Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two Days After The Day After Tomorrow

Such an eerie feeling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, today.

This is the definition of sports purgatory.


"Mayor Luke Ravenstahl wasn't the same, " said a classmate after his graduation from kindergarten this morning.

...Congress let out late Thursday evening.

Howie asks the question.

The same Howie who sang "Animals Don't Wear Underpants" and "Fish Don't Stink, Under The Water, The Fish Don't Stink" as Bobby Generic.


Bobby's World.
Solid morning cartoon.

Add another really interesting twist to the Arena mess.

Former Allegheny County Commissioner, Mike Dawida, and Philip Isaly of EI Production Group and Isaly Entertainment have come up with this.

"Right now in professional sports [ownership] the power has been taken away from the cities by the professional sports clubs. They say, 'If you don't give us everything we want we're leaving,' " Mr. Isaly said. "There's 2 million people in the vicinity. If we do a $100 stock offering, we'll be able to get $2 million in a hurry."

It's insane, but we will blindly throw our support behind this.
Especially if the Islays dude makes us a delicious chipped-ham sandwich

"When you talk about big time sandwiches, you talk about Islays chipped ham sandwiches, boom."


Moving on to something more pleasant.

Oh, wait.
Total opposite of pleasant.

What is Chris Simon thinking?
No one does that.
Simon has been infinitely suspended and been summoned to a hearing on Saturday.

Bettman : "Penguins arena, player's union meeting -- Thanks. I didn't have enough on my plate this weekend."

Bettman better be money in the bank for the next 5 days. In every sense of the phrase.
Our lives lie in Gary Bettman's hands.

Is Chris Simon kicked out of the NHL?
It might seem extreme, but this is pretty extreme.
Gary Melrose says to throw the book at him.
No question worst slashing incident since Michael Myers circa 1976 in Haddonfield, Illinois.

"Michael Myers kills people because he is a serial killer, and that's what big time serial killing is all about."

The two most controversial slashes of the season came from the New York Islanders.


Attention: In the Pittsburgh Area

Saturday night, we will be making our first radio appearance in America.

Steeltown Sports: Live
WMBS - Uniontown : 590 AM

Somewhere between
8:00 - 8:45

The host is Mike from Steeltown Sports.
From what early e-mails tell us, it should be a laid-back show.

The concept of us being on radio is ridiculous.
We are terds who started a blog.
If you can, listen so you can at least laugh at us.



We're starting to get a few pictures of the arena saga in the e-mail.

It is definitely time for Photoshoppers to dominate.

( Pic: Joe Karpp )

Every pic will be posted.
Give your name if you want credit for it.


Keep it clean.
You know, semi-clean.


The NHL will be going pink in March to support breast-cancer research.
Those pink sticks will be new to everyone except Michel Ouellet.

Glen Frey rates the goalies and crap on


Beer-pong table. (Alex)


Go Pens.

Huge game against the (Ranger)

and as always..

God Help us all. ( Yes that is Dan Onorato)


Steve said...

Fingers are Crossed.

Oh, they should put Simon in a stockade and let everyone hit him in his dumb face with anything you want (I would hit him with a pair of Rosie O'Donnells panties, but we don't want to kill him. What a shithead he is though. However, his dismissal can only help us, so lets hope they throw the book at him.

Also, I went and saw the '300' at an IMAX down here in Tampa, and all I could think about was us as the Spartans, and K.C. as the Persians. GIVE THEM NOTHING, BUT TAKE..... EVERYTHING!!!!!


Staff said...


I really want to see that movie... hoepfully the Pens win tomorrow, the will be the title of the recap, guranteed

Anonymous said...

john madden, do you know another guy has your name. he plays hockey for the new jersey devils.

really? are they a new football team. i mean, i really love football. FOOTBALL.

no john, its a hockey team. y'know, the sport on ice where they use sticks and a puck.

but is it football?

no john, it isnt.

does it involve the annexation of Puerto Rico play?

no john................


fucking blockhead


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

They should put John Madden from the Devils on the cover of next year's EA Sports hockey game and call it "Madden 08".

And just name the game after him.

Actually, can anyone with Photoshop make a fake cover of that for me?

thomes08 said...

god damnit they have ads for that mykcpens website. wtf i figured they'd be with us.

oh yeah... money

damn it

gonna be painting big room all afternoon, it'll be sweet to listen to the game on internet radio.

tiffany said...

Staff, "Those pink sticks will be new to everyone except Michel Ouellet." Hey!!! ;) Oh...and once again, the title for your newest post is so money.

Joe Karpp, nice job on the Sprint Center picture...hehe.

Rosie O'Donnell's panties....oh gosh. =)

Elizabeth, thanks for the YouTube videos. Even though I saw both segments on FSN, I liked laughing and watching them again. ;)

"And don't forget Ravenstaal probably played his PSP in the corner while the "big people" negotiated." --- that's so funny. =)

Phil, that IS weird about Simon and Bertuzzi. I hope they give him more than a few days suspension for what he did. That kinda stuff is unacceptable....

Jon, thanks for that article by Michael Menser Dell, Editor-in-Chief. This was a great line--"Pittsburgh's boy mayor Luke Ravenstahl will also be in attendance, providing enough douche to test the integrity of a Kevlar bag." Haha...oh, and I love how he called Rendell a snake and said that the Pens own Philly...hehe. Plus, it was nice to be reassured that there IS reason to hope.

"Adam, is this your table?" Hahaha...that's cute. ;D

Thomes, I'd like to pass out and wake up Thursday to good news too!! Maybe we could all just drink ourselves into a coma instead of getting into an accident. (We'll need to save all the money we can so we'll be able to watch the Penguins play. We can't be worrying about vehicle repairs and hospital bills.) ;)

Adrienne said...

I want an Penguins stock :(
I don't think Dawida realizes that if everyone at Mellon Arena bought one he would already have $1.7 million.

I want to see 300 and it doesn't come out until March 23rd here. Steve, is it as good as the previews hint at?

That beer pong table is awesome. I want one!

I almost got into a pub fight the other night, and my first thought was to pull the shirt over his head to get an advantage. I really think hockey withdrawal is starting to kick in hardcore...

loralei said...

I owned stock in the Florida Panthers once. I was psyched about it cause i told people that I owned the both Pavel and Valeri Bure. It was fun for me. Then my dad told me to sell it cause the Panthers "majority" owner was a shyster. I used the money I made for a Pens partial season ticket plan in the E level during college and to pay for my swanky apartment in the Washinton Plaza across the street from the arena. Ahhh those were the days....

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I know someone from Miami that used to babysit for Valeri Bure.

His wife was the older sister from Full House.

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

Yeah, I remember seeing her name as Candace Cameron-Bure and thinking WTF?!?

I think that beer pong table should be put at center ice so all could marvel at the awesomeness it reeks of.

Adrienne, hold strong sister, there are still replays of games at that google website (, and u know there's gonna be a DVD at the end of the season. I didn't see any games last all. That was rough, I could only imagine how missing out on them now must be.

I can't wait to see how rowdy it's gonna be in the 'Burgh on wednesday if there is a decision.

Anonymous said...

Errey says, "...then Sid got that pickle-stabber in there..."

I have no idea what that means, but its awesome.


Anonymous said...

Also, how sweet were Jed Ortmeyer's tube socks when he was on the stationary bike during that segment in the 1st intermission...classic.


EmDubs said...

ha ha ha, Errey always used to say "pickle stick" last year and it always made me laugh..... so much so that we defined it on urban dictionary last season.....

Anonymous said...

I'm just puttin this out there...Colby Armstrong looks like Jack Pan from Hook.

Will said...

oh man seeing Sid and Malkin running out of the tunnel after Colby's GW was sweet.

I missed the first period, someone give me some highlights from Laraque's fight.

Loser Chris said...

Did anyone else see Brendan Witt's quote about the Simon slash? It was pretty much:

"The guy was barely hurt, so what's all the fuss about?"

I guess we shouldn't expect too much more from him though should we.

Kyle said...

Has anyone else seen the headline at's Hockey page? It reads that Sidney is the youngest player to get 100 points in the NHL....Now, am I the only one confused my this seeing as how he got 100 last year and was a year younger????? What the hell are they talking aboot? I wish i could call them up and call them a bunch of dumbasses

Kyle said...

Also, I just came upon this at James Mirtle's blog

"Alexei Morozov of Ak Bars Kazan, the leading scorer in the Russian Superliga, had an assist in the first period of his club’s 6-2 victory over Metallurg Magnitogorsk last Tuesday, giving him 80 points for the season. That broke the single-season record for points at the top level of Russian or Soviet domestic hockey, set in 1980-81 by Sergei Makarov of CSKA Moscow."

So maybe, depending on a few things, Morozov will come back to the Pens because his contract in Russia is up after the season. That would be great. I dont think I am the only one that misses him

Justin said...

bob grove said ron burkle was in attendance at the game today, which means he must have cancelled his meeting with kansas city :)

rachel said...

Loser chris, Witt's full quote...

"It always looks worse," Witt said. "I saw the guy after the game, he looked fine. That's enough to tell me that it wasn't that bad. You know what I mean?

"The ref obviously thought it was clean," Witt said of Hollweg's hit. "Maybe if there had been a call, it would have never escalated to that."

So it's okay to slash a guy in the neck/face area as long as he gets up afterward. What a joke! If that slash went a little lower Hollweg could have been killed!

Kyle, ESPN is definitely wrong there. Wait... check out the link and the article is correct there...

Pittsburgh Penguins teenager Sidney Crosby became the youngest player in NHL history with two 100-point seasons when he scored a goal Saturday against the New York Rangers.

Justin, I heard that, too. They also said that that was all rumors and the KC people even said there was never a meeting with them.

And the Comeback Kids do it again! Congrats to Sid for another 100 points!

Anonymous said...

Rachel...I was about to post the exact same comment about the AP article on ...... you beat me to it :)


rachel said...

Sorry, Karri :)

Staff, love the Isaly's reference! Isaly's chipped ham is pretty much amazing!

thomes08 said...

wooooohoooooo what a great game to listen to while painting 3 rooms! The highlights are up at the pittsburgh pensguins website, so go check out crosby's 100th point if you didn't get to see it. It's sweet

Sounds like a good game by Malkin and Gonchar as well.

The Rock beating down Orr seemed to get the crowd pumped and continued for the rest of the game.

How was the game to watch?


Anonymous said...

That's OK Rachel. :) You're quick.

I had to work today...only saw the 3rd period when I got home. (Which except for the BGL fight, was the best period.)( overtime ofcourse!) (Games on tape...see it later.)

Thanks for the Penguins website update thomes08...I didn't know they had it there already.


rachel said...

Thomes, it was a great game to watch! I missed the first 5 minutes, but I saw all the rest.

Malkin and Gonch did play really good. Malone actually played pretty well, too! The PK was great. Ruutu actually got some PK time was really good at using his stick and clearing it.

Laraque's fight is up...

tiffany said...

Adam, I was thinkin the same thing about the "pickle-stabber!" I was laughin for a while after that comment from Errey. ;D Tube socks.....haha.

OMG!! I can totally see that about Army--being Jack, Peter Pan's son. ;)

Kyle, I loved Alexei Morosov too!!

Rachel, did you see what I wrote to you guys after you said that you liked "Billy Joel Kwiatkowski - Pensblog Staff??" If you didn't, it's in the last post--"Point Taken. PENS LOSE."

And what an unbelievable game!!! You finally got your Laraque fight Andrew....hehe. That was an awesome fight. I got soo pumped and was laughin watchin Laraque pound on Orr. (I laugh a lot...)

rachel said...

Now everyone can enjoy Laraque pounding Orr on youtube...

Tiffany, aww thanks! I can't wait for the song today ;)

Adrienne said...

So maybe, depending on a few things, Morozov will come back to the Pens because his contract in Russia is up after the season. That would be great. I dont think I am the only one that misses him

So I brought my penguins visor with me here (as well as my Tampa Bay one, shut up :p) and I've had a LOT of people comment on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mostly from Russia, Ukraine and Italy.

Europe loves the Penguins, loves Lemieux and Jagr (fucker) and everyone knows us for having Morozov, Malkin and Straka. Some guy from Russia bitched me out about how we stole Malkin from Metallurg; it wasn't very effective since I only understood half of what he said, he just sounded damn angry.

The closing of this regular season has me so looking forward to getting back to RMU and playing post-game late night hockey up in the courts. I have a new stick at home and can't wait to break it in :(


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