Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Don't Give Up. PENS WIN.

5 - 4


After being continuously punched in the vas deferens for the last 24 hours, we could finally relieve our minds by watching some Pens hockey.

And we got some great news early:
The impossible relationship was finally ended.

"I just don't know how to quit you."

So, with a new-look lineup, the Pens welcomed back Nils Ekman.

And early on, the Pens came out flying.

They were rewarded with a Colby Armstrong goal that gave the Pens a hollow lead.
Coming out in Canada and silencing the Senators fans? That's clutch.

Almost as clutch as Kurt Russell landing that plane at the end of "Executive Decision."

So we're feeling good.
Everything going nice.
Ottawa doesn't even manage a shot on goal for the first eight minutes.

Then, everything collapses faster than Nelly's music career:

BGL gets called for being black.
Sens score.
The defense falls asleep.
Sens score.
MAF falls asleep.
Sens score.


Pens Fans = Stunned.


The second period started, and we found Thibault in net.
Chalk this one up as a W for Ottawa.
Go watch "House" and come back in the third period.

Four minutes into the second, Dany Heatley squeaks one past the Thibault.
And that was it for the second period.
Nothing else happened.
Crosby was talking more "trash" then Oscar the Grouch tonight.


The third period began, and we were all waiting for another Ottawa goal to put the final nail in the coffin.

It didn't happen.

We all thought the main highlight of the game was going to be us getting the chance to watch the Canadian gold-medal glass-replacement team in action.

The Pens watching the ladder man flying on his skates seemingly reminded them how to skate.

A mere minute after the glass is replaced, Jordan Staal brings his one-man show to Ottawa.
His 64th short-handed goal of the year.

Jordan Staal's dad as a one-man band. It's in the blood.

Okay. 4-2.
Should be interesting, but Ottawa will score real quick, right?

Less than two minutes after Staal's goal, Christensen takes full advantage of a dumb play by Mike Comrie.
He steals the puck and goes in with Gary Lemieux on a semi 2-on-1.

Get Roberts some Advil.
His back and shoulders have to be killing him.

4-3. Wow. Could it be?

But wait.
A minute after that, Staal uses the Bunyan to get the puck over to Malone.
Malone closes in.
The puck comes flying out of the net faster than you can say goal.

Shades of the Capitals game earlier in the season.
Okay. 4-4.
Keep the composure.

The next time the puck went into the Pens zone, you looked at Thibault with a curious eye.
You all of a sudden remembered a couple of big saves Thibault made to keep the deficit 4-1.

The rest of the third period was pretty rudimentary.
Ottawa kept coming, but the Pens defense really start clamping down.

A good team will be able to shift from cruise-control mode to score a goal at home to re-take the lead, but Ottawa couldn't do it.
Actually, a good team would never go into cruise-control mode in the first place.

Overtime came and went without a hitch.
One or two close calls on Thibault, but he was money tonight.
The overtime clock ticks to all zeroes.

Dany Heatley comes in first on Thibault.
Heatley put more effort into the pre-shot laps. 0-0.

Christensen comes down and does the move. Goal. 1-0 Good Guys.
"Money in the bank" - Paul Steigerwald.

Vermette is next for Ottawa.
Thibault flops like a frog and robs him.

Here comes Malkin with a chance to win.
He attends the Heatley school of shootouts.

McCammond is next for the Sens. Goal. This isn't happening.
Thibault is beside himself.

Big 87 hops over the bench. Scratches his mouth with his glove, bites his lower lip, and looks at the scoreboard for no reason at all.
He's standing at center ice, knowing he is the best player on Earth.
Standing center ice in the capital city of Canada.
He comes down on Emery and makes him look terrible.


  • Crosby: Only plays in shootouts.
  • Staal: 1 G, 1 A (Rookie record for shorties.)
  • Thibault: Very interesting.
  • Shots: SENS ( 23 ) PENS ( 27 )
  • Powerplays: SENS ( 2 for 46 ) PENS ( 0 for 4 )
  • Amidst all the arena garbage, Penguins fans come out in droves to an away game in Ottawa. What exactly does that tell outsiders about Pittsburgh Penguins hockey?
  • Danny Potash, a confirmed reader of The Pensblog, interviews Heatley during the second intermission. Were Heatley jokes swirling around in his head? Probably not, but it's still fun to imagine.
  • Jordan Staal -- Yet another momentum-shifting goal for the Pens. What a hockey player.
  • Hopefully, the Pens go on another streak. Why? 'Cause maybe then Ouellet will go the way of Thorburn and be held out of the lineup.
  • You don't miss Thorburn, but then again, you do.
  • We must again touch upon that glass-changing crew in the third. Pens down 4-1. Errey and Steigy were delirious, just trying to find something to laugh about. Gotta give it up to them. It's been a long road for them, but Pens fans are warming up to them.
  • Nils Ekman turned in an awful performance. 2 penalties and on the ice for at least one Senators goal. You almost asked where Michel Ouellett was........Almost.
  • Georges Laraque has more points than Crosby and Malkin in our last three wins. Good for now, but this can't keep up if we're going to push deep into the playoffs.

Stunning reports coming in from (who else?) TSN.

A meeting will be held later this week in Pittsburgh involving all the interested parties, including NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, whose presence would appear to be two fold.

The first - to implore the various levels of government to close the deal to keep the pens in Pittsburgh. But second - to make sure the Penguins' ownership isn't getting greedy with a lucrative Kansas City deal in their back pocket


Rendell speaks

Penguins play at home the next three games.
Are the stars aligning?

Get it done.

Stay PENS.


hyzdufan said...

Unreal. Surreal. Wow.

That cheered me up a great deal.

Teej said...

Gunnar Stahl - game-changer. No more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

Big 87 hops over the bench. Scratches his mouth with his glove, bites his lower lip, and looks at the scoreboard for no reason at all.
He's standing at center ice, knowing he is the best player on Earth.
Standing center ice in the capital city of Canada.
He comes down on Emery and makes him look terrible.

you know, you guys are so funny all of the time, but this was actually really well done, in a serious tone.

but really, amazing win, dare i say game of the year.

crosby's shootout winner number five (?!?) on sportscenter top plays.

Joshua said...

Freakin A' guys.

Id admit I kinda gave up but never stopped watching. I have learned my lesson. This arena shizz is getting real hot....after reading some articles on TSN I am still convinced the team is going no where.


Anonymous said...

Awe Man!Whoa! When Sid scored, I shot both arms up in the air and screamed like a mad man. It feels damn good to be a Pens fan right now! I've missed the times when the losses make you incredibly low and where every win is better than the next.

How bout dem Pens!

thomes08 said...

seriously this team can't be moving. It would take some serious errors on all parts to give this team up.

Great game. Lange when sid won it had a tone in his "he shoots and scores" that gave me chills.

Hug win.

Good news for people who don't get FAN Pittsburgh. The next game thursday against the devils will be on HDnet. Too bad the announcers are the worst you'll ever here. But who cares you get to watch the pens hopefully not get shut out 1-0.

I mean, is there anything worse than watching a pens loss to the devils?

Does anyone anywhere even like them?

get arena deal done now.


Anonymous said...

"Don't Give Up. PENS WIN." -- What a great title for the game tonight. I would've given up last year, even 4 or 5 months ago, but...this team since January has made me believe they can win under the most unlikely circumstances. I love this team.

And Rendell, what a putz! They need to duct tape his mouth shut at that meeting and let the others do the negotiating.


Alex said...

Anyone else see the resemblence of Lennox Lewis in BGL
not only do they look and talk alike but theyre both "heavyweight champs"

Anonymous said...

a true penguin fan knows that all hope is lost when 5secs are left on the clock and the score is 5-1.

its proven the penguins can come back when they look like they are done for the night.

captials: 4-0. come back and win 5-4 SO
senators: 4-1. come back and win 5-4 SO

um, political coincidence?
maybe the 3rd win will be a new arena.


seth said...

Pittsburgh Penguins - 3
Month of March - 1

AJ said...

Nice recap. I was hoping that the sniper photo would make another appearance after the shoot out... guess it has gone the way of the Heatly Team Bus pic. E.C. is still money.

Rendell will meet with the NHL to block a Pens move... nice try Fast Eddy, I still didn't vote for you. Douche.

Andrew said...

i was about ready to turn it off after it went to 4-1. then i remember they seem to do this a lot and gave them one more goal til i changed it. good thing i did... what a comeback. also, BGL seemed to play on all 4 lines tonight. and get ekman back out of there... that guy is terrible.


rachel said...

I admit I had my doubts about the Pens winning, but after Staal's goal, I knew they were coming back... Staal scores and Pens are


I'm really starting to like having Roberts and BGL here.

Does anyone like Rendell besides Philadelphia? It's kind of like the New Jersey Devils, no one likes them.

Anonymous said...

Bob Errey once again uses reverse psychology to drive the Pens towards a win, after Heatley's goal, Errey proclaims: "I'm getting nervous here, Steigy."

T-Bo proved he can be clutch, when he wants to be.

Ekman is garbage, as is Michel Omlet, I'd bring Thorburn back in a heartbeat.

Hopefully Gary B. can settle the score and get the deal done.

Melichar was money tonight, i think Scuderi is on his way out once Eaton comes back.

The comeback kids strike again. What a game.


Anonymous said...

what do NHL refs have against the Pens??

skinRevenge said...

Great Game, Great Comeback...

MAF's confidence???

I know thibeault won't be able to hold up if we make the playoffs. Maybe he's getting too comfortable after that heartwarming segment about his new house? Could i care less?

tiffany said...

Staff, once again, amazing post. I can't really list any specifics because I would just be quoting the whole thing. ;)

Rachel, everything you said up above I agree with. I had a bad feeling because of the first 2 periods also (still watching, though). Then Jordan scores and I was like, 'Oh my gosh....is it possible?? No, don't get overly confident." Then Roberts, then Malone.....and the next thing we knew, we were at the end of OT going into a shootout. Unreal.

I have to say I WAS a little leary of Thibault. But he was pretty awesome when Fleury needed some help as well as the defensemen.

Ok, so I'll quote the staff anyway:
"Thibault flops like a frog and robs him." -- I loved that quote cause I thought it was insane how Thibault landed on his stomach with his legs in the net...hehe.

tiffany said...

Melichar was definitely money tonight. It was like he was the only defenseman awake. Maybe they need to work more on defense in practice again.

And all of those penalties called on them WERE absolutely ridiculous in the 1st. It's like the refs were saying to the Sens, "Here, here's the game guys."
Oh well, I guess because of all that the Pens were pissed and came back to win it and say, "Screw you!! We won despite the fact that you don't know how to do your job."

Anonymous said...

That picture of Bettman scares the shit out of me for some reason.

Christina said...

jordan staal is a freaking machine. never in a million years did i imagine at the beginning of the season how integral he was going to be to this team down the stretch.

gotta love steigy using the "money in the bank" line. maybe danny po got him hooked on this site too??

ohh that made me very happy, and the tsn article only helped.

Anonymous said...

you have to ask yourself, where would we be without jordan staal? how many game changing goals can this kid have?

h said...

Ravenstahl aggressively pursuing the mayoral candidacy? It's the Pens or your career, dumbass.

Will said...

i didn't watch anything of this game. I listened to the third after bowling, I stopped in a gas station to take a dumb being down 4-1.

Get back in the car... its freaking 4-4. What i have now learned...take crap when game is getting out of control.

I text Adam, what the hell happened. Then call him before OT, to get some sort of my barrings straight.

Now realizing I won't make it home to see the shootout (gotta stop at Wendy's for dinner)
I pull to the window to pay for chicken nuggets as Sid tells Canada SCREW YOU for booing him.
The girl opens the window as I scream at the top of my lungs.

Best part of the night...without me calling or anything. My wife tapes the shootout for me!!!

Rico Fatastic said...

Simply, an incredible win that's much bigger than the Washington comeback. As usual, the Pens had my jaw firmly planted on the floor for the better part of two periods. They just outworked the Senators from 10:00 in the 2d 'til the end.

3 Good, 1 Bad:

Christensen and Roberts are soulmates.

Max single-handedly convinced the team to wake up and start trying when he got chippy midway through the second.

Army and T-Bo each played great games tonight.

Rex has been a non-factor, seemingly, forever.

Anonymous said...

as much as everyone here cuts up on michel omlette, the 2nd line he was on with staal and malkin was producing a bunch of points, and i agree recchi has done nothing in far too long. my lines for the upcoming week


any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by how well laraque plays the puck down low in a high cycle. I wouldn't be afraid to put him on a 3rd line. I'd like to see petro and thorburn get more ice time, but you can't dress em all

I guess it makes sense, laraques kinda huge, so if he positions his back to a player they aren't getting over or around

Bert said...

Anonymous: line suggestion, I agree. The last several games I kept saying out loud to the TV, Why is Recchi on the 1st line? He does not skate fast enough to pull players to him to free up space for Sid.

And what happened to Gonchar? He was on fire in Jan/early Feb. Now he looks like he is on cold medicine, slow, delayed reaction to keeping the puck in the offensive zone, limp resisting efforts to clear it from the defensive zone.

Great win, I admit I threw coasters at the TV while yelling at the team after it was 3-1, gave up when it was 4-1, channel surfed but came back since there was nothing better on. I'm so glad I watched the second half of the game.

I would like to see a relaxing 4-1 win from the Pens, these 1 goal games are shortening my life span.

Scott said...

on the pg it says the pens r lookin at vegas

Antonette said...

Max Talbot and Jordan Staal are something like 70% of the reason the Pens are kicking so much ass. I need to get to special ordering my Talbot jersey that I've been wanting all season ASAP.

In other news, being so sick you pass out during the middle of the second and miss everything? Fucking sucks. PensBlog makes up for it, thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Question...does Steigy have a man-crush on BGL? The other night during the Carolina game he commented on his body about 20 times.
Also, this is kind of a shitty thing to do...but after your Marty Brodeur fridge message I thought you might want to know why Rex has been "outta the game" lately. Check out his 26 year old girlfriend's page on myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfmfuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=75667011

Anonymous said...

Sorry...the myspace profile is

Ellie said...

will - i'm sitting here laughing picturing you screaming at the drive through : ) lord knows I haven't freaked out my roommates before screaming at my computer...

jordan staal = money in the bank (again!)

thibault was clutch tonight. flower needs to take a chill pill and get back to his game.

was it a caps game earlier this season did we come back in the third from? cause thats all i could think of last night during the third period.

Teej said...


I left a comment on the Igloo Dreams blog, mentioning the Pens record when Staal scores and credited you for it. I just think that's an amazing stat to keep in the back of our minds!

Anonymous said...

Smizik actually gives us a reason to read his column today. Also, the PG's sports poll today is "Would you vote against Luke Ravenstahl or Dan Onorato if the Penguins leave town?"


It's well known on the team that Rex has gfs in every city.

Anonymous said...

If the Pens leaving means the Pensblog leaving as well, I will vote FOR Ravenstaal and Onorato.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous for the Smizik article and link to the poll.

As of 11:20am

84% (3698)

16% (728)

Smizik article - http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/07066/767418-194.stm


Joshua said...

Whoa the PG came out swinging against Rendell, Onorato, and boy wonder Ravensthal. Their are also new articles on the site. Go to their mainpage to see them.

And damnit I accidently clicked "no" on that poll thinking it ment "no, I wont vote for them"

JDogg said...

If you look at that myspace page of Rex's gf... it seems that she's now Rex's Ex?

JDogg said...

Just found this on youtube... i remember reading earlier someone said how great it would have been to grow up with don cherry..


tiffany said...

Anonymous, I thought maybe it could've just been innocent fan pics on myspace, but then that last one of them in the limo, with her leaning back and his arm around her......oh boy. If they are/were together (and who really knows if there ARE other women), I guess that could be a significant factor as to why he hasn't been on his game.

Or maybe he's just tired--he is 39.......btw how DID you find that myspace page? I couldn't find Recchi's name anywhere....hmmm.

And I'm not sure about Fleury, maybe he IS too worried about his house & g/f...."Should I buy the green curtains or the blue ones?"
I love you Fleury, I just want you to come back to us..... :)

tiffany said...

Bert, I agree--
"Why is Recchi on the 1st line? He does not skate fast enough to pull players to him to free up space for Sid."
"And what happened to Gonchar? He was on fire in Jan/early Feb. Now he looks like he is on cold medicine, slow, delayed reaction to keeping the puck in the offensive zone, limp resisting efforts to clear it from the defensive zone."

Anonymous, thanks for the voting page. I voted YES (to voting for someone else if the Pens leave).

Joshua, poor guy. At least you warned others of the trickery of the question... ;)

Justin said...

i like how the pens marketing department waited til they declared an impasse to debut the NEW 07-08 season ticket deposit commercials
we should make our own commercial and send it over to them
where it goes from a picture of a worried face, to a picture of a filled out check to the pittsburgh penguins, then back to the face, then a pic of kansas city
with the tag line at the end

Anonymous said...

All of this myspace nonsense...the supposed "girlfriend"...one of her friends is "Recchistersss" at:


Who says "Who I'd like to meet: Mark Recchi" BUT, her friend is Mark Recchi at:


HELLO!!! Groupies? Fanatics?



Anonymous said...

good luck, guys!!!!

Red Anchor said...

Dammit, Adam... that channel isn't carried by Sirius online. I guess I can't hear you on there after all...


Hope someone records it.

Anonymous said...


Think about it, 39, girlfriend on myspace, three kids to a previous wife...

He has more than one lady friend, bet on it.

Staff said...

if you're on a canadian sports radio show in the forest, can anyone in america hear it?

tiffany said...

OMG!!!!! Shout out to Adam from ThePensblog.com!!

I'm listening to Ch. 186 right now.

Christina said...

TSN is reporting a meeting tomorrow in Philly with Bettman as ref...and their source says things will be decided "one way or another."


looks like tomorrow may be the big day then...i'm not one to doubt tsn's sources.

Anonymous said...

Adam...I'm listening to Hardcore - 186 also...live north of the burgh...


tiffany said...

Adam.....just close your eyes and try to breathe. Hopefully your heart rate will then calm down some. It's ok, you have supporters here. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this was posted any where else on here but the nhl is taking calls and keeping track of all the emails and phone calls they recieve and sending them to Gary Bettman and the BOG every hour.

PHONE: 212-789-2000
EMAIL: gbettman@nhl.com

people on letsgopens.com message boards are talking about it and spread the word

Scott said...

el oh el to rexs g/f's myspace...i wonder if he brings her home while jordan is there lol...speakin of myspaces get at me on my page at http://www.myspace.com/mymyspaceisdashit

Anonymous said...

Adam...GREAT JOB!!!

You were fantastic!

Because of you I know "Hardcore" will do all they can to keep the Pens in the 'burgh.



Staff said...

that was intense

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

I find it funny how you switch between different male genitalia for your expressions.


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