Sunday, February 18, 2007

We'll Take It. PENS WIN.

3 - 2


How disappointed are Pens fans gonna be when this team finally forgets to show up for a game?

Besides having a heart attack when turning on NBC at 3:25 only to see Tom Lehman chipping from the fringe, today was just a normal game in the playoff homestretch.

The Capitals came out hitting, just like every team is going to do when they play us.
Gotta give them credit; they have given the Pens all they can handle in every game this season. But make no mistake: the Caps are still goons.

And that was proven early when Reyjavik, Iceland, took a penalty for hooking.
Ensuing face off.
Crosby to Gonchar.
Gonchar on net.
Recchi with deflection.

Why the Caps didn't make the referees go upstairs to look for a high stick is crazy.

But, alas, no call was made to the War Room in Toronto (TM).

Less than two minutes later after Recchi's goal, Muscat, Oman, would get credit for a goal in front after a shot from the point got through.
There was nothing goalie Jocelyn Thibault could do about it really.
But he did look to the corner and wish he was sitting in his chair.

Just like that.

After that goal, Thibault was pretty strong.

Ovechkin did make an appearance to semi-board Christensen. No call.
EC slashes Ovechkin in retaliation. Sin bin.

Photographic proof that Ovechkin did in fact play in the game on Sunday.

The Pens killed that Christensen penalty off and basically the game went back and forth.

Somehow, early in the second period, Mark Eaton gets called for a holding penalty.
The Pens killed it off.
Eaton streaks out of the box as a 2-on-1 with Maxime Talbot develops. Talbot fans on the pass.
He's close to a goal, ladies and gentlemen. You can feel it.

Ten minutes later, Eaton goes to the box again simply to see if he can generate another 2-on-1.
It doesn't work.

It was starting to feel like the Caps were gonna score some weak goal and then score another one a couple minutes later, and that would be it.

Late in the second, though, Malkin steals the puck in the Caps zone and kicks it out to the point. Gonchar gives it back to Malkin deep in the corner, and Malkin scores a unbelieveable goal.

"Malkin fit that in there tighter than a beaner eating tacos."
It doesn't have to make sense.
It's the Carlos Mencia Law of saying beaner and taco in the same sentence.

A 2-1 lead going into the third period was nice, and the Pens called up State Farm early in the third when Max Talbot blisters a one-timer past Kampala, Uganda, to make it 3-1.

Already, you can hear everyone whispering about the Pens not being able to keep a lead.

The rest of the game was pretty elementary and boring.

With six minutes left, Alexander Semin gets tripped up on a breakaway.
Penalty Shot.

The Mellon stands up to cheer on T-Bo.
Semin head-faked T-Bo before he even touched the puck at center ice, and T-Bo bit on it.
But Semin hit the crossbar and the game remained 3-1.

The Mellon Arena looked like the set of a porno movie today.
Semin was everywhere.

With a little over a minute left, the Caps pull their goalie, trying to shrink the deficit.
And it pays off with 44 seconds left when Semin plinkoes a puck past T-Bo.

There weren't any more close calls the rest of the way, though, and the Pens escape with the 3-2 win.

  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • Shots: Washington ( 31 ) PENS ( 25 )
  • Powerplay: Washington ( 0 for 3 ) PENS ( 1 for 3 )
  • Announcer Mike Emrick actually called Ovechkin "Number 9." Are you kidding?
  • Eaton, Scuderi, and Orpik have a bet on who will score first. Scuderi's goal was scored by Ryan Malone, so the bet is still on.
  • On the final graphic about the Pens 3 young stars, they labeled Jordan Staal with the number 9. Very strange, NBC.
  • Alain Who?
  • If Thibault can do this every four games or so for the rest of the year, we're playoff-bound.
  • The first person to throw the Bellowing Moose post our way was Pamela, and then Mike. NBC talked about it in the broadcast today. Here it is.
Islanders Game Tomorrow
1:00 PM
Might have to look elsewhere for a recap.
The links on the left should help.


Anonymous said...

These young guys should start their playoff beards early. It might take them a bit to grow but they will definitely need them. I think they will go very deep in the playoffs and we will see some great hockey.

Elizabeth said...

lol @ the Semin porn joke.

Mike said...

Wow, nice to see my name in a post!

Rwarner174 said...

Gotta give the Bellowing Moose credit. At least he ate his words.

Its great to see the pens winning and not even playing there best hockey.

tiffany said...

Exactly my thought Elizabeth, although I gasped at first and then started cracking up....:-D (Kinda like an audience reaction to a Conan O'Brien joke....hehe...I love Conan.)

They finally showed the NHL All-Star commercial on TV, though. I've been waiting for it ever since I saw it on YouTube....yay!!

Oh, and it seems the refs took our advice and saw an optometrist--they actually called penalties in the first period. I have to say I was pretty impressed, except for the Mark Eaton slashing penalty. I totally agree with you staffers...that was PURE nonsense.

They still won, so in the words of Kurt Cobain..."Oh well, whatever, never mind."

Go Pens Go!!!

Andy said...

did anyone catch the comment NBC made about Malkin getting "talked to" by Therrien after Friday's game?? Not sure what they talked about ... the guy has 26 points in 17 games and has won at least 5 all by himself .....

tiffany said...


Oh, and I meant to say "holding" penalty, but said "slashing" above instead.

Jon said...

Great recap fellas, don't know where you were going replacing the Caps' players names with obscure cities in wierd countries...but I liked it.
Watching the NBA all-star game right now, and it's amazing that this shitty game will be watched by more people than the NHL's. I hope years from now when Eaton becomes commishioner he does something about this.

Will said...

I got stuck watching the game between commercials of the Daytona 500, cause i had some friends up for the race. But the Pens made it nice scoring all three goals during those commercials.

My wife made one comment about the NBC coverage...
who gives a crap about how long Sidney is on the ice for a shift? Man does NBC's coverage suck.

However it was nice to see the guys at NBC didn't come and comment on the PensBlog to advertize the game.

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

As much as I would hate to see this team get tinkered with... getting Eric Brewer would be nice.

Or maybe Eaton has a long lost twin brother we could sign? Or Jarrko's mom... that is one intimidating "lady"!

seth said...

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Mark Eaton has allowed to live.


Anonymous said...

yea, NBC once sucks.
as always.

though, what i thought topped it was when the had OVugly sang the foo fighters. the commentators were like "now alex the great sings to the foo fighters."

he sang like a word.
probably the most pointless part of the game.
also, when spermboy shot that puck and almost hit the new geico commercial man in the "buttocks."
fucking bullshit. and we have to suffer again march 4th is it?


Staff said...

the obscure cities are world Capitals

Max Sherry said...

i'm so glad brett hull could teach me that there are buyers and sellers at hockey's trade deadline. Very insightful and deep, right Jarkko?

Jon said...


And I hope perhaps if he's out that way, Jarkko stops and takes a poop in the middle of Brett Hull Way in St. Louis. Nice to see the Blues named a street after some guy that didn't even stay around to help them win a cup.

Jon said...

Oh and after winning our sixth in a row and being unbeaton since like last year, there's not even a mention of it on's front page...but there are two separate links to Duke winning some game and Mike Krsugzweksi getting his 700th win. Like says - Duke sucks

Andrew said...

seth, that's a boogey fact. you can't rip off boogey facts.

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

It's also a Chuck Norris fact and a Jack Bauer fact...

PittCheMBA said...

The Bellowing Moose is an Idiot. Therrien is a Genius. NBC does not know how to broadcast a hockey game.

seth said...

yeah, i figured they also apply to mark eaton

Andrew said...

I'm pretty positive that it would have been statistically impossible for Brett Hull to use more clich├ęs in his discussion of the trading deadline.

Mainly because he said the exact same thing over and over for 3 minutes.

What a joke he is.

Adrienne said...

The playoffs should be interesting, half our team hasn't hit puberty yet enough to grow one.

On another note, I'm sure Mark Eaton will deem it so, and they'll all have one because he said so.

Tee said...

great stuff with the obscure world capitals adam, I started reading this and due to a mild hangover/lack of coffee I didn't quite catch on at first. Excellent stuff... you know... Rumun Ndur actually sort of sounds like a capital..

Will said...

ESPN is making me sick..their coverage, or lack their of is so crap. Did anyone else know about Sidney's lack of preformance lately? Yet he's still winning the points race. I am more impressed that the rest of the team is actually growing and winning games and not putting the whole thing on Sid's shoulders.

Baroner said...

OK, I'm new here, can someone please explain the Mark Eaton thing to me?

Andrew said...

I don't know Will...

As I pointed out the other day, the Pens were the second story on Sportscenter on Saturday after the win in NJ.

They just choose not to show a lot of hockey highlights because it's not played on a hardwood floor with a big orange ball.

Tee said...

Baroner, look at the numbers in Seth's comment. Thats the Pens record with Eaton in the lineup.

And Andrew, ESPN would cover hockey a hell of a lot closer if they still had their contract with the NHL, if Bettman gets his head out of his ass and goes back to them you'll see the coverage pick right back up.

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

The Maz/Fisk pic is unbelievable. I laughed fo rabout five minutes.

Baroner said...

Who even noticed that stat?

I think the whole thing is hilarious, but still a little random...

seth said...

i think you should change your name to thepens-we can't hold a lead-blog

thomes08 said...

yeah, the pens have the whole "we're gonna blow this game real bad" feel to it according to the way lange is calling it on the radio. Tied right now at the end of the 2nd i hope they play baetter and prove me wrong

Steph said...

How come the Semin jokes never grow old? Really.

thomes08 said...

Malone hat trick! But wait, a lead??? The pens will have none of that. Lead blown 0.02 seconds later. Why must the pens never make me feel comfortable.

Cool how malones goals were 45 seconds into the first, 49 seconds into the second, and 48 seconds into the third.


thomes08 said...

Damn, loss.

I love him but i feel like Flower lost the game for us this afternoon.

seth said...

i couldn't agree more with you thomes08.. Fleury sucked that game and the defence didn't help out either. If they continue to play the way they've been playing the last few games, expect a drop in the standings

Baroner said...

Make that 17-4-1...

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

I think Flower has earned a pass after the way he has played the last 6 weeks. He basically carried the team through January.

Anonymous said...

Ted Nolan was sending smoke signals to Fleury during that game, he was distracted by Ted's distress call and couldn't focus in on the game.


thomes08 said...

Yeah he played really well the first 10 games of the stretch, not so much after that. Made some key saves to keep up in the es though during that time. The last few games the pens have been worrying me. I really think their inability to keep a lead might put the pens on the outside looking in come april.

Hard games comming up.
Florida isn't that good but we suck against them
TB owned us in the home and home right before the streak.
NJ will be looking for revenge.

Hope the pens take the next couple days and get some structure and come out firing in Florida thursday. We have to avoid another type of streak this team is used to.


P.S. I don't suppose now that we lost a game with Eaton back we could stop suckin' his K and put more focus on the team rather than rehashed Chuck Norris jokes...

Rwarner174 said...

They can't win them all. Really a loss like this is long overdue for them. Would of been nice if they at least got the point.

I just hope they get back on that horse and start another winning streak. You figure we only need to be slightly above .500 the rest of the way to make the playoffs so here is hoping they pickup on friday right where they left off.

Rwarner174 said...

I mean thrusday, not friday.

seth said...

like i said, i'll keep the eaton record up till they lose in regulation.. they lost today so i'm done

Jonathan said...

I think it was pretty clear that the four games in six days took its toll today. The Pens looked sluggish the last two periods.

While MAF should have stopped the last goal (says the guy who never played the position in his life), I don't think the loss can be placed entirely on him. His defense did a great job in having some serious brain cramps and giving the puck over at horrible times. Again, I think fatigue was the main factor in all this. At least, I hope so.

thomes08 said...

yeah normally i like it when they play a lot of games in a short amount of time, but t's good they get a break now to get back to earth. However, march is really really demanding, way more so than any other month in terms of their schedule. I swear they play like 65 games in march so they're going to have to get over being tired. Especially if they wanna do something in the (please let it be true) playoffs.

Anonymous said...

they can win 11 more games all year and have 95 points, usually good enough to make the post season

Red Anchor said...

The loss was needed to take the pressure off these kids in the home stretch. Expect to see on and off streaking as the other teams start to worry about making the playoffs that we're already basically in.

thomes08 said...

we're no where close to basically in the playoffs. A few losses in a row and a few wins in a row by some teams puts us in 8th or worse. Remember, we looking up a pretty steep hill before this streak. Now we're up there but by no means a lock for the postseason. We have to go 50/50, which is something we weren't doing before The Streak.


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