Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Donnie Jarkko. PENS WIN.

3 - 0


After arguably one of the more emotional 72-hour spans of our lives, the Pens played their arch-nemesis -- The New Jersey Devils.
Bring it.

Really no expectations for this game.
It definitely could've had 6-0 Devils written all over it.


MAF got a much-needed break, and Jocelyn Pietrangelo got the start.

The first period was back and forth old-time hockey.
Both goalies made some solid saves.
The ice was a complete joke.
They should've just played the game in Claude Julien's driveway.

Too bad there are always too many little boys there.

For the second straight game -- no penalties in the first period.
The first period was meaningless.

The second period got started and it was still as exciting as a game of Connect Four with your grandmother.

My grandmother dominates at Connect Four.

Finally, we got something to at least get worked up over when Cam Janssen runs Brooks Orpik.
Either Janssen doesn't know the rules or he is just so slow or he thinks he is making a good hit.
Either way, he is a homo.

Still not a lot going on, but the Pens start getting the old Lance Armstrong cycle going, and Brad Lukowich gets called for holding...and acts like he has no idea what he did.
What an ass.

On the ensuing powerplay, Mark Eaton sneezes and Sergei Gonchar falls over.
The puck flies by Gonch......

And here comes John Madden all alone from center ice.

He poops himself.
Doesn't even hit the net.

The Devils kill the power play off, though.
Minutes later, Jarkko Ruutu gets tangled up with Brad Lukowich...

Ruutu gets called for the Penalty.

The Pens kill it off, and then Ruutu takes over the game.
He comes flying out of the box and is joined by Sid and Rex. Ruutu brings the puck into the zone, drop pass to Sid. Bing gives it back to him.
Ruutu looks to pass to Recchi in front, but it goes off some jobber's stick and into the net.

Come on, Marty. That goal was cheaper than your sister-in-law/wife.

The Devils look pissed and come back flying.
But Pietrangelo says no dice, and things get chippy.
Gary Roberts drops the gloves...

Roberts tries to eliminate Rupp in an impromptu Royal Rumble.

The third period began with the score still 1-0.
Halfway through the third, Lance Armstrong makes another appearance.
Ruutu is on acid and hits Christensen with the pass.

( Steve Craig )

It was now 2-0.
The Devils offense was nowhere to be found.

Dora was stunned when she could not find any offense.

For good measure, Jordan Staal adds his 59th goal of the year on a pretty pass from Malkin.

The Devils get a taste of their own medicine.


  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Staal: 1 G
  • Ruutu: Sick.
  • Powerplay: Devils ( 0 for 2 ) Pens ( 0 for 1 )
  • Shots: Devils (24) Pens (22)
  • Very convincing game.
  • Pens: 5-0-1 in last 6.
  • Georges Laraque, where art thou?
  • Sidney gets a high stick from Recchi and acts like he was shot. A little too extreme.
  • Thibault : Vezina Trophy
  • How about the douchebag dressed up in complete goalie pads behind the bench.
  • Last regular-season game ever at the Continental Airlines Arena for the Pens.



Tawm said...

4 points out of 1st in the division and 2nd in the conference, crazy

Scott said...

melichar a -4 last nite thats all u gotta kno bout him...didnt see the game tonite but it sounded like a borin devil game...their fans r a joke they should go to kc

Loser Chris said...

Those Genesis screenshots will never get old. I broke out NHL '97 yesterday just to have the Francis-Lemieux_Jagr line back together. Those were the days.

chris said...

i agree...the devils blow. i cant wait until their franchise goes under when no one decides to take the TRAIN to their games.

also....i hope you all loved the recap as much as i did. loved it

go pens

rachel said...

Staal scores:


Roberts vs. Rupp

Steve said...

What a game! What a statement! The team is runnin on such a high right now and we just shoved that shit down their throats. Whoa!

Roberts: The man is a machine! Best trade of the season.

T-BO: Monster game! Def. brought his 'A' game tonight.

Cam Janssen: Sucks balls, And he likes it.

Martin Brodeur: Is probably licking his wounds right now.

That shit about Eaton sneezing was hilarious!


Mike M said...

Anyone think a Pensblog night at an Oakland/Southside Bar would be a good idea? I think it would be cool to meet some of the people on here/get drunk.

Staff said...

we'd definitely be down with a bar night before the end of this season.

Easily organized, too.

seth said...

6-1-1 in march

rachel said...

Nice stat, Seth

Anonymous said...

is it me or does the kid on the left in that picture of the kid at the pools look like Sid about 6 years ago....

Ruutu banged Marty's wife during the 1st intermission....but then again, who hasn't?

Christensen definitley has one of the most wicked shots in the league.

Good to see the D play solid for T-Bo tonight.


dying alive said...

I <3 Gary Roberts. Him dropping Rupp into the Devil's bench was priceless.

Isn't Rupp the same guy who BGL challenged twice during the last Pens/Devils game, and ran away both times? But I guess he doesn't have any problem fighting a guy a lot smaller and older than him, which makes it all the more embarrassing that he got owned. Douche.

The hockey gods are smiling upon us dahntahners said...

its definitly a crazy world- we sell out all our games yet we were still treated to the thought that the pens would be leaving to greener pastures, meaning farmland behind cousin jimbobs doublewide, but the devils have one of the best goalies ever, dont even fill half the arena, yet they get treated to a new arena... which prices are supposed to jump 9 billion percent, jokes on kansas city now i guess

tiffany said...

“They should've just played the game in Claude Julien's driveway. Too bad there are always too many little boys there.”...
“On the ensuing powerplay, Mark Eaton sneezes and Sergei Gonchar falls over.”...
“And here comes John Madden all alone from center ice. He poops himself.”
Hahaha....I love you guys. ^-^

Bert, I think the reason that Laraque was out was due to him having back muscle spasms. It was probably from his fight with Orr.

Nick, I know there are other “Nick’s,” but did you call in to “Savran on Sportsbeat” with Rob King and ask about their playoff chances??? Are you also “Pensblog Nick??”

Eric, I can sorta see that about the kid in the picture being Sid. He kinda reminds ME of the lead singer, Adam Gontier, from Three Days Grace...

Anonymous said...

yeah check, there are 2 stories on there about Laraque's back problems...

tiffany, i see the connection there to Gontier


tiffany said...

Eric.....haha. Cool.....then it's not just me. ;P

Karri, going back to the Pens vs. Sabres game....that WAS extremely annoying how many times they showed the Buffalo fans. When one of my friends and me were watching the game, we both noticed that. We were like, “What the freak are they doing?!?!?” I’m so glad FSN broadcasts most of the games....because NBC and VS do a horrible job covering them.

“John Fedko drinks his own pee.” Hahahahaha....

Rachel, this comment of yours is great--when you were talking about the Pens/Sabres game....“I think Talbot and Orpik drank some of Roberts special drink he makes before the game.” ;D Also, I can't believe how "tears" Madden was. ('Tears' basically means 'whiney,' like he was crying.)

tiffany said...

Oh, and Joshua, I DID see your Pens’ highlight video on YouTube!!! I even added it to my favorites a while ago ‘cause every time I watch it, it makes me smile. ;-) You did a really good job of making sure that the video clips and the song were in sync. Plus, the clips you selected rock!! When the song briefly stops, and you hear the announcers going crazy over Malkin’s goal, then it fades back into the song-- as Geno jumps into the air, hugging Sid....I think that’s my favorite part.

Dying alive,'re funny. ;D “By the way, a ‘slightly injured groin’ sounds like a sign of a chronic masturbator to me. Although Bobby Errey seemed to think that it might be because of the terrible ice they were playing on. Apparently NJ ice has been taking out groins all over the league this season.”

Justin, good job on the picture of Brodeur and the giant beach ball flying past him. ;P It's awesome that the Pens' last regular-season game against the Devils ended in the Pens winning.....onto the tournament!!!

tiffany said...

P.S. Sorry everyone--for typing so many novels..... ;(

Anonymous said...

i loved how they commented on t-bo's penguin on his mask and pointed out the nose = armstrong

also how everyone was falling.

add two more to the malkin mystery falls. i mean, the other guys falls were like ok, i see how.
but malkins hahah, he just like fell out of no where.
though the ice did suck i guess.

- Jay

Steve in Denver said...

Loved the beach ball behind Brodeur pic. Also loved Roberts cleaning loogies off of the inside of the boards in the Devils bench with Rupp's face.

We should send Madden a package of Pull Ups for when he plays the Pens. He's not potty trained.

That was Christensen's biggest goal celebration so far. He almost smiled.

Watching Devils hockey is like watching the homeless sleep on the sidewalk. Actually, it's less fun.

tiffany said...

"We should send Madden a package of Pull Ups for when he plays the Pens. He's not potty trained."
"That was Christensen's biggest goal celebration so far. He almost smiled."
"Watching Devils hockey is like watching the homeless sleep on the sidewalk. Actually, it's less fun."
--Steve in Denver, that's hilarious!! "_"

Jay, haha....I was thinkin' the same thing--"add two more to the Malkin mystery falls." Yeah, the ice WAS bad, but even when it's not he seems to fall out of nowhere. I think he falls too many times, though, to keep a Gotta love 'em... ;-)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually Tiffany, due to the population decline of Western PA, Nick from here is now the only person in Pittsburgh named Nick and therefore that was definitely him you heard on Savran.

tiffany said...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy,
Oh my had me cracking up!!! ;D My stomach actually hurts now......and I'm still laughing. "...due to the population decline of Western PA," oh man......

tiffany said...

Someone asked before about the Pens’ theme song....well, here it is:

.....and here’s the website I got it from:

tiffany said...

Steve in Denver,
G.R. was definitely sick.....“...loved Roberts cleaning loogies off of the inside of the boards in the Devils’ bench with Rupp's face.” *o*
--I love this team!!!!!!!

Spencemo said...

I am sooo glad I found your blog... It's some of the best stuff I've read in a long time!

Will said...

about the pens my phone

i am goin gout of a limb for this one... with the trades for Laraque and Roberts the pens are poised for a run in the playoffs.

Are these trades anywhere close or even greater than trading for Francis and Ulf during our cup run?

Roberts dropping the guy in the bench was so awesome simply because the other devils players were screaming the whole time.

Simply put we beat them at their own game, the dump and chase, the cycling.

Does anyone else think Sid is going to play possessed (pissed) after being hit twice in the face this game?

Loser Chris,
Was NHL 97 the first game to keep the goal and assist stats for the players. Because I really got tired of writing all those down in a notebook after every game.
Somehow it made my math homework seem meaningless though.

Tee said...

NHL 95 had stats for sure, not sure about 94.

Staff, whats with jobbing me on the "power of Mark Eaton's sneeze" joke... if you refer back to the petro KTFO'ing newbury post I clearly stated that his sneeze has the power to knock a man out from the bench.

Why is it that everytime I get a 3 day weekend the pens only play 1 game? Oh well, let's see if Shelly Souray has anything to say this time around with BGL in the lineup eh?

tiffany said...

"Does anyone else think Sid is going to play possessed (pissed) after being hit twice in the face this game?"
--Will, oooooh....I hope so. ;P

"Staff, whats with jobbing me on the "power of Mark Eaton's sneeze" joke..."
--Tee, hahahahaha....well, props to YOU then. Maybe Mark just has allergies. First knocking Newbury over, then Gonchar.....what if Mark's allergies are the reason for all of Geno's falling????

Shorty said...

props for the NHL07 looks like EC celebrating.

Justin said...

thanks to thepensblog, every time they say "jonny oduya" i think "jonny illdoya"

thibault had enough time to order a pizza on maddens breakaway

John said...

Gary Roberts fighting > BGL fighting

PensfanSeoul said...

What can I say? I havent been able to watch a game all season (Stupid Korea....) but I have been feverently following this team since opening day.

I knew this year would be different, I could feel it. The energy with the "kids"....Who would have thought that we would be only 4 points away from a Division Championship at the stage?

I have been coming to this website for a little over a month...I am in the military, and miss home like all give me a taste of the Burgh, and I appreciate it. This is the best website find since seeing the dude that played Donkey Lips on IMDB....

It almost feels like we are friends...we waited together, we hated Ed Rendell together, and we celebrated together, when the venerated St. Mario announced the deal.

If you all do meet up for a ThePensBlog night out, think about us displaced Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen that cant be there with you. And someone drink an ice cold Ahrn City for me.

Sorry for the novel, but its my first post, and I had a lot to last thing....


Dwayne said...


If you've got your own computer and a pretty nice internet connection, I can upload the Pens-Sabres game for you to a private site and let you download and watch it. You'd need the Xvid codec, but I've been recording the last couple games and transcoding them for future use. You don't have to miss *all* the games, yanno :]

Let me know on here and maybe spot me an email address, I'll happily send you the link if you want it :]

Tee said...


I can feel your pain bro. I'm USAF stationed in Germany. If you read this, you can watch almost every game online. It costs about 15$ for 3 months, but its well worth it. Also, I don't know if you get AFN where you are but they show usually 2-3 pens games a month, the times just suck because they show them live. Email me at and I'll get you all the info you need, I rarely miss a game. Believe me, you want to watch this time before the end of the year. And if you ever come through Ramstein for any reason make sure you let me know, I miss the burgh like crazy too and somehow ended up with a friend from highschool stationed here with me, they don't have Iron City here but theres lots of delicious german brews.

Amn T.J.

Tee said...


Are you a member of CIF forums? If you're not they're always looking for cappers and I have an invite to spare.

Jon said...

Nice to see us military heads represented, it hurts bein away, but makes you appreciate being back there on leave or what have you that much more huh? My active duty contract is up at the end of May, and I can't wait to get back to the 'Burgh now that the whole stadium business is done.
I usually get to see the first two periods of the games, but i work the night shift and have to miss the last period and inevitable shootout. And firewalls can go to hell. Just a little rant, I can't believe the regular season is so close to over, and that we're this close to the top of the standings.

Elizabeth said...

wow I never knew pensblog had such military presence!

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Dwayne said...


I have *no* clue what the CIF forums even are, hehe. Sounds exciting, though.

Ellen said... gave T-Bo some love RE the "Frozen Moment".

chris said...

thanks again everyone for coming, and to those serving our country. THANK YOU. we're flattered by the complements. :)

ps i loooooooooooved watching the devils get owned but its so much sweeter when the pens are doing the owning


Shanna said...

What a great game. Boring but still awesome.

Whoever said that boy in the pic of all the boys at the pool looks like Sid, yeah he really does. At first I thought it was a photoshop job where someone stuck Sids head on that kids body, lol. Wow.

Ruutu was sick last night. He seems to play better on a line with Petro than on a line with BGL. The two of them are crazy together. It's like Mad Max shares some of his acid with them or something.

I love the stats on the Gronk. God help us is he ever gets hurt and is out for a long period of time.

That's about it. I dont have much to say since my mouth is full of puke (quite literally, I've been sick all day). Blah!

Great game.

p.s. It was a terrible night to be Crosbys face, huh?

tiffany said...

Btw, loved the Ruutu/Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots picture by Mike M.'s sister. It reminded me of Errey comparing that game to the fight with Stephane Robidas. “...and he hit Robidas right on the chin! It was like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot.”
“...boom, boom, boom, boom, see ya later.”

Pat Jackson, "The Gronk"....haha...

Shanna, yeah....poor Sid. ;(

Anonymous said...

Rachel - Seth Love the stats!

Staff...thanks for the recap (post)...great as ever...

Tiff...I loved that fight of Ruutu's in Dallas...Errey was so funny that night!


Anonymous said...

Video of the jackass behind the pens bench in goalie pads

mike m said...

haha tiffany thats where she got the idea. is there a video of that? ive looked on you tube a few times and ive only seen the Dallas feed.

Scott said...

"I tried to go backdoor and it hit his shaft and went in," Ruutu said. "I was lucky." wat ruutu thinks of his goal

tiffany said...

Mike M.,
Yeah....I had the same problem. I'm workin' on one, though. I still gotta figure some stuff out, but I'll let you know when I get it done.

Geeves said...

so when the pens had lost 3 of 4 to end february, we all looked at march and gave a collective "uhoh." i can honestly say, after these last two wins, there isn't another game on the schedule that seriously worries me.

also, randomly roaming the net, found this under Wikipedia's list of "misadventures with the stanley cup"

"In 2003, the cup was eaten out of at the local movie theater by Martin Brodeur, and had butter stains and salt damage for the next 8 days before Jamie Langenbrunner cleaned it."

last night = karma for marty?

tiffany said...

Anonymous, thanks for the YouTube video. I thought The Pensblog was crapping on Fleury in a joking sorta way like, "Who needs HIM with Thibault in the net?" I DID see that moron, though. We should've asked Ruutu to call him a retard because then he would've sat down.

...even though I'm not blonde, I can add THAT on to yet ANOTHER "blonde moment" this week. I've lost track how many I've's pretty pathetic. ;P

Anonymous said...

Under Miscellaneous...
"How about the douchebag dressed up in complete goalie pads behind the bench" - Thanks Tiff...I'm not blonde but thought the same thing...I didn't see the idiot..and Anonymous...thanks for the YouTube video.


EmDubs said...

That Ruutu quote is kind've dirty :)

tiffany said...

EmDubs, have a sick mind......but then again, so do I..... ;)

dying alive said...

Holy shit! That Penguins of the Caribbean photoshop is amazing. Great, great work.

Malkin's head fits perfectly on Depp's body...weird.

rachel said...

EmDubs and Tiff, the saddest part has to be that I thought the same thing, haha

Anonymous, thanks for the youtube video

rachel said...

Penguins of the Caribbean... it's kind of weird how good all their faces fit with the pic, haha. Eaton looks like he's about to kill. Great work, Randy!

tiffany said...

Dying Alive & Rachel, I have to agree with you that Randy's picture is insane. Malkin looks possessed and Eaton DOES look like he's gonna commit several murders.
..."Penguins of the Caribbean," I like that. ;-)

Btw, who's all the way to the that Crosby???

Anonymous said...

I know this is really stupid, but oh well.....just say Rupp's name out loud. (Ya know, like ICUP)

I can just hear Roberts asking him how to spell it when he's got him over the Devils' bench..." that how you spell it?? Huh??"

rachel said...

Tiff, I was wondering who was on the left, too, but I didn't want to sound like a retard for asking if it was obvious. Glad I'm not alone... I think Therrien should keep the new hair style, haha

Randy said...

The far left is Mike Yeo. Sorry it's so small.


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