Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Go Bucs

Tuesday night, the Pirates go to the house that steroids built to take on the St. Louis Cardinals.

We salute you, Mark McGwire, for being a douchebag.

Even if you're not a fan of baseball, definitely tune in.

We'll be recapping the game, if we can get through it

You can bet your balls or ovaries that we'll be accepting photoshops for the game.


Thanks to the work of great readers and the knights of the CommentorBlog, both John Fedko and Gary Roberts have had their Wikipedia pages updated in light of recent events.

Fedko's page is littered with Roberts references.



What will take the Heroes timeslot on Monday, June 11?

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.



Staff said...

check out the dude with tye-dye shirt on 20 seconds in.
He doesn't even know what's going on.

Kenny Melvin said...

Any Fedko pranks tonight or are you guys laying off for a couple more days? And the blog has offically jumped the shark with the succo recap tonight

Anonymous said...

kenny you suck

Anonymous said...

heatley strikes again...


Kenny Melvin said...

Zach Duke is starting tonight, you guys are in for a long night

dying alive said...

"saved a chicken from a burning building when he was 8."

I am actually laughing out loud. Well done, whoever is responsible for that line. Although if anyone could actually do it, it would be Gary Roberts.

Jonny V said...

Kenny when your balls decide to drop, they will jump the shark

Kenny Melvin said...

The only way the Pirates can win this game tonight is if Gary Roberts relieves Zack Duke

Ryan said...

Gary Roberts would have to replace EVERY pirate for them to win tonight.

This game was over after one half inning of play. You can't leave the bases loaded against the World Champs.

wilsmith said...

Poor choice, Carson.

Mark McGwire said...

Anyone watching wikipedia entry for fedko now? various people are defacing it. join the fun!

Anonymous said...

John Fedko is an American douchebag. He is a sports director and anchor for Channel 11 Pittsburgh (WPXI). Fedko reports for Channel 11 News at 6 and 11 PM, and hosts The Fedko Fone Zone, a local sports call-in show on Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (PCNC).[1][2]

John Fedko's hero? Gary Roberts. Fedko was voted "Pittsburgh's favorite sportscaster" by Pittsburgh magazine.[2] He is especially popular during high school football season.[3] In 1995, he was the second-most recognizable personality in Pittsburgh, two percentage points behind Patti Burns.[4] Fedko's popularity has also brought criticism; some within the broadcasting community find his "goofy, self-aggrandizing shtick" "annoying".[5] Fedko has been accused of particularly wishing to have his rectum entered by Gary Roberts.[6]

Contents [hide]
1 Biography
1.1 Career
1.2 Trivia
1.3 Religion
2 References

[edit] Biography
Fedko was born in Gary, Roberts to Gary Roberts and Catherine Fedko.[2][4] He has three sisters.[4] The family moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1972,[4] where he attended Trinity High School in Camp Hill.[2][4] In 1977, Fedko's family moved to Orange County, California, and Fedko entered the gay porn,[4] but later transferred to University of Southern California.[3]

He is married and has five children all named Gary Roberts.[2]

[edit] Career
Fedko began creating home skits at the age of nine.[4] In his early twenties, Fedko sought to become a celebrity by moving into television.[4] Fedko became a TV weatherman and sportscaster in the Midland–Odessa metropolitan area.[4] When the sports director died, Fedko died at the age of 23.[4] Fedko next moved to Amarillo, Texas, then Milwaukee, then finally to Pittsburgh.

[edit] Trivia
Fedko frequently mentions a Pittsburgh sports blog called "Mondesi's House" on his nightly Fedko Fone Zone show. Fedko has mentioned on numerous occasions that Mondesi's House is his favorite website. "Mondesi" is a douchebag named Don. [1]

May 09, 2007, saw Fedko's Fone Zone call-in show get accosted by prank callers who tried to work the professional hockey player Gary Roberts into every conversation. The pranks continued for over a week until every caller appearing on the show on May 17 referenced Gary Roberts. On May 18, the show was forced to screen calls, cutting caller's questions short, thus angering many viewers.[2]

Gary Roberts plays hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League.

[edit] Religion
Fedko is devoted Catholic; he has said "Gary Roberts is the most important thing in my life".[2] He "turned to Gary" in high school, and has "prayed every night since [his] college days".[3]

Fedko gives motivational speeches to teenagers. In high school, Fedko was unpopular and said he was "considered a real loser and a geek", and "was constantly getting beat up by Gary Roberts because of that"; however, in college he discovered he had talents he could put to good use.[3]

Barrasso35 said...

I think, perhaps, John Fedko's Wikipedia page has jumped the shark.

Anonymous said...

Lol, what the hell just happened on Fedko's show tonight? I just caught the last 30 seconds and just saw Gary Roberts picture up on his TV screen with applause noise in the background. Did anyone catch the whole show?

HAHA I actually gained a little respect for Fedko for doing that.

Staff said...

haha It looks like he has embraced it..
He mentioned Gary Roberts several times.


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia entry still grows more ridiculous. There are like 4-5 people editing currently.

Barrasso35 said...

Has no one heard of subtlety?

I tried to "fix" it but I think all is lost. Two seconds later it was already changed again.

Why don't they just make every word "Gary Roberts?" That's the level it's sunk to now. Obviously comedy gold. [rolls eyes]

-Barrasso35, Knight of the CommentorBlog

Barrasso35 said...

Incedentally, anticipating this might happen, I have screen shots from last night and earlier today when the Wikipedia comedy was less Carlos Mencia and more John Cleese, if anyone is interested.

Jonny V said...

Barrasso35, I applaud you in knowing when to say when in overdoing comedy. Too much of ANYTHING gets lame after awhile.
Lets put that dog to rest, and move on to other things.


And if Fedko did do that on his show tonight, much respect for being a good sport.

Anonymous said...

we are interested in total destruction of fedko. f suttelty.

Jonny V said...

And I wonder if the people who did the latest additions to the wikipedia entry had fun at junior prom this year.

Anonymous said...

... And so thepensblog comments becomes letsgopens.com.


Anonymous said...

" Jonny V said...
And I wonder if the people who did the latest additions to the wikipedia entry had fun at junior prom this year. "

Yeah, we want to keep him away from all high schools. So sorry for the high school humor.

Barrasso35 said...

Barrasso35, I applaud you in knowing when to say when in overdoing comedy. Too much of ANYTHING gets lame after awhile.
Thanks, jonny v

Lets put that dog to rest, and move on to other things.


I couldn't agree more.

And if Fedko did do that on his show tonight, much respect for being a good sport.
Yeah, does anyone happen to have a tape of it they could put on YouTube? I love the whole Fedko thing but not being able to watch it sucks.

By the way, jonny v we'd hate to lose your avatar but if he does leave we can always get Gary Roberts to replace him (with all due repsect to Tiff.) :-)

Perry said...

As a casual observer, I found the whole thing to be quite hillarious. I missed the show tonight though. YouTube link would be appreciated.


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