Thursday, April 12, 2007

Once Upon A Time in the Playoffs

What a great week thus far....
...Unless you're Don Imus or you're related to someone who has touched a little boy.

If you run Donimusblog, the party is over.

Minus the Pens getting dominated like a buffet at Oprah's house in 1986, the playoffs have lived up to the hype that the last 24 seconds of SportsCenter has given it.

Oprah actually ate Michael Jackson in 1989.

In the West, things are expected.

Anaheim squeaked by Minnesota 2-1. ( ANA 1 - 0 )

In Nashville -- a great early playoff story.
Patrick Rissmiller of the Sharks couldn't clear the puck out of his own zone with a minute to go, and Nashville tied the game at 3.
But the second OT was The Rissmiller Redemption.

Suck it.
( SJ 1 - 0 )

But the biggie on Wednesday was Vancouver and Dallas.
People have billed this as one the most competitive series in the first round.
And the Stars and Canucks don't disappoint, almost going to a fifth OT.

Henrik Sedin devastates Texas in the mouth.
( VAN 1 - 0 )


Thursday night was filled with more sex.

Detroit made Calgary look like midgets.
Calgary = no chance.
I guess that's how the Pens look to everyone else in the hockey world.

The Vinny-Marty Show gave the Devils a scare, but Lamoriello rallies the troops and holds the lead. Devils win 5-3.

The New York Rangers make a huge game-one statement in Atlanta.

Double J in the playoffs = Sick.
Shirt tucked in pants = homo

We have the Islanders upsetting Buffalo in the first round.
You feel safe pulling for the Islanders. They are so deadly.
But they get owned 4-1 in Game One against Buffalo.



If you don't have Mac OS X, skip this part.

Most people are aware of the third-party IM client Adium.
It's ridiculously customizable.

It even lets you customize the dock icon.
So we made one.

Download it here.
1. Unzip the file.
2. Double-click the icon.
3. Dominate.

( It's named " Anaheim Ducks " because we had to job a Ducks one. )

Here's how it looks in the OS X dock.


Has anyone seen Evgeni Malkin?

We're not stat hawks, but Mr. Malkin has been quiet.
A lot of jobbers are starting to call Geno out. And maybe with good reason.
Who knows.
He has his moments. When he is on, he is unstoppable.

You want to take something to the bank? Malkin is scoring on Saturday.


Empty-Netters has the Eat 'n Park Pens-Sens commercial.

Andy L. finds this Yahoo article about Sidney Crosby...and Phil Bourque.


Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Baby Pens in an episode of "The Office."
-- Will from Butler


And finally, we got the shock of a lifetime when a friend of ours IMed us.


Thanks to Tyler Piotrowski for the reminder on these
Go Pens


Anonymous said...

what the fuck was ken "i eat babies and your mom" hitchcock doing on "hockey central"?

also, what does everyone else think:

laraque stays for saturday or replace him with someone else?


Staff said...

i think laraque stays.


Anonymous said...

MAF gets the nod on Saturday:

The "other Steigy" on SportsCall tonight was talking about how Therrien called out Laraque, said he was dissapointed he wasn't killing people at the end of the game when he was out there and when asked why he didn't he said "Ask Georges that question." Looks like he is just trying to motivate him for game 2. i say stick with BGL, for at least 1 more game.


Anonymous said...

tombstone pic is sick. Is wyatt earp lemieux or is that kurt russell? I thought it was kurt but the mustache looks added on, so i'm thinkin its mario. Could be either one in my opinion. Maybe kurt can star as mario in a biographic movie.


Tiffany said...

--> Reading your blog (it’s become a daily ritual) I of course clicked on the OS X dock link. Everything appeared to be normal, but then...zooming in...I see Where’s Waldo & Lifehouse??? Rotfl....I love ‘em both, but just didn’t expect to see them there.... “ٮ” Scrolling down, though, there’s the “Where’s Geno?” pic. So now it makes perfect sense. And last, but not least...Wanna make out? – Coach Murray hahaha....

Btw, LOVE The Office pics. Go Will!!

Tiffany said...

P.S. Awesome pic at the top, Steve. I think it's Malkin, Staal, Lemieux, & Crosby.

And thanks Tyler. Dooby dooby doo..... :-)

Staff said...

that definitely looks like kurt russell


ohh and that's the song lighthouse by the hush sound, tiff. haha

Pretty Flaco said...

The Office rules. Enough said.

At, there's a contest to see who can make the best customized picture of a Senators fan holding a blank sign. Check it out and work your magic, guys.

rachel said...

Check out this Pens song... The Anthem by Justin Morris

Chorus: We will fight (fight), we will find a way to win

Feel the shaking of the ice
A whole city filled with life
And we will battle through the night
With 87 reasons and 71 ways
- Chorus -
Scream until there's nothing left
Twenty thousand hold their breath
And we will fight until the end
20 brings his army and 8 will lead the way
- Chorus -
Experience the evolution
Join in the revolution
Experience the evolution
Join in the revolution
Become the revolution
We are the revolution
Now fight (fight)
- Chorus -
We will fight (fight)
We will fight (fight)
We will find a way to win

Steve, great photoshop! ... Will, nice find on the Office pics!

Double J in the playoffs = Sick.
Shirt tucked in pants = homo

Where's Geno? ...haha

I definitely posted the Eat N' Park commercial a day before EN did... are they reading the Pensblog?? ;)
I want a Smiley cookie now, haha
4/11/2007 6:06 PM

That Bud Ice commercial is just classic, haha.

Nice article on Fleury...

Andrew said...

Good call on the Bud Ice commercial...

So, how about I still have the sweet posterboard road sign that Bud Ice made during that stretch. Says, "Beware the Penguins" and has the flying pigeon logo and a bud ice logo.

On the back is just a big flying pigeon. As soon as my camera is charged, I'm taking a picture for yunz.

rachel said...

Andrew, I can't wait for that picture, lol

Tiffany said...

Adam....hahahaha! Wow....guess my dislexia strikes again. That song's amazing, though. Never heard it until just a couple of minutes ago & saved it on my YouTube account. So, thanks. ˘ٮ˘ Are you the one that likes it or is it the other staff members??

Tee said...

Laraque has run into this problem everywhere he's gone. He'll finish shit, but he refuses to start it. He doesn't actually like fighting, but he knows he's the best and it keeps him in the NHL so he does it. Maybe Therrien can fire up a mean streak in BGL, who knows. Anyways, Sens fans are gayer than Liberace in a spring rain. Tomorrow they'll get what's coming to them. LETS GO PENS

BlacknGold66 said...

That Bud Ice commercial has "haunted" my MySpace page since JUST after game 1.

Don't expect much out of the Sens {vomit} after game 1.

Doo bee doo bee doo!

(Coming from a fan in Cleveland... LOVE C-town... HATE the Browns!!... Even converted my girfriend into a Pens fan!)


Staff said...

it's all me

Jon said...

Yeah, I don't think Laraque particularly likes fighting unless he has a reason to, and I'm sure Mee Chell is going to do his damnedest to see that happens. I know I'm glad i have this weekend off work, I'm doing nothing but drinking and watching playoff hockey. Life is good...Life is wary wary gooooood.

Jon said...

And Andrew, that's huuuge with the Bud Ice sign. My only relic from that glorious age of advertising is a Bud Ice t-shirt.

FritoWill said...

Do be do be doooo!

God i missed that commercial!!!

Don Imus = old hack now i kinda feel bad for some of his co-workers who now will be doing radio on like AM 580

I sat here for 30 minutes yesturday night looking for that Office clip. But the one thing i am looking for i can't find at all. If anyone sees the DirecTV commercial using the Major League movie somewhere on the net please let me know.

Laraque plays in Ottawa, but will sit in Pittsburgh

Tee said...

Damn Will, Imus on WISR? That would be money... I used to deliver papers there.

Adrienne said...

Fuck Jagr and fuck the Rangers. I'm so mad to wake up today and see they won last night. UGH

Cute little Pens thing, even though OSX sucks ass :p

Was that WBS jersey really in the office? If so, that's awesome.


Kevin said...

Where did you get the desktop pic of Crosby holding the cup?

tp_pens said...

I have a feeling the Pens are going to come out flying, and big Georges is going to answer the call and kick someones ass...just a feeling..

"Beware the Penguins"

ryan said...

Laraque stinks. When you are a goon, and your team is getting killed all over the ice, especially a star like Geno, and you don't hit ANYONE, what good are you? He can't skate. He can't stickhandle. One of his turnovers led directly to a goal. (not that it made a difference) If Laraque isn't going to hit everything he sees, he is a total liability. He needs to sit down for the rest of the playoffs. Ray Shero has to regret getting him.

Put in Petro. At least he knows how to forecheck. And don't forget the guy from Toronto he knocked unconscious.

Tawm said...

I don't know about calling out malkin. To me, he looked like our best player on wednesday.

Jocelyn said...

First - Pleasantly surprised to see that someone was listening to the Hush Sound. Awesome!

Second - Laraque stays. He's a beast, and my prediction is that he'll come into the game tomorrow with a vengeance.


Teej said...


yes, it was in an episode last season (the series is set in Wilkes-Barre). i thought it was awesome.

Laraque should be in tomorrow's game, no question.

Glad to see that no one else in Pensblogland is worried about tomorrow's game. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

teej - GDC??

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to not calling as many penalties in the playoffs? There was a ton called in the Detroit-Calgary game last night too...

Jon said...

"Whatever happened to not calling as many penalties in the playoffs? There was a ton called in the Detroit-Calgary game last night too... "

I'd rather see the refs do this than have the playoffs degenerate into the clutching and grabbing garage-league tactics of years ago.

Teej said...

Yeah, I'm the same one.

Andrew said...

Pics of the sign. Check it to wreck it.

Anonymous said...

Teej - GDC Saturday? ;)

Anonymous said...

love the beware the penguins sign.

and here...not only hockey fans hate toronto. apparently so do most canadians.;_ylt=AgdQTMem0UP9Bge4ZMfUo9TMWM0F

Anonymous said...

The adium icon kicks ass

KC said...

Good choice of song by the Hush Sound, Adam

rachel said...

Andrew, great sign!

Anonymous, that's pretty funny that most of Canada hates Toronto...

One day seems like such a long time.

Anonymous said...

"It's not me versus the Senators. It's our team. Maybe sometimes people don't realize that but that's the way it is. And we're not going to get anywhere without our group. I'm not going to help my team by trying to do it myself."

- Sidney Crosby, reacting to criticism after the Penguins' loss in Game 1.

Once again, people dont realize that you can rip on him, torture him, yell at him, criticize him, abuse him, or boo him and it doesnt throw him off his game, it just makes him that much better at it. So if these Canadian media people were smart theyd keep their mouths shut and not piss him off.

Ellie said...

the adium icon is the sexiest thing i've seen in a while ; )

and i agree - where was malkin the other night? that kid has more ups and downs than a see saw. maybe he'll decide to show up tomorrow...

Teej said...


Barring me getting hit by Dany Heatley's tour bus, I should be there.


♥tiffany♥ said..., Tee Magnifique, Teej, & Jon are gonna be in the GDC. (Hopefully the rest of yinz will join us too!) ‹(•¿•)› Good times in there...

Tawm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tawm said...

How does anyone call out malkin for wednesday? Maybe I was watching a different game, but he looked like the only one who knew the game was a playoff game.

Tiffany said...

--> Just curious....are any of the staff members on right now??? Gotta question....

Elly said...

Ahh, I love those old penguins commercials.

Tiffany said...

Ok guys.....I got the go ahead from Adam. So here's a song I just got done with today & the video:

P.E.Ns. - It's Not The End Of The World, As We Know It

That's great!
It starts with an earthquake
Pens and Sens--their first game
But Therrien is not afraid

Ottawa’s a huge pain
We can feel our stomachs churn
Gay fans like to cheer
Alfredsson ‘ol disappear
Speed it up a notch, skate, grunt
No strength
The ladder starts to clatter with
Change of glass, down glass
War room in Toronto’s overlookin’ 7 games
Controversial plays reviewed
At a combat site...
Pucks were really flyin’ in at
Fleury in a hurry
Standin’ on his head

Team by team reporters, baffled
Trumped, tethered, cropped
Look at that back strain
Uh-oh, overflow population
Common group
But it'll do to save yourself
Serve yourself
Pens’ fans like to cheer
Listen to our hearts beat
Yellin’ with a passion
Televisions to the right...right
You symbiotic, alcoholic, job-ber, tool
Right? Right
Feelin’ pretty psyched

Not the end of the world
As we know it
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
So, we’ll be fine

Three o'clock T.V. hour
Don't get caught up in the shower
Slash and burn, return
We can feel our stomachs churn
Lock it in, uniforming
Mad skating, blood shedding
Every Penguin dominates
Every move incinerates
Light a candle, light a votive
Step down, step down
Watch the Sens get crushed, uh-oh
This means no fear, get a beer
Frito Lay, steer clear
The tournament, the tournament
The tournament’s alive
Offer me solutions
Offer me alternatives
And I decline

Not the end of the world
As we know it
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
So, we’ll be fine...we’ll be fine

Not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
So, we’ll be fine

The other night I dreamt I died
Heatley took me for a ride
Teammates sit in a line
Sid does NOT whine
Evgeni Malkin
Jordan Staal and Christensen
Playoff party, headache
Jim Beam, boom
“You symbiotic, alcoholic
Job...ber, tool
Right? Right"

Not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
So, we’ll be fine

Not the end of the world
As we know it
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
So, we’ll be fine

Not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
It's not the end of the world
As we know it
(It's time we won the Stanley Cup)
So, we’ll be fine (<-- repeat chorus)

karri said...

Great post guys...thanks for keeping me laughing even though I feel so sick!

I really want the Pens to come out insane tomorrow, to terrorize Emery. They can get to him.

And Tiff, I had to keep listening to YouTube...lyrics go so fast! But wow...impressive!

"The other night I dreamt I died
Heatley took me for a ride"...hahahaha

"It's not the end of the world
As we know it
So, we’ll be fine"...Agree!

"This means no fear, get a beer
Frito Lay, steer clear " - Will should love this line. ;)

Steve said...

LaRaque should play on Sat.. but he's gotta earn a spot for the first home game...

I heard Murray is wanted in 3 provinces for raping elk.

As for the Tombstone pic I did, thats def Mario there with the kurt russel stash.

Anonymous said...

Laraque should be out for tomorrow.
The "enforcer" has to be the most overrated thing in hockey. They make no difference. Wasn't the way Ottawa man handled us proff of that. Laraque could go out there and murder someone. The Senators are still going to play physical and they are still going to take liberties. That is because they want to win and that is what you have to do to beat the pens. Getting an enforcer is usless, its like a closer in baseball. Its one of those old sports myths that people talk about just because they like to hear themselves.

dying alive said...

That picture with the girls field hockey team is priceless. Heh.

Starkey & Therrien both totally jobbed BGL in that article. After that, I think you have to leave him in for game 2 to see how he responds. I hope Malkin's mean streak comes out, too. If he's going to take bad penalties anyway he might as well lay someone out while he's doing it.

Tee said...

Anonymous, that just shows you've never actually played a game of hockey in your life. The enforcer is not only a real role, but it's pivotal to a team's success in the playoffs... if Laraque had ACTED like an enforcer last game it could very well have changed the momentum. Did you watch the Edmonton vs Detroit series last year? Can you honestly tell me that Detroit would have gotten worked over like that if Probert was still playing? The playoffs are the most physical time of the year, and a guy who can go out there and run some people the fuck over and then drop the gloves if someone takes exception is a necessity to making it deep. It brings energy and momentum to your club when you need it, and it keeps the other team in line. Just because Laraque is "soft" as far as enforcers go doesn't make the role a sports myth.

Anonymous said...

If I am so wrong about the enforcer being useless then why did the penguins get molested on Wednesday? Laraque really added alot. Like 5 min of ice time.

Funny I just got back from a hockey game? Didn't know I never played.

In the words of Rutuu. Fuck you retard!


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