Wednesday, March 7, 2007



At around 5:45 Wednesday night, the world stopped.
Probably the worst radio appearance in Sirius history.
I didn't even answer half the questions.
What a jobber.

Sorry, commenters.
We wanted to give a shout out, but there was no space to do it.

Go Pens.


thomes08 said...

link not available....

you guys were on Sirius?

Anonymous said...

I can't see the picture..."courtesy of steve craig"....

Anonymous said...

come on-n-n-n-n youtube.

we can finally put a voice to the blog.

Anonymous said...

"you guys were on Sirius?"

-- thomes08

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

Love the Heroes thing. Sylar=Martin Brodeur.

Scott said...

pensblog on sirius=solid

ritchie said...

"money in the bank."

Anonymous said...

Wow Adam, I heard you "live" on Sirius 186 (Hardcore). It was nice to hear it from your side, thanks for the YouTube audio.

I don't think anyone could've done a better job. You expressed yourself so well. I thought you answered their questions. They certainly were on Pittsburgh's side - the Pens need to stay here.

Anything else we can do as fans?


Anonymous said...

fuck this 'beware of the ides of march'

'beware of the penguins' is the new motto.


Steve said...

All we can do is to be heard and just roll over let people think that we don't give a shit. Way to go Adam.

Go Pens

Ryan said...

That wasn't too bad Adam. But who are you talking to? People in Pittsburgh aren't saying "the hell with it, if they leave who cares" That's just the media playing it up like that.

Jon said...

Ummmm...I don't know why u said that a lot of people are saying that they are fed up and don't care if they leave...brain fart perhaps? Other than that, u sounded good duuude.
As an aside, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank yinz for running this blog, it means a lot to all of us for sure, but for those of us not anywhere near homebase, it means waaay more...U bring great joy to those of us that have no one else to share our passion for the Pens with. These people out in Cali don't know ish about sports, let alone hockey. Your recaps of the games and other weird ish that u come up with crack me the hell up...I thought I was good coming up with obscure childhood pop culture references, but yinz take the cake! U do a better job than those jagoffs at ESPN could ever do recapping the games, and for that, I raise up a Rolling Rock (they don't have Iron City out here) to you...

Justin said...

good job dude. the more attention the better. i hope all the new readers catch the jason blake peeing in his mouth reference from the other day

Staff said...

yeah, i would definitely attribute it to a brainfart.

I just meant that non-hockey fans could care less, and there's more non-hockey fans than hockey fans in pittsburgh.

it just came out bad.

i just wanted to say "hell" on the radio.

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

Oh shush

I was interviewed for WTAE during the pens rally, and was like man i stumbled and rambled all over my words, theres no way they would air that.

I was the first person they showed at the six oclock news that night lol.

You sounded fine!

Justin said...

its nowhere near the worst radio appearance on sirius.......they let jerry rice host a show on nfl a player he was great, as an analyst and public speaker, he SUCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was extremely shitty. Learn how to talk.

A N O N Y M O U S S A I D said...

Great Picture!

And Adam, don't worry about how well you did, at least you voiced the opinion of the Pittsburgh Penguins fans nationaly. We should take what positive media attention we can get and be happy about it.

Anybody else get the feeling that no one outside the city (I mean the media and public) really gives a shit about the Pens leaving? I mean they love the kids and all, but do they care or realize that they are part of a team? A team, whos diehard loyal fans are facing a possible relocation? A team that has waiting a long fucking time for these kids to come together and make something of this franchise again. And all the new found bandwagoners can kiss my ass. We don't need their support.

No one is fighting for us publicly for the Pens? Even Bettman, fuck him. He's only fightin for the team cause he doesn't want the league to look bad. And these lazy fuckin politicians only give a shit so they don't lose votes in the coming election. Do you really think Ed Rendell is slamming his fist for the Pens? Maybe if they were from Philly and their Mascot was an asshole. Shit! When the buccos wanted a stadium and the whole city said no, they shoved it down our throats, and when we beg for one for a team that has actually won a champtionshit since the 70's, its like pulling teeth.

And why the Pens NOW? For shit sake, the buccos blow and Steelers are gonna need a year or two to be contenders again, and Pitt sucks like always in March, what do we have to look forward to if not the Pens?

Anyway, not a damn thing I can do but voice an opinion. So thats what I'll do.


Lloyd said...

Great interview Adam. I'm sure you could have said hell easily on Sirius, just listen to Stern and company say on a daily basis.

Off topic: found this on myspace.

I'm sure from the URL you can figure out who it is.

Scott said...

lloyd im bout to request him as my friend

Derek said...

The guys at sirius are really nice.

We emailed with them back and forth at work today.

The really want the Pens to stay here

Lloyd said...

any sirius subscribers here in the commenters?

and of those... any listeners to Scott Ferrall on Howard 101?

And Admins, did they initiate contact or did you contact them about an interview?

Justin said...

i have sirius but i never listen to ferrall

Steve said...

Ever since I got my Sirius I haven't turned on my regular radio.

Its good to see yinz get some public attention and give our current situation some recognition.

Get the word out. Go Pens! Love the show.

Justin said...

yeah i dont listen to regular radio anymore either, except for pens games if im at work, and the dve morning show, other than that its all sirius

seth said...

i dont want this to sound mean, but i like how they treat you like you're some established expert. oh satellite radio

Anonymous said...

so the big show down is tomorrow at 6.

houston drops out of the running (like they were going to get it anyway) and KC sweetens the deal.


Murphy said...

Don't know if you guys saw this, but some schmuck columnist at the Sun-Times is perpetuating the "Pittsburgh is a terrible hockey town" thing in an attempt at comedy.

I only point this out because I live in Chicago now and it's amazing how few people actually remember that the Blackhawks exist.

Staff said...

hhahaa we're hardly experts.

we know what you meant.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

First off, I propose a Penguin fan deluge of letters from the THOUSANDS of Penguin hockey fans to that asshole at the Chicago Sun Times. He WISHES Chicago supported the Blackhawks as well as we support the Penguins.

Teach that fuck what Sienna Miller learned, don't fuck with Pittsburgh.

Also, I have XM... which means by this time next year I'll have Sirius (for those that don't know, they merged recently).

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Was I the only one who cranked up their speakers at first to hear the Sirius people then got thier eardrums blown out when Adam started talking?

(Good interview either way.)

Murphy said...

I actually sent the guy a letter and got a quick and very cordial response. Here:


Mr. Harris,

I find your comment about Pittsburgh not knowing that they had a hockey team exceedingly interesting, considering that in terms of percentage of capacity, Chicago (a city with nearly nine times the in-city population of Pittsburgh) hasn't broken rank #27 in the attendance figures from 2000-2007 and ranked dead last in the same category in 2002-2003 and 2005-2006 while Pittsburgh has experienced much better numbers (with the exception of the year before the lockout) despite a much smaller market and similar recent performance, excepting the current year of course.

Ryan Murphy


No question the Blackhawks attendance is pitiful. Here's hoping the Penguins get a new arena in Pittsburgh without burdening the taxpayers.

Elliott Harris

At least he's on our side, I guess.

Elly said...

Aside from being hardly able to understand the interviewers' questions (Adam was loud and clear) it was very interesting. You were well spoken, didn't say '' and gave your opinion straight forward. Nice job! I also like how the interviewers go off on some long ramble at the end, heh.

Anonymous said...

we all need a good laugh today...

alot of funny pens stuff on the page, but first click on the first link "pens 66 says he's at an impass"

hilarious and appropriate for today.


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