Monday, May 14, 2007

Finding Niedermayer

When you search "solid big-time performer" in the Google search engine, the first result:
Scott Niedermayer.

[ The second result is the guy who created "Cobra Triangle" for NES. ]

The least-intimidating sea monster ever seen in a JPEG.

Tonight was just another example of Neidermayer's dominatia.

Setting: In HockeyTown. First Overtime.
Ducks trying to steal home ice.

Niedermayer buries a shot, short-side high. Against the Masturbator.

The shot was what playoff hockey is all about.

On a side note. Another tough night for the officials.
Referee Rob Shick called the war room more times than people calling with complaints that their PS3 isn't working.

Picture: Wii, dominating.

The NHL at some point needs to do something about fixing this War Room business.
What can they do?
No idea.

Check out Staal and Army.
Good times.
Canada wins its 24th international title.

Russia takes home the copper medal.

Tourney MVP:

Rick Nash

All Tourney team:


Markov -Nummelin


Note: Gary Roberts didn't even play in the World Championships. But he was still named to the all tourney team.
Thats how sick he is.

9pm est


Day 26


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wii sucks. It's like a little kids toy.

I wanna be a lazy, Cheetos eatin motherfucker when I play video games. I don't want to be jumping around like a wild asshole.

PS3 or XBox does me fine. The only complaint I've heard about the PS3 is the fucking price. I could make 3 car payments!!!

And I actually was bored enough to google "clutch performer"... a picture of former Ohio State receiver (now Petyon Manning's gay lover) Anthony Gonzalez popped up.

There was also a picture of a high school basketball player, then some girl soccer player. Larry Bird appeared on the page too.

AND this hottie that plays for UMass's field hockey team:

Sports bras... who do female athletes wear those things? The male equivalent must be like wearing a jock strap that shoves your balls into your stomach.

Sorry I'm grumpy. First day of summer classes. I get to spend 4 days a week, 3 hours a day, learning about stats and calculus. Oh what a grand summer this will be!!

Stoosh said...

All I've had the chance to experience thus far is the XBox 360, other than the two minutes I goofed around with the PS3 up at Best Buy. I haven't tried the Wii yet, and I'm not sure I ever will, only because a lot of their games aren't the type of games I prefer to play. With the exception of the GTA games, I'm mostly into Madden, the NHL 2K series, NCAA football, sports games, etc...and the last thing anyone needs to see (or the floor in my gameroom needs) is me jumping around playing a video game.

I still haven't bought the PS3 yet...I'm not sure how long it's going to be before the price comes down. I may bite the bullet and try and get one this Christmas. After seeing the ridiculous lack of "updates" that EA Sports and 2K Sports put into their 2007 editions of their games on the PS2 platform, I get the feeling it'll be more of the same this year. Game companies are devoting most of their resources to the next-gen platforms and I can't blame them at all. It's called capitalism. But those of us like myself still using the PS2/XBox are going to see Madden 08, NHL 2K8, NCAA Football 08 games that play exactly like last year's, with the only "updates" being new rosters.

Calculus....yikes (shudder). Bad memories of that class. Baaaaad memories.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, I want to clarify that I do in fact know why female athletes wear sports bras. That still doesn't mean I like a form of apparell that turns every woman into an 11-year-old boy.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way stoosh,

Yeah, any math past like pre-algebra in 8th grade is guaranteed to suck.

What really sucks is I already pretty much went through college once, but I'm back now getting another degree that I hope will actually aid me in making money, unlike the useless piece of crap I got before.

Wow, I should learn to finish my thoughts in one post instead of posting 3 times.

Anonymous said...

When did Staal cut his hockey hair?

Regarding sports bras, they're a lot more comfortable than going without. Not particularly attractive, but it beats the alternative.

-dying alive

Jonny V said...

The Wii is the same as a gamecube, except you jump and swing your arms while you play it.
At least some of our Pens got to taste the sweet smell of success...wait, how can you taste the smell of something...did I say that wrong? Or is it like when someones beer farts and you can almost taste it...well if that's what the smell of success tastes like, I don't want any part of it.

And sports bras or no, like the title of a Bloodhound Gang CD...Hooray for Boobies

Teej said...

Wii is fun (from the limited time I've actually played, since I don't own it), but for me I'm more for graphics than anything else, and IMHO the Wii just can't match up to the PS3. The Wii is definitely more attractive as far as gameplay (yeah I know, durrrrrrr...) and price, but I'm going to wait for the PS3 to drop in price. In the meantime I would break out the old Genesis if I still had it... thank god for emulators.

Jesse Marshall said...

Where are the old Tecmo Super Bowl days? Give me Barry Sanders and no human can stop me.

Anonymous said...

QB 16, drop back to your own 10, pass to WR 80 at the opposite goal line = Money in the bank.

Anonymous said...

NES (old school) John Elways Quarterback....just the games theme song was enough to pump me up. and the basic old HOCKEY with the thin, medium and fat ass players....nintendo ruled

Greg said...

anyone know where to find pictures of the world championships?

Ryan said...

Wii Virtual Console: Tecmo Bowl, Punch Out, Castlevania, Mario Kart, and yes, Ice Hockey with the skinny, medium, and fat guys.

PS3: Jack shit.

Wii didn't mess around with graphics because who cares? Video games are supposed to be fun.

Wii: 7+ million sold.
PS3: 3 million sold.

PS3 is the end of Sony in the gaming world.

Sorry to hear about your math classes lipps. Err wait. Nobody actually cares.

Ryan said...

Forgot one thing...

Jack Bauer would destroy all of the Heroes. In exactly 24 hours. (spread out over 5 months that is)

Jonny V said...

Jack Bauer is a midget. And a pussy. Fuck him.

Jonny V said...

Heroes spin-off next fall...hopefully it's not gay

Look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Hey guys, Burnside stole your angle on the Eaves/Saprykin thing:

And right after, he mentions the Andy McDonald chicken thing that Empty-Netters put up. Maybe all you guys should just work for ESPN...

AJ said...

So this afternoon I had lunch at Fatburger in Robinson.

Just as the girl was taking my order, "The King of Wishful Thinking" comes on the radio or whatever they were listening to.

I was instantly reminded of this website and actually stopped in mid sentence and said "I hate this song".

The girl said, "isn't this from a movie?"

I said, "yes, Pretty Woman. It's Go West".

Damn you Pensblog. Damn you straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

Is there a video for Big Country?
Too lazy to look, and I'm at work.

Anonymous said...

contra is the mother of all nes games.

Barrasso35 said...

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

rachel said...

Greg, there's a ton of pictures of the World Championships in the NHL's photo gallery on this site.

Jason said...

no need to be hating on math. it did nothing to you

Jonny V said...

Straight from Buccigross' mailbag. Gotta feel for the Pens fan living in Philly though

As a transplanted Pittsburgher and lifelong Pens fan, it's great to see them on the rise again. They still have a way to go, though, as the Ottawa Senators proved quite convincingly. I'd love to see Recchi and Roberts around for another year. Any other specific things you look for them to do this offseason?


The Penguins obviously need to upgrade their defense. That's the No. 1 concern. The next concern is getting older and more experienced, and my sources tell me that every member of the Penguins will be older by next season. One thing I would love to see the Penguins do is to sign Paul Kariya and put him on the wing with Sidney Crosby. Now, perhaps there is a team out there willing to give Kariya a five-year, $25 million deal. I don't know if the Penguins want to go there because Kariya is 33 and will probably be a 20-goal, 50-assist player on most teams. Now, if Kariya were willing to go three years at $12 million-$15 million, I think he would be a perfect complement to Crosby in talent and personality. Additionally, this move would cement Kariya's Hall of Fame credentials. Three years with Crosby and the Penguins' power-play unit would likely add about 100 goals and 175 assists to his totals. This would give Kariya career totals of 466 goals, 675 assists and 1,141 points at age 35. He could then sign a two-year deal to stay in Pittsburgh, or sign elsewhere, and get his career numbers to 1,200. Signing in Pittsburgh would also help his Stanley Cup chances as the seasons go on. Kariya signing in Pittsburgh seems like a win-win to me.

Lloyd said...

I just stopped in to VideoGamerBlog to say PS3 is my choice... while the Wii is fun to play... i just dont see myself being able to vegitate in front of the tv for hours at a time like i can with my PS3. Regarding the XBox360... they did get one thing right... xbox Live. All the games i want to play are on the PS3 right now anyways.

and regarding sports bras... women's track and field would be a top-rated show without them. (think the end of the Man Show -girls jumping on trampolines-)

Steve said...

When I searched "solid big-time performer" in the google search engine, the first thing I got was No joke. It was fucking hilarious....

Yinz guys should give us your opinions on where we could use some help or who or what we should try to pick up.... I know you got opinions, and I know you don't think that they are biblical like them guys at Tell me what ya think....

Great Post Again...

Loser Chris said...

Why am I apparently the only person on earth who thinks Shero should do everything possible to get Chris Drury here?

Stoosh said...

Loser Chris,

I agree with you on Drury. But Shero may find less of a bidding war for Kariya than he will Drury, and I think Kariya is a more natural fit for Crosby on the wing. Buffalo will likely only keep one of Briere and Drury, and I get the feeling that when push comes to shove, they'll try hardest to resign Drury. Regardless of where he plays next year, Drury will cash in and as far as the Pens are concerned, I'm not sure his production would justify what it might cost to bring him here.

As Bucci says, Paul Kariya could be a better value for the Pens because I'm not sure teams would be falling all over themselves to give him a four or five-year deal like they would with Drury. Bucci's estimates on a three-year deal for Kariya make a lot of sense.

I'd love to see Drury here; I just don't know if the money is right.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kariya in pens jersey. HURT ME HURT ME!

Only problem is, lets go pens would say they thought of it two years ago before crosby was even drafted... :)


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