Thursday, April 26, 2007

One Headlight

Before we start anything
A huge thank you to commenter "Dying Alive" for nominating us for a bloggers choice award.

We are mud though, and do not deserve any such credit.
We aren't going to run around and shamelessly promote our blog on Lets go pens like some people.
We instead say vote for Empty Netters.

Best Pens related stuff out there.
Not to mention, Seth, who runs it, is a great human.
Vote for Empty Netters here.

The NHL was back again Thursday night, with two big-time second-round matchups.

The Red Wings, who in 2001 signed a 40-year deal with the NHL to be covered as much as possible, welcomed the Sharks to Hockeytown.
The Sharks are solid, and they took it to the Wings early.
Joe Thorton made a pass from the GreenTree exit on the Parkway North right to the stick of some jobber.

Henrik Zetterberg = Stunned.

Right after that, the guy from Reading Rainbow scored a huge goal for the Sharks.

He knows it.

Thats all Evgeni Nabokov would need.
He pooped in everyone's mouth in Detroit. 34 saves.
The Sharks went on to devour the Wings with some great defense.

Photoshop Me
Who has the guts to try and put a Red Wing in this?

Sharks lead series 1-0


For those who haven't heard, Pittsburgh was named the most livable city in America.
Along the same lines, Ottawa was named the gayest city in North America.
The Sens, who have had more off-time then Don Imus, came out flying.
Jason Spezza scored 90 seconds into the game.


The Sens were only starting the pain though. They rattled off three more first period goals.
But remember -- Ray Emery sucks.
The Devils battle back.
Uh Oh.

Mike Costa

Scott Gomez almost ties it up, but he hits the post.
Senators win 5-4.
Huge road game win in game one.
Lead series 1-0.

Delivery time

.....Ryan Whitney had wrist surgery today...The doctor? Gary Roberts

.....The Hill District is a joke...

"We live, work and play here 24 hours a day," said Kimberly C. Ellis, 34, a Hill District activist. "Other people come here just to play, and then they leave."

Kimbery C. Ellis is a joke.

....Kovy isn't happy... If this was 1999, we'd say bring him back.

...and lastly, breaking news from

Derek Ausk

We are such homos. We have made no mention of the Baby Pens.
They are playing in the 1st round of the Calder Cup Playoffs.
They are matched up against the Norfolk Admirals

Series tied 2-2.

If anyone knows of a Baby Penguin blog, let us know.


May 2

Save Wendy Bell Save the world.

Day 8


Loser Chris said...

Consider your Photoshop challenge answered!

Tiffany said... guys rock!!! Reading Rainbow...hahaha.

I'm not even gonna attempt the Red Wings/shark attack photoshop pic. You blokes have at it...

& The The KDKA breaking news was hilarious. ;-D

Anonymous said...


theNick said...

take a look
its in a book
reading rainbow

i used to watch that show just for the intro

Anonymous said...

Here is your link for a baby Pens blog. The guy who writes it is the beat writer for one of the local newspapers.

By the the past he's mentioned his favorite Penguins blog is this one so you may want to give him some props.

Tiffany said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, this didn't work the first time. So here it is again: PenguinsInsider/tabid/492/Default.aspx

dying alive said...

That shot of Colby hitting Big Ben is classic.

It's a shame that the Pens couldn't get out of their own end against the Sens. If NJ can score 4 goals on Emery that easily, we could have put up at least 50.

Jonny V said...

Holy hell, reading all of that, i laughed and actually started crying. And then i stopped plucking my nose hairs out one by one.

Tiff, windows vista poops on photoshop programs, i have no help file and don't know what the hell i'm doing...

The Mountaineer said...

The Hill District can take whatever they want, as long as they promise to:

1) Clean up their trash once in a while.

2) Promise to make sure none of their residents breaks into my car while I am at the Pens game.

3) Do something about the shady people hanging out on 5th Ave while I am walking to the game, or waiting in traffic.

These people are idiots.

Nick said...

Long time reader, first time commenter -- keep up the good work!

For Baby Pens news check out the Faceoff Factor blog -- -- which has a writer that covers WBS.

apk said...

mountaineer, you are my hero.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not against putting money aside into some sort of development fund for investment in that community. I am against signing over a check to somebody to do with whatever they choose," Ravenstahl said Thursday. "I think everybody's goal is to build consensus on what makes sense for that community."


EmDubs said...

Oh my God, you guys! The Steelers are gonna have new uniforms next year! Its breaking news!

F'in pathetic, WTAE.

Seth Rorabaugh said...

I'm so sick of you guys spreading unfounded rumors about me.

Who ever told you I was a great human? That's a total lie.

Seriously though, thank you guys. It's humbling.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

What blog promotes itself all over Let's Go Pens?

What's with the blog beef here? This may turn into the type of war not seen since the heyday of 2Pac and Biggie.

If someone from a blog winds up getting shot in Las Vegas after a boxing match, I'm pointing the finger at you Pensblog!

I have no problem with them wanting Hill District residents to have jobs helping build the new arena. If you're qualified to build stuff, then that's fine. Employment of a few people that need money makes them uhhh... less likely to shoot us!!

But, isn't Barden supposed to build some $350 million dollar thing in the Hill anyways? How bout that committee just goes to Orlando, and coerces them into moving fucking Disney World to the Hill District!

And my predictions are coming true: Ottawa, Anaheim, Buffalo, and San Jose... that is what I said right?

On ESPN this morning, Melrose acted like the Buffalonians had zero chance against whatever teams comes out of the west. I felt that was an exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

dex, if you dont comment on this, we are no longer friends...

Tee said...

In honor of you guys finally giving some attention to minor league hockey, I present to you the LNAH from Quebec. The Summum-St. Jean Chiefs live up to their Slapshot namesakes (as does the entire league.. its considered the toughest league in the world but with a very high skil level)and feature 2 ex-penguins on the roster... Guillaume Lefebvre and the legendary Pens enforcer Francoix Leroux.

heres some videos, if you're ever in Quebec for some reason catch any game in this league, it's guaranteed to be wild old time hockey

Anonymous said...

Nice cheapshot against Faceoff Factor. They plug their blog on LGP and they get hate here? Considering some of the nice things they've said about you on LGP, that's rather unecessary.


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