Sunday, March 25, 2007

5 - 0

The big #3 returns -- to no pomp and circumstance from NBC.
NBC is garbage except for Heroes.

Staal starts off the game taking seemingly his first penalty of the year.

Talbot shaved before the game, and he apparently didn't factor in that the aerodynamics from doing such would increase his speed.
He flies to the net and owns Tim Thomas on a questionable goalie-interference penalty.

But the Pens PK unit stands tall again.

And then, 8 minutes in, we finally see Sidney Crosby on the ice doing something.
What's worse is on the next shift, Malkin drives into the Bruins zone and gets driven off the puck.
Malkin's errant stick jobs a Bruin in the face.
Another power play for the Red Sox.

Picture: Roberts, probably about to do something great.

And then while they're killing that penalty, Colby drives to the net and interferes with Tim Thomas.
Giant Gonzalez, the captain and therefore leader-by-example, decides to steal the 5-on-3 away from his own team by punching 4'7" Armstrong in the face.


On the next shift, some turd high-sticks Sid.
Pens get sent up with a 4-on-3 powerplay.
Roberts in front. Malkin.


The Pens started flying after that.
Whitney owned a shot past Tim Thomas, but it clanged off the crossbar and post.

Then the Bruins Tenkrat hooks, of all people, Brooks Orpik.

Gonchar blasts one to the net, and the puck enters Sid's force field.
He knocks it out of mid-air and into the net.
The Pens cycle again, and the Bruins can't handle it.
Yet another power play for the white-hot Pens unit.

After the Pens survive a short-handed scare, Sid comes flying down the ice and drops a pass for Mr. Roberts.
Slapper from the slot.

The Bruins are a mess.

The Pens dominate for the rest of the period.
Cycling, cycling. Your mom loves it.
Roberts passes up on another shot from the slot and gets it down to deep to Malkin.
In a skirmish near the boards, Malkin gets two minutes not speaking English.


To start the second period, the Pens had to kill Malkin's penalty.
Then they had to kill a Gonchar slashing penalty.

Out of nowhere, as always, Crosby just flies into the Boston zone.
New Boston goalie Ronald MacDonald shuts it down though.

"Not in my house."

On the next shift, Mark Eaton gets an assist on a Greg Malone goal.

On another power play, Recchi misses a wide-open net right on the doorstep; a testament to how much he's struggling right now.

The teams just throw the puck around for the rest of the period.


"He's one of those players that get no respect."
NBC's Pierre McGuire has never visited The Pensblog.

The Pens get to start their 42nd power play of the game to end the second period.

And that was it.


During the intermission, we see the Pens Verizon commercial...again.


Early on in the third, nothing was going on.
The Pens getting near chances, which had become commonplace in this game by now.

Ruutu-Talbot-Laraque = Wow. This is our fourth line.

After all the jobbers left the broadcast to watch the battle of New York, Sid gets another goal on a pass/shot from Colby. 5-0.
MVP chants ensue on the next shift.

After this game, Boston coach Dave Lewis probably wants to exterminate every penguin on the planet.

7:26 left.
Shut-out City.
Could MAF hold on?

2:12 left.
The fourth line jumps on and totally dominates the rest of the game.

Sid jumps on for a late power play to try and Gretzky another point, but no dice.


  • Crosby: 2 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Roberts: 1 G, 2 A
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • Shots: Bruins -- 29 ||| Pens -- 29
  • Power play: Bruins ( 0 for 5 ) ---- Pens ( 3 for 6 )
  • Does anyone care about the shift clock that NBC puts up?
  • Dominating a nationally televised game against a team that still had playoff hopes. Nice.
  • Give it to NBC, though. They have good mics and pick up some entertaining sound bytes.
  • Props to Pierre McGuire. He runs the bench seat with excellence.
  • What happened to the Bruins? Weren't they good a month ago?



~tiffany~ said...

Louis Lipps, next time you go to nhl.....then click on the Pens logo.

Technically I'm not old enough to drink, but for problem. ;)

And last, but not least.....THE PENGUINS ROCK AND SO DOES THE GAMEDAYCHAT!!!!!

Congrats on the shutout, Fleury, congrats to Sid for getting 3 pts, and congrats to Eaton for coming back today & kickin' a**!

~tiffany~ said...

P.S. Thank you Mark for also having enough time to come by my house for a quickie. ;) LOL.....

Gondosh said...

1. Recchi is Leclair all over again. He is guna be painful to watch next year, mark my words.

2. Did anyone else notice that the pens could have EASILY scored 10?

3. It really didn't seem like Boston had that many shots... mostly powderpuff saves for the flower.

4. Sid might get 150 next season.

Ryan said...

Awesome game to watch. Finally the Pens hold onto a lead and don't make it close. Moving away from Pittsburgh three months ago, these games on national TV are rare and great cause I can actually watch them. Great win Pens...let's catch the Devils!

Doppler said...

Regional NBC TV coverage sucks. I get stuck with the Ranger/Isles game.

I can watch either of them any time, local coverage. What happen MSG network have a high school game they needed to air? Wait I think they did.

Most the people I know around here are Devils or Sabres fans.

Back to a first place tie as far as points. Nice!

The season may be catching up tp Recchi. He's getting shown up by the old man Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Awful decision by NBC to switch to the Isles/Rangers game when the Pens were up 4-0.

Luckily I was able to watch the rest of the game online.

rachel said...

Recchi needs some of Roberts "secret juice" haha... gameday chat was a good time!

δ tiffany δ said...

Rachel, definitely. Hahaha......good times. ‹(•¿•)› Can't wait to see what Tuesday will be like...

Tee said...

Sadly I won't be gracing the gamedaychat during the week, 1:30 is past my bedtime and I just can't function at work on 3 hours of sleep.

As someone pointed out in the chat, how hilarious is it that dave lewis looks like hitler and dresses a player named Reich?

Elizabeth said...

Great game. Good chat. Cool recap. Tiff has a beer hookup.

Life is good.

AndrewGurn said...

Scuderi and Eaton kicked ass today. Huge props. The Laraque line was freaking awesomse.. George should have had/setup about four goals today.

Bruins suck.

I'd make some photoshops but my neighbors who I was mooching wireless internet from moved. Dicks. Oh well, now they'll never know their router password. Now I can only post from work.

-Andrew "ex-neighbors suck" Weitzel

∞tiffany∞ said...

Tee, you'll be missed.

Elizabeth, lol..... ;)

Poor Andrew.....

Jon said...

I could not for the life of me keep my eyes open, I vaguely remember waking up and seeing the score 4-0 and being cross at my pillow for being so comfortable. Lucky for me Pensblog exists with a top-notch recap, and at least I'm well rested to watch Earth special tonight...
Playoffs are going to be off the following: the chain, the hook, the charts, the grid; and most importantly, the wagon.


Michael said...

I think our magic number is actually 2.

Looking at the standings, the bottom 4 teams (Florida, Boston, Washington, Philly) cannot catch us. That leaves 11 teams, meaning we have to finish with a higher point total than 3 of the remaining teams.

Montreal and Toronto max at 96, which is our current total. Any point for us-- or loss by them-- means they cannot catch us.

Tampa Bay, Carolina, and the Islanders all max at 98. We have to finish above any one of those teams to clinch a playoff spot. However, Carolina and Tampa Bay still play each other twice, meaning it is impossible for both to finish with 98.

So I believe we're in with 2 points.

loralei said...

Ha Ha my boyfriend hates me.. Fantabulous game! Cant wait until Thursday!! There were several rounds of "holy shits" as my Boston boys watched Geno rip one past their poor Tim Thomas and Sid knocked that puck out of mid-air for his first. There was also alot of head shaking when Sid broke down the right wing and through 4 Bruins to almost score in the second. I love being a Penguins fan when they beat the crap out of the Bruins. Sorry for the gushing but this was a glorious day for me in a house full of dejected, disgrunted Bruins fans.

Did anyone else hear Pierre McGuire totally diss Edzo on air? Pierre basically said that Edzo screwed up Flowers deveopment by not having a goaltender coach for him his first year..i.e. the year Edzo was the head coach. I was waiting for Edzo to say something after that but their was just silence. Ouch.

dying alive said...

It was pretty decent of Eaton not to completely destroy that Hoggan guy during the third period. Even the NBC crew was commenting on the fact that Eaton was "respectful" and a "gentleman." They forgot to mention that he's a "pimp" and a "badass," but it was probably just an oversight.

I don't care what anyone says about tight games being more exciting, I'll take a good blowout win any day of the week.

Spencemo said...

I hate hockey on NBC. There is no purpose whatsoever for that stupid shift clock, or the 'spin-til-you-puke' camera angles they seem to like so well. I feel better.

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

Said it before, say it again: Heil Lewis!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

They kept talking all throughout the broadcast about "George Michaels".

I thought they were talking about the gay-dude that put out all of those crappy dance hits back in the day.

Then they said that they were talking about some sportscaster.

marc said...

where the hell is the photoshop extravaganza...... the suspence is killing me

Justin said...

the photography in planet earth is f**king bananas

Rick said...

Wow, what a milestone! In the first, according to NBC's excellent announce team, Greg Malone came out of retirement today. Near as I can figured, he must have bonked Ryan on the head, and suited up and played during the first period.

I love how they know their stuff.
haha I wonder if their teleprompter notes are in fah-net-ics to pronounce some of the Europeon names present in hockey.

Justin said...

loralei, when edzo was coach decisions were made based on finance, not logic
he basically had no power in the decision making
now he does pens games and sounds like a guy that has to watch his girlfriend get a boob job and win the lottery after he broke up with her

rachel said...

An illustrious Photoshop Expo is coming this Sunday evening.

We're waiting ;)

Jon Burton said he has a man crush on Roberts...

Matt said...

It's about to get fun.

Wait 'Til Next Year

Steve said...

Fucking NBC! Who the hell wants to watch the Isle's and the Rangers game? I missed the whole third cause of these deush's! Its hard enough to catch a televised game in St. Petersburg.

I can't wait for Eaton or Laraque to score, I think my head will explode!

I'll tell you what, Mike Lang set the bar real high and it seems that everybody else sucks balls compared to Mikey. Stupid Fox or whoever, Fuckers.

Go Pens!!!!

Loser Chris said...

Boy, I sure am glad I didn't have to sit through the whole third period. Thanks NBC!

Staff said...

michael, we'll have the magic number definitively nailed down when it comes time to clinch.

and we didnt count on planet earth being three hours long.

post bananza monday night, guys.


rachel said...

Geez guys, way to disappoint...

I think I can wait another day ;)

Nick said...

hey guys the final episode of the George Michael Sports Machine is on.

FritoWill said...

plantet Earth for the 5 or 6 minutes i watched it is money. I had to watch the Simpsons, Family guy, American Dad, and King of the Hill.

I have my priorities!

But i recorded all three of them.

AndrewGurn said...

Fritowill.. how can you purposely watch new episodes of the Simpsons? They are absolutely horrid spectacles to behold. Watching them is probably what it feels like to have cancer in both eyes.

Anonymous said...

Behind the scenes of that NHL Road Trip ad:

Jordan Staal gets the last laugh!

Shorty said...

Pens record w/ Eaton in lineup anyone?

Dwayne said...

I just got 4 tickets for the first game in the playoffs. The only thing that scares me is that it lists the tickets as being reserved for those in the greater Pittsburgh area, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio area. I live in Johnstown, and I don't really think that qualifies as the greater Pittsburgh area.

Let's just hope, right? 'Cos if they cancel my tickets and refund my money, I am goinna go kick some puppies and punch some babies in a great deal of anger.

Dwayne said...


i am goinna be even more furious if somebody from fucking steubenville gets to go to the game, and i don't. god dammit >.<

Anonymous said...

i Just got tickets too... im from the STate College area..

Dwayne.. you should be fine... i created an account and put my zipcode in and it said i was in the greater pittsburgh area... you are further away than i am so you are fine.

steve-o66 said...

2 Highlights from Sunday:

1. Pens win, of course

2. Stewie channels Pensblog during Family Guy and says "bon appetit, douchebag" to an unhappy customer as the chef at Peter & Lois' new restaraunt

Elizabeth said...

George Michael SPORTS MACHINE!


I think the Islanders play the devils tuesday. I am rooting for the Islanders...I want home ice.

~tiffany~ said...

Anonymous, thanks for the "Behind the Scenes" video. cute. :)

Staff, just to let you know...I sent you my 1st photoshop pic. ;) Accidentally sent you just an e-mail the first time without it, but then I sent it to you in another one.....LOL. ;-D

Adrienne said...

the pens did a commercial with Verizon?

Anonymous said...


FritoWill said...

I have lived on the Simpsons my whole life. Besides my wife would kill me if i didn't watch the show simply because she is a human Simpsons almanic.

Try me, any question i bet she can answer.

If it wasn't for a show like the simpsons... Family guy and American dad wouldn't have been invented...Period!

I'd give my left nut for playoff tickets!!!!

karri said...

Adrienne...Verizon wireless has a commercial where a kind of pathetic guy is on the bench wearing a jersey with a Pens logo on it...guys are getting checked in front of him...changing lines...jumping over the boards...commenter says..."You wouldn't make it in the NHL..." Then they talk about watching it on v-cast. No Pens were in the commercial, except on the shows Malkin scoring a goal.

rachel said...

Mad Max: My Two Dads Edition, haha! Staal makes one hot lady ;)

Photoshops better be up tomorrow...

~tiffany~ said...

Haha......doesn't he have nice legs?? ;-) I wish I had a better photoshop program to change their skin color. If I can change it on the program I have, I don't know how. (I have Paintshop Pro.) This was my first attempt at it, but I have a couple more ideas. They won't be done for a while, though. So I can send them in later.

Steve said...

Simpson Qustion:

What state are they in?

♥tiffany♥ said...

P.S. Jon, the picture was in honor of your idea.

And thanks Staffers!!! I'm sooooo psyched you put it up there. *ٮ* I can't stop smiling....can't wait for the photoshop expo tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

I love the lack of ability to meet a deadline. awesome.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

My girlfriend says the Simpsons are in Kentucky.

FritoWill said...

The Simpsons have never came out and said what state they are from. The creator picked Springfield because it was the most popular town.

The is the reason all the towns in the US are trying to get the early premere for the new movie so they can be the home of the Simpsons.

FritoWill's wife

Staff said...

We are awful was deadlines.
Tomorrow morning though.
Bet Mark Eatons life on it they will be up

FritoWill said...

you better not ruin the playoffs with that statement

rachel said...

Tiff, I can't wait to see the rest when you make them... I'm working on a Staal one :)

tiffany said...

Oooooh....I definitely can't wait to see your Staal pic then...hehe.

Anonymous said...

Springfield, Illinois?


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