Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Game Four: No Dice. PENS LOSE.

2 - 1

All year, we've likened this season to the Steel Phantom and the Thunderbolt.

We may have been way off.


Jeff Jimmerson on the left.
Reader Jeff Harr found this picture in the back alleys of the internet.
That shirt is what life is all about.

Jimmerson gets the Mellon going with an unreal anthem.


The Pens came out and tested Emery early.
A nice shot by Recchi from the slot is denied.

The breakneck pace at the beginning of the game got owned by a Ryan Whitney penalty.
The next best thing to an early goal is a sweet penalty kill.
But wow.
Jason Spezza passes it across the slot, but it hits Jordan Staal's stick and flutters into the net.
The War Room says f u.


Ryan Malone makes his first appearance of the 2007 playoffs by grinding and almost wrapping one in past Emery.

Unfortunately, on the same play, the referee is high and calls a penalty on Ruutu.

Two minutes for hitting oxygen.

The Pens kill the penalty. Huge.

The teams job for a while.
Jobbing, in this case, means the puck not leaving the Pens zone.

Crosby pops onto the ice and starts making things happen.
For the second time already in the game, a penalty is called by the official farthest from the play.
The Pens jump on the power play.
If this is 1991, this game is tied before it gets back from commercial.

But the Sens penalty-kill unit is all business.

The Pens get a nice chance soon after when Talbot semi-fans on a one-timer in front of the net.
It almost made Emery wake up from his nap.

Even so, the Pens kept coming.
Petrovicky starts a little forecheck.
Mellon Arena about to explode.

Just like Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro exploded in 1991 when Norwegian band A-ha set a still-standing record by drawing 198,000 paying spectators to their concert.
If this were the '80s, you would be reading Ahablog right now.

Sid tries to get something going towards the end of the first.
The Senators defensemen are disgusting.

You can't say the Pens "escape" with a 1-0 lead.
But it's nice that it's only a one-goal deficit.


Early in the second, the Pens get a power play.
They can't bang one home, but you can feel it coming.

When you get opportunities on the power play in the playoffs, you got to cash in.
Your middle-school janitor knows that.

Believe it jack.

Malkin gets the best chance of the game up to that point but tries to shoot the puck through Emery's heart.

The penalty is killed, but it doesn't stop Armstrong-Talbot-Ruutu from dominating for a good minute or so.
So frustrating though.

And then it happens.
Roberts goes in and forces Wade Redden to make his first bad play of the 21st century.
Ouellet dominates behind the net again, finds a way to get it in front.
Battle for the puck.
And that netting moves.

1 - 1.
Whatever ends up happening in these playoffs, we waited 6 years to attain the swell of joy that came with this goal.

The next segment of hockey can only be described as sex.
The Pens just keep flying.
Mellon Arena is electric.

But the Senators eventually start getting some chances.

Heatley turns Gonchar into a monkey, but MAF pokechecks it away.
The action then heads to the other end.
Roberts-Staal-Ouellet generating chances
Malkin-Crosby-Recchi generating chances.

Result: Pens power play.

Nope. Again.
Sens power play blocking more shots than 50 Cent.

Where did 50 Cent go, by the way.

Ekman gets a sweet chance during that craziness, but damn it all to hell.

Towards the end of the second, Staal draws another penalty.
Crosby jobs Emery.
Emery's Mike Tyson is just waiting to come out.
Hopefully so is his choking.

Going into the second intermission, we have the "power play working on a fresh sheet of ice" to think about for the next 17 minutes.


Third period.
Power play.
Nothin' happening.

Melichar turns the puck over.
Your dinner is in your lap as the Senators try banging the puck in nine or ten times while MAF doesn't know what's going on.

A turnover is when you give the puck to the other team.
And when you talk turnover, you talk Joe Melichar on that play.

The clock ticks to under 14:00 left.

With 10:48 left in the third period, Mike Comrie just makes a great individual play.
Saucer pass to Anton Volchenkov.

Volchenkov grabs the puck in the high slot.


2 - 1.

Give it up to the Mellon Arena faithful.
They waited roughly 8 seconds before starting the Let's Go Pens chant.

Here we go.
8:55 left.
Something has to be done.

Oleg Saprikin almost ends our life, but the redirection goes wide.

6:37 remaining.
Oscar goes to the box.
Gut-check time.

Guts host Mike O'Malley definitely tagged that.

Moving on,
The Pens kill it.
The most important person on Earth during the following commercial break was the Mellon Arena game-entertainment coordinator.
You play Welcome To The Jungle.
You show a clip from Miracle.
You do something.
If memory serves right, they played Beastie Boys. Wow.

Nothin doin'.

1:50 left.

44.7 seconds left.
Bryan Murray calls timeout.

26.6 seconds left.

14.5 seconds left.

You gotta win a faceoff.



  • Staal: 1 G
  • Chris Phillips: 6 PIM.
  • Shots: OTT ( 26 ) -- PENS ( 24 )
  • Powerplay: OTT ( 1 for 3 ) -- PENS ( 0 for life )
  • Somebody get Jordan Staal some Advil. His shoulders have to be killing him from carrying the Pens in the playoffs.
  • Imagine if Gary Roberts was a Senator and was torturing us in this series.
  • Gary Roberts on Heroes?
  • What is it with NHL teams that wear black and red frustrating the piss out of you?
  • When you think that the Pens could be leaving for Kansas City in a month...
  • Forget that optimism bullshit. It's time to kill a stranger's pet.
  • Two Guts references in two days. It's been a long year.

Game 5 in Ottawa.
Perhaps one last dance.

Don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.


Don't Stop Believin' -- A. Knor
Choke -- Andrew W.


Anonymous said...

i go back to the 2001 series:

down 3-2, marty straka wins another OT winner, helping us to game 7. darius "my shot haunts hasek for the rest of his life" kasparaitis scores to win the series 4-3.

nothing is over yet. being down 3-1 is something we can overcome. in the words of the wizard of croz:
"we do not give up"


Jason said...

this one hurts. Its one thing to lose when you know you can play better, but it looked like the whole team gave it all they had and still couldnt come out with a win. Hopefully they can play the same type of game in ottawa and get some bounces to go their way.

and what the hell was ruutu's penalty about? are they giving penalties for attempted charging now? the only person he touched was another penguin.

Anonymous said...

also, anyone else hear the "FUCK" flower gave after the second goal?

the camera was on him and he skated towards the glass and all you heard was "FUCK"


Steve said...

It's not he the losing that hurts so much, its the fact that Ottowa dominated us on our own home ice back to back. I'm surprised nobody pressed charges on them after the abuse they put us through. If Ottowa plays like this for the rest of the season there is no hope for us. We need face-offs, we need our D to be more offensive, and we need MAF to feel like he has some protection.

I saw some stat (not 100% correct) but it looked like Ottowa's D had like 14 assists compared to just 4 to our team. Damn.

MAF = Animal

Robert + Staal + Oulet = Only thing happenin for us.

Sid = Possible anurism

Gonch = Weeker than Wilford Brimley

Defense = Swiss Cheese

Passing = PeeWee quality

Losing both home games = DOOM

Anonymous said...

Well, if there is ever a team that could easily blow a 3-1 series lead, it's the Senators...but it seems quite unlikely at this point.

seth said...

it's over. ottawa at home, fans will be crazy and you know they'll be jacked to prove everyone wrong but totally kicking our asses thursday

but hey, i'd rather lose in the first round of the playoffs than not even make it

plus, we're only going to be better next year (provided shero fills a few holes)

sara said...

the atmosphere at the game tonight=AMAZING. my dad told me it was so loud he almost felt uncomfortable...ha.

from where i sit i can see mario sitting in his box. with 14 seconds left he stood up when the crowd did and i figured if anyone had the power to will the puck into the net just by staring at it, it's gotta be him...oh well.

i believe a game 7 is in store here...

"don't give up, don't ever give up."

Anonymous said...

fuck that. nothing's over till it's over.

Or would you rather be Atlanta?

Playoff Beard said...

Hey, Pensblog, if any defenseman hurt the Pens tonight it was Whitney, not Melichar.

He had at least 6 turnovers that my friend and I counted and was pretty much accountable for at least one bad play every single time he was on the ice. For once, I say give Melichar a break.

Christina said...

since staal has been carrying the team, i say we're overdue for a Game 5, OT, shorthanded winner from Gronk.

it's happening, baby.

don't ever give up.

Staff said...

playoff beard, we threw that in about melichar as pretty much a joke.

We have never said one bad word about him all year, and have defended him on numerous occasions.

When things unravel, it's time to start slinging mud.
is it 2003 all over again?
what's with players blindly clearing the puck around the boards without looking to see if jason spezza is over there waiting for it?


Dwayne said...

I just wanted to point out the play of Malkin last night. He was playing possessed, and that is *precisely* what we expect of the man. The difference between him last night and him in Games 1, 2, and 3 was worlds apart. He may not have gotten on the score sheet, but he was playing such a strong game, fighting and clawing for every inch, that I'll take that any day of the week over a few phantom assists and a lackluster effort.

Honestly, I can't say I felt the Pens got beat last night. Obviously they lost, but even in Game 2, I felt like they got whipped raw. Last night, they gave at least as much as they got, and my impression was they gave back even more. An exceptionally unlucky bounce helped Ottawa out (which that *is* the nature of playoff hockey), but at least they came and played one hell of a game. While it sucks to lose those games, if they play that way in Game 5 and maybe clean up some thoughtless turnovers, everything changes.

Anonymous said...

We out played the Sens almost the entire game. The 2nd period was unreal for the Pens I wonder what MT had to say?

Anthony said...

Melichar was on the ice for I believe 1 goal in the series I think...just something to think about before you tear him a new one...I'm not sticking up for him because I get nervous when he touches the ice but he is usually not on the ice when the Sens score and he is loging some serious ice time.

I think that goal he was on the ice for was a powerplay...why no Nasy this series?

Sarah said...

I keep coming back to this:
we're so young.
But - I'm not going to stop believing until I see the fat lad

Go Pens.

AndrewGurn said...

For anyone who watched this on FSN.. is it just me, or was Borquey about ready to go down to the Sens bench and give Joe Corvo a BJ? He was pissing me off all game.

Anyway, we're winning out. We owned that game and Ottawa's fans are a joke. Malkin is about to blow his load. Count on it.

-Andrew G. Weitzel

Anonymous said...

Malkin played better and we almost pulled the trigger.

Get gonch to play better and ray emery = owned.

Admit it, come one, you know you want to.

Anonymous said...

It was Errey on FSN that was in love with the Sens last night, I wanted to vomit. It's aggravating enough to watch the Pens limp wrist each attempted clearing shot, only to not have it even reach the blue line, and then to hear Errey go on and on about how great the Sens are playing and how he wishes he could have hot man sex with Sherbet and Corvo.
I want to hear Steigy and Errey be Homers, not Homos.

Anonymous said...

I know that fat lady hasn't sung yet,

But just think about 1 1/2 years ago when they were out of the playoffs in December, and no arena deal in place. Life truly sucked then compared to now.

If they get eliminated this week, it's hard to not look at it as a disappointment, but you know that for the next three years, they will be in the mix, probably grabbing a cup in the last season of Mellon and/or in the first season of whatever the new arena is called.

BTW, I was in love with that Aussie girl on GUTS.

dying alive said...

That Don't Stop Believin' picture is quite possibly the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Pepsi = spit all over my desk. Bravo!

Mellon last night was wild. I thought that the balconies were going to come down for a while there in the second and again at the end of the game. It was a disappointing loss but it's hard to be too upset. The players gave it everything they had and the bounces just went Ottawa's way. The Sens may have won, but they were outplayed and one of their goals was a total fluke. MAF is going to go Hextall on someone before this series is over if he keeps getting crapped on like this. Awesome game by him results in another loss.

dying alive said...

By the way, are you guys going to keep this thing going as offseasonblog, or will you be golfing this summer along with the Caps and the Flyers?

GeeIWonder said...

It's not [t]he the losing that hurts so much, its the fact that Ottowa dominated us on our own home ice back to back.

Yeah, but the losing hurts too, right?

AJ said...

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

GeeIWonder said...

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Another product of the Pittsburgh education system I see.

The ~D said...

So frustrating. I was so angry I continued to drink PBR and play guitar hero until 3 in the morning. Gonna be a long day.

In a strange way I think maybe being down 3-1 will spark something. It would be great to have a game 6 back at the Mell. Think how crazy that would be.

Anonymous said...

geeiwonder...you don't watch many movies I guess?

GeeIWonder said...

They're called books. And none of them say the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

If you can't figure out why that's wrong, well then this isn't even funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

The movie is called Animal House...ya know...a comedy!

I swear everytime I see that quoted someone always falls for it!

GeeIWonder said...

Shite. Great movie.

I'll go sit in my corner now.

AndrewGurn said...

Anonymous, thanks, I meant Errey.

The ~D said...

Tiffany...where's the song today? I expected a ballad perfectly crafted for this depressing situation. My suggestion is "King of Pain" by The Police. How clutch were The Police back in the day? Singing about all kinds of twisted shit and no one ever noticed.

Anonymous said...

I guess the "staal scores" record doesn't apply in the playoffs. I've been banking on it the past couple of games and it's really let us down.

loralei said...

AJ you totally stole my line.. I wanted to say that.. anywho, i always do my best observing when i'm procrastinating from doing homework so:

1. I cant stand versus. You could clearly hear the Pens faithful cheering "Lets go Pens!" loudly after the Sens scored their second goal and the Versus guy actually said, "the senators have silenced the mellon arena crowd." Uh what game are you watching?

2. By far their best performance thus far. But I know that they still have another notch. They need to get there.

3. What is up with our D right now? They look like scared little kittens? Anytime a Senators forechecker gets anywhere near them on a breakout they peel back. Skate dammit, Skate.

4. Gary Roberts is a machine.

5. What is up w/ all the penalties? Sidney gets raped in front of the net--no penalty. Whitney raises his arm to scratch his ass and its and its a penalty. I dont understand.

6. Where is Max Talbot? He is missing right now. I cant find him anywhere? There's some guy out there that looks like him and thats wearing his sweater but that is clearly not him. Versus had him mic'ed up last night and there were no silly comments, no crazy chatter. He was all serious. That is not Max. Please find him for me.

7. How awesome is Jordan Staal?

8. They have reacted well to adversity all year. I think they are going to win this game in Ottawa and bring it back home. They can beat this team. They almost proved it last night if it wasnt for that flooky ass goal...

Jason said...

One thing the pens should have in their favor for game 5: since its an incredibly important game for the sens, alfredsson might not even bother to show up to the rink.

what the hell is goin on with the devils? I just checked some goalie stats and it says that Brodeur is 17th out of 18 goalies in save percentage. only kari lehtonen has been worse!

homesprout said...

It's a shame they didn't bring this kind of effort in the 1st 3 games. We could be up 3-1 or at worst 2-2.

I think the Pens can win game 5, they have been resilient throughout the season.

Could you peeps imagine if they were to force a game 7 in Ottawa. There would be so much pressure on the Sens by the media and their fans. Who would ever forgive them for choking away a 3-1 lead to our young team!?

Let's hope it plays out like that!!

Go Pens!!

apk said...

dying alive-- many thanks. inspiration strikes in the strangest ways. Now, if i could find a good picture of the cast of 'Galaxy Quest,' you'd get Sid as Tim Allen as a wannabe Captain Kirk spouting off "Never Give Up, Never Surrender!" while Michel Ouellet as Sigourney Weaver looks on...

google images has failed us all.

Teej said...

Was there... the euphoria that ensued after Staal's goal = incredible.

heartbreaker of a game... but it would've been worse had it been the deciding game. Never...EVER give up!

*cue Crystal Method's "Keep Hope Alive"*

Go Pens!!! Take them to Game 7!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's worth noting here that most great dynasties have(in all sports) experienced some sort of playoff frustration before they've ultimately broken through. The 79-80 Oilers went out in three games in the first round to the Flyers. The 92-93 Quebec team (who had a bigger season to season turn around than this year's Penguins and are probably the closest comparison) went out in the first round to eventual champion Montreal. Hell, even the Chicago Bulls endured years of playoff frustration at the hands of the Celtics and the Pistons before finally breaking through and winning six championships in eight years. That's not to say that I won't be devastated if the Pens go out in the first round, but it's somewhat of a consolation to know that they're only going to get better.

AJ said...

I apologize to Loralei for stealing the Blutarsky thunder. Nothing is over until we decide it is...

On the other hand... I never realized that quoting Animal House could start such a controversy.

Maybe I should start blutoblog?

Staff said...

dying alive, the Pensblog doesn't golf.

Hopefully everyone hangs around if the pens get eliminated.


loralei said...

AJ, I'll forgive you this time, and a bluto blog would be fabulous!

Jonny V said...

There ain't a damn thing that could be said. Hope we win, but if not it's been a helluva season and I can't wait for many more seasons of playoff hockey. Unless of course Hiro doesn't save us in time and we all get vaporized by Peter Petrelli. Mmmmmperhaps a Heroes blog if the Pens are eliminated?

And at least no one quoted Lenny Kravitz' It Ain't Over Till It's Over....


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


Nothing's over until Gary Roberts says it is!!

And he's too busy banging the wives and daughters of all of the Ottawa Senators to say anything's over yet!!!

Jonny V said...

Just a thought, but when we win game 5, it'll get into the heads of the Ottawa players and fans. "Will they collapse again?", "Are they doomed for playoff mediocrity?"...Then it's on to game 6 at the Civic Arena. Gonna be a fuckin' madhouse. We'll play them hard, expanding on the gameplay of games four and five and winning to a raucous Igloo.
On to game 7 at Ottawa, the Ottawa Sun with its' front page headlines of impending doom. We win in double overtime and go on to face Jaromir Jagr and the New York Rangers in the following series.

Or was it all a dream...

rachel said...

Does Staal know he's 18 years old and wasn't supposed to be in the NHL? 3 goals in 4 games... 1 woke the Pens kind of up, 2 tied the game... Clutch

How ironic is it that Roberts stick says WARRIOR on it...
This is one of the greatest pics. Those eyes have death written all over them...
I still wish he was my dad ;)

Don't Stop Believin' has been stuck in my head all day.

"We do not give up."

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I hear a fat lady singin'... I figure Heatly's gonna have to have at least one big game soon, I can't frickin believe Ottawa's winning with Heatly & Redden looking like stiffs. Weird, Comrie & Volchenkov are the one's winning it for them?

Roberts is unreal, I have no idea how he gets away with running someone without the puck from behind into the boards head first with 2 minutes left, he must have some kind of mind control over the refs.

Staff said...


Anonymous said...

How about the 1992 playoffs, first round against the Capitals. After dropping both in Washington, the Pens only get one of the next two at home. Back to Washington, backs against the wall down 3-1. And then it happened, the then 20 year old Jagr took over and lead the reeling Penguins back from certain defeat. I think we all know what the outcome to that season was. Give our young guys a chance. How many times have they come back and won games this season? Besides, Ottawa can't choke unless they have a lead. Flightless birdies in seven... Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Semin was kicked off of team Russia for coming late. That sounds a bit premature to me.


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