Sunday, April 15, 2007

No Sleep Til Mellon

Sens vs. Pens
6:00 --- Mellon Arena
What an atmosphere.

Hopefully the Penguins don't follow the trend of Pittsburgh teams choking in Sunday home playoff games.

That's six.
If Gary Roberts plays corner, this doesn't happen.

If you think we're Penguin homers and are jealous of the Steelers, you're high.
There is simply nothing better than making fun of the Steelers and their fans (which include ourselves).

Speaking of fans...
To all Pens fans out there:

If you ever get on the news and some jobber reporter like Alan Jennings asks you if you think the Pens will win the Stanley Cup, say nothing and walk away...and maybe greet their mouth with your boot.
We all hope the Pens win the Cup, but can you say in all honesty that they will win for sure?

This is why FSN should do all news, all the time.
What lazy journalism by local newscasts recently.

Start asking better questions, clowns.


Great day of hockey on Saturday.

The Pens sneaking out of Ottawa with a 4-3 win set the tone for road teams stealing games.

In Hot-lanta, the Moose returned to the playoffs. And he was unreal.
But the despicable Sean Avery was money in the bank.
He scored a goal from mid-ice on a bad bounce.
And set up Shanny with a sick pass for the game-winner.

Series 2-0 Ranger(s).

Staying with the New York theme, The Isles stunned Buffalo.
Ted Nolan Voodoo'ed the Sabres in the third.
When you get a chance, watch Rick DiPietro play in net.
He is so relaxed and nonchalant; never panics. Ice in his veins.

The series is tied 1 - 1.
And heading to Long Island.
Good luck, Buffalo.

Tampa Bay evened their series with New Jersey.
Marty and Vinny put the team on their backs.
Good luck playing in Tampa dicks.


Touchdown Tawm (the David the Gnome commenter and the Photoshop god from the West Indies), fashioned a nice-sized poster of the Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup shadow picture.
The sign will be at the game on Sunday.

Joshua McGoun sent us the pic.
Not sure if he photoshopped it or what.
It was edited from an Frozen Moment.


Wait till you see the video quality of highlights on there.
Solid stuff.

Go Pens.


dying alive said...

I'm leaving in about ten minutes to head down to Mellon. Should be completely unreal and I'm even more nervous than I was before yesterday's game. I hope I don't pull a Dany Heatley and wreck on the way down there.

Dave Friedenberg said...
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Anonymous said...

is there a high quality version of that crosby shadow picture? I'd love to make that my desktop background...

Staff said...

the high quality one can be claimed by clicking the pic in the post.

Tee said...

for those of you werent in the GDC yesterday, here's my new official attire for every pens playoff game... let's hope it stays lucky

tp_pens said...

Pathetic second period... Death of the Pens

Anonymous said...

malkin dropping the gloves = best thing of the game


Anonymous said...

being at the game made me sick, the first 2 minutes were the most exciting 2 minutes of my life, but after that i wanted to vomit, oh well nothing beats experience, even if its negative exp

Pretty Flaco said...

I think we would have seen Schubert fight at the end there, but he was too busy fingering himself.

seth said...

$170 right down the fucking toilet

Scott said...

we took this one squarely in the pujouls

Jason said...

army should have to wear a warning label on his jersey...hes f'in dangerous

Anonymous said...

bring back laraque.

they are going to fuck with colby, so bring him back



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