Friday, April 20, 2007

Thank You

We are humbled by the compliments in the previous post.
We thank you.

5 months to training camp


Tee said...

no my friends, thank you.

Big Thanks to:
Will from Butler aka FritoWill

and I'm forgetting a ton

for making my first hockey season away from Pittsburgh worthwhile.. I swear I'm the only Pens fan in Germany, and you guys gave me a place to discuss the Pens with knowledgeable, witty, well-informed fans like me.

Pensblog Highlight of the season:
in the gamedaychat some guy came in with the nickname "bellows" and Nick proceeded to light him up with the entire commentary of the infamous Stevens/Trottier clip.. HEY BELLOWS YOURE A FUCKING SUPERSTAR... GET OFF THE FUCKING ICE YOU FUCKING FAGGOT... YOU LAY ON THE ICE LIKE A BROAD BELLOWS.. YOU PUSSY.. LICK MY FUCKING BALLS YOU FUCKING TITFUCKER

Anonymous said...

just wanted to be like everybody else and thank you for the work you put into this. it was great reading and i can't wait till next season

FritoWill said...

aka's are awesome!!!!!!

Thanks to you tee as well

Jonny V said...

Well I didn't want to be buried at the bottom of 86 posts, so like Louis Lipps said, thank you's are getting pretty's already pretty much understood.
Great season, I think I forgot how impressive it was until reading Rachel's post, great work on the fact compiling girl! I'm gonna keep coming back all summer, thanks for deciding to keep the blog active all summer guys.

It pains me to say this, but as much as I rooted for us in the playoffs, in the back of my mind after the game 3 loss I was having some doubts. How many years did Lemieux, as great as he was, take to win the cup? Quite a few, the playoffs are a different animal. Like I said in gameday chat, these playoffs were a necessary evil. I forget who commented, but i agree with what they said about Sid sitting there in the lockerroom chomping at the bit for next year to start. Our boys got hungry.

And as good as this season was to watch, next year's gonna blow it out of the water. And just think how sweet it's gonna be when we do finally watch Sid skating around with Lord Stanley (and it's not a beautifully done photoshop)

Jonny V aka Jon

rachel said...

Tee, it's been great this year. That clip has to be the best thing, lol

Thanks, Jon! There's so much more I could have included, but that post would be huge. I can just picture Sid skating around in Pittsburgh with the Stanley Cup above his head... And it's a beautiful sight.

The whole team is going to be starving by time April comes around!

apk said...

Re: everything nice that's been said about thepensblog-- Ditto.

Anyway, it's the offseason, and I want to hone my skills as well. I want to graduate from photoshopping to moviemaking, but I've got no damn clue how to do it. Can any one direct me to info/or instruct me in how to rip vids off of youtube and then edit them with music?

thanks to the staff and commentors for an amazing run. I found the blog around the casino-announcement time, and it quickly became the second site i checked every morning , behind WHYGAVS (im kind of a huge baseball fan).

-a.knor/apk/rico fatastic

Anonymous said...

hey since the AHL playoffs are starting... you guys should make the blog about them...

oh and do you think EC, naserdine, or thorburn will go down to the baby pens for the playoffs?

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for creating this site & for making me laugh everyday, even when there wasn't always something to laugh about.

So by now, you probably know that my mind gravitates to music. This song came to me when I thought of how you guys are gonna get us through the devastation period...

Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There

Now if you feel
That you can't go on
Because all of your hope is gone
And your life is filled
With much confusion
Until happiness is just an illusion
And your world around
Is crumbling down
Darlin, reach out...reach out

I'll be there with a love that
Will shelter you
I'll be there with a love that
Will see you through

Pensblog, you rock!!!

Loser Chris said...

Now I have a whole offseason to work on my Photoshop turnaround time. I should be able to crank out "We are gay" snes fans pics in under 10 minutes.

dying alive said...

Anonymous, I believe that all of those guys would have to clear waivers to go to WBS for the playoffs. Christensen and Thorburn would for sure, so it's probably not going to happen.

george said...

pensblog staff, commenters, photoshoppers - reading the pensblog has been the best 30 minutes of my day every day for the last eight months!
great job everybody!

PittCheMBA said...

Great Blog. Love the game analysis, humor, and Photoshop Pics.

Hope you continue to post during the off season. You can talk about the Dapper Dan awards, NHL Draft, Ray Shero free agent signings, or Major Lukey taking plane rides with Ron Burkel.

I do not know how you guys can make this blog better, but I am sure you will.

☼ tiffany ☼ said...

Well besides Adam, Derek, Nick, Chris, & Gabe.......almost forgot to say how much ThePensblog commenters & GDC peeps have made this season a season to remember.

(In no particular order)
Muchas gracias to Rachel, Jon, theNick, Tee, Steeltown Mike, Teej, LL, bwzimmerman, JobberJeff, The ~D, FritoWill, Roffle Waffle, Lloyd, & all of the Andrews. (^_^)

Barrasso35 said...

Like many, I wish I had found this site sooner but now that I have found it I'm a reader for life.

Thanks for the hilarity.

Thanks to all on GDC... that makes listening to Pens game on radio at work much better.

Predictions for 2007-2008

Sid breaks the 200 point barrier.
MAF scores a goal.
Gary Roberts II: The Return.
Pens make it to the Wales Conference* Finals at least.
Pens sweep Flyers season series again.
Pens sweep Capitals season series.
Mario has open heart surgery and returns to the team, "In the best shape of his life."

*I still call the conferences by their proper names, just like I call "Mellon Arena" Civic Arena, because that's its fucking name.

Tippy said...

No, for real, thank you guys. It's ricockulous the sports and hockey blogs out there that blow ass. I'll admit I was pissed at the Pens organisation once they traded Moore away, but I kept reading the blog cause I freakin' LOVE it. And I kept watching the Pens cause despite my animosity towards Shero for the trade, the boys did amazing.

tp_pens said...

I want to be about the 231st person to give you guys mad props on the blog. It is basically tits. Next year will be the year. Lemieux led the Pens to a Cup in his second playoff appearance. It took him quite a few years to make it to the playoffs for the second time, but I have a feeling Sid will do the same. (Winning the Cup next year). I have already heard rumblings about getting Ryan Smyth?? Its going to be an exciting offseason. GO PENS!!

Andrew said...

you should use the offseason to make thebucsblog. and mock them non stop because LaRoche, Bay, and Paulino can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag at the moment. tonight's game is painful to watch: 10-1 in the 6th.


JeanPronovost said...

Best sports blog in the world (no kidding). I'm a long-distance fan and I couldn't have gotten through the season without ThePensblog and a cup of coffee in the morning. First-rate stuff.


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