Friday, May 11, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

April 15th

Colby Armstrong murders Patrick Eaves.

April 17th
Oleg Saprykin takes Eaves spot in the lineup.

May 10th
Game One
Eastern Conference Finals.
Crowd in a frenzy. Game tied at 2-2. Third period.

Saprykin redirects a puck past Ryan Miller, Sens go up 3-2.
Win 5-2.
Everything is connected.

Buffalo could still win the series.
It is only game one.
But man.
Ottawa just seems like they are on a mission.
Game one was close, but the Senators defense adapted to Buffalo quickly enough to prevent them from getting another goal.
Ryan Miller didn't have his best game, and the Ray Emery did what he had to do.
The Senators blocked more shoots tonight than Tupac's face.

I ain't mad at cha

On a completely unrelated note.
Versus had the "serious player commerical" when player looks into the camera and acts cool.
For example:

We have used that video before, the kids nail it.

To make a long story short.
Versus does this.With Dany Heatley.
Whatever its cool.
But he then he talks.
What does he say?
" The NHL playoffs..blah blah blah.."
The it happens.
He says:
"Do or Die"--that is versus's little motto.
Just stunning times.
Whoever though that was a good idea is a joke.
If anyone has video footage to confirm this, send it.


Baby Pens fought off elimination last night.
Series against the Hershey Homos is 3-1, Hershey.
The Pens brought in some muscle though.
Everyones favorite young, right handed defense Kris Letang will be with the Baby Pens tomorrow.
Courtesy of Empty Netters
Here is the video of Malkin jobbing some Czechs:

Some quick deliveries

....Oh no everyone. The Rooney's refuse to relent on the casino traffic junk.

"In an interview, he [Rooney] said the Steelers would consider a lawsuit if planners approve the casino master plan without studying the impact on events at Heinz Field."

Don Barden should file a lawsuit against the Steelers to get a better QB.

.......Eklund is still spreading rumors...Pens and Tom Poti? No thanks.

....The Pens made a nice little video for season ticket holders. ( thanks to the peeps in commentorblog for this)

Michel Therrien's refusal to adapt to the pural forms of all words in the English language is what makes us miss the Pens even more.

If anyone was watching the Fedko Fony Zone tonight.
We pranked him.

"Ken" called in to alert Fedko that their is a pitcher in the minor leagues that could help the Pirates. His name?
Gary Roberts.
Seriously pranking John Fedko can make you feel 10 years younger.

Day 23


Jonny V said...

Fuck those fuckin Steelers fucks fucking Dan Rooney fucking trying to fucking hold up fucking Don Barden's fucking casino that will help the fucking Penguins pay for their new fucking arena

There, I think I saved everyone some time.

Anonymous said...

you forgot... fuck oleg saprykin

Look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Anywhere we can hear footage of that Fedko prank?

Anonymous said...

I also saw the commercial with Heatley. Yikes. I can't believe nobody with Versus network thought that might be inappropriate.

Fuck you, Poti, you fuckin' nerd.

- dying alive

homesprout said...

Can someone translate the play by play jibberish in the Malkin goal video!? haha

John Fedko!? What kind of douchebag flies around in a helicopter on Friday nights in the fall looking at young boys playing football!?

His call in show sucks! I thought I should mention that too!

Loser Chris said...

I hate to say it but following Malkin during the Worlds is reminding me too much of Mats Sundin. Sundin is always a beast in international competitions but has never shown the same fire in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Seeing Malkin dominate the Worlds and remembering how good he was at the Olympics last year is giving me total deja vu.

Hopefully he proves me wrong in 11 months!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Penguins are getting their arena money whether the casino is built next year, or in 5 years. It's a done deal.

Remember, they put something in the new arena deal to protect the arena money while the slots appeals process goes on. I think Mario was concerned with that or something.

Hey, has anyone used game day chat for Pirates games?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh yeah, that was HHH's wrestling music from back in the day on that Penguins video!

And I see your "King of Wishfull Thinking" video, and raise you one "Here the Hot Stepper" video:

Anonymous said...

you guys pranked fedko.



Look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

(I brought this up in the last post right before this one came up)

Anybody else think it's wierd that the Armstrong hit on Letowski was put on the highlight reel of the video? Clean or not, that thing was disturbing.

Anonymous said...

you should've stayed anonymous

Anonymous said...

The MLB couldn't handle Gary Roberts...

you can only have one all star game stupids :)

Anonymous said...

I thought putting the Letowski hit in the highlight reel was a little tasteless myself. I've thought that since I caught it in a video at the arena during a commercial break. That hit could've ended his career.

Steeltown Mike said...

LLIMH, occasionally I'm in that gameday chat for "pa'rt" games. occasionally redundant89 and karri join me. Or I join them. Whichever.

rachel said...

Wow, I didn't even think of how wrong that sounds of Heatley saying "Do or Die"

Gary Roberts doesn't play in the minor leagues. He is his own league. Pranking Fedko, you guys make my day, haha.

Anonymous said...

and I raise your Hotstepper one Informer!

Tiffany said...

You guys pranking Fedko makes me regret not watching his show. Bravo!

This may not be a raise, but it makes me smile. The only thing there is to say is..."Snoop Doggy Dawww-oooh-aw-aw-ogg."

EmDubs said...

I was looking for an SNL sketch on YouTube and ended up finding this video called "wasted ass yinzer."

I think its perfect to demonstrate the mentality of the typical Steeler fan who gets so upset over you guys poking a little fun at the team. Plus, its just funny..... especially the guy who walks past and says "The Steelers suck."

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Ahhh classic...

Some girl's dad comes home to find Snoop and his daughter alone, presumably after boning, and gets angry.

So Snoop does what any of us would do. He morphs into a doberman and mauls the girls dad.


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