Friday, May 18, 2007

Duck and Cover

Reason #123 why the NHL playoffs are great:
Ric Jackman

With Chris Pronger suspended
the Ducks had to dress the immortal Ric Jackman.
One night Jackman is working as a doorman at Tequila Willey's in the strip.
The next he is in the Western Conference finals.
What does Jackman do?
Of course, he scores a huge goal.
It never fails.
The Ducks used the goal, and four others to get past the Red Wings and tie the series at two.

We couldn't get past Ric Jackman scoring a goal

Detroit is a joke


.....Great article in the Globe and Mail about the Staal Brothers (Thanks to Greg N. and Loralei)

......Here is a Q& A with Davey M from the Post Gazette

......The Caps signed their first round draft pick last year,Nicklas Backstrom to a deal...

What a boring link section

The 2007 Offseason Jobbing tour

Anthony Costa opens for us on a wild night:

What a baby

We decided to play just another gig on the Phony zone.
Little did we know, it would turn into the
13 most out of control minutes on PCNC since Fred Fred Honsberger ate 14 hotdogs in 3 minutes, and then vomited all over himself.
(that never happened, but you could imagine)

Back to the Phoney zone

We were getting ready to go on, when things went insane.
First we had to stave off several attempts from producers who were clearly anticipating another Gary Roberts job.
Unbeknownst to us though, we weren't alone in the jobbing party.
The madness started with a caller "Rusty." He dropped a Howard Stern reference under the radar, shocking Fedko.
Then the very next caller, seemingly the same person as the caller before, drops another Howard Stern reference.
Fedko is reeling.
Then its our turn.
But due to the hilarity of the previous callers we choke because we are laughing.

Fedko goes to the break thinking he has survived.
He thought wrong.
We have been jobbing people since we have been able to talk.
We always leave ourselves with outs.
First up after the break:
To paraphrase:
" to love Steelers draft class this year John.. Timmons is great, Woodley is solid, and What can't you say about Gary Roberts."

And just as we are feeling good about ourselves, getting ready to turn the TV off.
Fedko takes one more faithful phone call.

Tiffany than proceeds to orchestrate one of the greatest prank phone calls of all time.
To paraphase:
"John I heard you talking about Polamalu, if he does leaves, we could always replace him with Gary Roberts."

Picture:John Fedko from 11:45pm to 12am

Any even better, we have the whole thing on tape.
It will be up on youtube this weekend.

Can we pull the unthinkable 5 jobs in 5 days off?
11:35 pm
We'll see
Music Blog

Well more like Cartoon blog
Thanks to ol' Jonny V:
30 minutes of 80's cartoons music:

Thanks to Dying Alive for this:

And to wrap it all up:
The Doobie Brothers:

A Pensblog special 87 -part series
A Winter in the Sun
Game #4
October 14,2006

New Orleans has gotten a lot of sympathy from the nation after Katrina. Hopefully, Pittsburgh can get the same treatment after tonight because the Hurricanes urinated all over Mellon Arena on their way to a 5-1 victory.
Malkin is arriving shortly. Carolina is the defending Stanley Cup champs. We had a couple bad bounces tonight. It's early in the season. We're still in excellent shape

Exclusive Pensblog Photo of Armys hit

Crap we said:
  • Dominic Moore is everywhere. Killing penalties, working in the corners, making sweet passes, giving Thorburn his gloves and helmet in the penalty box after the fight. And I think I saw Moore at the Banksville Road Arby's last night.
  • Ryan Malone is slowly turning into Aleksey Morozov.
  • They better let Jordan Staal stay with the Pens this year.
  • Penguins explode with 26 shots tonight...but they decided to do it against last year's Conn Smythe winner, Cam Ward. Glad to see someone named Ward is still good.
We were on Moore's nuts

CommentorBlog Said:


Message Boards Said:
Dickie Dunn
PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:47 am Post subject: Reply with quote

The crowd was pathetic anyways. 14 grand and some change for the 3rd home game of the year against the defending Stanley Cup champs is terrible. I guess the Sidney Crosby novelty has already worn off for some people.

-This is why message boards are great


30 days in the hole


Anonymous said...

The last 15 minutes of the Fedko I don't think I have laughed so hard in my entire life.

meecrofilm said...

YES! Finally tape of the fedko jobing. I can't wait. Good work guys.

Yeah, I had to do a touble take when i heard Ric Jackman's name watching the game. THAT Ric Jackman. Apparently all our former defensemen are out of nowhere scoring huge playoff goals. First Roszival, now this. crazy.

theNick said...

i come bearing links....well just 2 actually

First link: ten crazy lemieux goals and steigy has an awesome hair mustache shirt combo going

second link: Ottawa fans are indeed bags of douce

Anonymous said...

what time is the fedko zone on during the day? 2PM?


FritoWill said...

are you trying to run Fedko out of this town???

if not, please continue it would better this place to no end!!!

Anonymous said...

The Steelers should use Gary Roberts as their mascot.

Ryan said...

I've been waiting for the Fedko jobs to be put on youtube since you guys started it. I can't wait to see it.

loralei said...

Well there is that contest to name the Steeler mascot... What would they do if like a thousand people put "Gary Roberts" in as the mascot's name?

I cant wait to see that video of Fedko...

I am so honored to make the recap! Thanks guys!

look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

"Any even better, we have the whole thing on tape.
It will be up on youtube this weekend."


Anonymous said...

Love the recreation of the Armstrong/Letowski hit. One of these days you guys should do a "Pens greatest hits" edition of Pensblog.

Keep your head up, Trevor:

-dying alive

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the Fedko jobbing....please post the link as soon as possible!!

Jason said...

finally! THANK YOU for recording the fedko pranks...cant wait to see them

Barrasso35 said...

"Any even better, we have the whole thing on tape.
It will be up on youtube this weekend."

Fucking sweet. Thanks, PensBlog!

Ian said...

I had a dream last night that the Pirates signed Gary Roberts. I think I'm reading your blog too much.

Anonymous said...

The fone zone is replayed everyday at 3:30 on pcnc.

Mark Eaton said...

All this Gary Roberts stuff is getting old.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I have a dream.

A dream that one day, all of the callers to the FoneZone on a particular night will poop on Fedko by invoking Gary Roberts references.

Poop on Fedko, poop on the World.


Stoosh said...


I second the "Name the Steeler Mascot" suggestion. That's great!

I meant to watch Fedko last night and forgot it was on. Thank God you guys taped it because I'd be kicking myself for missing it after reading that recap.

Anonymous said...

I know I can't wait to see the Fedko jobbing...Makes me miss living outside Pittsburgh.

I bet old boy is almost crying himself to sleep at night.

Christina said...

i'm SO watching Fedko again at 3:30 guys OWNED him last night, nice work!

Jesse Marshall said...

I heard the hons is going for 16 this year.

Derek, job his ass and show him how to do 20.

Anonymous said...

You Can't Do that on Television.

find some clips, I'm at work and can't. =/

Lloyd said...

don't know if this was posted before. Google video has select penguins as well as for other teams (I'm sure you can figure out how to get other teams if that floats your boat.

game 1 of '92 finals

i have my DVR set to record the replay and tonight's fone zone.

Anonymous said...

thats great guys. just watched the show and all he had was: bring it, bring, bring it. keep bringing it.

what a fucking joke. soon, the whole program will be gary roberts.


Tiffany said...

You guys are way too sweet. Don't know if that spontaneous prank can be considered the best, but it was definitely worth it to see the look on Fedko's face. And even though I felt kinda bad.....I couldn't stop laughing. (^_^)

Also, (just to let everyone know) word is getting around about jobbing Fedko. So, ThePensblog is probably considered to be everyone's heroes.

[raising a beverage high in the air] Here's to the guys that started it all....

Anonymous said...

thought you guys might enjoy this

dying alive said...

Whoever mentioned You Can't Do That On Television rules the world.

Whaddya think's in the burgers?

Lloyd said...

In case anyone isn't in the know about the Rusty caller...

Rusty is the name that a Stern Staff member (Richard Christy) sometimes uses when prank calling.

Here is a page of some calls (not all by him... but he is the one with the southern accent)

Anonymous said...

tiffany marry me plz? k thx

Anonymous said...

Hahah Lloyd... I'm callin' about the wheelbarrow.

Barrasso35 said...

The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Gary Roberts 3. Cancer

☼ tiffany ☼ said...

How can I marry someone that's anonymous?? (~_~)

Lloyd said...

so who's bringing their a-game tonight on the prank fedko zone?

Lloyd said...

yay for audio "problems" they are scared.

Can't hear any callers

Staff said...

Kudos the Fedko staff...

but just the fact that we completely altered their show is worth it..

KennyM said...

I love how the entire show is so consumed with prank calls that they are on guard now. It's outstanding

☼ tiffany ☼ said...

Dang it!!! When I finally got through, they cut me off! So I called back, but was asked if Gary Roberts was gonna get mentioned. I giggled & said no. (Feelings of guilt took over...) However, there wasn't enough time to say anything. Props to everyone that tried, though. (^_~)

Anonymous said...

when is this video going to be made live?

Angelo said...

I must see this video. I saw when you jobbed him earlier in the week, but this sounds like a jobbing of historic proportions. Please post.


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