Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To Catch A Predator.. PENS WIN

4 - 1


Chris Hansen gives the Penguins a pep talk from the Dateline kitchen.

The entire base of Penguins fans is dreaming.
Is this really happening?

Did we just handily beat the number-one team in the NHL?

The Guinos came out firing in the first period.
They were outshooting the Preds 10-2 at one point.
There were skirmishes in front of the net, but it just wasn't bouncing in.

In typical Penguin home-game fashion, Nashville somehow escaped the first period with the lead.
The dreaded shot from the point.
It almost made you forget how big Nashville coach Barry Trotz's head is.

If you sat behind Trotz tonight, do you demand a refund?

Five minutes into the second saw the Pens take over for the rest of the game.
Jordan Staal puts a puck past Chris Mason to tie the game up.

A mere three minutes after that, Crosby winds up for a shot that incapacitates a Predator player.
Before you could figure out who Crosby nailed, Malkin put the puck into an empty net.

The rest of the second period wasn't too much to write home about.
A little semi-fight at the end of the period saw Malkin drop his gloves for the first time this season.
Pens fans gave him a standing ovation as he headed to the locker room.
That second period seemed like the longest period of the season.

Okay, so, the Pens are up 2-1 against the Nashville Predators going into the third period.

Three minutes into the third, Mark Recchi makes a seemingly non-threatening rush into the Nashville zone.
He pulls up and gets a wrister past Chris Mason. 3-1.
Mellon Arena in a frenzy.

Enter Marc-Andre Fleury.
He didn't have to make any miraculous saves, but he simply got the job done tonight.

Jarrko Ruutu calls Paul Kariya a retard and adds an empty-net goal.


  • Crosby: 2A
  • Staal: 1G
  • Malkin: 1G
  • Reechi: 1G
  • Shots: Nashville - 26 / Pens - 26
  • Powerplay: Nashville ( 0 for 4 ) Pens ( 1 for 7 )
  • In the grand aspect of things, this is just another weekday victory during the home stretch.
  • Pensblog Chris and Gabe are running a little late tonight. They somehow managed to get down into the locker rooms after the game.
  • Nashville is mud.
  • This recap is mud.
  • At this point, Jocelyn Thibault has the easiest job in the world.
  • Special thanks to a newly found friend in the student rush line. You know who you are, because we can't remember your name. No one remembers our names, so it's no big deal.
Bring on the Flyers


Geeves said...

a fresh comment page. wow.

*screw mark eaton stats...the pens are 12-2-3 without Nils Ekman.

*anyone who didnt hear the radio broadcast missed a great conversation...

bourque: recchs wasted no time chargin the net, then caught malkin out of his right eye...

lange: how do you know it was his right eye?

bourque: i played with the guy a few years, i know how he sees things

lange: there you go folks, only here on pens radio can you get such vivid details.

lange may not have been sober tonight (and he was doing so well)

interesting stats from those radio boys:

nashville has 37 wins, in spite of being outshot 37 times

the team that wins the presidents trophy gets $1 million in bonus cash) according to Phil Bourque Math, since he was with the Rangers when they got it in 94 and he got a check for 20 grand.

thomes08 said...

man i hope we can keep our streak against the flyers. That would make us 7-0 on them this season??? one away from a sweep.

Staff said...


I was listening to the Radio. Great times. The 20 grand thing is hilarious. I need to look the presidents trophy thing up


Nick said...

also chris mason really likes dinosaurs. seriously i think i saw that helmet on sale at dunhams last week.

Washington85 said...

what a darn good game....loved every minute and i wanted Malkin to destroy Scott Hartnell, but Scotty probably got an earfull from Ruutu on the bench!

Elly said...

Into the dressing room? Lucky.

Does anyone miss Mike Lange gems like that on tv or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Have you guys.
Ever heard.
Of a paragraph.
It makes.
Your website.
A lot easier.
To read.

Scott said...

How they manage to get into the locker room...did mark eaton throw the guards/police out of the way and welcome them into the pens abode lol

Tee said...

best final line of a recap EVER

Staff said...


seth said...

I don't care what geeves or anyone for that matter had to say..

Pens with Eaton: 13-3-1 baby

(First regulation loss i promise i'll stop with the stat)

Rave said...

Tonight was the first game I got to go to all season and boy, I was not disappointed. I sit here in my Crappy apartment at RMU, Still hearing the "Go Home Nashville" Chants ringing in my head. I point out of 4th and home ice. Oo, I can feel it. Playoffs here we come.

Staff said...

Seth I stayed up and waited for that. I thought you were dead.

Anonymous said...

ThePensblog is like poetry. If you don't like how it's written, screw you.

Will said...

the pens made ESPN's NHL top story last night. (then Lebron took a dump) anyway the stat i loved is this:

Pens 18-0-5 after leading after two periods. Say it with me.....MONEY!!

proof hockey is a good date:

Me: hey dear, Pens play on Valentines's day, we should go (kindy jokingly).

Wife: sweet, lets go!!!

Proof i have the coolest wife EVER!

Arlow said...

I'm sorry, but am I the only person who feels that Nashville is slightly overrated? I loved during the broadcast last night that they made sure to point out that Nashville has fed off of the likes of Columbus, Chicago, and St. Louis, all divison rivals who they get to play a grand total of 24 times this year. Over a quarter of their schedule. This is a good team, but definitly not a great one.

Arlow said...

Nashville's record:
16-2-1 vs. Columbus, St. Louis, and Chicago. 21-13-2 vs. everyone else.

Tyler said...

Kariya came out like kariya, saw mark eaton and pissed himself. Malkin had new skates (not sure anyone cares). They looked like vapor 40's, they aren't out yet but i saw a leaked photo. Fans were dead in the begining but once we thawed it was a loud night.

Shorty said...

Yes they are deff. overated...but still a quality force to be reckoned with. It amazed me how fast their forecheck was on our D-men in the 1st but then we used their system against them and they had no answer. Great game! I wonder if any team has ever had 3 20 goal scorers under the age of 21 before??

Anonymous said...

Jarrko Ruutu calls Paul Kariya a retard and adds an empty-net goal.


Stoosh said...


That's friggin' awesome because my wife and I had almost the same exact conversation last night. Ours pretty much went like this...

(watching commercials waiting for game to restart, the Pens run the commercial advertising the Feb 14 game against Chicago...)

Me: Hey, hon...what do you want to do for Valentines' Day anyway?

The Lovely Nancy Stoosh: Go see the Pens play Chicago.

Me (stunned): Really?

Nancy Stoosh: Yeah, I'm serious...in fact, you better go order the tickets right now in case it sells out.

Five minutes later, it's been finalized. The Stooshes will be spending Valentines Day sitting in Section B32, Row E watching the Pens decimate the Blackhawks. She's thrilled because the Pens defend that net twice, so she'll get to see Fleury take his mask off from time to time.

thomes08 said...

Any of you ladies out there wanna fly me out and take me to the Hawks game for Valentine's Day? ? ?


I went to the pens/hawks game last year in chicago and i left very disappointed, especially having to sit in the car the whole way back with 4 hawks fans. This year it'll be different. At I can watch this game on TV through CSN chicago if no one takes me to the game.


seth said...


Not dead.. Went to the game so i made it back late

Anonymous said...

I actually want to student rush on valentines day and my boyfriend said no because it will be too cold.

At least some of you will get to enjoy the game with your significant other.

Anonymous said...

i plan on student rushing with my g/f for the game on V-day. Maybe Colby and Max will show up with some chocolate so I won't have to buy that for her either hahah


Tee said...

anonym, tell your boyfriend to quit being a massive pussy and drag his ass out there. And make him pay. As long as you have the snapper you control him, remember that.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he has a snapper

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

Hey guys great article on the Pens from TSN.
About time we got some national pub for something other than the team leaving town.

Rachel said...

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed, very nice article!

I was at the game, and it was funny how everyone around me was like, "I didn't realize how big Staal is."

And the one time I'm on the side where they shoot twice, Staal and Malkin score on the other side and Geno gets into his first fight over there! But seeing Recchs shot was great and so was Ruutu's empty netter! It was great with some people starting the "Go Home Nashville" chants still with 5 minutes left.

It was also nice to see the guys stick up for each other when Nasreddine got nailed. Scuderi and Talbot went after the Predator, but Max got to him first.

Will said...

holy crap, i go to buy these tickets and the best avaiable is E3. So you student rushers better have a back up plan to get into the areana.

Stoosh, if you want to get together at the game let me know.

Anonymous said...

Trotz looks like Verne Troyer's "Biggie Me".
Can't wait for the Flyers game.

Dobler said...

Isn't there any journalist in Pittsburgh who's plugged in enough to get some news about the arean deal? WTF? Nobody's leaking anything?

Joshua said...

Myron Cope publishes an open letter to Mario:


Anonymous said...

myron cope and mike lange...two of the most underrated sportscasters in history...

Andrew said...

great game. to bad i got stuck on 79 on the way home for 3 hrs. got home at about 5am this morning and had a 9am class... shitty...

that was easily the best NHL game i've ever been to, and probably the 2nd best hockey game period, behing the WBS Pens vs Senators last year... 6 fights in that game, 5 goals for the baby pens, and MAF starting.. can't go wrong there...

Anonymous said...

all the games i've been to over they years, i've always sat in levels B, C, or D. Are the E-level seats decent? Not like it's really going to affect whether or not I go to the game, haha, just tryin' to see what I'm in for.


Steph said...

Definitely a little late here, but I just wanted to extend my thanks to your team for knocking the Preds back - even though I'm sure you didn't do it for us!

Looking great lately.


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