Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"...but we won't back down"

No way.
No how.
It may be over.
And if it is.
We all did all we could.
But that ship ain't sunk yet.

How money does Tom Petty look in that picture?

Realistically, as fans, all of our opinions and protests on the topic are as important as white people to Oprah Winfrey.

"hahah it must suck not to be me, cracka."

Sometime during Monday, you received the shocking news.

Hot off the Internet presses, here is a new story from the Post Gazette.

"A source speaking on condition of anonymity said, "I just can't see them leaving Pittsburgh. I think they're still negotiating, and this is a way to get the governor's office serious about completing the final details."
That's the source, so keep your pants on

"Sources close to the Penguins say, however, it's not so much the financial terms as it is a perceived lack of collaboration from public officials that has led to the impasse. They said the tone from the public side has been unduly adversarial for the last two months, including a table-pounding outburst by Mr. Rendell during a Jan. 18 meeting."

We are all so screwed

Is there anything to say that hasn't already been said?

Nothing anyone can say or do.
Who wants to come here and read 5 paragraphs of stuff that has already been said 25 times?
Just keep your head up.
If you've come this far, maybe your willing to come a little further.

We thought about rounding the troops tonight with a motivational speech, but nothing could motivate Pens fans right now.

Picture: Mario thinking about what his next letter will say.


Greg Nardine sends us this.
Sorry, Greg. We just couldn't put it on the site.
We hope you understand.

Enough of this crap...

On to the rest of the NHL. The Islanders and Rangers met on Versus in the only game of the evening. Rick DiPietro put about 3 years worth of his contract into this game with 56 saves.
It wasn't enough, though the Rangers won in a shoot-out 2-1.

Ted Nolan your thoughts:

"Much like my Indian people, we didn't fight hard enough."

Just kidding, he didn't say that.

Jason Blake scored his 33rd goal of the season on a wacky play in the first. 33 goals?!
Petr Prucha scored for the Rangers early in the third before Matt Cullen won it in the shootout.

The Eastern Conference has more drama then the Hills right now.
Whats that? Someone banged LC's boyfriend.
Wait! No! It was LC's best friend.
You're making this up!


Huge game in Ottawa tonight. 2 points back.
The Senators and Pens haven't met since last November, which might as well be 1976.
The Sens are essentially the same team, but have added Mike Comrie and Oleg Saprykin.
They also have some guy known only in some circles as "DH."
The Sens lost to the Blackhawks in their last outing.

Last but never least, hopefully this will give some fight to Pens fans everywhere. We know losing a hockey team and dying of cancer aren't even in the same league.
But Jimmy V was right.
Don't ever give up!


Loser Chris said...

Are you sure Ted Nolan didn't say that?

Staff said...

He may have. I heard he did a rain dance after the game.

H.M.F.C.C.Y.E.? said...

I'm playing the powerball and the super six. So help me god I will call Mario the next day if I hit all the numbers.

Staff said...

I totally agree. If I win the lotto I will give whatever it takes

Andrew said...

you can't move the team because you don't like the politicans. wtf is that. there's no way buttman will let this pass.


tiffany said...

Wow.....let me just get this outta the way and say that Jimmy V's speech made me laugh AND brought me to tears. What a guy. So thanks, cause it definitely invigorated me when all of this talk of possibly losing the team is exhausting me.

Thanks for the new PG article too. I'm gonna stick with the plan and take Jimmy's advice by never giving up.

Btw, love the picture at the top--"Save the Penguins, save the world." Can you guys believe Heroes?!?! It's like every episode is a season finale.

Staff said...

heroes takes years off my life

tiffany said...

Staff, haha......"heroes takes years off my life," doesn't it??

Oh, and cute Grimace reference. Pens fans everywhere are "grimacing" for sure.

And one more thing, here's an article about Erik Christensen's goal-scoring celebrations (or a lack there of). :)


Will said...

Hey guys i gave this song to the guys yesturday but i guess they couldn't get it on for some reason.

Hopefully this will cheer you guys up, its from the DVE morning show. If you go to their morning show page they have some funny stuff like Malkin's diary.

This is sports guy Mike Prusuda singing at there last live show.

its a long link...sorry.


tiffany said...

Will, funny song. He was a little flat, but nobody's perfect. ;) It made me smile anyway, which might be a little harder to do today. I seriously feel close to crying amd I don't really wanna repeat the sadness that's going on, but I just feel sick to my stomach about this. I haven't given up yet, it's just I'm nervous and scared that we're gonna lose our team. I'm probably gonna be listening to The Beatles all day to take my mind off things, waiting for tonight's hockey game....

tiffany said...


Adrienne said...

I hate the beatles. They're so beyond over rated its not funny. Going to Liverpool was a nightmare.

That aside, Yeah. Everyone should go buy lottery tickets. Someone is bound to win, and then buy the franchise :D

Ellen said...

Prisuitta's song was great - a little tough to hit those high notes, but we all can't be Donny. You right Tiffany, it made me smile.

Ellen said...

Thanks Will.

Tyler said...

Here's to Never Giving Up!

tiffany said...

I was trying to find a video of Jordan Staal-on Hockey Night in Canada-after his first hat trick, but I found this ridiculous video instead. Even though I was a little puzzled at first, I watched it again and started cracking up.....maybe not sleeping at all had something to do with it.


Anonymous said...


The Beatles aren't overrated and Liverpool is a cool town. Its blue collar like Pittsburgh.

Anyways, there is a link over at the Trib letting fans voice their opinions. I don't know if the comments will actually be sent, but it can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

1) I got the news about this letter and all of this AFTER watching Heroes and seeing "New Heroes: April 23rd." The string of vulgarities that left my mouth would have gotten me jailed in 24 states. Thankfully I am in Florida...the land of no law.

2) Erik Christensen's "Apathetic Frisbee Toss" when he scored the second goal was hilarious. (Credit goes to Canaan for that description). And just an FYI, his girl broke up with him the night before (I am not making this up, I knew the girl he was dating)...any chance that had something to do with his game?

3) Tatonka...Ted Nolan...my grandparents think I am more nuts than before now because I was laughing so hard at that. Thanks.

-Andrew (The "good" Andrew)

Anonymous said...

So wait...

The money's not an issue, but the Penguins are breaking off talks because he found out Rendell is a huge dickhead at one of the meetings?

Ummm... didn't he kind of already know Rendell was a huge ass before this whole thing started.

Don't let this thing fall apart over some hurt feelings guys!

hate said...

How about you all just shut up. How many times on this blog have I read "no WAY is Rendell/Ravenstahl/whoever gonna commit political suicide" or "no WAY is the Isle of Capri deal not gonna happen" . . . . You're a bunch of racist losers who actually plan your lives around a crap network TV show . . . .
Don't do it for me, since I won't see this site again, but the casual racism is really embarrassing. Oprah's your target? What assholes you are.

Anonymous said...

I will pitch in all the money,I win if I hit the powerball.I will call Mario and say he's the money, go get the new arena.

Soup said...

Anyone hear about Balsillie resigning from his Blackberry comany over fraudulent accounting?


What a douch bag.

soup said...

Grr... link didn't work. Click blue name for the story.

Loser Chris said...

Yeah! How dare you attack the cause of all things good that is OPRAH! /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

so, ekman is playing tonight...........................
who isnt now?


tiffany said...

"Good Andrew,"
I LOVE the term, "Apathetic Frisbee Toss!" So, thanks for that and way to go Canaan!!

Oh, and are you kidding about his girlfriend?? If you're serious, and she did break up with him......who knows?? Maybe the fact that he was paired up with Roberts helped because they have good chemistry. Or maybe the thing with his ex got him fired up, and he wanted to prove to her what she's missing out on. Or perhaps it's both...

On a side note, for everyone who was talking about winning the powerball and donating it to help the Penguins.....genius.

Adrienne said...


The Beatles aren't overrated and Liverpool is a cool town. Its blue collar like Pittsburgh.

I never said Liverpool wasn't a cool town. I was just there last weekend, and looking to again next month. However, the Beatles still suck. I stand by that.

And how the hell is anything said here racist?

tiffany said...

Where did you hear that Nils Ekman is playing tonight???

tiffany said...

Nevermind about Ekman.....I found it on Trib Total Media's website. I'm trying to find out who played with Roberts and Christensen during the Philly game cause I'm thinking maybe they'll be replaced with Ekman....

Elizabeth said...

Tiffany- did you send a comment to the tribune review about the pens? They posted a bunch of the fan comments about the potential move on their website and there was one from a Tiffany. I figured you might possibly be the most devoted penguins fan named tiffany so I just wondered if it was you!


tiffany said...

Ok, I just answered myself.....hmmmm. ;)

Well, I have a theory: instead of Ekman replacing anyone, maybe someone else will just get a little less time and share with Nils??? Cause the other left wingers are Ruutu, Laraque, and Roberts (and I don't see them getting scratched). Then again, I've been wrong before....so I guess we'll just have to wait for the game tonight.

tiffany said...

Hahaha.....no that wasn't me, but that's kinda funny. I called in to 2 radio stations this morning, (96.1 Kiss FM and 105.9 The X) but I didn't get on the air. I got to talk to the guys, though.....oh well. =)

Anonymous said...

malkin crosby recchi
roberts christ ekman
malone talbot staal
ruttu laraque armstrong?

thats just a guess.
though i might be totally off.
and i apologize if i have the positions all fucked up but i gotta run so i just made that list up.


Anonymous said...

ha. i guess we should credit Christensen's ex-girlfriend for the victory on Sunday then...

more importantly...did anyone catch the KDKA news at 4? it said 'breaking news'...something about Rendell going to the NHL to stop sale of team?

i just caught the end of it...

Anonymous said...

Here's that KDKA story.


Rendel says their offer is the best deal ever offered to a sports team in their existing city.

Nick said...

Ekman is a left wing, to clarify. Talbot practiced with Laraque and Ruutu according to Madden on the radio. I'd venture to guess tha this leaves the lines looking something like this tonight:


Just speculation of course.

phil said...

roberts-laraque-ruutu start the game tonight(in no order)

you heard it here first

tiffany said...

Thanks for the link to that article on Rendell. Ravenstahl said basically the same thing on the PG earlier:

The mayor wouldn't rule out an appeal to the NHL to block a move if it came to that. He said public officials didn't believe they would have to use that option because "we feel that we have a competitive deal on the table."

"But certainly, if it's something that we have to resort to as a last-ditch effort, it's something we'd certainly consider before we let the team leave," he said.


Kyle said...

If the Penguins are gonna do well this month, Therrien needs to get the lines straight. The lines he used for that first game with Roberts and BGL we horrible. As always, it seems that his shuffled lines at the end of the game were what they should of been at the beginning. Ouellet needs to be at the highest 3rd line. Staal needs to be 1st with Crosby, and judging from last game, Christensen should be 3rd with Roberts. Once the great line debate is over, i think we will see some great games for the pens.

check this vid out. its the first ive ever made and i think i did alright with capturing the spirit of a young Pens team. I'm not crazy about the song, but it just seemed to fit.


Don't tell me how to live my life said...

Hey pensbloggers promote your page on this jerkoffs NHL.com Blog.

The old fart would shit himself.


Anonymous said...

Tiff, were you just on Sportsbeat?

Justin said...

i sent kukla a pensblog link

rachel said...

Pensblog, got a shout out on EN blog about the Don Cherry video.

But about the lines tonight...

malkin - crosby - recchi
roberts - christensen - ekman
malone - staal - armstrong
ruutu - talbot - laraque

Ouellet is actually scratched!

Tiffany, were you the Tiffany on Savran on Sportsbeat?

Stan just said that someone said that the Pens should send Laraque to the arena deal meetings and the deal would definitely get done, haha!

tiffany said...

Hahaha......yeah. I felt so dumb too! Didn't get to say exactly what I wanted to and I totally agree with Andrew13. He was on Stan before, and he said that they just cut to him really fast and took him off guard. Hopefully people could understand me and I hope I didn't sound too retarded.... ;-S

tiffany said...

Eric, were YOU the Eric on Stan??? ;D

Adrienne said...

I can NOT stop laughing right now. Maybe because it's late and I'm up with no sleep to listen to the game, or maybe all the bollocks from the arena negotiations has finally gotten to me..

So WV has now been awarded the rights to host table gambling in their casinos.
Pittsburgh just got awarded a slots license that is nothing in comparison to that market, only 70 miles away.

Let us look at this as a whole picture:
The state denies the Isle of Capri the slots license. The IoC in turn does not buy the Penguins a new arena, drops the team as well as the city, and isn't heard about for months. (Yes, they're in appeals but that's worthless until courts hear it)

In turn, the state is now forced to face the Lemieux Group to try and come up with an arena deal that makes it worth it to keep the franchise in the city.

$7.5 mil a year is agreed to be received from the group that DID get the slots license, but they won't get construction going for awhile, therefore unable to contribute any revenue to the franchise to assist them with a new arena.

A fully paid arena is denied in exchange for giving a license to a team that will pay a fraction of the cost. The winners can't even pay that because they can't do anything with their slot license because their plans for construction are a bust. And even when it is constructed, the casino is a pointless asset to the city considering a better gambling option was just made readily available in West Virginia.

In the end, the Pennsylvania state officials have earned the hatred of the people of Pittsburgh, a higher crime rate on the North Shore, and a huge black mark next to the names of all involved parties.

I really can't stop laughing. It's a full circle of failure.

Someone save our team :(

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Adrienne you bring up great points. But I don't think the appeals are that big of a deterrent in getting the Penguins their first few payments of $7.5 million from Barden.

And if they are, imagine what would've happened if IOC had won the license, and Barden and the other group (I forget their name already) would've appealed (which they both likely would have).

Then, ALL of the money from the arena would've been help up.

This is why I hate politics.

I will say this, moving a team that plays a sport that is struggling in the U.S. right into the breadbasket of the U.S. and away from one of the few markets that still supports the sport is downright retarded.

I really don't think Bettman will want to make the same mistakes he made with the Hurricanes/Whalers (yeah, I know they draw well now but it took a Cup to get them those attendance numbers that they would've had regardless in Hartford) and the Jets/Coyotes ("HEY!! Let's move hockey from Canada, the country that's absolutely ga-ga over it... to the FUCKING DESERT!!!") debacles.

Then you have the southern expansion teams, and the only one of them that draws a lick is Tampa... and once again they had to win a championship just to even get to respectable attendance figures (figures which will inevitably PLUMMETT when that team hits a rough spot).

For the good of the NHL, it makes no sense at all to let the Penguins waltz out of Pittsburgh.

But, Gary Bettman has proven to be a colossal moron over the past decade so what do I know. The dumbass will probably let them leave AND pay for the moving costs.

Scott said...

EC is money in the bank shawty wat ya drank

Kyle said...


I hope a lot of you were listening to Mike Lange and ole 29er tonight. well, those who could actually sit through those AWFUL first 2 periods. there is no better way to enjoy a Pens game (other than actually being there). Lange's call on Sid's penalty shot is one of the greatest things I have ever heard. I hope it was enjoyed by many.

rachel said...

Staal scores...


Even Steigy and Errey said EC is money in the shootouts, haha!

tiffany said...

You've got to be kidding me!!!!!
Steigy said it best when he told us to get out our Lipitor because the "Heart Attack Kids" were back. I cannot believe they came back to win that one.....I'm just stunned. They've also been labeled "The Comeback Kids," and it's obvious why.

tiffany said...

Hahaha......yeah I heard them say that too about Christensen. ;) Popular expression around here....hehe.

rachel said...

Tiff, I say that all the time about Christensen, haha! They are definitely the Heart Attack and Comeback Kids!

That game was amazing in the end and I just can't stop smiling! I think my Staal jersey is my new favorite possession.

tiffany said...

With Staal's short-handed goal tonight, he not only beats his brother in goals, he beats the record for most short-handed goals by a rookie. Here's a quote from pittsburghpenguins.com:

"And, he’s been especially dangerous on the penalty kill as his five short-handed goals lead the NHL. Staal is the fifth rookie in NHL history to score five-or-more short-handed goals in one season. The others to do that were Gerry Minor (six, 1980-81 Canucks), John Madden (six, 1999-2000 Devils), Dennis Maruk (five, 1975-76 Golden Seals) and Guy Carbonneau (five, 1982-83 Canadiens)."

tiffany said...

Haha.....cool. I need to get a jersey.....I've just been indecisive as to which one I should get since I like so many of the Pens.

rachel said...

Who would have ever thought Staal would be this good?
- wasn't even supposed to stay
- 1 goal away from getting the amount of goals he had last year in Juniors
- beating his brother in goals
- NHL leader in SH goals (7)
- new NHL rookie record for most SH goals per season (7)
- tied with Crosby for 2nd goal scorer on the Pens (27)
- +15 to lead the Pens

Mike Lange's call on Staal's goal was priceless...
"Oh, Hallelujah Hollywood! The 747 flies in again!"

rachel said...

^ I forgot the most important Staal stat!

Staal scores...


Anonymous said...

Love the stats...it's unbelievable how crucial Jordan Staal has been for the Pens.

I am still trying to get over my need for a defibrillator tonight. What a game!


Jeremy said...

I have to give it to Therrien- I thought benching MAF so early was a bad move (thought the D was to blame alot more then MAF on the first 2), but it is hard to argue with the results.

Does this make anyone else uneasy or am I just being a paranoid Pittsburgh fan again?

Teej said...

What's so amazing about Staal's SH goals record is that John Madden was already like 26 when he was a rookie... Staal is only 18 with 7 shorties... incredible.

tiffany said...

Karri, Jeremy & Teej,
I agree with all of you--amazing stats on Staal. You would never guess that he is only 18 years old. Btw, the whole game made me nervous (and I'm not the type to give up during a game). That's why I WAS in shock and STILL AM in shock over them winning...I love it.

I Love You Pens!!!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

wait, who knew erik christensen's gf? what does she look like? what's her personality like? sorry, i know someone who is very curious =]

Anonymous said...

ughh, i havvveee to know about erik's ex. are we sure she dumped him? please, this is important! haha. am i even posting this in the right place anyway?


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