Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Darkwing Duck

When you start a blog you only hope one day the chance to make a Darkwing Duck reference presents itself.
Underrated show.

If you were expecting a nice little Tuesday night hockey, it was disappointing.
The Red wings completely owned the Ducks.
The second period was meltdown city for Duck nation.
Already up 2-0, the Wings scored two more quick goals.
Anaheim had no clue what was even going on.
Tomas Holmstrom basically took over the game.
But he paid for it.

Holmstrom was on the wrong end of a check by Chris Pronger, and Sylar from Heroes. Leaving him with a gash across the forehead.

The cheap shot didn't effect Detroit.
It was a good performance.
Some would say.
It was the most solid performance
since Dermonitti Dawson's 1995 season.

For some reason looking back on the Steelers of the mid 90's. They seem a whole lot more likable.
Dirt Dawson was sick.
On to some other things.

Great piece on Empty Netters about the whole season ticket thing.

"Will that passion be there next season? Will that energy be flowing in the building when Pitt students who spent five hour in January shivering on a curb in their Marc-Andre Fleury jersey are replaced by CEO's from Fox Chapel wearing ascots that show up 10 minutes late and leave 10 minutes early and click away on their BlackBerry's during the game?"

That's what jobbing paragraphs are all about.

If we had to play:

All we would say is that maybe a possible reason for the price hike, is this. The Penguins have so many young players, they figure the more money they make off them now, the more money to pay them later.
But really we only play Devils Advocate so we could pretend to bang that hot chick at the end.

The 2007 Pensblog Offseason Jobbing tour is rolling.

J-Schiff opened for us tonight...


We ourselves played the ol' Fedko Phoney Zone again

We told John that Jim Tracy should of used Gary Roberts in a pinch hit situation in the 7th inning.
He didn't have much to say.
Rumor has it the Phone Zone runs on repeat ( it is a shame someone would want to watch it twice) at 2 or so in the afternoon, but no one knows for sure.

And since we are in the jobbing section.
Did anyone see this?
Some band front man from Black Moth Super Rainbow blasted Pittsburgh in Rolling Stone.
If your band gets mentioned in Rolling Stone, and you decide to job Pittsburgh.

You're a joke
Let Billy Squier take you home ( thanks to whoever posted this in commentorblog)

A Winter in the Sun

October 7, 2006
Embarrassing. PENS LOSE.

Actual picture from the second period.

" I think we had two powerplays in the first period and we managed negative one (-1) shots on goal. I don't think that is even possible, but we managed to do it. "

Stupid crap we said:
  • Ryan Whitney might not be an ideal fit for the team...meaning he is not too good. He wasn't stellar in the Flyers game, either. He was the root of many fans' groans tonight.
  • Dominic Moore is a machine.

  • Terrible game only rivaled by the Blues game.
  • Donnie Iris sang the national anthem.
CommentorBlog Said:


Message Boards Said: member Shinoix -----

" send Whitney back to WBS and bring up Dupont or's painful watching him right now..... "

28 days later


Anonymous said...

Guys Fedko was pissed.

Bravo as usual.

Andrew said...

Funny...that's what Shinoix said after every single Pens game...

wes said...

why is fedko pissed? dude, he is enjoying the highest ratings ever for his show because every one is tuning in... waiting... for GR.

Barrasso35 said...

Fedko+Gary Roberts=Gold. (Is someone ever going to record these?)

Darkwing Duck is solid.

Tailspin was even better but Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers was mud.

Nice ascot link.

The Stroke? Classic.

28 Days Later... that picture still makes me want to vomit. Not as much as David Volek, though.

Anonymous said...

"Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers was mud."

You bite your tongue!

CnD was just as good as Tailspin, if not better. and have you ever played the video game? One of the best games for nes, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

the guy in that article is pretty right on about the pittsburgh music scene.

it's pretty much a bunch of wanna-be's trying to bring each other down. have you ever met people that hang out at local shows? assholes. all of them.

Sarah said...

actually, I still say that Dominic Moore was a great fit here...BUT, after Roberts, we're all like "Dom-who?" (rightfully so) Go Pens.

chelsea said...

i'm with you, sarah. dominic moore is a solid player, and a hard worker who fit well on the 4th line. however, we did become a better team without him (Gary Roberts = $$$)

look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

For the non-locals, PLEASE record and post these Fedko things - we're going insane.

Does he know yet that they're coming from you guys?

wes said...

yo pensblog, since you seem to be accepting video submissions...

i found it funny. then again, i have been sitting at work in total silence since 7am...

Wes said...

the end should be...

lets try this again

Christina said...

the random cartoon references are why you guys are awesome...i lived for darkwing duck, what a solid show.

there's nothing better than watching fedko get jobbed on his own show...nice work

Loser Chris said...

Say what you want, but all roads lead back to Duck Tales. With an honorable mention to Gummi Bears.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo's TV listings says the Fedko Fone Zone is replayed at 3:30.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or is Detroit the easiest western conference team to hate?

thank you very much Mr. Ducksworth, quack quack quack quack quack Mr. Ducksworth. Bombay was the shit.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember that shortlived cartoon that had a rag-tag group of superheroes, almost like that ben stiller movie where his super power was to get angry.

I don't remember much about it, except that one either carried a giant hammer, or was a giant hammer.

Anonymous said...

You should call the Chat Pack some time.

Rory said...

Doofus Drake = Jimmy Anderson

Anonymous said...

I missed the Fedko Fone Zone last night but I caught the recording today at 3:30 and he seemed pretty pissed...I wish he would have said something though. Did he say anything the first time you called in?

Anyways, great work, keep calling in!

Tiffany said...

Fedko = Putz
So, more power to anyone who calls in to prank him. (~_~)

Sarah & Chelsea, ditto. There will always be a special place in my heart for Dominic Moore, but no one can deny how much of a difference Gary Roberts has made to the team.

And just for the record...Gummi Bears, Care Bears, My Little Pony Tales, Tailspin, Chip 'n' Dale, Duck Tales & Darkwing Duck are all quality shows in my opinion. I think I still have some of that stuff on tape....haha.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I dunno, I've never heard the band...

But c'mon, one of the guy's name's is Father Hummingbird.

But the local music scene in Pittsburgh just sounds exactly the same as the one down here.

Steeltown Mike said...

Heh. Pronger suspended for cheap shot.

Suck it, Anaheim.

Steeltown Mike said...

...but just for one game. :)

Anonymous said...

got through to fedko again I see

Staff said...

we do what we can

Anonymous said...

for some reason i immediately knew it was you guys on fedko when the caller's name was ben...right after he talked about just seemed to work perfectly haha.

it was worth sitting thru that show to hear your call. good stuff.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think the 90s Steelers were more likeable because they didn't win a Super Bowl, then let it go to their head.

But then again, they didn't win a Super Bowl period... and most of them wound up bolting in free agency because the Rooneys were super cheap back in the pre-Heinz Field days.

The guys we have now were pretty likeable before they won the Super Bowl.

The Pirates are likeable guys, and they suck. PLEASE FOR CHRIST SAKE RECAP THEIR GAMES!!!!

Anyways, here's me calling Buffalo breaking their city's championship draught by coming back from 0-3 ala the 04 Red Sox everyone got sick of hearing about.

Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts and Billy Squier in the same post.


Thank you pens blog Gary and Billy are like stall short handed, MONEY IN THE BANK.


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