Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buckle Up

Before we start anything and before the playoffs commence, we must give shout-outs to the following blogs.
We do not link these guys nearly enough.

Empty-Netters -- Always updated and fresh. Nothing but good times. You have to respect Seth, the writer. He walks a politically-correct line that we don't have to touch.
Steeltown Mike -- Hardest-working man in the business.
Pittsburgh Sports Guys -- Always a good time.
Igloo Dreams -- Never misses a recap. Been around longer than us.
GameDayChat -- Will eventually own the world of sports chat.
No-Pun Intended -- One of our oldest friends. Sorry about the Leafs.
Pittsburgh sports insider-- Money in the bank. Always has the lines/scratches/and any other news.

And thanks to all our folks from our Commentorblog.
Thanks to the photoshoppers.
Thanks to the link-droppers.
Thanks to people who despise this website's existence.
We wouldn't have made it through this year without you.


Now, all that aside.
It's playoff time.


#5 Pittsburgh - #4 Ottawa
47 - 24 - 11 (105 pts) ------------------ 48 - 25 - 9 (105 pts)
Season Series: Pens won 3-1.

Game One: Friday, November 10, 2006
Sens own Pens 6 - 3.

Game Two: Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Pens come roaring back to win 5 - 4 in shootout.

Game Three: Sunday, March 18, 2007
Ruutu scores only shootout goal in 4 - 3 win.

Game Four: Thursday, April 5, 2007
Talbot scores game-winner with 9.8 seconds left.



Flag of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -- FACTS
  • It is the capital of Canada.
  • They have a Triple-A baseball team -- the Ottawa Lynx.
  • It is the gayest city in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The currency -- feces.
  • Companies lose tens of millions of dollars in April every year because, much like the captain of their hockey team, workers disappear.
  • On average, small-tremor earthquakes occur every 3 years in Ottawa.

Now we know how often Bryan Murray's daughter visits him.


As always, we hope you aren't coming here to read about some jobber Pens fans who think they know everything.
We know just as much as the next guy, but monotonous analysis is drivel that no one wants to read.
We've been around all year. We know, you know, and every Pens fan knows what to expect in this series.
The varying thoughts in the comments sections of these posts carry more water than the thoughts of a couple homos who try to fit "Die Hard 3: With A Vengeance" into every game recap.

Simon says the Sens' best bet is to stay out of the penalty box.


Picture: Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, and Jason Spezza about to ruin someone's day.

If you wouldn't take this line as your top unit going into the playoffs, then you don't know what's going on.
Gonna be tough.

Our stance on Dany Heatley and Bryan Murray is known.
Don't worry Sens fans. We will have a list of DUI checkpoints, so you can try to get Heatley's autographs.
Lets get going.
Drop the puck.

Things to look forward to:
  • Ray Emery being shakier than Michael J. Fox.

  • 81,000,007 iso-camera shots of Sidney Crosby

  • Watching Danny Alfredsson dissappear


Highlander -- Lloyd Jones
Alfredsson -- Jason Schiff


Tyler Lovejoy's Pens 06-07 Highlight Vids
And for no reason at all.
CBC'S Video of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals
This is what the playoffs are all about

And because this is Penbsblog
CBC'S 1991 Tribute
Worst song ever

Go Pens


jeff harr said...

Stupid Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

Just watched the Nedved 4 ot'r. Here's a question about that series:

Does anybody remember the game that EJ got rocked on the melon with a puck? I vaguely remember it happening early in the game...and it was bleeding really bad. The Pens got out to an early lead and the medical staff got the cut taken care of.

Later in the game the Caps came back to make it close, and sure enough, the geyser on EJ's head erupted again.

I challenge you, the pensblog commentors, to track down a recap or video of some sort of that game.

It was truly a classic moment in Pens playoff history.

Sick to my stomach thinking about tomorrow. Been taking shots of scotch out of my fake Stanley Cup all night.

Jon said...

Nice videos by Lovejoy, could have done without the speed metal though. I can't believe I don't remember EJ's bloody geyser. That's something that would stick with me for sure....
And it's purely speculation, but it's been reported by respected news organizations that those small earthquakes are from when Murray's hefty daughter rides the horsey-pony-cowboy-saddle of her pet nag Butterstuff.

Calm like a bomb. RATM. That's the song a highlight video should be set to.

Andrew said...

i think i'm getting sick. i don't know if it's the anticipation or the weather. fuck it. no way i'm missing tomorrow night's game.


Derek said...


I also faintly remember it. I know it was in Washington. I can still see the patch on EJ's head. I want to say it was either a game 5 or 6.

Was it in 1997?

karri said...

Ugh!!! Awww...how do you guys find those really gross pics? Do you Google "really gross pictures" or what?

Ohhh...it's just wrong!

But, thanks for all of the links.

Anonymous said...


this was made by a leafs fan but it's still friggin hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the same year as the Nedved goal in 96. They lost in rd. 1 vs. Philly in 97.

I remember him refusing medical treatment and then everyone thinking he was okay....but then the big pad on his head was soaked with blood and fell off, so it just started spouting everywhere.

Announcers kept making comments about how he was used to it because he was helmetless goalie or something along those lines.

The point of the post - EJ is almost 100 years old and still tougher than Daniel Alfredsson

Derek said...


Fat people, homos, and fat woman are searched every night. I have aged 5 years. hahha


I am still searching for this

Mike M said...

I'm gonna be in St Louis starting Saturday (yea i'll miss the afternoon game while flying out).

Does anyone know if the games are going to be on Versus and FSN Pittsburgh? It looks to me like Vs. plans on playing them.

Speaking of Versus, I want to write their marketing dept. a letter telling them the Stanley Cup engraver figured out how to spell Bourque in 1991...

Seth Rorabaugh said...

Thanks for the props boys.

I owe you all beers or crystal meth or whatever your poison is.

karri said...

Incredible Derek...every night...hahahaha.

Staff said...

haha its bad times Karri.

Seth.. pcp buddy hahaha

Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

Like Karri, I gasped when that picture popped up on my computer. Bad times, indeed. Perhaps the PCP is what's possessing you to do it. ;-) Your insanity is what brings us back to you each time, though.
Btw, really classy of you guys to plug those websites.

"...the horsey-pony-cowboy-saddle of her pet nag Butterstuff." -- good Lord Jon....rotfl. =)

Jon said...

As we draw nearer to the puck getting dropped, i'm just thinking of the roller coaster of emotions we are going to go on in the next month or two. The first time Sid scores. The first time we lay a big hit on a Sens. If Fleury gives up a bad goal. Oeullet's first garbage goal. Robert's first tip in goal on the power play. Lip reading Therrien cursing out officals. Our first series win (God I pray). This is the first series of a ride that's going to last years folks. Are yinz ready?

Tiff, I'm happy to hear that i make u ROTFL. This world is pretty crazy sometimes and I like to know that I'm making people laugh.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

PLEASE show up in the gameday chat en masse tomorrow!

I'll be stuck in class until 9pm, BUT I'm taking the laptop with me, logging onto the gameday chat, and will need your assistance in following the game.

I'd ditch the class, but the homo takes attendance.

Also, no love for Mondesi's House? This and that blog are probably my favorites. They're both must reads for me everyday.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking of Versus, I want to write their marketing dept. a letter telling them the Stanley Cup engraver figured out how to spell Bourque in 1991..."


Jon said...

I second the shoutout to Mondesis house...If it weren't for them, I never would have found this place.

Tiffany said...

Jon, haha....you always make me laugh......see!! Talk to you in the GDC. *ٮ*

Alfredsson on the milk carton.....Schiff, that's golden.

& Tyler, what a great highlight collection! Is the music Atreyu?? I have a friend who loves that kinda stuff, so it wouldn't be my first time hearing their craziness. :)

Mariah Carey & then "When you put your heart in it..."....hahaha.....wow.

Christina said...

well...enjoy watching the game, everyone...i'll be over here dying a little inside because i can't witness the magic that is Pens playoff hockey...

another article throwing Sid plenty of love...don't let the first paragraph cause you to kill yourself, though...you've been fairly warned

FritoWill said...

the 4 OT game vs. the caps will forever be engraved into my skull.

Didn't mario get tossed in that game?

I think i remember the Pens getting a PK shot late in that game and the Wash fans throwing glass bottles onto the ice. (specifically remember one in the slot area) then later the caps got one in OT and the guy shooting made the puck go over that exact spot and the puck jumped over his stick and he shot wide left and high.

Of course don't take anything i just said for fact, because i also just remembered I was in EIGHTH grade.

Tyler said...

thanks, the music:

part 1 and 2: my darkest hour, by scary kids scaring kids, down, set, go by underoath, wake the dead by comeback kid, and this celluloid dream by afi

hits: suffocating under words of sorrow by a bullet for my valentine

Dwayne said...

So basically the most emo band to ever exist.

Rock. [/sarcasm]

GQbed said...

Thanks for the link, guys. I've known two of the Pens Bloggers since before they were the Pens Blog and how much everyone loves this site does not surprise me. These guys know the game and how to be stupidly funny. I'm just glad they found an outlet for it that doesn't involve writing the next Baldin Brother movie, Slapshot 3.

The Pens Blog is why pittsburghsportsguys.com exists. Sadly, we will never be as sick and demented as they are.

AndrewGurn said...

Despite the meaningless, endless commentary, there is only one thing left to say:


PS- Andrew13.. I too am getting sick. The best way to kill it early is OJ and 3 rounds of Listerene a day. Usually works for me.

Anonymous said...

I woke up with morning sickness today. If I was a woman, I would consider the possibility of being pregnant. So nervous for tonight.

Tiffany said...

Thanks Tyler! I only know AFI, but she probably knows all of them. ‘ٮ’

Clearly not everyone's gonna like the same music & that's ok. We all have different tastes...

"I understand the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthmatic pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the manmade sound never equalled the purity of the sound achieved by the pig." -- Alfred Hitchcock

dying alive said...

I am started to get excited/nervous now. It's been pretty surreal up to this point, but now that the day is actually here, I think I'm going to hurl.

I may try to get into Gameday chat tonight during periods. I hate intermission, so boring.

Anonymous said...

lol, ive spent all day in the bathroom


dying alive said...

"starting", not "started"

Apparently I'm so nervous that I've gone retarded.

loralei said...

Maggie the Monkey picked the Pens to win..


karri said...

Tiffany...hahahahaha...that Alfred Hitchcock quote...hysterical and brilliant! A very good combination.
(Btw, love your website, girl!) ;)

Tyler...I also like your videos...lots of screamin'...that's ok...we'll all be doin' that tonight!

Adrienne said...

Wowowowow. I finally make it back to the Pensblog after like, two weeks almost. ROFL at all the shit I had to catch up on.


I met some random dude in a train station in Paris wearing the world cup Canada jersey yesterday; he saw me wearing a Pens visor and congradulated me for for Crosby's performance and told me good luck.

I told him he's a pretty bad Canadian, and told him Ottawa was just handing us an easy first round. ROFL.


Adrienne said...

And Christina, I emailed you, dno if you got it. I'll be in Florence April 30- May 2. If you're still there?

EmDubs said...

You have to be kidding me?? The NHL playoffs start today and the lead story on ESPN is...... the release of the 2007 NFL schedule?

"Did you take the day off? Good call. Today is a true sports holiday. The 1 p.m. ET release of the 2007 NFL schedule offers a hint of who may reach XLII in Arizona. So does a two-hour ESPN SportsCenter special." - John Clayton

A 2-hour special?!?!?!

ESPN sucks. Go Pens.

Dwayne said...

I guess I'll just sit in GameDayChat until I head out of work or someone comes in.

I'm getting way too excited. It's even affecting my ability to urinate.

Too excited to pee. Sigh. Just my luck.

andrew13 (at college comp) said...

boo emo crap on highlights. horray beer!

i'm going to make a sid video to Refused - New Noise i think. or maybe Boogey highlights to that, and sid to LOC.

also, other andrew: i'm going to drink a lot of skyy and whiskey during the game tonight. hopefully that'll help the cold.

Dwayne said...

Refused Are Fucking Dead

[ I have the dvd and can possibly rip it, if you want it :] ]

Can I scream?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

ESPN's a fucking joke.

Let's get this straight, they cover NASCAR (guys driving in circles), golf (boring as fuck), poker (NOT A SPORT), competitive eating (not only not a sport, but also nauseating), PLUS have an entire show dedicated to the NFL schedule (huh?! what?!)...

Yet little hockey coverage....

Ummm.... do the guys at ESPN just not like sports anymore? I'm starting to think that. If I want to know the NFL schedule, I'll log onto NFL.com, look at it for 2 minutes, and log off. I don't need a fucking hour long show!!!!

I love football, but it occurred to me recently that diehard NFL fans are mostly retards. They'll watch a show about the NFL schedule.... dumb as fuck.

And emo sucks ass too! Listen to some punk rock, some Black Flag or NOFX. Then when you're done with that, listen to Slayer and old Ice Cube for good measure. Then you'll be ok!

And Jon, that's what I'm sayin man. I wouldn't of known about Pensblog if it weren't for Mondesi's House. I thought the Pensblog guys and the Mondesi guy were tight like that!!

Pensblog and Mondesi, a force that could together take over the internet and make them cry like the bitches they are!!!!

Anyways, the playoff beard is started, I'm getting antsy, so PLEASE go to gamedaychat and keep me posted on the game tonight while I'm stuck in class!!!

Steph said...

Thanks for the shout out - and the condolences. Though hey, with my Leafs knocked out I'm free to push for you guys in the East, so there's a bright side after all.

Especially in this round. Bah, Senators.

(Also A+ to whoever just mentioned Refused Are Fucking Dead)

Dwayne said...

Holy shit, 2 other people who know who Refused was. I thought I was the last one left >.<

Christina said...

add my name to the list of ESPN-haters...but at the same time....


absolutely GOLDEN article featuring the one and only Mr. Roberts.

adrienne...i'll still be here, but those are my last days in Florence. my flight back to pittsburgh is may 2...i don't think i did get your email.

Jon said...

I had to run a special request chit up the chain of command to switch days with my buddy tonight. I'll take his friday if he'll take tonight for me. I haven't eaten all day and don't have an appetite. Four hours left...

tiffany if i ever start a band up I'm calling them the Asthatic Pigs. And Fuggin' A if that monkey didn't make almost the same pics as me. At least I don't fling my doo doos at people.

Jon said...

Asthmatic Pigs...Yeah

Jon said...

And here's a playoff primer from espn's DJ Gallo. Very insightful stuff. And be sure to click on the first link to Don Cherry's suit. True P.I.M.P.


AndrewGurn said...

I've seen a lot of crappy bands/artists mentioned here today, so I'll give you the top three:

-The Pogues
-Hank Williams
-Leo Kottke

Andrew13: Whiskey works just as good as Listerene and has the added benefit of drunkenness. I'd personally use that combonation, but I'm already on Vicodan which is a much better drunkenness in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to be writing a 12 page essay that's due Friday, but I can't concentrate worth shit. And you know what? I DONT CARE. I mean where else would I rather be then waiting for the playoffs to start. So much hope, anticipation, fear, mystery, nostalgia, excitement, all piled into one more day of waiting. 6 years of waiting for just a chance is about to come to an end and my brain is about to explode just thinking about it. Go Pens FOREVER

rachel said...

another article throwing Sid plenty of love...don't let the first paragraph cause you to kill yourself, though...you've been fairly warned
Christina, that warning still wasn't enough when I started to read that... good article though! That article on Mr. Roberts was even better! Thanks for posting them :)

Jon, umm... I really don't know what to say about Cherry's suit, haha. The most insightful thing from that article would be... A is for "Avery" and also for "A-hole"

Less than 4 hours til game time!

dying alive said...

The best "getting ready for a big hockey game" music ever is Dropkick Murphys. By far.

Ellen said...

Hey Pensblog guys - I'm not sure if you ever got your question about the time of the Tom Fitzgerald goal, but it was in the P-G today. I've been out of the loop since I went to the Frozen Four in St. Louis last week. Haven't had time to catch up.

"One win from returning to the Stanley Cup final, the Penguins lose Game 7 of the Eastern final to the Florida Panthers, 3-1, as Florida's Tom Fitzgerald breaks a 1-1 tie 6:18 into the third period by beating Tom Barrasso with a 60-foot shot from the blue line."

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

I'm listening to Tiny Tim...And our own Gary Roberts won his first Stanley Cup with the veteran leadership of Lanny McDonald and a certain Swedish offensive dynamo that goes by the name of....Hakan Loob. Funny how things come full circle. It's nature's way.

Lloyd said...


that is all. See everyone at GameDayChat.com in t-minus 2 hours

FritoWill said...

Ottawa is giving out freaking pom poms to all the fans.

Reason #74 Canada sucks

Adrienne said...

i want a pom pom :( Damnit.

Half of me is tempted to come home for the playoffs... But if we start to lose, I'd hate to have to book back to Europe.


Jason said...

Did I just seriously hear correctly on channel 4 news that Ottawa has yet to sell out the game with 500 tickets remaining as of like ten minutes ago!??!?!? WEAK.

Jon said...

No fan support in Ottawa?!?!


Tiffany said...

Anonymous, you summed up what we're all feeling very nicely. I'm pretty nauseous & excited myself. Then the part about not being able to concentrate, but not caring....funny stuff.

Jon, you've done it again. Your whole comment was hilarious! "...listening to Tiny Tim....it's natures way"....hahahaha!!!

& Karri, thanks! That was really sweet of you. :-)

rachel said...

I want a Smiley cookie now, haha

"I love beard" ...IPH before the game with Talbot

1 hour til game time :)

karri said...

Rachel...you are awesome!

Love that link! Thanks!

Steve said...

Holy Freakin God its about to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachel said...

Karri, you're welcome! I'm so bored just waiting for the game...

Stan and all of FSN except Trenni are going to grow playoff beards, haha.

tiffany said...

Rachel, haha....great Talbot quote & cute Eat'n Park video!! It makes me want a Smiley cookie too! :-) Btw, did you get a chance to see my newest song that was dedicated to you??

And Adrienne,
Will's comment also had me wanting pom poms.

Doug said...

So jacked right now and I want Eat n Park

Steve said...

SuperBurger and SaladBar are the shit... Too bad theres no EatN'Park in St. Petersburg. :>)

Senators love da kak

rachel said...

The Pens like to play SOCOM on PSP, too...

"I love beard"

Pens giving the jerseys off their backs...
Armstrong moonwalking, haha

3 Cheers for Ottawa


Anonymous said...

in favor of no blog tonight so we do not have to remember this horse shit that the penguins call hockey

Staff said...

is this commenter above a senator terd?

Tiffany said...

Seems like it guys....

Kick A gamedaychat, though!! *ٮ*

rachel said...

The gamedaychat was definitely alive today ;)

rachel said...

Oh, I forgot, the new heading reflects my feelings after tonight...

Tiff, I just saw the song! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

byran murray has a lisp...


Elly said...

Thanks for the link!

That picture of the fat lady is truly terrifying, yikes.


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