Saturday, March 10, 2007

3 - 2

Huge game today.
The Rangers are fighting for their playoff lives for the rest of the season.

And the Penguins, if you look at their recent games, haven't really dropped off the pace that they set when they went on the 16-game point streak.
We were 3 seconds from getting a point against the Isles.
Tampa Bay annihilated us.
Lost 1-0 to New Jersey.
Lost tight game to Carolina.


The girl who sang the national anthem at the game nailed it.

The game starts off innocently enough; a day game where the Pens actually had jump to start the game.

As expected, Jagr still gets booed every time he touches the puck.

It takes Ouellet all of 3 minutes and 21 seconds before being sent to the box.

Later, Jarkko fills in for Malone on the penalty kill when Ryan got sent to the box.
Two blocked shots for Ruutu on that shift.

New York's Sean Avery was on acid today.
Flying around, hitting people, drawing penalties.


Halfway through the first, it finally happened.
Laraque drops the gloves to take on Colton Orr.

Jagr tried to place a bet on the fight.

Orr held his ground for a while, but Laraque delivered one solid punch that cinched the deal.


The Rangers only played two minutes of the entire game.
With about a minute left in the first, the Pens ice the puck and can't change.
The Rangers make them pay.
Karl Rachunek buries a slapshot top-shelf to take a 1-0 lead into the locker room.

A minute into the second, Matt Cullen comes in and somehow jobs one past MAF.
All of a sudden, it was 2-0.

Matt Cullen gets retribution for being owned by Jordan Staal last week.

The rest of the period was mud except for the last 20 seconds.
Gonchar gets a penalty-box breakaway with 6 seconds left.
His wrist shot is denied.
In that situation, it was a perfect play by Gonch.
He doesn't know exactly how much time's left.
If you try to make a move and the time runs out before you get a shot off, you look like an oaf.

Big props to Andre Savard and Mike Yeo.
Stepping in for Michel Therrien.

Best performance by a substitute since Mrs. Kelper in third grade.
She let us play 7-up all period while she smoked cigs in the teacher's lounge.


Down by two going into the third.

The Pens trail only the Sabres and Lightning in come-from-behind wins this season.
Good stat to own.

A late Marek Malik slashing penalty in the second period gives the Pens a power play to start the third.
The Pens don't get anything out of it.
And that's when boos from Pens fans were audible (probably from all the people who scream "shoot".)
Are you serious?

"Don't boo, homos. We'll move to KC."

Before you could wrap up your thoughts on fanboys, the Pens get set up with another power play.

Whitney (who dominated both ends of the ice today) keeps the puck in on a delicious play.
To Malkin.
Malkin gets the puck and cocks his stick for a slapshot.
Praise the Lord that Ricky from section E22 screamed for him to shoot, or else Malkin wouldn't had known what to do.

The first hint of energy in the Mell since the Laraque fight.

Three minutes later, the Rangers take another penalty.
Gonch to Malkin to the net.
Sid grabs the puck from the air, lays it onto his stick, and ties the game. Sick.

If Sid played first base for the Red Sox in '86, things might have been different.
Wow, Sidney Crosby wasn't even born yet.

Lost among this early barrage of Penguin offense in the third period was that Jaromir Jagr had not returned from the locker room following the intermission.

The allure of being so close to Wheeling the entire game finally took its toll on Jagr.

Some huge saves that Fleury had made earlier now come into focus as the game goes into overtime.

Crosby and Malkin go to the locker room before overtime to make out.
Pens Nation is stunned.
The runway shows nothing, but the game must go on.

The final sequence of events all started because Nylander and Straka felt like they wanted to play the entire overtime period.
During an extended cycle, the Pens were able to change forwards.
Maxime Talbot keeps the puck in the zone with an heroic effort.
Armstrong walks in and shoots/passes it to the net.
It hits Marek Malik's stick and goes in.


  • Crosby: 1 G, 100 points 2 years in a row.
  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A. He's been fired up lately.
  • Gonch: 2 A
  • Fleury: 26 saves. Solid game. Made some saves to keep us in it.
  • Colby's third OT game-winner of the year.
  • 11 Penguins now have 10 or more goals.
  • The Penguins have the 2nd most points in the NHL since January 1st and the most in the Eastern Conference. Solid.
  • This is the Pens' 23rd sellout of the season. Suck it, Chicago.
  • Recchi has been extremely frustrated lately. He hasn't scored in 8 games. Maybe putting Jordan Staal on the powerplay and lessening Rex's role down the stretch run could benefit him and rejuvenate him for the playoffs. He did play 3rd line for Carolina during their Cup run last spring.
  • We finally got to meet Dan Potash before the game on Saturday. He exudes charisma. Great guy.

The David Copperfield magic number is 18.

Magic Number (*)

It is the amount of points the Pens need to make the tournament, regardless of what any other teams do. It is in direct correlation with the point total of the 8th-seed team.
The Penguins have 14 games left.
The Pens could win their next 9 games, getting 18* points.

If Carolina (13 games left) would keep the same pace, winning their next 9 games, they would obviously still be 9 points behind the Pens in the standings.
They would have four games to attain 9 points.
Pens would be able lose out and still get in.

It might not be a foolproof method, but that Copperfield pic is nasty.

Also, the word around the Mellon today was that the big-wigs were in Philadelphia on Friday night and they finalized the deal.
They're bringing it back here and having a press conference this week.

Our sources: Jobber Penguins fans like you and me.

Go Pens


D Fresh said...

The boos during the powerplay are always irritating. But then again, those are the same people who boo when Willie Parker doesn't break a run everytime he gets the ball and Jason Bay doesn't hit a homerun everytime he's up to bat.

All in all, its the only thing that makes me embarrassed about being a Pittsburgh sports fan.

Maybe it ranks in comparison to your mom listening to gangsta rap when your friends are around.

Steve said...

It was nice to see the big man finally throw down, you can see just how much he can excite the crowd. Thats gonna be real usefull for us in all these tough games ahead of us.

Lets hope those jobber reports are legit!


Antonette said...

Brilliant Heads Up Seven-Up reference. I owned at that game.

Was at the game today, and it was awesome. You had the feeling that if the Pens just got the one goal they would win. So great. Nothing better than the Arena during a game like this.

Laraque pretty much owned, though I would have thought he would have gone after Sean Avery, on the account that Avery called him a monkey or something equally as idiotic on Avery's part.

The Talbot/Rutuu/Laraque line is money.

And I've heard the same things about the deal. I'm betting the only reason Eaton's out is that he did the negotiating.

rachel said...

I'd have to agree with Antonette, 7-up was one solid game!

Staff, I definitely agree that they need to put Staal up on the PP and take Rex off or at least mix it up every once in a while. Rex stands in front of the net to screen the goalie. Now would you rather have a 5'10" 190 lbs. Rex or 6'4" 215 lbs. Staal... Staal anyday... So what all did Dan P. have to say?

Max with Colby is money.

Let's hope the jobber fans are right!

Will said...

anyone else want to see Laraque in front of the net on the power play?
They had him there once and it was real nice, but i haven't seen it since.

Every time i start to want to call out Malkin and Sid, they score. I'll keep that in mind down the stretch run.

Nice post.

Will said...

anyone else want to see Laraque in front of the net on the power play?
They had him there once and it was real nice, but i haven't seen it since.

Every time i start to want to call out Malkin and Sid, they score. I'll keep that in mind down the stretch run.

Nice post.

rachel said...

Will, I actually want to see Laraque there, too. He's a very big body.

rwarner174 said...

I can't believe fans were booing? Have they been watching the games lately?

Will said...

have the fans remember last year, and the year before...they have NO RIGHT TO BOOOOO

its would be like Pirate fans boooing for winning the wild card spot this season. (like that is going to happen)

Justin said...

theres no quit in this team........maybe theyre too young to feel the pressure....theyre gonna be dangerous in the playoffs

Anonymous said...

just out of curiousity, does anyone else refer to michel ouellet as the "fitness consigliere", like michel from "dodgeball"?


dying alive said...

OK, I have to break down and there an actual definition for the word "jobber," or is it just kind of a multi-purpose phrase? I've found myself randomly using it lately.

Great blog, by the way. I've been reading along for a few weeks and you guys never fail to make me laugh.

Staff said...

I only learned of the term "Jobber" when I meant Adam.
I think him and only a few other people came up with it or.

You can use Jobber, Jobbed, Job with anything though.

The cool thing about it, is that it can mean anything you want it do.

PittCheMBA said...

Great to see "Rocky" Laraque in his first fight as a Penguin, and of course he won the fight.

Pens owner Ron Burkle was in attendance at the game.

Scott said...

i kno this is the pensblog but does anyone else vomit when watchin aaron gray play basketball

Andrew said...

great fight by Let's Rock 27. (at haha)

i want to see him out there on the PP. he would be great for screening the goalie. also, i kept hoping he's whip avery's ass after last year, and avery running around.

poor cheap ass bastard hollweg too. takes a stick to the face for being a dirty guys, so what does he do? goes out and run/crosscheck everyone he sees. then he turns into a even bigger bitch when Laraque asked him to go.

for the record, what simon did i think was terrible. but hollweg is a cheap ass bastard.


Alex said...

i didnt get to see most the game today... any reason why sid and malkin not available for ot?

marc said...

I think they said it was an equipment problem...... sid's laces were untied on his skates when he came back out on the ice after colby "the cheese" armstrong won it.... i love that guy

Andrew said...

former baby penguin Dave Koci made quite a debut tonight:
5 shifts, 2:31 TOI
2 hits
1 blocked shot
7 penalties
42 PIMs
3 fights
2 game misconducts

also, Daniel Carcillo (Ruutu with a 30 goal touch and 300 PIM potential) who was traded for big georges had his first goal and fight tonight. good for him. he was my favorite player on the baby pens, and i hated to see him go. but at least he is getting his shot somewhere else.


Andrew said...

I don't like to pat my own back but I'm gonna right now...

Last night, whilst having a few alcoholic beverages at the local speakeasy, I made two predictions...

1) Laraque would get into his first fight as a Penguin.

2) Crosby would have a huge game.

While some might argue that Crosby didn't have a huge game, I would have to disagree. While he only showed up on the score sheet once, that once was HUGE. A sick goal at the right time for 100 points. That's a big day in my book.

Long story short...I am awesome.

I will gladly do weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, funerals, birthdays, company picnics, campus tours, adult entertainment conventions, etc.

Andrew said...

"Scott said...

i kno this is the pensblog but does anyone else vomit when watchin aaron gray play basketball "

Is that what you call what he was doing on the wooden floor tonight? I simply thought Pitt just decided to put a mentally challenged kid to stand around and look like a doofus to distract the superior team...

I must look into this further...

Nick said...

jobber (n, v, adj, adv, whatever other descriptions the dictionary has)

The word jobber was a professional wrestling term by origin. It's basically the guys who lost all the time and weren't worth a shit.

Since then, Adam, along with myself and basically every other kid we grew up with transformed the word jobber into a universally used word.

The possibilities and uses for it are endless. One thing I will say is that the word jobber is never used in a positive manner.

-Fleeher Plan Hockey
-Fleeher Plan Wrestling

Derek said...

Nick I figured you could explain better than me,

I have been using Jobber for almost 5 years now.

And Nicks right, it is never really used in a positive light.

Unless you tell someone you jobbed their girlfriend

seth said...

i believe thats the 23rd overtime game of the season. 4th in a row and 5 out of the last 6.

they need to stop or mark madden is going to have another heart attack. i can't live without listening to his fat ass every day

win in regulation please!

tiffany said...

Here's a little something commemorating Laraque's first fight, with Colton Orr, as a Penguin. It's a parody of "Queen - We Will Rock You" with the YouTube video:

Team – He Will Raque You

Colton you’re a boy, make a big noise
Playin’ on the ice, gonna fight a big man some day
You got mud on yo’ face
You big disgrace
He’s kickin’ your can all over the place

Singin’ he will, he will raque you
He will, he will raque you

Colton you’re a young man, hard man
Shoutin’ on the ice, gonna take on Laraque some day
You got blood on yo’ face
You big disgrace
Wavin’ your jersey all over the place

He will, he will raque you (sing it)
He will, he will raque you

Colton you’re an old man, poor man
Pleadin’ with your eyes, prayin' he'll release you some day

You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Laraque better put you back into your place

He will, he will raque you (sing it)
He will, he will raque you
Everybody he will, he will raque you
He will, he will raque you

tiffany said...

P.S. I wouldn't have done a song if it weren't for you, Rachel.... ;)

Btw guys...what a recap!!! Even after they were down 2-0, I--along with Antonette--just had a feeling that if they scored once, they had a chance of winning it. I must have been so focused on the game, though, that I didn't realize that people were booing. Was I the only one that didn't hear it on the TV?? And great clarification AND definition on "job, jobbed, jobber, jobbing..." ;D
I also thought that "Heads up, 7-up" rocked!! That, along with "Duck, Duck, Goose," those clapping/singing games--"Miss Mary Mack" (but I'm sure guys didn't do those), and "Red light, green light."

Adrew13, I agree with you about Halloweg/Simon. What simon did to him was completely crossing the line. (I think he got 22 games suspension--15 regular season games and 7 possible playoff games). But even I wanted to hit Halloweg during Saturday's game (obviously not to the extent that Simon did).

Tee said...

man I used to cheat so hard at heads up 7 up, anyone else play a lot of "silent speedball" in the winter or is that just a Butler Area School District thing?

Amyways. Laraque owned Orr, and it looked like he challenged him again when it was 2-0. Sid is money in the bank when he needs to be, and hopefully Malkin goes into "frisky horse" mode permanently down the stretch. Nice game for MAF too although that Cullen goal was softer than Bob Errey's mullet circa 1991.

Anonymous said...

Staff...great recap as usual!
"Jagr tried to place a bet on the fight."...hahaha...
I can't wait to see some of the pics you'll get form photoshop...

Andrew..."I don't like to pat my own back but I'm gonna right now...
Last night, whilst having a few alcoholic beverages at the local speakeasy, I made two predictions...Long story short...I am awesome." ...Hahahahaha I loved that! ("Andrew 13" or "The Good Andrew"?)

And Tiff...Do you sleep?...Do you have a job where you get paid for doing this? If not, you should!...You are unbelievable! Very talented, girl!
Thanks for your hard work!

Also, Nick and Derek...thanks for the "job, jobbed, jobber, etc. explanation. I knew it was not a good thing.

I was so glad "dying alive" broke down to ask. :) (Thanks!)

(Off to guys are making me run late.)


tiffany said...

Karri, answer your questions--I DO sleep.....sometimes, and no....I do NOT have a job where I get paid for doing those songs. I wish I did, because I love doing them if it means a few people might like them. *_*

tiffany said...

Tee, I've never heard of "silent speedball," but I'm in the Butler area now visiting with some of my buds. ;) They were transplants, though. So they probably wouldn't know what it is either.....could you explain it?? "_"

dying alive said...

Thanks for the jobber explanation! At least I've been using it right, because I definitely haven't used it for anything positive.

You guys should trademark that term and collect royalties when Pensblog readers use it. Maybe then you could buy the team and this whole arena business could go away?

Doppler said...

Great comeback win yesterday.

I think you guys have mentioned it before and ESPN and their reporting on games.

This morning I caught them talking about the Eastern Conference standings. They show the five teams currently fighting for the number eight spot.

The reporter mentions the defending "Stanley Cup champs Tampa Bay".....huh...I guess Carolina must have dreamt they won the last cup.

Of course they had plenty of "facts" on race conditions for a NASCAR race this weekend.

I know it's not a big deal, but it annoyed me for some reason.

Jon said...

I believe the Brooklyn Brawler was the official first wrestler described as a Jobber.

And about Burkle being at the game, do yinz remember where he was supposed to be yesterday? The meeting with AEG, but it never went off. They haven't been in contact since thursday. Unless Spendell opens his big yapper, good things are going to happen this week...about effin' time huh?

Scott said...

Andrew...Gray is pathetic but i like the rest of the team...too bad we lost on Herb Pope cause i saw him play and hes amazing

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being on AM radio in a tiny town, late on a Saturday night. I'll set the over under at 2 listeners.

Staff said...

Hey we will take what we can get

loralei said...

You guys will like this.. On my flight this morning from NYC to Boston, i got into a sort of argument with some Rangers fan about Jagr. He's totally living the delusion that Jagr is hurt and deserves pity cause he is trying. The only thing he is trying to do is get everyone to pity him. I tried to explain to him that he deserves no pity and any second now he is going to be "dying alive" again cause he is not the center of attention and isnt putting up points anymore. The guy was so not happy with my comments and then asked where I was from. I told him Pittsburgh and that he's only seen him for 2 years and our 10 years putting up with him makes me the authority on Jagr behavior. First, happy go lucky Jags is putting up points and the people love him. Second,he gets hurt and is not playing well. Third, he starts pouting on the bench. Fourth,he starts saying stuff in Czech newspapers thinking that no one else in the world (especially not in Pittsburgh and not my grandmother) speaks Czech. Fifth, the apologies start. Sixth,soon after the appolgies he is "dying alive." Finally, he is demanding a trade because he is not happy. Ladies & Gentlemen, the 7 step "dying alive" Jagermeister program. That guy from NYC sucked. He was just pissed cause i knew more about his crappy team than he did. Oh, and Michal Rozsival still sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...I couldn't tune in the radio station Saturday night...I tried, honest. (I can't get WTAE AM either.) Anyway, any chance you recorded it and will put it on the blog so we can hear it like you did Sirius 186 Harcore Sports (which I did listen to)?


Adrienne said...

I hope Gary Bettman dies in a fire. He's killing the league.

25 games? Fuck that.

Scott said...

The dude took his stick and tomahawk another dude to his face...i believe 25 is fair

Ellen said...

Tiffany - you "raque"!

I hear (via P-G) that Burkle may take over ownership of the Pens (from all those in the LG who wish to sell out.

Shanna said...

I love this team. I really do. Being down 2 goals in the third didnt really have me worried. You could just feel it that they were gonna come back and win that game.

I was at the game. The arena went NUTS when Geno scored that first goal. When Sid scores # 100, that place was rockin so hard it felt like the entire F balcony was gonna collapse on all of under it.

You know, I'm so sick of people saying MAF is overrated. That really pisses me off. Yeah he gives up some soft goals but he always makes the key saves to keep us in the game, with the exception of the Isles game. If it wasnt for MAF we wouldnt be winning these crazy comeback games.

Ruutu on the PK was fawesome. He may not be a one person PKer like Ryan Malone, but he got the job done, well.

Congrats to Sid for finally scoring (just joking) and getting pt 100.

Congrats to Geno for goal #31 and Army for the GWG.

Lets go Pens!!!

Adrienne said...

The dude took his stick and tomahawk another dude to his face...i believe 25 is fair

Not in the least. He seriously got pissy and took his stick across the guys face, with highest intent to hurt him.

He should have gotten thrown out of the league.

I'm still pissed about Bertuzzi getting off so easy

rachel said...

Tiff, I love the song as usual :) I'm just going to think of Laraque destroying Orr whenever I here that song now. Thank you!

25 games! That's a freaking joke! Hollweg could have been killed!

Tee, I would have to agree with this...
hopefully Malkin goes into "frisky horse" mode permanently down the stretch, haha. He's been a very "frisky horse" these past few games.

Scott said...

If he dies he dies


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