Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sleepless in Pittsburgh

The Book of Job 68:66:3-

"When the Son of Lemieux shall come in all his glory, and with Ravenstahl, Rendell, Onorato, Bettman with him, he shall then shall he sit upon the throne of Lord Stanley's Cup: And before him shall be gathered all of Pens Nation: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall weigh Pittsburgh and the Mellon Arena on his right hand, but the city of Kansas city on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of Badger Bob, inherit the new arena and be prepared for you from the foundation of the world...Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed homos, into everlasting fire, prepared for the Chiefs and Royals..And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into a new Arena forever.
He shall say it is a Great Day for hockey."

If we're lucky enough to survive the night, Thursday changes everything.
Either way, Mellon Arena is going to be a scene tomorrow night, man.

...Gary Bettman meeting with all parties in Philadelphia on Thursday...

A source told TSN that the meeting is expected to bring ''closure, one way or another.''

Philadelphia -- the site of yet another big deal.


KC has upped the offer

...The other big news of the day today? Co-owner Ron Burkle goes to Vegas.
Was he going there to explore relocation options?
Or was he at the craps tables, trying to win the $20 million to close the gap in negotiations?
He definitely wasn't at the roulette table. It reminded him too much of Michel Ouellet.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas


This is it, folks.

12/20/06 pales in comparison to 3/08/07.

When we leave the station of the roller coaster for the final time on Thursday....

Will we immediately have fun on the ThunderBolt?

Or start an endless climb on The Phantom's Revenge?

What we should be thinking about is how huge Thursday's game is.
But instead, we will all be refreshing,,,, and wherever else you get your info.

God help us all.

The only important game tonight is Tampa Bay playing up in Edmonton.


Michael Shelapinsky e-mailed us his link to his "Save The Pens, Save The World" T-shirts.

Quality shirts.

If we could rewind a few months, and if we cared at all about making money off the site, this is the shirt we would have made.

If we could make them for free, we'd give them away.


Some jobber from the Chicago Sun-Times tries to take a shot at the city of Pittsburgh and mainly our fans.
His e-mail address is provided at the top of the article, in case anyone would like to take shot after shot at him.

"The Penguins are threatening to leave Pittsburgh because of an impasse over a new arena. Which will come as something of a shock to most Pittsburghers. Not that the Penguins might leave but that the town has a pro hockey team."

This doesn't even deserve a reponse. But we aren't that mature.

Picture: The Great Chicago Fire
Summary: It didn't burn long enough.

The last thing anyone needs is some jerkoff taking shots at us.
Apparently, he missed the 20+ sellouts so far and the fact that the rest of the home games are sold out. Or maybe he had Pittsburgh mistaken for Chicago, where absolutely no one cares about their hockey team.
Bottom line: Shut up and go watch this documentary:

Hey Chicago. Don't forget how this ends, dicks.

As for the actual game on Thursday, a win would be astronomical. It would put us 5 points back of the Devs with a game in hand. Winning that in-hand game puts us 3 points back.
David Copperfield lists the Pens magic number right now at 21.

Do it.

Any combination of 21 points won by us or lost by the Hurricanes assures us of a spot in the playoffs.

If Martin Brodeur could save his marriages like he saves pucks, he'd be golden.



Joshua said...

I really am getting pissed all of those non-pittsburghers going on about how they know whats going on.

Anonymous said...

def. not getting any sleep 2night.

anyone have any clue as to what time this meeting is taking place? i think everyone is going to be a complete wreck tomorrow waiting for the news...

Derek said...

Longest night since that Fat guys night in shawshank.

No clue about time of the meeting.

I saw somewhere 6?

Justin said...

tell that guy to go ask eddie olcyk if theres a team in pittsburgh......homo

6 sounds like a nice time to get a deal done and announce it to a sell out crowd at mellon arena :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i heard 6:00 on the meeting also.

Gaaaary Bettman's comin' to town
Gaaaary Bettman's comin' to town
Gary Bettman's comin' town.
Better watch out, politicians sold out
Mario's had enough, and so have I
"Yinz aren't goin' anywhere", says the big guy
Gaaaary Bettman's comin' to town

("I" in reference to every Pens fan counting down the seconds to 6:00 PM.)


Derek said...

The eyes of a nation turn to Philly

Anonymous said...

You guys live in oakland right?
you sounded good on sirius cant wait til 6 tomorrow

Derek said...

Adam, Chris, and Gabe live in O-town.

I live in a box on Route 70

Longest night of my life right now

Anonymous said...

yeah tonight is rough no way ill be able to go to sleep for a while
im in "o-town" too ha it would be awesome to watch a game with the staff

Derek said...

We actually scored tickets to the game tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

good call but sometime i would be honored to watch a game with you guys

Justin said...

i was at the devils game last week. i should have known better than to spend money to watch the devils....fuckin brodeur

i was so desperate for a goal i was ready to try mental telepathy, if only to tell him his book sucked

seth said...

You know, i haven't heard 6 as a time, but if that is the case, don't expect any announcement before the game. This meeting is going to be a marathon

bwzimmerman in PHX said...

i was about to email something nasty about the Wolves to the Sun-Times, then i was reminded that they're not in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

Well if it makes you feel better I emailed him and he did admit that

1) the blackhawks suck
2) The problem isnt with the fans
3) Politics sucks

tiffany said...

Adam, you were awesome!!! I thought you expressed yourself extremely well, considering how nerve-wrecking the whole "Live" situation is. You were very clear and I think you got the point across that we’re devoted fans, we’re concerned about our team, and we’ll do anything to keep them here. Oh, and that’s cool that you put your conversation with Hardcore on the site. I got to listen to you on Sirius while I was gettin ready to go hang out with my friends— they live in Butler, PA. So I DID get to hear you before I left. That’s why I haven't commented in a while, though (a while for me anyway). No access to a computer.....can you imagine??? ;)

Onto “Decision 2007,” I can't believe that something this huge is gonna be decided tomorrow.....well, today technically. I'm hoping all the uncertainty doesn't distract the Penguins......unless it fires them up. In which case, I’m all for it.
Keep up the brilliant work on the site.

Let’s Go Pens!!!!

tiffany said...

Btw, another cute title for the post: "Sleepless in Pittsburgh."

There's gonna be a huge group of us exhausted tomorrow from not getting any sleep. Make sure you're stocked up on Red Bull, Mountain Dew, or good 'ol fashioned coffee. Whatever your caffeine of choice is.....the point is that you have some handy.

tiffany said...

Oh and Eric, just wanted to say your little jingle is cute. ;)

Steve Craig, unbelieveable Heroes picture.....I love it!!

And Staff, I can't believe you guys got tickets!!! Have fun......wish I was there, but I'm in Butler til Tuesday. Great idea for shirts too. I'd love to have one of those.

Rico Fatastic said...

The "Book of Job" is the greatest thing you've ever written, and that's saying something.

Elizabeth said...

Let's all hope none of us die today.

tiffany said...

WPXI showed a quick interview with Rendell this morning and a subheading below that said, “Losing Patience.” HE’S losing patience?!?!?!?! What a douche.....
He said something along the lines of this: he’s ticked, frustrated, and thinks it’s wrong that the Pens’ team is leaking information to the media. He also went on to say that if they really wanna get the deal done, they wouldn’t be speaking publicly about it. being quiet about everything, they were really making progress before. If the Lemieux Group hadn’t gone public with this, there wouldn’t be this much attention focused on the Pens’ getting a new arena right now. I (along with every other Pens/hockey/sports fan), just hope Lemieux’s tactics prevail.

Gavin said...

I think that it's fitting that the meeting is taking place in Philadelphia, since that's the only place our governor cares one iota about. I would have more than a shred of confidence if that a-hole wasn't the one speaking for the state government. I would truly hate to have an actual Pittsburgher in charge, such as one with Penguins season tickets (Mike Fisher) or one who overtly supported the Isle of Capri (Lynn Swann). That fucking ass clown Rendell better check his ego at the door.

thomes08 said...

i'm so scared right now.

this is probably the biggest day of my life.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just sleepless in Pittsburgh. I'm from Minneapolis and had issues sleeping last night.

The Pens have been my favorites since I was a little kid. Seriously, was there a cooler logo when I was six? I don't think so.

I've got my fingers crossed on this one. Keep them in Pitt!

Christina said...

it's bad enough trying to keep up with all this arena shit while halfway around the world....

but now, on the day that things may finally get decided, i have to leave on my spring break trip and won't be able to find anything out for another 10 days...ahhhh

i was Sleepless in Italy last night....god i hope this deal gets done.

wes said...

sucks to hear about therrien's father passing away. from the sounds of it, hes been sick for quite a while.

on a side note, hopefully yeo and savard will do okay co-coaching the team on saturday.

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of the email that I sent to the Chicago Sun-Times douche-bag:

Dear Mr. Harris,

As a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan, I take offense to the comments in your March 7, 2007 article in the Chicago Sun-Times. You made the following statement:

• The Penguins are threatening to leave Pittsburgh because of an impasse over a new arena. Which will come as something of a shock to most Pittsburghers. Not that the Penguins might leave but that the town has a pro hockey team.

I have compared attendance figures at both Penguin games and Blackhawk games for the 2006-2007 season, with the following results.

Total Metropolitan Area Population: 2.36 million
Average Attendance at games during the 2006-2007 Season: 16,225
Percent of Metro Popluation attending each game: 0.7%

Total Metropolitan Area Population: 9.16 million
Average Attendance at games during the 2006-2007 Season: 12,771
Percent of Metro Popluation attending each game: 0.14%

In case you are light on math, these results mean that 5 times the percentage of Pittsburgh residents go to games as Chicago residents. In fact, of all of the U.S. hockey cities, Pittsburgh ranks only behind Buffalo, Nashville, and Columbus in the percentage of metro area residents that go to games. If Pittsburgh were the size of Chicago, we could sell out an arena with 81,125 seats. In a recent article, Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote the following:
“Industry sources indicate the Pittsburgh Penguins' TV ratings are, roughly, at the 4.5 rating, extremely good for the NHL. The Penguins are believed to be in the upper tier of NHL ratings with Buffalo and Detroit.”
Wondering where the Blackhawk’s TV ratings fall? I’ll tell you.

“Chicago Blackhawk TV broadcasts are averaging a 0.4 rating - an average of fewer than 14,000 viewers per game.” According to a Chicago website. Not many viewers for a city with over 9 million potential viewers.

I am also wondering if you asked people on the streets of Chicago who Radim Vrbata, Tuomo Ruutu, Duncan Keith, or Adrian Aucoin are, would you just get a blank stare in return?

Before you bash the fans of other cities in your column, I think you need to do a little research. I guess that March 7th deadline just came too fast for you to get the facts. I think you owe it to your readers to get the facts straight and not just bash other teams fans to get out your frustrations about your local team.

By the way, despite all of the Blackhawk's spending on free agents, Chicago currently sits 27th out of 30 teams in the NHL standings. Do I detect some jealousy here?

A Proud Penguins Fan

Andy said...

Trying to distract myself from the bigger issues by trying to be a stickler...

Magic number is actually at 23. Think it works out that the Rangers could conceivably finish the season with 103 points.

thomes08 said...

too bad about his fatehr. Now Yeo will be on TV a lot this game..... wonder how that's gonna go since it's different than the 2nds intermission appearance he usually makes.

Oh to non FSN Pitts people... The game tonight is scheduled to be shown on HDnet. I say "scheduled" cause they have fucked me before and shown a thrashers game at the last minute.

Also the announcers are the worste you'll ever hear and something about the sounds makes the crowd hard to hear which just makes it worse.

To those that are going make it loud for me.


Dwayne said...

Real rough news about Therrien's father passing away. I know he meant an awful lot to Michel.

"Father and son

Should a hypnotist ever ask Therrien to close his eyes and conjure a pleasant time and place, this would be an option: Feb. 11, 1971, at the old Montreal Forum.

That was the night Therrien, 7, sat next to his father and roared when Canadiens legend Jean Beliveau scored his 500th goal.

"I still remember the move he did," Therrien said.

Jerry and Rachel Therrien raised their only child in Saint-Leonard, a Montreal suburb notable for producing some terrific goaltenders in Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo. Jerry Therrien was an accountant for the Port of Montreal. He had a distance runner's build, loved hockey, finished more than one Montreal Marathon and governed his household the way his son would one day govern his hockey teams -- with tough love.

Jerry Therrien was a solid presence in his son's life, instilling in him a keen sense of loyalty.

"Jerry was always hanging around arenas where Mike (a common reference for Michel Therrien) was playing and coaching," said Marc Lachapelle, a veteran sportswriter for the Journal de Montreal. "He didn't miss many games."

Jerry Therrien, 75, still follows his son's career, though a series of strokes has left him blind and bedridden in Montreal. Therrien visited his father last Saturday, the night before the Penguins played the Canadiens.

"He can understand things, but he's paralyzed and blind," said Therrien, whose mother is healthy and living in an apartment in Montreal. "We had to put him in a place. It's tough, because I always had such a close relationship with him."

Indeed, the father was the first person the son called when the hometown Canadiens hired him as their minor-league coach in 1997, and, three years later, as their head coach.

Both times, the father cried."

[ Old Tribune Review Article: ]

Anonymous said...

Proud - Nice analysis. So, more people ATTEND Pens games than even WATCH the Blackhawks on TV. Quality.

wes said...

how about former adelphia brand of comcast just dumped HDNET and HDNET Movies. there went my only chance at watching real 1080i hockey games. now i'll be stuck with 720p.

by the way, the Pens are blacked out on HDNET when the game is on FSNP. it will be on FSNP HD if you get that. if you dont... you are SOL.

Anonymous said...

we all need a good laugh today...

alot of funny pens stuff on the page, but first click on the first link "pens 66 says he's at an impass"

hilarious and appropriate for today.

Justin said...

this is elliot harris's response to me emailing him and giving him shit...not what i expected.


Here's hoping the Penguins get a new arena (one that doesn't place the burden on the taxpayers) and the arena is in Pittsburgh rather than Las Vegas or some other hockey hotbed.

Elliott Harris"

Andrew said...

I'm so angry that I have to work tonight. I am definitely going to beg for the game and other stuff to be put on the radio. I'm gonna be so distracted at work just thinking about this being either the greatest day of my life or the worst.

On the absolute plus side...who is up for goin out and celebrating tonight?!

Will said...

man the anonymous guy stole my idea on giving you guys the DVE links.

I think Mario should send in a new negotiator. Laraque!!!

Anonymous said...

tiffany said...

OMG!!!! That DVE bit was soooo funny!! I was crying I was laughing so hard. Thank you, cause I really DID need that. My friend (who's not a hockey fan), just came home from work and was tellin me some s**t that people were sayin on the radio and I got all fired up and pissed. She knows how much I love them, so I'm really annoyed at her right now for sayin that to me and being so inconsiderate.

I'm gonna listen to it again.... ;)

tiffany said...

This is a tribute to all the Pens fans who are going out of their minds......(when you see ‘I,’ it refers to every Pens fan). So, here’s the YouTube video:


I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
(This animal, this animal)

I can't escape Rendell
(I can't escape Rendell)
So many times he’s lied
(So many times he’s lied)
But there's still rage inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal

Somebody help me through this nightmare
I can't control myself
Somebody wake me from this nightmare
I can't escape this hell

(Screw you Rendell, screw you Rendell, screw you Rendell, screw you Rendell, screw you Rendell, screw you Rendell, screw you Rendell)


Doppler said...

Just wanted to mention tonights game against the Devils

Here in upstate NY, I have a lot of NY teams on cable.

The stations out of the city are carrying the Rangers/Islanders. That's right two stations carrying the game. FSNY is not showing the Pens/Devils. Nope!!

I understand MSG showing Rangers, so why is FSNY.

Wait they are showing it on FNY2, which isn't carried.

Even when the Devils are on the road, their fans don't really care. No wonder they only sell 55-70% of the tickets for home games.

To all the fans out there especially those in the 'Purgh, us out of state fans are keeping our fingers crossed for good news on the decision.

GO PENS!!! Put it to the Devils.

Greg said...

Justin, he sent the same response to my and my buddy also, he just changed the name

rachel said...

Well, I just had to come visit here before I went to leave for the game tonight!

First off, my sincerest regrets to Therrien on the death of his father.

Eric, nice little jingle!

Anonymous, I always listen to the DVE links! They're always hilarious!

Tiff, another great song! It makes it even better that they always play that song at the Pens games, and it's one of my favorites!

To everyone out of the country, I feel for you all. This is going to be a very long day and night.

Adrienne said...

Man, eff you guys and your "longest day ever" crap. +5 hours, I won't know until 11pm whats going on. You woke up and stressed, I've been up all day stressing :(


I'm either crying joy or killing myself. 2 hours, 30 minutes and counting...

Justin said...

funny, on a very important day linked to slot machines, the mid day daily number- 777

is it a sign?

Greg said...

Check out this waste of life's bio off the sun times website:

Elliott Harris, who began his Sun-Times career in 1979, has been running gratuitous photos as Quick Hits columnist since the feature began in 1998. Before that, he was a sports copy editor, high school sports editor and sports writer for the paper.

A St. Louis native (which must explain why he pokes fun at the Cubs whenever possible), he actually has undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Missouri (OK, so the standards to get in and out of school were way easier back in the day).

Before he came to the Sun-Times, he worked at the Miami (Fla.) News as a sports writer and at the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune and Fort Worth Star-Telegram as sports editor.

Some of the favorite Chicago sports moments he covered include Michael Jordan's title-winning shot for the Bulls against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA finals, the White Sox in the 2005 World Series and the Cubs almost reaching the 2003 World Series (no mocking of the Cubs intended).

That pretty much sums up why this guy sucks

Steve said...

I finally got a break at work, and thank the Lord that I'm here and not sitting at home going crazy over this damn meeting.

I just wanna say that there is nothing to worry about. We are not leaving. (THis is what I tell myself) I have faith, but I would be a little less nervous if the Governer of Philadelphia wasn't representing the city of Pittsburgh.

Rendell, what a dick face. Who even voted for this guy? Probably all them toothless bastards in the East, thats who. Nothing but a bunch of incestual mother f*ckers.

GO PENS!!!! To all those assfucks that think we don't give a shit, I'm saying GO PENS!!! GO PENS!!! GO PENS!!!

Andrew13 said...

i'm so fucking nervous. i keep checking sites. i couldn't sleep last night at all. i have a bottle of Skyy at home ready... if they announce bad news, i'm drinking myself into a coma. i'm hoping for good news. if i believed in religion, now would be the time to pray to it.



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