the future of Nashville hockey... though seeing this happen, if they were to move, it'd rock if Winnipeg got back another NHL franchise.

Jonny V said...

Holy shit you beat me to them thnick, yes I dropped the "e" from your name.
Two eighties songs in the same's the Cool Cats air-band tryouts.
Working for the Weekend, and Poison

I'd feel bad for the Predators fans, but then i remembered that they've had a team for not even ten years. If he moves 'em, so be it.

And as an avid reader of all things Smilin' Bob Smizik, his piece today was about the NHL's big mistake in leaving ESPN. The Stanley Cup finals match up not even getting a mention while the LSU mascot does just shows how much of a joke that channel is. And in boner-inducing news at the end of his article, he reports that Mike Lange and the Pens are in discussions on a multi-year deal to keep him as the radio voice of the Pens. He's not even a candidate for that Phoenix opening.

loralei said...

Dont Fedko and Mondesi bang each other? There was a mention how much Fedko loved Mondesi on the wiki page...

Jason said...

when it comes to montages, you can't touch rocky, but i'll try

the scarface montage cracks me up...they take a break from killing people and snorting coke just long enough to sneak some awesome 80s music in...almost destroyed the movie

wilsmith said...

If there was a qualifier that it had to be sports movies, I'm sorry. If it had to be in english, I'm sorry for that too, but I can't it find it in English.

then there's this little piece:

wilsmith said...

oh, and how did this 80's classic slip through the cracks?

karri said...

Sorry that all of these are "Chick Flicks" but they are my favs.

Flashdance - What a Feeling

Notting Hill - Ain't No Sunshine

The Preacher's Wife - I Believe in You and Me

Tiffany said...

I spent WAY too long trying to look for montages....and still got nothin'. ;-( So, props to everyone who posted. Here are 2 classic songs from Top Gun, though:

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Yeah, I posted the "No Easy Way Out" from Rocky IV montage a few days back. Nick, when it comes to montages, the story begins and ends with "No Easy Way Out".

And c'mon, no love for the St. Elmo's Fire song being played to a completely empty 100,000-seat stadium for no discernable reason?

And Jason, yeah the montage in Scarface is way out of place. The movie is good, but then you get this blast of cheesey 80s music in the middle of it for no reason. Just terrible.

And I've talked with Mondesi via email and even wrote something about Pirates Spring Training for his site. He's a good dude. So anyone wanting to "job" him can get my balls in their mouth.

And yeah, Fedko plugged his site on his show before. A lot of Pittsburgh sports media personalities have though, his shit's getting popular I guess. Don't hate.

And Wes, he always told me he welcomes criticism of himself in the comments. I've done it a few times myself. Some posts though, he just doesn't allow comments on at all for whatever reason. So, I bet if you manned-up and just emailed him and asked him about it he'd let you know what the deal was. Besides, I don't think you can prank a website kid.

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an "internet tough talking"-type there. But when someone talks shit about a dude I personally like, I get a little pissed you know? I'd do the same for pensblog.

Anyone wanting to discuss this with me can do so over some of my Uncle's eggplant parmesan when I go home to the 'burgh in two months, cause I despise internet argueing.

Anonymous said...

interesting article on ESPN about "The Rocket." Rick, not Maurice...

Not only was he involved with the gambling ring, he was INvolved with Mrs. Gretzky.


Jonny V said...

I'm feelin' ya Louis, Mondesi's house is my homepage. The dude pulls no punches, he take no guff, and he's just as critical of Ben StillerQB as anyone on here.

And my journed back to the 'Burgh starts this saturday, the cross-country road trip of a lifetime. I'll miss out on all the blogtalk for about a week, keep it interesting folks. Since it seems like us all getting together for a Penguin game will be next to impossible, why don't we have a Pensblog night at the ballpark? If only we could get enough tickets. Oh. Think about it, stay till like the fifth inning, make a big banner for Gary Roberts that'll be sure to get on TV, good times.

wilsmith said...

I'm in. I'll bring the shoe polish.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

See Jonny, I've got no problem shitting on Fedko. The guy makes a lot of money being a talking head, and probably lives in a nice house somewhere.

Mondesi's a blogger though, so what's the point? He's not pulling down 6 figures with Mondesi's House you know? He, like the guys here at Pensblog, just does it because he likes to entertain his readers. How can't you respect that? I could see if he was one of those ridiculously hatefull type of blogger, but he's not that either.

No need for some punk to shit on him over the fact that Fedko endorses his site, which he works hard at to entertain bored slackers like me.

Enjoy that drive back home. Driving from Florida gets rough, I can't imagine going cross-country.

And I wonder what Pensblog thinks about Large Benjamin being good golfing buddies with Lemieux?

Anyways, fuck the dumb shit, here's my new favorite youtube video:

Staff said...

big ben is a joke

theNick said...

willsmith how do you post the casino montage and not the greatest one of all Goodfellas and clapton

Staff said...

we might need to start montage blog...

casino and goodfellas are locks


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