Saturday, March 3, 2007

Helter Skelter

Everyone has been talking recently about the lunacy with which New Jersey Devil Cam Janssen plays the game of hockey.

Friday night, his hit on Tomas Kaberle was the biggest cheap shot of the year since Ovechkin hit Daniel Briere back in December.
Rumor has it Janssen had a copy of "Catcher In The Rye" stuffed down his hockey pants.

It looks like Kaberle is going to be all right.
He was taken to nearby Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Toronto opinions on the hit:


Dr. Rey of Dr. 90210 and Hurricane coach Peter Laviolette
-- Courtesy of Brett Paranzino


1 Gretzky record down.
60 to go.

Nice helmet, Wayne.
I had a helmet like that when I was younger.
But then my dad got a job.


Tons of huge games tonight in the new NHL and tons with huge implications for the Pens:

First off, here are the standings as of 1:00 PM Saturday

Montreal vs. Boston : Root for both teams to kill each other. Montreal is reeling, and Boston may be done.
AO vs. The Islanders- Go Caps Go!
Florida vs Tampa- If Tampa loses, it's a great thing.
Toronto vs Buffalo - Biggest game of the year for the Maple Leafs. No one is catching Buffalo, so root for them to win.

St. Louis plays the Rangers. The Rangers are done.


If you missed the "Georges Laraque: In My Own Words" last night, you missed a tearjerker.

BGL makes his Mellon Arena debut Sunday afternoon.

Pensblog friend Derek Ausk sent this along for a t-shirt idea:

Go Pens.


Justin said...

i must admit, when i first heard they were interested in gary roberts, i hated it, but now after seeing him play 2 games, i like what he brings
his style of play is what they thought they were gonna get out of leclair, except roberts doesnt move around like hes 100

yeah said...

random piece of info that I found kind of amusing.

Sidney Crosby - 27 goals
Jordan Staal - 26 goals

(Yes, I do realize that Sid is more of a play maker, but I still find it amusing.)

Charlemagne said...

Amusing indeed, but it is also hilarious, knee-slapping and tear-jerking as well.

Great Blog

TheGuyFromPgh said...

I can't stand Janssen, he's a big shit for brains who might as well trade in his stick for 2X4. That hit was aweful, even tho dude should have kept his head up..

How about when the announcer said "Im not saying Cam does that, (All the time)". funny stuff


Jon said...

About that Janssen hit, the hardest thing was listening to the anouncers. "not that Cam does that" (dishing out late hits), he paused, "all the time..." Then it took dude forever to realize that Kaberle smashed his head on the boards. And he called it a "borderline" play. As an announcer, there is being a homer, but that was rediculous.

On the bright side, at least Kaberle got to listen to some nice organ music as he lay there in a heap.

And I do believe Lemieux had some input as to who Shero should pursue at the deadline. It is still his hockey team after all, so I wasn't as against Roberts joining us as some other people were.

Steph said...

That Kaberle hit was disgusting - but I bet Toronto will think twice about scratching their hired goon Belak next time. (Kaberle's out 1-2 weeks by the way, so it's good to see that a horrid cheap shot that didn't even get a call despite being clearly awful might be what dashes their playoff hopes...thanks Cam Janssen. Damn.)

Anonymous said...

janssen has been suspended 3 games for that hit, and will miss the game against the pens on thursday

Steph said...

To update, since they just corrected themselves during the game against Buffalo, Kaberle might actually be out for the rest of the season, and they're saying they no longer have any timeframe on him.

tiffany said...

I was extremely depressed after the game yesterday, and I still am. I never thought that the Pens losing a hockey game could affect my emotions THAT much. By quoting you, though, "It's great to have it back."

I noticed that too--about Sid and Jordan. Even though Sid's got 71 assists and Jordan's got 8, that's still pretty awesome that their goal total is so close. BTW, I hope Jordan passes Eric in the goal scoring department, considering they're tied at the moment.

I totally agree with you about the Kaberle hit, and thanks for the update on how he's doing. That's such a shame he's hurt THAT bad.

And Anonymous,
THANK YOU soooooo much for the information on Janssen. His 3 day suspension makes the whole situation a little bit better. At least he won't be there to cripple any Penguins on Thursday (without a fear of getting a penalty).

Justin said...

since the pens cant find a reliable "finisher" for sid, i dont know why therien doesnt put him out there with a couple of "bangers" a few shifts per game
they can make him some space, he can do the rest

tiffany said...

"...the Canes get a goal from Scott Walker's Nose. Look at that thing. It was one of the three stars tonight."

That line made me laugh and forget, for the time being, that the Pens lost. Oh, and I was wondering what it was that Yeo put in his mouth. Wasn't sure if it was gum or antacids...
And as much as I love every one of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I do think it's time that Ouellet sits out for a little while and Petrovicky replaces him. I'm with you Tee.

Poor Recchi and Roberts, but that IS a pretty clever line. They're in much better shape than my dad, though....haha. (I love you daddy.) =)
And thanks for posting that ESPN article. I liked it....naughty, naughty Malkin. ;P

Fellow commentors,
Thanks for the Ryan Whitney update. I've been kinda worried about him for at least a week now. He just didn't seem himself, but hopefully he'll feel better soon.

P.S. Love the picture of Charles Manson/Cam Janssen. He's definitely one crazy MF-er and didn't look concerned whatsoever about Kaberle. Real class act...jerk.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I like the line combos you've suggested. Someone needs to let Michel Therrien in on this. (Maybe he'll read this before the game.)

I totally understand...have been down since the game too.


Anonymous said...

can't wait for the Philly game tomorrow. i have a good feeling the Penguins will make it 8-0 on the season vs. the flyers.

here's hoping sid reaches 100 on the season also.

tiffany said...

Anticipating the game tomorrow too, and I hope they crush Philly. Besides the fact that it would be nice for a season sweep over the Flyers, they just REALLY need the two points.

In other hockey news, though, here are the wins and losses of the crucial games today (in case anyone wants to know):

Boston beat Montreal 3-1 (Yay!!)

Islanders beat Caps 6-2 (Bugger!!)

Florida beat Tampa Bay 6-2 (Yay!!)

Buffalo beat Toronto 3-1 (Double Yay!!)

NY Rangers beat St. Louis 3-2
(Jagr scored in the shootout.)

Staff said...

Yea Tiff that is a pretty good night for playoff implications.
Montreal is fading.

No post tonight, we are trying to catch our breath before this March really starts heating up.

Huge game tomorrow.

seth said...

am i the only one who cant stand that they have the pens logo from the mid 90s? i hate that logo

Kyle said...

I agree Seth, that logo is horrible. On a similar note, check out They've been doing a Jersey ranking lately and did a huge Penguins write up that included a lot from the Jean Claude Van Damme classic "Sudden Death". I've got to get that DVD. I was really glad when they went back to the old Penguin with the stick, but I miss the yellow and black.

Tiffany, I am sure that I was just as depressed after that loss. I think we need to get Scuderi some smaller skates so the puck doesnt always find them on the way to the goal. It seems I always hear Mike Lange saying "It got deflected off of Scuderi's skate." Though, I guess it's not fair to blame that entirely. Geno's got to find the net. Seems like forever since his last goal. Stastny is catching up to him stats wise. We seem to need that extra goal a lot, and i'm sure, for a while to come.

Go pens. Sweep those bastards from Philly.

tiffany said...

"...the Jean Claude Van Damme classic "Sudden Death."

Kyle, haha...I love that movie too. I actually know at least one guy that was in the audience (at the Mellon Arena) during the making of it. Looking back I wish I could've gone, but I was too young. Thanks for the link to that site also--they had me laughing. is my home, though. :D

Now for a quick change of subject:

"I think we need to get Scuderi some smaller skates so the puck doesn't always find them on the way to the goal." -- funny :)

Scuderi giving the other team a goal, because of his skates, IS unfortunately becoming a habit of his. Repeating what you said, though, I don't want to put the blame soley on him. I'm sure he felt just as bad as we did, probably worse. Hopefully he can learn to avoid those situations and be fresh, like the rest of the team, during the game against Philly.

~Let's go Pens!!!

Justin said...

maybe they should switch scuderi to forward, maybe he could kick some pucks into the oppostions net.......lord knows he cant shoot them, because he seems to clam up when hes supposed to be shooting

John said...

Where is the best place to get a Penguins' Jersey? Online? What site? Or is there a good store?

Jon said...

check ebay, they have tons on there. I even just bought the beautiful 1977 Pens jersey for 77 bucks...and tiff, no problem on the espn article i posted, i knew all yinz would get a kick out of it (i'm glad somebody liked my top-line name hehe)

Jon said...
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Jon said...

holy hell it's gonna be one of those games...

Kyle said...

Well that was a shit first period. Way to go Therrien. You talk about how they need to stay out of the box and then mouth off to the refs to get an unsportsmanlike. keep setting that example.....

Jon said...

Roberts is a beast

Anonymous said...

I, like Tiff, liked your "My Two Dads" line name. Cute. Also thanks for the article from ESPN - rock stars, huh...interesting. And Roberts is a definitely a beast!

Is anyone annoyed with NBC for not showing the Power Play minutes like everyone else is able to? I turned on the radio to hear Lange/Bourque call the game with the sound down on the TV.


Jon said...
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Jon said...

that little yellow line is annoying the crap outta me...they could at least have it get smaller as time runs out or something. I tried finding the pens broadcast on the X website, but can't find it. ARGGHHHH

And alas, it looks like it might have been short lived. The Roberts, Christensen duo is looking good

Will said...


Jon said...


rachel said...


tiffany said...

Unbelievable game...again!! Roberts 1st goal as a Pen; Christensen looking like it was no big deal when he scored goal #2; and that sweet, little hand motion by Christensen as he gets goal #3.

Can't believe Crosby got another shootout goal either! (Sheer justice after the premature whistle by the refs, robbing Sid of a goal earlier.) And one more thing.....a season sweep over the frickin' Flyers!!!

Wooooo hooooo!!!!!!!

rachel said...

Tiff, the refs took Sid's goal away because they said he played it before with a hi-stick...

Sweep over the Flyers just made my week! 8-0

Roberts had his first goal as a Pen at his first home game! Christensen was amazing tonight! I liked how everyone threw their hats on the ice after his SO goal even though it doesn't count as a hat trick! I think he has the most serious expression of anyone that scores, haha! MAF has just become money on shootouts!

Sweep 8-0!!

thomes08 said...

never thought we'd sweep the flyers!


what happened with crosby's non goal? my mom was in town so i couldn't listen to the game on the radio and NBC was showing det/col i only caught OT and the SO

Christina said...

8-0 vs the jagoffs this season. fucking sweet.

Anonymous said...

Crosby caught the puck out of the air with his stick when Malkin, carrying the puck into the Philadelphia zone, had it tipped away by Hatcher. He then shot the puck into the goal past Biron.
The ref called no goal because he said Crosby hit the puck with a high stick at 19:20 in the third period. (Game tied 2-2 at this point.)



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