Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Us Against The World

If you've given up on the Pens...

If you've come this far with the Pens only to crap on them now...
If you like going on message boards and dampening people's spirits just to see their reactions...
If you like calling out Penguin players with the ignorance of someone who doesn't know what they are talking about...
If you've already conceded that Ottawa is the better team...
If you can't realize that the Pens are a bunch of human beings who shop at Wal-Mart; trying their hardest to achieve something that they want 1,000 times more than you do...

Then motivational speaker Gary Montgomery has something to say to you.

You're a joke


" The Pens are not out of it.
If there's a team that can blow a 3-games-to-1 lead, it's the Ottawa Senators. "

-- Versus turd Brian Engblom

The Pens are down 3 games to 1.
Just one bounce away from this being a 2-2 series.

Hopefully, being on the brink of elimination will let the Pens play the fun hockey they've been playing all year long.
The pressure is on Ottawa to seal the deal.

We did some soul searching on

And here's what we found:

In the history of the seven-game series in the NHL **Quarterfinal Round**, there have been 67 instances where a team has been up 3 games to 1.

The leading team has gone on to win the series 52 times ( or 77.6% of the time ).

When the leading team plays Game Five at home, they have won 34 out of 41 series ( 82.9 % ).

The 1992 Penguins were one of the 7 instances out of that 41 that were able to win two games on the road to come back and win the series.

Here is Mike Lange calling the highlights of Game Seven of that series in Washington:

** Quarterfinals are the Preliminaries on **

*** In the audio highlights, Mike Lange refers to it as the Semifinal Round; meaning the Patrick Division Semifinals ***


Picture: Jaromir Jagr's son sweeping up what's left of the Atlanta Thrashers.

... Those New York Rangers beat Atlanta 4 -2, complete the sweep ...

Solid Islanders sweatshirt top left, though.

The Sabres shut up the Uniondale faithful, jobbing Deepee and the Isles 4 - 2.
It was still a close game.

The Devils sneak out of Tampa Bay with the series tied at 2 - 2.
Pedro Gomez scores in OT to lift the Devils.
Look closely at that picture -- A little Pens fan in attendance.

And Barry Trotz is eaten alive.

Jerry Scott

Derek Ausk


We couldn't pick a one winner, way too hard.

Delivering some notes:

Not quite worth bulletin-board material, but Jason Spezza said he wants to bury the Pens.

His teammates thoughts:

Bryan Murray jobs Gary Roberts:

"I'd like to comment on Gary Roberts getting free runs at a couple of our guys when they didn't even have the puck and there was no calls," Ottawa coach Bryan Murray said. "We made one comment to the referees, and they shook their head like, 'What are you talking about?' but, the bottom line was, they drew penalties because they were skating more than we were in the early going, and we felt that the calls the referees were forced to make went against us."

On the subject of Murray, reader Jason Fonczak found this on about Murray's grand-nephew.
"He's too big to play with other 8-year-olds. At 4-foot-9 and 110 pounds, he's at least a head taller than the other kids on the ice."

This kid doesn't even know the horrors that could be unleashed if a photoshop demand is issued.
Lay off the pancakes. Jesus.

And for no reason at all
Top 10 Playoff Goals

Goals 3 thru 1 =owned

And lastly
Joe F sent this along

Could be one last dance tomorrow night.
Pray to whatever god you believe in

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
If you can't get that quote now, you never will.



Marry sens-- J Schiff
Douche---Peter Daniels
Shark--Derek Ausk, Lauren, Jerry Scott
Espn find--- Jason Fronczak
Youtube-- Joe F
Animal House-Anthony Costa


Andrew said...

Thank you.

That's all I have to say.

I'm so sick of all the bullshit posters at already packing up their shit and heading home.

This doesn't mean I'm not going to vomit on myself a few times between now and the end of the game tomorrow, but I am remaining 100% positive.


Christina said...

solid, solid Animal House reference. can't go wrong with belushi.

i'm still cheering for the Pens from halfway around the world...and i want to come home in 2 weeks and be able to still watch my Pens play, so i'm entirely optimistic.


Anonymous said...

i do not care about the jinx rule anymore. ottawa hasnt pulled the choke card out yet and i think tonight will be the night.

home ice, chance to seal the deal could only mean...choke. i think ottawa has the most pressure on them because of that.

ottawa chokes and the series comes back to pittsburgh.
pittsburgh is back in it and plays "their" game and they force a game 7.
go back to ottawa where they are faced with blowing a 3-1; only to have the penguins tie it 3-3.
they buckle and pens win the series 4-3.

now, i could be totally off with all of that, but you cant be thinking negative about tonights game.


Tiffany said...

Staff, I second Andrew's Thank You. Nobody should throw in the towel just yet....we gotta twirl it above our heads and cheer these guys on!!

& The ~D,
Great song idea!!! So far it's a work in progress, but hopefully it'll get done soon. (^_~)

FritoWill said...

it was like you were in the GDC with us during the game because we were all over Animal House, if you YouTube they have the video.

Elly said...

Well said.

Go Pens.

wes said...

im sick of all these historical stats references. different players in a different game and different time. the 1992 pens have NOTHING to do with the 2007 pens. the levels of skill and maturity change from season to season, so to compare historical stats in any way is silly. what matters is tonight and tonight, only. the pens need to MAKE history, not be concerned and/or compared with it.

Loser Chris said...

When the boys win tonight all the pressure is back on Ottawa. It's insane how confident I am considering we are down 3-1. Pens need to score first tonight.

Gavin said...

Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is!

Three words ladies and gentlemen...

Let's do it.

Spencemo said...

Christina's can't go wrong with a Belushi reference.

'They took shit we didn't steal!'

My favorite is the Murray Douche box. Classic.

dying alive said...

I like for the most part because there are some knowledgeable people there, but some of those people are so negative I wonder how they're even able to get out of bed in the morning.

Also, Brian Engblom's hair is the world's worst joke.

Sarah said...

awesome awesome blog.
Thanks for putting everyone in their place. I am so tired of people whining - go back to the Steelers.
My hope for this season? Win...and MAYBE sneak into the last playoff spot...and we've already surpassed that. To say that to come this far to be ousted from the playoffs is "gay" (I'm paraphrasing from the Pens message board) is just stupid.

The picture at the top gave me chills.
It's not over till it's over.

AJ said...

blutoblog has arrived... you guys rule.

And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...

...the tough get goin'! Who's with me?

Jonny V said...

Wow Jay that sounds alot like what I posted in yesterday's post. We'll look like geniuses when it happens, huh?

I might not even watch the game tonight, and my espn magazine have soooo much stuff to read on the upcoming NFL draft. If I start now and keep reading till the draft, I might be able to make a dent in it. Combine...forty times...projected impact...Mel. Kiper. Juuuuniorrrr

Jonny V said...

Aww fuck the draft...

Teej said...

Anyone else have to change mattresses this morning after vomiting all over them???

Anonymous said...

Those pens goals are classic...
"There's only 4 people in the entire rink he didn't deke, and three of them are ushers."

Loser Chris said...

There is no way the Sens win tonight. There are too many "Emery is so awesome" articles floating around right now. I will be truly shocked if the Pens don't win tonight.

Steve In Denver said...

The Pens know they outplayed Ottawa last game. The 3d and 4th lines will cycle and dominate tonight. Bounces are going our way this time. Ottawa will be under 3 inches of vomit tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

No question at all: The Penguins have a solid 10% shot of winning this series. Maybe even 11.

Yep, Ottawa has choked in lots of series, but never blown a 3-1 lead. Sorry guys, this Ottawa team looks different, even IF the penguins win tonight, they'd still be a longshot to win the series. The Sens supporting cast is carrying them right now, past years the supporting cast were passengers.

Anonymous said...

The key for the Pens is getting production from the 3rd and 4th lines. That means goals. So far they have been a non-factor. When we went on that streak everyone was contributing. The Pens will be in good shape if a Talbot or Armstrong scores tonight.

AndrewGurn said...

In this topsy-turvy world where Oulette is playing a finesse game behind the net, and Staal is playing garbage-man in front of the net, I don't know what to think. So all I'll say is,


-Andrew G Weitzel.

dying alive said...

There wouldn't be so many "Emery is awesome" articles if the Pens weren't making him look like Brodeur. Even on their best scoring chances it's like, as you guys said, they're trying to shoot it through his heart. I'm not saying that the guy is garbage or anything (although I do think his skills are still highly suspect), but regardless of the series record, he's been outplayed by MAF every night. If we switched goalies for the series, the Senators would have blown us out just about every game.

jeepgirl said...

Senators are going to have chokin' soup tonight!

Thanks for the great blog. I'm a transplant in NC and it's great to find yinz! I miss the ole 'burg.

Go Pens!!


Anonymous said...

After all this team has put us through this year who thinks this series is over? There were several times when I said "That's it, they're done, see you in KC". But what happened? They took it to the last minute and stayed. I'm not saying they'll win the Cup but it's NEVER over with this team.

Anonymous said...

agreed jonny v......



Staff said...

Lets kick the tires and light the fires

dying alive said...

2.5 hours to go and I already feel like I'm going to barf.

Sarah said...

Do it.

Jen said...

i'm glad everyone is finally on the positivity train...
this team has come too far, had a season too good, has so much talent that there's no effin way they're gonna go out like punks 4-1 to the Ottawa Suckators.
some magic's gonna happen starting tonight.

this is all jobber talk at this point, but what else are we supposed to do?

PS if i hear the "this team's so young" argument one more time, i'm going to throw up on myself.

Anonymous said...

This team's so young...

rachel said...

The Mike Lange highlights just made today great. Take everything, but give them nothing! Tonight the Pens are winning. Adam, that has to be the best photoshop... Don't Stop Believin'!

I don't know if I'll be in the GDC or not...

This is the best sign ever...


Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

[long exhale] Ok...sorry it took so long. It was another tough one. For you The ~D.

THE PENGUINS - Champions

There's a really huge knot
In our guts today
It's the same feeling as the other day
But these Penguins fought
For a playoff spot
They’re a Pittsburgh team
And they just won't stop

We have sat here before...
Our heads spinning in circles...
Against all of the odds...
But it's their destiny
To be the champions...

There's a really huge knot
In our guts today
(That's their cup out there)
It's the same feeling as the other day
(That's their cup out there)
But these Penguins fought
For a playoff spot
(That's their cup out there)
They’re a Pittsburgh team
And they just won't stop
(That's their cup out there)

We have sat here before
Behind the tall glass pane
Our heads spinning in circles
Getting sick again
Against all of the odds
The story of this reign
But it's their destiny
To be the champions...

Even though the score says
That it’s three to one
(That's their cup out there)
And a whole lotta people
Say that they’re all done
(That's their cup out there)
But this team keeps sayin’
“I think I can”
(That's their cup out there)
We’ll be cheerin’ them on
Until the end
(That's their cup out there)

We have sat here before
Behind the tall glass pane
Our heads spinning in circles
Getting sick again
Against all of the odds
The story of this reign
But it's their destiny
To be the champions...

There's a player who shoots
From the point on net
There's another
Firing pucks at Emery’s legs
There's one who is
Bleeding from his wounded head
There are Senators
Choking in the race again

[Guitar Solo]

So this team keeps sayin’
“I think I can”
(That's their cup out there)
We’ll be cheerin’ them on
Until the end
(That's their cup out there)
There's a really huge knot
In our guts today
It's the same feeling
As the other day

We have sat here before
Behind the tall glass pane
Our heads spinning in circles
Getting sick again
Against all of the odds
The story of this reign
But it's their destiny
To be the champions................

They'll always be
The champions......................

tp_pens said...

Two five on threes in the first five minutes= no goals.....sorry but I know this game is over...

Anonymous said...

yep, i am going to sound like a broken record, but i have been saying it all year long: if your powerplay sucks, you are not going to win in the playoffs.

though, i just got out of class and i have no say on the first two periods, but having a 5-3 and not scoring?

that folks, will be the down fall of this series. i will not blame the team because they are young and have very little playoff experience, my blame is going to be on the PP.

but, lets just erase this series from are minds and remember the season. y'know, whenever crosby pasted up everyone against philly with those 8 points to lead the league, nils ekman's first hat-trick, that 14-0-2 run we had, going 8-0 with philly (first time ever), malkin falling for no apparent reason...

let the good times roll (insert cheesy 80's song that i forget who sings it)


tp_pens said...

Hey its been a good season. At least they will be in Pittsburgh next year. Watch out for next year bitches.

Anonymous said...

it's a sad day.. :(

can't wait for next season..!

Joe said...

well, one the bright side, as opposed to the beginning of the year, we:

A> know the team is staying
B> know we can win the division
C> know we have the best blog in the NHL right here

Thanks for everything penguins, thanks for everything pensblog--you guys rock

rachel said...

Jay and Joe, those are some great highlights from this year.

Sure, we lost tonight, but who expected the Pens to even make the playoffs let alone the 5th seed? There are so many great memories from this season... Just think next year the Pens will be back and ready to dominate.

Thank you Pensblog and all the commentors for being here through the good and the bad. This will be a year to remember.

loralei said...

They had such a great season! If i were at home right now, I would be gathering all of my closest friends and heading over to the airport (or actually the arena would probably be a better choice) and give these guys the welcome home that they deserve. They were awesome this year and I cant wait until September!!

sara said...

great season.

it's tough right now, but let's think of things we have to look forward to like watching the Penguins dominate the NHL Awards in June.


Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts who?

How does it feel to loose to playoff chokers?
No shit talking anymore huh

"If anyone can loose a series when up 3 games to 1 its the Sens"



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