Monday, May 21, 2007

The Finnish Flash

10 years from now, some 11-year old kid in Detroit is going to start RedWingsBlog.

His first post:
"Why did Andreas Lilja give that puck up?"


In a game that Detroit dominated, Anaheim would rise above.
First, Scott Niedermayer ties the game as a puck bounces off Nicklas Lindstrom's stick.
Then the aforementioned Andreas Lilja makes the mistake of a lifetime.
Everyone wants to yell at Rob Scuderi.
This was about 1,345 million times worse.
He turns the puck over in front of his net in OT.

We're talking Steve Smith/Edmonton Oilers stuff. YouTube that shit.

As soon as Teemu Selanne touched the puck, everyone knew it.
Deke, backhand, top shelf.
That goal is the definition of being a big-time player.

Go suck on some squids, Detroit.
Ducks up 3-2
(thanks to Anthony Costa for the pic)

Lets go Ducks.
I don't think anyone can even stomach a Wings vs. Senators Final.


..Awesome story about Peter Taglianetti, and what he did in 1991 to fight an injury.( Thanks to Ryan)

"Taglianetti was back playing, but the secret got out. Taglianetti was using peanut butter to help heal an injured ankle. Skip Thayer put the peanut butter in a baggy and taped it to the injured ankle just underneath the skate flap. All of a sudden, Taglianetti could tie his skates and move around without pain. He was ready to go."

..... This is all you need to know about some Senator fans.

"Witnesses said Renee Luck, a visitor from Buffalo who was wearing a Buffalo Sabres jersey, was punched four times after making a joking reference with Senators fans after Ottawa's Game 4 loss to Buffalo."

Hopefully she made a good Heatley joke.

(George Hanna)

...Buffalo is still stunned they lost.

Picture: Lindy Ruff's wife hasn't eaten since Buffalo lost.


2007 Offseason jobbing tour

All Quiet on the Jobber Front

We are going to cool it with old Fedko for a little bit but just so that we can lull him into a sense of complacency.
But of course if you want to "bring it, bring it to the Planet," we fully endorse it.
When we get him again, it will be like nothing you have ever seen.


Big story on WPXI about the Bus's new restaurant coming on Tuesday.
We will pay someone $1,000 to do the following:
  • Go into the restaurant...
  • Pretend to choke...
  • Say, "Sorry i was just reenacting Jerome in a big game"...
  • And to wrap it up, point at Jerome Bettis and call him a douchebag.
  • Refuse to pay the bill and say the reason is you thought it was Woodson's Allstar Grill.

...On the subject of getting jobbed...
NBC took off OT of the Sabres and Senators for a horse race.
"Even more disappointing for the league is that the winning goal was scored 9 minutes 32 seconds into overtime, at about 5:20 p.m. NBC could have stayed with the game and then immediately switched to the Preakness coverage leading up to the race, which didn't run until after 6 p.m."

Wow, is that a complete joke.

If Jesus came back and fought Bishop Donald Wuerl in a impromptu Ladder match, NBC wouldn't leave an NFL preseason game.

Jesus has the Golden Chalice.
Bishop Weurl wants it.
Anything could happen.

Special Guest Referee: Your mom.

Music Blog

Tons of great stuff left in commentorblog on Friday:

From Anonymous 1:
" The Final Countdown"

From Anonymous 2:
No wonder people did alot of coke in the 80's

And Finally thanks to Phil for this:
Great song

A Winter in the Sun
Game #6
October 19, 2006

On The Third Day, Gonchar Rises. PENS WIN.

In overtime, the Pens were given a powerplay. A 4-on-3 powerplay consisting of Malkin, Crosby, Recchi and Gonchar. It brought back memories of Lemieux, Jagr, Francis, Murphy. That quartet didn't capitalize, but later in the same powerplay, Gonchar remained on the ice and one-timed a shot that got behind Dunham and that was it...sending all 523 people in attendance home to watch the Mets in Game 7 of the NLCS.

Crap we said:
  • Crosby was a mad man tonight. Finally, he looks like 05-06 Crosby.
  • You have Malkin, Crosby, don't have to repeatedly dump and chase when you're on the powerplay.
  • Another excellent defensive performance for the Pens and Fleury.
  • We're gettin tired of praising Eaton and Moore

We didn't make any Ted Nolan jokes.
That's weak.

Commentorblog said:

Message Boards Said:

<span class=AHL'er" title="AHL'er" border="0">

Joined: 28 Jan 2006
Posts: 2965
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 10:20 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Ron` wrote:
This will help the team alot, with the growing pains. Always have to respect your opponent, the didn't get here any easier than you. Every night is a new night and you have to work. Great effort, great team rebound, a coaches dream...

If the team can stay near .500 till around December, they'll make the playoffs. The team is just soo young to compete all year but if they can get through the growing pains and be within striking distance, I like their chances.

Thats gold

Edit: That Game 7 of the NLCS.
Oliver Perez started for the Mets.

Day 33


theNick said...


Bill said...

You guys are the reason the internet is so great. Wow.

Staff said...

Safety dance will be in tomorrow's post, bet your life on it.

What a video

theNick said...

I....i obviously have no life

Staff said...

haha I have no life because I just looked at all of them.

-Toto= Gold

However did anyone know they were a white band?
I am stunned.

-AHA - Take on me---- wow
Mark Eaton should redo it

-Ultimate Warrior versus Phil Collins
I can't even breathe

-Dancing In The Street - David Bowie & Mick Jagger
Best combo since Gary Roberts, and his reflection

-She Blinded me With Science - Thomas Dolby

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

~YAY!!! Anaheim won!!
~Duck Hunt is still a top notch game.
~theNick is my hero.

2 things I'll say about Cory Hart--look at that pout & don't masquerade with the guy in shades, oh no.

Woah, what a feelin!


FritoWill said...

this offseason is turning into youtubeblog

dying alive said...

The song that epitomizes the 80s: Come on Eileen. Look at those overalls.

snoopyjode said...

that picture of lindy ruff's wife made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Anonymous said...

A little advice for you guys; stop praising Taglianetti, he's a total douche bag. He coaches hockey for South Fayette High school. I played against them a few years ago, his son got hit pretty hard in the 2nd period and was down on the ice for a while, Tags refused to let the medic help him up and then benched his kid the rest of the game and wouldn't look at him. Total douche bag. Go Ducks

Anonymous said...

Not 80s but hilarious

Jesse Marshall said...

I wear my sunglasses at night. Someone. Please.

Barrasso35 said...

Woah, woah, woah... can you stick to Worthlessberger and leave The Bus out of this? What did The Bus ever do to you... wait, on second thought, what am I saying? That choking thing would be hilarious!

If you're going to do it, you've got to video tape it. Pensblog>YouTube.

Anonymous said...

You guys (and some of your commentors) made the big time -- you got a nod in the Herald-Standard. :-P John Mehno wrote a blurb about you in his column today:

"The "(John) Fedko Phone Zone" on PCNC has always had a train wreck quality, but now the 11:35 p.m. show is out of control.

It's been overrun by prank callers, whose sport is to work the name "Gary Roberts" into every conversation. By week's end, the producers were dumping the calls before the silliness got on the air. It was embarrassing, even by Fedko standards."

Jonny V said...
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Jonny V said...

Anytime I hear The Final Countdown, Gob Bluth and his cheesy magic is brought to mind...and this site has finally devolved into a full blown I Love the 80's segment from earlier in the season. I knew it was going to come, and quite frankly i'm surprised it took us this long into the offseason to get the nostalgia party started.

The ducks-wings (duckwings?) tilt was friggin' unbelievable. I knew that Anahiem was going to score in the last minute when they got the powerplay. I fuckin' knew it. I did. I can't believe OT wasn't shown because of horse racing. I don't even know what's lower than that. Maybe a double bill of Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook. Nah, nothing's lower than that.

And this is dedicated to my last week in active duty, at least until they recall me to the big desert

Mama I'm Coming Home

Steve In Denver said...

How long before the Phony Zone is completely scrapped? I laughed so hard at those videos that I coughed my epiglottis completely out of my mouth.

They need to put all this Roberts love into the contract proposal...if he knew, he'd play for free.

Last...she blinded me with science...when I was in college, our student center was somewhat of an ethnic hangout, and that's when gangsta rap was huge...I got sick of listening to it while I ate, so after finishing my meal one day, I put that song on like 6 x in a row. I was walking out the door laughing on the 3d time it queued should have seen the looks on the faces in that room...when someone finally pulled the plug on the jukebox. It was so sweet.

John Tarbett said...

Maybe you guys can send this video to Fedko. Once he sees this, maybe he won't feel so bad about being embarrassed on his show. Check this out, it's hilarious....

wilsmith said...

Dexys Midnight Runners fired their drummer while making the video for come on eileen because he refused to not wear underwear during the filming. The rest of the band insisted they go commando to look "authentic". That's why the drummer mysteriously disappears.
Silly english people.
End of random fact time.

Kenny Melvin said...

I can't resist the opportunity to job tonight, I think we'll be able to get to him

AJ said...

There are two videos that summarize the entire 1980's for me. This is one of them:

Not only is it one of the strangest collaborations between two completely different artists, but the video has a cameo by Hector "Macho" Camacho. Money.

I'm still looking for the other... I have it on a tape, so I may have to upload it myself.

wilsmith said...

Okay, there's been some quality videos posted, but I think I have one that can contend.

It's hard not to laugh out loud when you watch the things these guys do in this video and think it's cool.

+50 respect to Tiffany for bringing out Separate Ways.
+50 to thenick as well, Safety Dance is the rock of the 80s.

I was going to hold on to this one, but I better play it before someone else does:

Staff said...

so many new faces.

this is adam, by the way.
i havent been able to touch the blog for over 3 weeks.
i come back, and the commentorblog is filled with

a) new readers
b) anonymous people who are now IDing themselves.

derek has had to run solo this last little bit.
he's on painkillers because his back hurts from carrying the site.

welcome to new readers.

and this isn't AdamBlog, so peace.


Anonymous said...

You guys' antics on the Phony Zone were mentioned in the Altoon Mirror newspaper today.

Hilarious. Keep it up.

EmDubs said...

Sometimes it still makes me laugh when I think about Fedko trying to be cool and saying "Team Turmoil you may call them!" What a tool.

chelsea said...

wow. sylar is from pittsburgh. that rocks my world. guest appearance tonight in heroes by gary roberts?

Jason said...

the phil collins vs ultimate warrior video resulted in me researching the ultimate warrior for the better part of an hour. As a kid he was one of my favorite wrestlers, now hes just nuts. I had no idea that he legally changed his name to Warrior and thinks hes some kind of ultra conservative politician now. One of his platforms seems to be gay bashing. Anyone who has ever greased themselves up, squeezed into a tiny speedo and jobbed around with another greased up speedo wearing guy officially loses the right to bash gays.

Bes 80s video: Men at Work - land down under

Kenny Melvin said...

by far the best video of the 80s Night Ranger with Sister Christian,

Antonette said...

Nice shout out to the Bishop- I'm probably not the only one from Western PA who got confirmed by him, then quit going to church the day after I didn't have to take CCD classes anymore. Ah, to be raised Catholic.

Haven't been around in awhile (graduation and all), but it's nice to see that you guys are keeping it up in the offseason. And now I've got something to read online during the summer!

rachel said...

I don't think I've watched this many music videos in one day.

1 hour 15 minutes left...

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Keeping with the theme of cheesy 80's videos, I'll veer outside the genre of music videos and post a cheesy public service announcement/commercial:

(Warning - Foul language)


(I don't care if it real or not, it's damn funny.)

dying alive said...

Some of the saddest mullets of the 80s (and I confess, I like this song): Your Love by The Outfield.

Jonny, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of Gob every time they hear The Final Countdown.

Wilsmith, Slade has to be one of the worst bands ever. Great hats, though.

One hour until Heroes and possible spontaneous human combustion.

wilsmith said...

that AFSCME commercial reminded me of this... he would probably belong to that.

Don't fuck with Klaus.

If you can make it past the first four minutes, it's solid gold.

Barrasso35 said...

In keeping with the theme of what has apparently become 80'scommentorblog, I submit this:

The slo-mo face slap is classic. So is the liquid on the cymbal and you gotta love any song that includes the lyric, "rides the dragon's wings."

Still, it sort of rocks in a weird way.

Barrasso35 said...

Oh, also The Outfield with "Your Love." This song also rocks and I'd challenge anyone who says different to a game of bubble hockey.

So many 1980's cliches in this video it's unreal. (Especially The Outfield's outfits.)

Gary Roberts>The Outfield... but only slightly. Yeah, I said it.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

In addition to my AFSCME contribution I'll throw out my cheesy music vid.

Yes, technically it is from early 1990, but they actually formed this 'SuperGroup' in 89, so it qualifies.


I challenge anyone to find a video with 3 pairs of sunglasses that are more awesome than those worn by one Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades (Night Ranger), and Ted Nugent(his animal-killin' self).

Lloyd said...

Hulk Hogan + Guitar = ...well... just see for yourself.

I was always a Hacksaw Jim Duggan guy.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

How about a take on me cover by Reel Big Fish? I don't really like RBF, but I like the song... AND it's from Baseketball, the greatest movie I ever found in the $5.50 bin at Walmart:

Also, I gotta give the boys in Reel Big Fish some props for unnecessary use of the double-neck guitar in this one.

Also, another cover. This one of the Proclaimers "500 Miles" by the punk band Down by Law:

Nothing spectacular here, except for the classic redone line "When I haver... whatever the fuck that means" (2:23 of the video)

They play the chorus fast, and that's cool... but it's missing the "Yadatas" part.

We need some hip hop, so here's "Me, Myself, and I":

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I just watched the Asia vid.

Ever notice that dudes in bands before music videos got big all looked like your friends dads, just with longer hair?

When music videos got big the record company execs were were all the sudden like "Oh shit, we gotta actually have people in these bands that look cool!"

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh, and antonnette, I did the exact same thing.

Church was boring as a teenager. I tried to go back in my 20s but nope... still boring!

Barrasso35 said...

Roberts, Gary Roberts.


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