Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Got My Mind Set On You

What would someone give for a Penguin Saturday night game right now?
You know that feeling.
Chilly winter night against some jobber team.
Photoshops rolling in.
Third period of a tight game.
Pens fall down by a goal.
Then score two straight.
Fleury shuts the door.
Those were the days, friends.
Those were the days.

Instead we are watching Forest Gump on TBS.

What a movie.
The final scene where Forest is talking to Jenny's grave stone.
Tears everywhere.

Fire David Littleboysfield blog


(Pitt-Penguin 44)

One more pic, and if we don't print it, you know it's offensive.
Which is why we love it.
Click here if you want to laugh.
(Thanks to Josh for helping secure our spot in hell)

The Pirates did win tonight.
Guess who doesn't care?
John Smiley

That face is all business all the time.

In 1991 if John Smiley was pitching, teams didn't even show up.
Wish we could take credit for the Smiley reference.
But reading Dejan Kovacevic piece in the Post Gazette is what spurred the memory.

Pirates blow

... Good Stuff from about the Stanley cup playoffs drama.

...It must be the off season because Bob Smizik columns are making sense. He jobs the steelers.

"Having successfully reached into the pocket of the taxpaying public to help fund a $275 million football stadium that sits idle about 350 days a year, the Steelers, knowing a good thing when they see it, appear to be reaching for a slice of the potential treasure of casino boss Don Barden."

Great lead. That's how you sell newspapers.
No word on whether the Steelers have a comment, or they are just waiting for all the porn they downloaded to get done.

.....EA sports did a simulation of the finals...Sens in six they say.

Wonder if EA sports included the Drunk Driving challenge to play between periods.

George Harrison-I Got my mind set on you
(Ryan coming up huge)

Frito Will sends this reminder of where Hootie has fallen to.

The Presidents
What a song. It just feels like the 90's.
Thanks Jason

This is the strangest video ever.
Brought to you by theNick

Finally some Phill Collins
Thanks to Broadway Joe Wier

One more sneaks in
The Police
Thanks to Clint

We know we have been missing some videos in commentorblog.
Just send them again.
A Winter in the Sun doesn't run during the weekends.
Here is a post from right before the Anaheim game.
Apparently it was tough weekend:

Crap we said:
  • Steelers go down in a blaze of mistakes
  • Terrible loss to South Florida for the Pitt fans
  • For Penn state fans: Joe Pa gets crushed and is called an old fart on national television.
  • Pens lose to the Sharks
The worst news was this:
Doogie Howser comes out of the closet

....So many jokes...but I simply ask for a moment of silence.

Commentorblog was talking about:
erica said...

i think its bizare how stuff works.

i go 8 months without hearing anything about phil collin, and then he shows up on the pensblog...and then i'm listenin to DVE this morning and they mention him.

11/06/2006 7:26 AM

Strange that Erica is talking about Phil Collins at the same time 6 months ago, on the day someone sent us 5 Phill Collins youtube songs in our email.
Phill Collins is clearly time traveling to mess with us.

Message board nation was saying:

Some dude goes nuts when he hears Thibault will start against the Ducks

Mad City Mike
<span class=AHL'er" title="AHL'er" border="0">

Joined: 28 Jan 2006
Posts: 2849
Location: Madison, WI

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:41 pm Post subject: Re: Fleury will sit tonight Reply with quote

kbeech wrote:
Pens coach Michel Therrien will give goalie Marc-Andre Fleury the night off which means backup Jocelyn Thibault will make his first start of the season.

No reason to even watch then, if the coach is admitting they have no chance to win by playing T-Blow.

7-1 Ducks.

Oh well, at least I can go to bed early knowing the outcome isn't in doubt. That likely means there will be no grades from me on this one, except this:

GOALTENDING: F--. You didn't expect T-Blow to actually look like an NHL goalie, did you? If he hadn't given up those four softies, the Pens might have had a chance. His rebound control was brutal. Even uglier was the one that went in from behind the red line. But who cares, anyway? This was a give-up game since they had already won two on this trip and Therrien didn't want to risk Fleury getting hurt.


Day Number:


theNick said...

Theres this girl thats been on my mind All the time, sussudio....

Is the girls name sue? sussudio???
what the fuck is this song about

theNick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
theNick said...

its not an 80's soundtrack with out Loggins

Kevin Bacon can sure dance

also for everyone wondering where Richard Marx is now a days. The answer should be obvious...performing a duet with Xena

Tiffany said...

The true meaning of Sussudio may forever reamin a mystery. This explanation sounds good, though:
Collins has said that "Sussudio" is an imaginary girl's name. The song is about having a crush on someone when young. He used "Sussudio" as a name to symbolize any girl.

Also, to go along with the other Richard Marx vid...

Oh, can't you see it, baby? You've got me goin' crazy

And wasn't it fun to jump in the '90s??

Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump

I came to get down, I came to get down. So get out your seats and jump around

karri said...

You can't have 80's music-video-blog without Bryan Adams's three best...

Bryan Adams - Summer of '69

Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting - All For Love

Ok...I just couldn't resist this fourth one...

Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Live)

Jason said...

kris kross is awesome, thats the first cassette i ever owned.

i was kinda hoping you guys would follow up the carnell lake reference with darren perry today, but no go i guess.

Anonymous said...

"message board nation?"

is that the letsgopens shit?

if so, they know nothing about hockey. miserable fucks.


FritoWill said...

the fact that i have my own referense picture on PensBlog may be the crowning achievement in my life.

The fact that little trucks paint scheme is like 25 years old, and the truck i currently drive is 26 years old, is very sad.

Barrasso35 said...

God dammit... why won't Phil Collins leave me alone? I told him I was out of the game these days.

Staff said...


Great call on Perry. I had to change it.

Any thoughts for day number 40?


wilsmith said...

a hurricane 40.

Jason said...

i think you have to do pietrangelo for 40, no way around it

Andrew said...

I'm so sick of all of this casino nonsense...

Has nobody in the Pittsburgh area ever seen Back to the Future II?! Don't they know what a casino will do to a town?!

Barrasso35 said...

Biff's Pleasure Paradise in alternate 1985 Hill Valley California=gold.

Anonymous said...

found these don't know if any were posted already.....

Careless Whisper

Jack & Diane

Steve Perry

and finally some ToTo

wilsmith said...

This had to have been brought up already, sorry if it was:

White Wedding

Anonymous said...

"Cradle of Love" talk about, dirty, naughty, and down right seductive....and i think that is pat dempsey in the video?? i could be wrong, but i would be SO pumped if a chick like that showed up at my house, ready to strip, ride me, and play billy idol music


dying alive said...

Peaches is going to be stuck in my head all day now. Wonderful.

Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar is what the 80s were all about:

I would kill for a Pens game right now.

AJ said...

Hats off...

The Littlefield/Stanley Spudowski photochop is the best thing I have ever seen on the internet (and I'm even on the Steelers email list)

three cheers and a hazzah for that!


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