Sunday, March 4, 2007

Elite 8. PENS WIN.

4 - 3


Trap Game (n.) - A game in which you could easily get jobbed if you are already looking past it.

You had a bad feeling about this game before it even started.
For one, NBC's cameras were mud, and the puck seemed to keep disappearing the whole game. Secondly, everyone had to wake up 4 hours earlier than normal just to see it.
You were probably brushing your teeth when Mike York scored a goal off a jobber rebound.


No worries.
Tara Reid takes a penalty, and Sid springs Recchi loose on the ensuing powerplay.
Recchi forgets what to do on a breakaway and Biron just blows the puck from his crease.
Sid then flies into the net. It looked like he got shot out of that big slingshot that the Pens cheerleaders use between periods.

NBC apparently doesn't find it necessary to show the power play clock for the entire game.

After that, you just knew the Pens probably wouldn't get a better chance on the power play...and they didn't. MAF morphs into Tom Barrasso and gives up an awful goal on another stupid bounce.

Picture: Derian Hatcher's wife throws up in excitement after the Flyers scored.

The verdict may still be out on this one, but Brett Hull, who is an absolute tool, says that the goal is absolute garbage. There's got to be someone out there who used to play in the NHL that can better express what they know about hockey for 20 minutes every weekend on NBC.

If I were NBC, I'd hire Petr Klima's anus before Brett Hull.

The refs decide that they're going to take this game into their own hands.
The Pens manage to kill 22 consecutive 5-on-3 advantages. Momentum swing?

The announcers make a point to say that Therrien is shuffling the lines by playing Crosby and Malkin together after the power play.
Pens fans everywhere are likely screaming at the TV at that point, knowing that anyone who has watched a single game this year knows that Therrien always follows penalties with Crosby, Malkin, and Recchi.

Some back and forth play and then good things started happening. The Flyers get a penalty.

Gary Roberts gets that goal you knew he'd be getting when the Pens traded for him. Posted up in front of the net.

You got to hope Gary Roberts iced his back after the game.
It had to hurt after carrying the team on Sunday.

It's a game again.

Seven minutes after that, Christensen makes an appearance.

BOOM! Tied.

Roberts was the number-one star at this point in the game.
Christensen apparently has a girl in the stands he looks to as he celebrates his goal.

It's great that Christensen is playing center on the second power-play unit which has been seeing serious ice time as of late.
How is that Jordan Staal can score 26 goals and not find a consistent spot on the top two power-play units?

Oh yeah, how could we forget:

What you can't see in this picture are the faces of Michel Therrien and Michel Ouellet.

Sid makes a ridiculous play to score, but it was called back immediately because he had high-sticked (high-stuck?) the puck earlier. Ehh.

Laraque almost gets through on a breakaway, but it fizzles out.
If he scores, the Mellon Arena roof literally would have blown off and fell on Jake Wheatley's house.
How long before Laraque gives interviews on the bench, previewing his shifts?

The Flyers finally score a real goal.
It looked like an awesome 3-on-2 play, but then after countless replays, we see that Mark Recchi decided he would coast back into the defensive zone.

Rex is great, but his play over the past few games has been lacking.
No points and a -2 since his 5-point game on Long Island.

" Hey, assholes, I'm 39. Relax. "

With time winding down,
Ouellet makes an appearance and dumps it in nicely for Sidney Roberts.
He punches it to Ouellet, who then finds EC in front of the net.


Overtime came and went with only a few heart-stopping moments.
We have the most talented selection of players to put on the ice on a 3-on-3 situation.
But it still scares the shite out of you.

Crusher up first. $$$. 1-0.
Rozey Rozicka up for the Flyers. Fleury shows some swagger.

Geno can't get anything going on his try.
Upshall comes in. He was a thorn in the Pens' side all game.

Still 1-0.

The Kid is up. Biron shouldn't have pissed him off earlier.


  • Sidney Roberts: 1 G, 2 A
  • Evgeni Christensen: 2 G, plus the shoot-out goal.
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • Fleury: 31 saves and another perfect game in the shootout.
  • Sid: 3 shoot-out winners this season. Clutch.
  • Derian Hatcher is still a goon.
  • Gary Roberts is a one man wrecking crew.
  • Georges Laraque can play hockey.
  • The Flyers still suck.
  • How does NBC not make sure they have a power play graphic working? That's a joke.
  • Quiznos smear campaign on Subway is a joke.
  • Biron learned not to job Crosby. We all remember when he was yelling at Sid earlier in the game on the mic'd up segment. Biron = Owned.


Here we come, Canada.


thomes08 said...

bi games comming up.... haven't said that before.


how did MT get a penalty???

Will said...

I hate subway!!!

I hate Philly!!!

I hate NBC!!!

I hate Ed Randell!!!

But I love explanation marks!!!!

Anonymous said...

On, it said "Abuse of official".


Anonymous said...

derian hatcher's wife.

lol wow

Anonymous said...

recchi is 39

Staff said...

good call

Doppler said...

These overtime games are going to give me a heart attack. The stress is too much, but boy do I love watching the Pens play.

NBC coverage of most sports sucks, especially hockey.

Brett Hull sounds like a politician, flip flop, no point and never really answers the question. Maybe they will use him to do news coverage for next years presidental conventions.

I never thought I would never see someone worse than Magic Johnson commentating on a sport they used to play.

Anonymous said...

After the Pens had been called for 4 penalties:
1. Penalty to Josef Melichar 2 minutes for Interference Lasse Kukkonen at 3:26
2. Penalty to Jarkko Ruutu 2 minutes for Holding Denis Gauthier at 8:26
3. Penalty to Sergei Gonchar 2 minutes for Hooking Simon Gagne at 16:35
4. Penalty to Jordan Staal 2 minutes for Hooking Darren Reid at 18:02 (most questionable)

When no penalty was called on Philadelphia with about 50 seconds left in the first, MT said a few choice words to the a..hole official who in turn called a 2 minute Bench Penalty for Abuse of Official at 19:32.

After the penalty is called, MT said on the bench, "F-ing bunch of f-ing c..k suckers!"

Absolutely funny, yet ridiculous call!


Anonymous said...

The only good thing about games on NBC is that they are in HD, and they even managed to screw that one up today by just not doing it...

hyzdufan said...

Quizno's subs are $2-3 more than Subway's subs. No wonder theres...


seth said...

Pittsburgh Penguins - 2
Month of March - 1

D Fresh said...

Been reading the site for a few months now and all I can say is good stuff, good stuff.

Regarding the NBC announcers, maybe we just got spoiled growing up in Pittsburgh with some great play by play men. I had to move up to Buffalo for a job last May and if I end up watching a Sabres game, I wanna puncture my ear drums with a q-tip.

Quiznos sucks and ducks eat for free at Subway.

Derek said...

I am Subway loyalist. It got me through college.

Quizblows is mud

Staff said...

the first mitch hedberg reference.

i cant believe it's taken this long hahaha

Anonymous said...

Big question for you guys, do the Heatley jokes unretire for a night?

Derek said...

hahah No way there is a 99.6 % chance Heatley jokes are retired

Adam said...

0.4% chance of Heatley returning.

We're just gonna wait for another NHL player to murder one of his teammates.

If we would play Ottawa in a certain tournament-like format later this year, Heatley would be un-retired just to piss off Ottawa fans.

Anonymous said...

Like the stat Seth!


tiffany said...

"If he scores, the Mellon Arena roof literally would have blown off and fell on Jake Wheatley's house."

Staff, I love that line about Laraque AND the combination of names--Sidney Roberts and Evgeni Christensen...haha. Oh, and what the heck is up with NBC?!?! They said that Crosby is 18 yrs. old, had 96 pts., and they didn't show the power play (like you said).

Rachel & Karri,
Thanks for your comments on Sid's non-goal. I went back and looked at my tape, and the blade of his stick just barely went above his shoulders. Very close call by the refs...I missed it before.
BTW Karri, I noticed that with Therrien too...hehe. It's always so funny to me when you see the team swear, even though you don't hear it. :D I like to look for that kinda stuff in the games when I can.

Doppler, I was thinking the same thing about the Pens giving me a heart attack (but loving it at the same time). And Brett Hull's getting on my nerves too. He just should NOT be an announcer.

Anonymous said...

from what i hear, good thing i was at the Igloo 2day and dint have to subject myself to the joke that is NHL on NBC.

great atmosphere in the igloo 2day, after the 1st period.


Anonymous said...

while sitting the the parking lot waiting to get out, my friends and i were listening to the X and this is what we think a call said:"

"Hey Burquey, ah, I just got back from State College in time to hear the game and I was just wondering, I bet you have one of those tiny white boy dicks huh?"

"Ahh, okay."

anybody want to confirm? if not we are sticking to that haha.

also yea, great game today. glad i was there and didnt have to suffer through NBC

"watson sucks"

Justin said...

"i dont lie, i dont whine, i dont come through with the game on the line"

Shanna said...

NBC sucks! They didnt get a thing right. You'd think that before broadcast a partially national game, they'd at least check to make sure they have all their shit working right, make sure they have their stats right(Sid 18yrs old and 96pts) and the announcers cant even tell the difference between Ruutu and Laraque.They must be color blind or something.

Anyway I was so excited about Sid's goal that wasnt that I almost fell off the couch. But then I was let down and I wanted to cry, it was a ticky-tacky call but then I realized there was a very small high-stick. Whatever

Philly=offically owned.
Go PENS!!!

Justin said...

they also had up that the pens play atlanta on tuesday instead of ottawa...evidently hull and ferraro do the stats and graphics for nbc too, figuring that since they played they obviously know more than everyone else...

i was so sick of that skank in the quiznos commercial and her sexual innuendo about women needing "more meat" *pukes*

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm new to hockey and the Pens. Could someone explain what happened in the penalty to Fleury? I've never seen anything like that before (and far be it for NBC to clarify anything that happened in that game).



Anonymous said...

That "picture" of Mike Ouellet and Coach holding hands is heartwarming.

Adam said...

We were all pretty stunned...because it's such a rare penalty.

But a goalie can't leave his crease and cover the puck up ( trying to get a whistle. )

I'm guessing the ref made the right call.

tiffany said...

A tribute to The Pensblog’s title of the February 8th Pens/Flyers 5-4 win and recap. Considering the Pens’ sweep of the Flyers this season, this also goes out to all of you (former) Flyer’s fans...

The Puck-bunny Dolls - Don’t Cha

See, I know you like ‘em (I know you like ‘em)
I know you do (I know you do)
That’s why whenever you come around you’re all over them
And I know you want ‘em (I know you want ‘em)
It's easy to see (it's easy to see)
And in the back of your mind
You know you should be cheerin’ with me

Don’t cha wish your hockey team was hot like ours?
Don’t cha wish your hockey team were freaks like ours?
Don’t cha, don’t cha?
Don’t cha wish your hockey team was raw like ours? (raw)
Don’t cha wish your hockey team was fun like ours? (big fun)
Don’t cha, don’t cha?

Don’t fight the feelin’ (don’t fight the feelin’)
Or leave it alone (or leave it alone)
Cause if you ain’t in love
With this team, then you better just stay at home
Let's keep it friendly (let's keep it friendly)
You have to play fair (you have to play fair)
See, you don’t care if you hurt ‘em
But if you do, Laraque‘ll do more than glare


We know they’re on your mind
You know they have a good time
They’re all friends
They’re fun
And they’re fine
We ain’t lyin’
Look at ‘em, shoot, you ain’t blind (x2)

See, I know you love them (I know you love them)
I understand (I understand)
I'd probably be just as crazy about them
If I were Flyer’s fans
Maybe next season (maybe next season)
Possibly (possibly)
Until then, old friends you’re secret is safe with me (hot)


Anonymous said...

Who does that guy in the Quizno's commercial who says he would walk 6 blocks for a Quizno's sandwich even if he was right in front of a Subway think he's fooling? That fatass wouldn't even get off his couch to go get a sandwich out of the refrigerator.

rachel said...

Kari, I just started cracking up when I read MT's lips after that call, haha!

Tiff, glad to help! I'm glad I'm not the only one that looks to see the players swearing! That song is great and just made this day even better, haha!

Jay, I definitely heard that caller say that to Bourque. I wasn't sure if I imagined that or not either.

"i dont lie, i dont whine, i dont come through with the game on the line"
Great line... Biron sucks!

Anonymous said...

Wow Tiff...a lot of work went into that!

And Rachel, it is funny to read lips.


Anonymous said...

Great Tiffany!!

Adam said...

Glorious, Tiffany :-)

thomes08 said...

I usually like NBC cause that means i get to actually watch the pens play but they screwed me with the Det/Col game today so i just went out to lunch.

Anyone know where i can see the crosby non-goal. Sounds like it was sweet even though it didn't count. I'd like to see it.

Also, what were the line combo's tonight? I think i read on here earlier that roberts and EC were on a line together, or was that just the PP? Anyways, i hope something happens so our number 1 line can score as well as our others. Seems like when our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines are scoring our 1st is in a big slump. Hope it can get evened out soon.



tiffany said...

Yay!! I was hoping people would like it... :)

Thanks for the clarification on the Fleury penalty by the way. Good to know.

thomes08 said...


NJ just lost 4-1 to Boston.

Take that brody

rachel said...

Thomes, The line combos started at like this...
staal - crosby - recchi
roberts - malkin - ouellet
malone - talbot - armstrong
laraque - christensen - ruutu
But then Therrien switched them up and with all the power plays and penalty kills everything got switched up... Christensen, Roberts, and Ouellet were on the 2nd PP unit though also. At one point the lines seemed to be this...
malkin - crosby - recchi
roberts - christensen - ouellet
malone - talbot - armstrong
laraque - staal - ruutu
I'm not exactly positive on all this though.

Tiff, your songs are always great!

Geeves said...


yeah. roberts-ec-ouellet ewas just for the #2 PP (and then later when MT wanted to move malkin up to generate some offense)

tiffany said...

They're about to talk about the Pens game today on FSN and the headline is "The Pen Is Mightier."

Hahahahaha........"I'll take the penis mightier." :D

thomes08 said...

oh btw, i'm liking roberts a whole lot so far. Can't beleive what a beast he is out there.

I like the Pen is Mightier headline. Wish i could get FSN pittsburgh, i have to deal with sportscenter and the 2 minutes of hockey hightlights every night (of the 10 minutes of sports highlights total.... seriously, remember when they used to show just sports highlights???)


Kyle said...

Kick-ass song tiffany, and great Connery catch there. I gotta agree that Brett Hull sucks. I like how he has been complaining about his face time and he demanded more. HAHAHA. Douche. Pretty much everything about NBC sucked ass today. Living in New Hampshire, I dont get to see many Pens games on TV; but when I do, i want them to be GOOD. I thought my HD was on the fritz, but I guess they didnt bother doing it at all. Just lazy. All in all, I guess it doesnt matter since they won. Too bad Ottawa got a point today...

Go Pens!

thomes08 said...

Hahahahaha........"I'll take the penis mightier." :D

oh, nowwwwwww I get it! ha

tiffany said...

Ok guys, if any of you happen to see this post tonight and want to see what I was talking about in my previous post, I think they're gonna repeat "FSN Final Score" at 1:00 and 1:30 am.

If you care enough, then just keep your eye on the right side of the screen, since things keep getting bumped up after they're discussed. I'm almost positive they talk about a bunch of basketball stuff before they move along to hockey. You'll know when they'll be talking about the Pens soon when you see on the right side, "Sidney Crosby."

They show the headline so briefly, though, when they talk about what's coming up after the commercial break. Something is before the Pens, and then they show the headline, "The Pen Is Mightier."

If you don't wanna waste your time and precious hours of sleep, I completely understand. ;)

tiffany said...

Thomes08, you poor thing. No FSN, just SportsCenter.....I feel for you. ;(
And about the whole "I'll take the penis mightier" thing, I just love SNL Celebrity Jeopardy. And when I saw that, I couldn't believe it.

Kyle, haha....thanks for the lovin! ;) I feel really bad for you too, though, since you don't get to watch a lot of Pens hockey games from where you live.
And I, like the rest of us, hope NBC can get their act together soon. It's just disgraceful the way they consistently have the wrong information about ALL of the hockey teams.

Jeff said...

Yesss! My graphic made the top of the Pensblog! I'm moving up in the world!

- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Fuck it...

Mario Lemieux... Ed Rendell...

If you two smart guys can't get us a fucking arena I'm going outside and killing puppies!!

You don't want to be responsible for me killing puppies, do you?!?!!?


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