Sunday, April 15, 2007

4 - 2
This kind of game makes you wish you had a crack habit so you could go on some type of binge.
If you threw up all over your cat in the 3rd period, you're not alone.


The Insane Towels were flying like crazy at the beginning of the game.
Jeff Jimmerson comes out and sends 20 people to the hospital with his rendition of O Canada.
Jimmerson made Pavarotti look like the chorus director at some elementary school.

Take notes.

Early on, the Senators get a quick chance.
The Pens defense doesn't know what's going on, but neither does Dany Heatley.
He mishandles the puck, and the Senators crap on themselves.

The next play, it happens.
Sid knocks it ahead to himself and flies through the neutral zone like he's a monkey.
He gets it to Colby on the wing.
Army gets it to the net, and Sid tries to job it in but can't.
Mr. Roberts is there to bang the rebound home.

Eat the balls, Ray

Mellon Arena is insane.
Roberts continues flying around.
What a human being.
He declined having a New Testament book being named after him.

After a TV timeout, Wade Redden jobs behind the net, and Malkin somehow gets a tripping penalty.

The Pens kill that penalty, and Malkin gets a chance on a slapper...but no dice.

Before you know what's going on, the Pens get another penalty -- Rob Scoods this time.
It looked like the penalty saved an apparent goal, though.

It only took a minute for Dany Heatley to ruin the chance.
A crosscheck on Ryan Malone's spine puts the teams in 4-on-4 action.
The Pens can't do anything with their powerplay.

Later, Recchi draws a holding penalty.
The Pens hit the power play again.
No dice on the power play.

After the power play, the Sens came flying through the zone and you get the feeling something not good was about to happen.
Some craziness happens in front of the net, and Dean McAmmond puts the Loose Change home.

McAmmond's goal confirms our suspicions that he was behind 9/11.

Tied 1 - 1.
Huge goal for the Sens.
And for some reason, that goal was like walking in on a lesbian orgy starring The Golden Girls.

...Meaning that it sucked the life out of you.
If the goal turned you on, you shouldn't even be here.

The rest of the first was mud, and you just knew the second had bad news written all over it.


But Armstrong and Roberts come out hitting in the second, getting the fans back into the game.

A little over two minutes into the second, Lee Malvo shoots it from the point.
It plinkos around, and Mike Comrie puts it into a wide-open net.
2 - 1.

The next shift, Gary Roberts jobs Spezza in front of the benches.
Crosby scores, but the whistle was blown.

Then, every Penguin just stands around. Two fall down.

Lee Malvo is robbed by MAF on a semi-breakaway.

Malkin takes another penalty.
Alfredsson skates in from the half boards and buries a wrister.
3 - 1 Sens.
Mellon Arena feels like Heinz Field.

Danny Alfredsson's life partner is all business after the goal.

The Pens come out with some mojo on the next shift, throwing their bodies around.
It was nothing compared to what was about to happen.
Colby flies into the Pens zone...BOOM.

Patrick Eaves = Done.

Talbot and Dean McAmmond scrum, but it was kind of moot.
The life gets sucked out of the Mellon Arena with that string of events.
The next big play would go far in determining who would win this game.
Unfortunately, it was at that time that the Pens started playing like complete mud.

Orpik falls, and the Senators get three or four chances to bang it home, but they can't.
MAF was gonna have to dominate again.

Only 6:00 left in the second, and desperation slowly setting in.

Mike Comrie grabs Orpik behind the net.
Pens PP. It's go time.
To the chagrin of PensNation, the power play was as lifeless as the career of the actor who played Cody on Step-By-Step.


And as the penalty expires, Tom Brady scores again.
4 - 1. Pens fans everywhere google "suicide."

I disappear in the playoffs?
Suck it, Pensblog.

And that was it for the second period.


Okay. Here we go.
We've been here before.
Third period.

The classy Senators come out and dominate the early moments of the third.
Pens losing the race for every loose puck.
So frustrating.
The Senators are just sitting the neutral zone, saying bring it.
Bryan Murray is coaching his brains out.

The whistle blows for the first time in the third, and there's only 14:20 left in the game.

Orange Sherbet slashes Sid's glove off.
Power-play time again.

During the power play, FSN gives us the Subway sandwich of the game: some jobber hit that Armstrong laid on Volchenkov.

But the Quiznos sandwich of the game is Armstrong turning Ben Eaves into a woman.

Now there's only 10:00 left, and the Senators are boring the world into submission.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, BAM.
Malkin and Sid connect.
Malkin threads an unreal pass to Crosby who redirects it in.
4 - 2.
Talk about a shot of adrenaline.

Then PensNation is rocked.
Scoods gets nailed from behind.
Visions of a five-minute major dance in our heads.
Not only do we not get the major penalty, but the refs even the play up.

4-on-4 action.
Pens pull MAF to get some chances.

Malkin gets a nice chance, but no dice.
Amidst a skirmish in front of the net, Chris Philips punches Sid in the mouth.
Malkin attacks Philips.

The Pens try to get some more stuff going, but it wasn't gonna happen.


  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Alfredsson: 2 G
  • McAmmond: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: OTT ( 25 ) ---- PENS ( 19 )
  • Powerplay: OTT ( 1 for 3 ) ------- PENS ( 0 for 4 )
  • No bridge jumping. Pens could be down 3-0 right now.
  • Orange Sherbert is an ass. You want Orange Sherbert to die, but you don't even know the man.
  • Dean McAmmond knows what's going on. Disgusting.
  • After jobbing in game one, Mark Recchi has stepped it up in the past two games.

We just acquired a early addition of the Post Gazette,
Shocking article in the Dear Abby section:


Murray - J schiff
Ref - Chris Yarbrough
Colby vid - Burton


FritoWill said...

i still want to puke....

Anonymous said...

bring back laraque...

also, does anyone have a clip of malkin attacking that guy? funniest shit i've seen all year by geno.

PP sucked and needs to get better. end of story.

lord therrien maybe should show the entire team nude pics of him so they all will step it up.

tuesday is huge. period.


chris said...

if the pens played the whole game like they did in the first and last 5 minutes...we would be unstoppable

ps. undisciplined is a word steigy

go pens

seth said...

i'm afraid.. Every game this series the pens have been outplayed as well as every game in the regular season. i just dont think we have it

Anonymous said...

it wasn't quite a "nightmare" at the Mellon...more of just an off night.

didn't first rounds in '91 and '92 go to seven games?

Pens will bring it on Tuesday. don't roll over yet.

Staff said...

It was a nightmare jack

Staff said...

1991 - down 3-2 to NJD, won game 6 on the road (pietrangelo save), won game 7 at home.

1992 - down 3-1 to the caps, pens have to win games 5 and 7 in washington.

all i know is that if i'm a senators fan...
i'm feelin pretty good.


Jason said...

was the canadian anthem booed? they didnt show it on tv, but has mentioned that there were some boos, but didnt really give any idea of how much.

thats about the most retarded thing someone could do at a hockey game. How can you expect crosby, fleury and the other canadien players to get pumped up and play when you boo their homeland?!

Anthony said...

For me, the highlight of the game was when two guys in my section (B-26) tried to fight because one called Eaves a pussy for being dead on the ice and the other was a Cleveland citizen, so it's his birth right to be mad at the world. Recchi brought a lot of energy tonight, he still has a massive hard on for Sid and refuses to pass anyone the puck other than him...just like Hrdina and Jags. I missed Sopranos for this?

Whitney going after Orange Sherbert was kinda dumb, I understand sticking up for Scuds but a powerplay would have been nice.

Murray is a douche

Anonymous said...

Their were a couple boo birds in the house but Im not sure if it was the Habs or Sens, their fans boo'd the anthem against the Bruins

Anonymous said...


Loser Chris said...

Whitney definitely needs to pick his spots better for payback. There's still plenty of time to get people back. Why else do you think Mr. Roberts has allowed Chris Neil to live this long.

Malkin "jumping" Phillips was pretty hilarious. Geno really needs to get stronger on the puck. He may set a record for most points is a series without actually doing anything.

Sid is a machine. If only the defensemen played as hard as him every shift.

Flower was solid again, but the guy could use a little help. The guys weren't even connecting on simple passes for most of the 3rd. Big disappointment. The good news is we can even the series up on Tuesday even though we should probably be down 3-0. Things will get better...

Anonymous said...

good call on the "undisciplined" chris.

steigy actually had me questioning myself as to whether it was a word or not b/c he went on for 5 minutes about it...

the past 2 games i just keep repeating over and over in my head the herb brooks line from miracle, "play your game, play your game."
i do believe the pens can do better and will bring it on tuesday.

Staff said...

I think everyone, including us, forgot what a playoff series does to your mind, body, soul, and reproductive oragans.

Tuesday night is huge

Anonymous said...

Don't know why nobody has mentioned GONCHAR yet...

for some reason vs. is running hockey night in canada or something CBC related...
well they're talking about the shorthanded goal we gave up and just ripped gonchar to pieces. They broke the play down and said "look at gonchar, he's facing the wrong guy, lets alfredsson get in behind him, and instead of breaking up the pass he turns the OTHER WAY as if he's at a public skate."

It was sad but perfect. what is wrong with that guy when he's needed to play some defense on our powerplays????

This is not the first time Gonchar has gone into public skate mode on the PP. Almost every shorty we have given up this year are directly related to Gonchar's lollygagging.

I'm mad enough to punch a baby.

-Anthony L.

Anonymous said...

The booing of the Canadian anthem was audible on FSN, there is no reason for this and gives Pens fans a bad name. Jackasses.

Anonymous said...

steigy was a disaster tonight... not only is he unsure about undisciplined, but he keeps calling michel thierrien "michael." here's a direct quote:

"michel theirrien, or michael as some people call him..."

who? you? because everyone else realizes his name is french.

he's trying to start a nickname that no one else thinks is funny.

oh wait i have to go... my car is parked over on bob clemente street and i need to put some more money in the meter.


Anonymous said...

Pens playing like shit in the playoffs = the feeling that your girlfriend is banging your dog.

Anonymous said...

haha guys love the stuff up top..

" Get Busy Living"

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Anonymous who posted at 11:55 am,

I don't care what canadian teams degenerate fans booed our anthem.

When Pittsburghers boo another country's (and contrary to some redneck beliefs it is a country that is one of our country's CLOSEST FUCKING ALLIES) national anthem, it makes Pittsburgh look like a 2nd class, cowpoke, redneck town. I mean, politically, Canada isn't even an enemy of the U.S. so it just makes us look like morons!

Now I know that Pittsburgh is not that kind of town, and that it was probably only a small handfull of people making the rest of us look bad. But it's still a horse shit thing to do. Don't justify it by handing me some "Oh some Canadian fags booed our anthem once like 5 years ago" bullshit.

Anyways, that game was an abortion. I said it the gamedaychat, but I'll say it again: When we came out, with our crowd pumped up, and scored that quick goal and everyone was apeshit happy... I couldn't help but have visions of the OSU vs Florida national championship game from January. You know the one where OSU scored on the kickoff, then proceded to get beaten into submission for the remaining 59:50 seconds?

Another thing I brought up in the chat is simply this, we're not pressuring Emery, and Emery fucking sucks. He's a scrub, he will let a few squirt by or at least give us a big juicy rebound if we actually make the guy sweat. However, the guy's gonna look like PatriDominic-HaRoysek if we don't get any shots on the asshole!!!

FritoWill said...

PatriDominic-HaRoysek = robogoalie

marc said...

jen, michel terrian wants people to call him michael, it was in an article done by the post gazette.

his nick-name is "mike"
get your facts straight

ryan said...

guys - about steigy...

he was saying "undiscipline." no D. Of course he knows undisciplined is a word, Therrien and his french accent never pronounce words in perfect english, hence steigy's line "lost in translation somewhere"

Anonymous said...

yeah i was wondering why we were booing the canadian national anthem.... considering 99% of our team is canadian

Dwayne said...

Yes, the canadian national anthem was booed. I doubt ESPN mentioned that other people turned to the people booing and said "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU FUCKING DOUCHE". I also doubt they mentioned one of those people was me.

Don't get me wrong, I like to make fun of canada too, but booing during someone's national anthem is completely classless imo.

Still, the boos stopped a short way through, after the booers got sorted out. I don't think they were necessarily just rednecks - they were exceptionally *drunk* rednecks. For what little that is worth, at any rate.

Teej said...

I was also embarrassed hearing all the booing during the Canadian Anthem...

Towels waving during the game... god I love the Pens in the playoffs. hopefully after last night's partial sodomizing they can even it up again.

I also agree with the previous post, with people asking if the Pens can win the Cup. They have potential, but this year? a year after winning only 22 games? i love the Pens, but I still think it's going to take a miracle for them to get to the third round. They can win this series if they can bounce back with a convincing game, totally, but the next round will be brutal, no matter who they play...

...finally, I blame myself for last night's loss. I wasn't in GDC. If memory serves me right, the Pens' record in games where I'm on GDC is like 5-0 or 6-0. I promise to be there Tuesday...that's god damn right.

Jocelyn said...

I'm probably going to catch a lot of heat for saying this, but I'd really like to see Recchi OFF of the first line. Crosby needs someone faster to play with.

Also, I'd enjoy seeing the return of Laraque.

Anonymous said...

oh man... sorry everyone. i dropped the ball.
i had no idea about that article.
i hope steigy can forgive me.


MT said...

I was at the game in Ottawa on Saturday - the US anthem was cheered & politely applauded.
The flaws in Therrien's coaching methods are being exposed. Depsite having the last change he was unable to get Crosby on the ice against anyone other than Philips & Volchenkov, Ottawa's best D-pair. The Armstrong hit on Eaves & the Schubert hit on Scuderi reflect the hatred the two teams are developing for each other. Crosby & Roberts might want to save some of the energy they expend yapping at refs.

Anonymous said...

1. If BGL comes back, he better play like Sly Stallone version of rocky and put some heart into some punishing checks. It seems as if our defensemen will not put the screws to someone unless BGL is there to wipe their asses when the poop hits the fan.

2. Gonchar is playing pretty weak. Two slap shots last night??? Maybe three??? One or two checks all night from Gonch???

3. More shots on goal, more shots on goal, more shots on goal. Then once we get that, we will work on getting somebody to hang out in front of the net other than Roberts purchasing the freaking real estate right in front of the crease the last two games.

4. Steigy and his side kick have actually been rough since the last couple of games this season. I know it makes me sick when the flyers and redwings announcers NEVER blame their respective teams for causing trouble, etc, BUT you got to have some more flair and back bone for your team. I thought bob errey was going to run down and give Eaves a hug after that hit. I know bob is a good guy and is concerned, but do you think anybody on the senators side was so worried about scuderri getting the smack down from "orange sherbert" (GOOD ONE). You know Tom Jackson the NFL annoucer was sitting at home calling Berman screaming ohhhhhh myhe got JACCCCCCCCKED UP. Welcome to play off hockey, keep your head up or get it knocked off, I learned that at age 11.

5. Malkin showed some character there at the end of the game and that might really help into game four... Remember what he did at the 2006 winter olympics after getting fired up? Lets hope anyways :)

Ellie said...

if you don't enjoy steigy just turn your tv on mute and flip on mike lange on the radio. seeing how the damn rangers, sabres and isles made it into the playoffs, some of us aren't lucky enough to get to watch it on tv : ( but we have lange and ThePensblog keep us posted : )

Anonymous said...

My power went out yesterday towards the end of the second, and I was hoping to come here and read about our amazing comeback. No dice on that. Like most of yinz are saying, we have to stop dicking around with the puck and actually put some shots on that dickhead Emery. Ottawa is outshooting us 99-66 (familiar numbers, huh) and to use the old cliche, it just looks like they want it more.
On a totally unrelated note, to all those Skip Bayless haters, he was on Cold Pizza this morning debating the problem of all the baseball games getting called due to inclement weather. He suggested "putting retractable roofs on all northern stadiums and shortening the schedule to 100 games." The look that Gene Wojciechoski and that Husky dog guy (the host with two different color eyes) gave him was priceless, it was like Skip just came out of the closet to them. Wojcie also summed it up saying he was speechless. Little things like this help me through times when the Pens are playing like shit.

Anonymous said...

i was at the game and yes the Canadian national anthem was booed by only a handful of people

when it was over, everyone cheered

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Malkin going wild at the end of the game was hysterical. It just looked funny.

I want to see Geno go wild and beat some ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long term watcher of malkin and if he could pick his game up a few points and inspire his land lord (Gonch) to try and play the game we would run wild over Emery. Until those things happen, people will still be picking on MAF for the worlds problems.

Ski said...

I'm Canadian and a huge Peguins fan. I didn't hear any booing on the telecast I was watching. I don't let it bother me. There's always a few idiots at every game everywhere. My friends and I don't paint all Peguin fans with the same brush cause of a few. I'm sure there will be a few Canadian morons at the game in Ottawa on Thursday.

Love ThePensblog...great work!

Peace :)

Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

all this talk about booing 'o, canada' maybe we should focus on actually singing our anthem. canada definitely out does us in that department. the only pens game i went to all season where i actually heard the anthem sung above a whisper was one of the toronto games. basically, the contingent of leafs fans would have embarrassed us if we didn't try to sing our anthem as loud as they did theirs.

oh well...this all seems pointless anyways with what is going on in virginia today...unbelievable.

Derek said...

Quiznos sandwich of the game reminded me why the first thing I do (after getting coffee) when I arrive at work is read the pensblog. Grade A quality blog...with a touch of class to boot.

After detecting the obvious anger/disappointment in the comments today I felt (marginally) better. Forget about game 3 (other than Patrick Eaves taking a power nap). Game 4. Backs against the wall. Do it.

Anonymous said...

Why is someone always talking about laraque. That is the first game we lost without him. I really don't think we win yesterday with or without him. Maybe if Gary Roberts doesn't punch someone while crosby is scoring a goal we win? Just a thought.

tp_pens said...

I just wanted to say that I really miss Mike Lange. Don't get me wrong, I like Steigy and who doesn't like Bob the Builder, but no one will ever replace Lange. A TV broadcast is just not the same without "Its a hockey night in Pittsburgh", and the post-goal one liners. Why did they move him to radio?? I never got the whole story. I tried the whole turn the TV down and turn the radio on thing on Saturday when Tweedle Dick 1 and 2 were commentating on NBC, but there was about a 5 second delay which was too much to handle for me.

All I know is that we can hear a little "Get that dog off my Lawn", "Get in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo games ready to rule", and maybe even a "Book em Dano".

Go Pens.

Teej said...

sorry to break my promise guys, but I might as well say it now... I will NOT be in GDC tomorrow night - instead, I'll be at the Arena, 6 rows from the glass :)

rachel said...

Teej, you better get that crowd pumped up, sing The Star Spangled Banner, and shut everyone up who starts to boo O Canada. Have fun, too :)

Tiffany said...

Seein' the Sens tie it 1-1 definitely makes you sick, but a Golden Girls orgy?? ;-O Oh, & another thing!! For some reason, the pic of the g-string model looked pretty good to me yesterday in the GDC. Looking at it now,'s just wrong. And why is he holding a brush??

Back to the game, that was so scary seein' Eaves just lay there on the ice--like when Petro knocked Newburry out. At least he'll be ok....

P.S. That Dear Abby is classic.

Steve said...

Nobody better lose sight of the fact that MAF is playing like a madman. The fucking sens are getting lots of lucky bounces.

If the D wasn't thinner than a fleas ballsack they wouldn't have put so many points up. We looked lazy, just cause its a home game doesn't mean its an instants 'W'.


Loser Chris said...

Well said Steve.

Anonymous said...

I have comcast and VS just went blue with about 1 min to go in the NYI game...anyone else have that problem?

Teej said...


Me and the other four that are going (Pensblog commenter Rick included) will be bringing all the energy and waving the white towels!!!

rachel said...

Teej sounds good! I'm jealous of the white towels. I so want one.

Nice heading pic! Thank you, D Kroll! I love all the little touches all the Pens equipment managers add to the visiting locker room.

Anonymous said...

well i did my research this time...

mike lange was fired by FSN last year.


Anonymous said...

i don't know who was looking for a video of the malkin/phillips almost-fight, but here it is on youtube -

good stuff.


tjand72 said...

Wow! That Colby Photoshop is clutch.

Derek said...

Thanks TJ. It came down as quickly as it went up though. Ahhh the battle for the header. Long live the pensblog.


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