Thursday, February 22, 2007

T-Bo. T-Bo. Pens WIN.

2 - 1


When was the last time a Penguins team rode a once-backup goalie to the playoffs?

If Thibault doesn't start against Tampa on Sunday, there's something wrong.
It's safe to say that we can now afford to trade Fleury.
Make it happen, Shero.

What? How can you jump to conclusions that fast?
Welcome to world of the overblown Penguin-goalie carousel.

Games against the Florida Panthers are so enigmatic.
It's like playing the Devils, except that there is actual action taking place throughout the entire game.
It's been like this all year.

This is probably the shortest recap in history.

Yeah, Jordan Staal scored on a deflection goal late in the first period to put the Pens up 1-0.
Big goal.
Bigger than my cat's balls.
(Editor's Note: You reassess your life when you find yourself doing a Google-image search for "feline testicles".)

The second period was the Thibault show.
Save after save after save.
More saves than the Sunday Post-Gazette.

But towards the end of the second, Florida finally capitalized on the one-timer originating from behind the net.
Tied at 1 going into the third.

And don't discount Eddie the Eagle tonight. He was insane; clearly auditioning for a new team.

Hey, Ed, maybe you should've played like this in Game 1 of the 1992 Finals, clown.

Huge third period.
And, well, if you weren't holding your breath every time Florida took a shot in the third, then you aren't built for playoff hockey. T-Bo was money when he had to be.

Showing MAF how it's done.

Everything changed with five minutes left.
The play starts going back and forth, and Crosby gets nabbed with a high-sticking penalty.
The Pens penalty-kill unit comes onto the ice with the game on the line.

Maxime Talbot flops around like a fish, blocking shots.

There was a better chance of the Red Cross in downtown Pittsburgh accepting blood from Magic Johnson than one of Florida's shots getting through during that powerplay.

No Thanks.

The penalty is killed off, then a delay-of-game penalty against Florida puts us on the powerplay towards the end of the third and into overtime.

Gary Roberts was clearly trying to fix the game so that the Pens would trade for him.

It definitely felt like we would capitalize on the 4-on-3.
The only definite thing to say is that the Pens 4-man unit would be the last thing I'd want to see in overtime if I was another team.

The Pens don't capitalize, but never fear.
Soon thereafter, Ryan Whitney springs Colby Armstrong and Maxime Lemieux on a 2-on-1.
Colby glides towards the net with more patience than Cedars-Sinai.

New Streak Begins.
Pens: 1-0-0 in their last one game(s).

  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Staal: 1 G
  • Shots: Florida ( 33 ) PENS ( 41 )
  • Powerplay: Florida ( 0 for 4 ) PENS ( 1 for 5 )
  • Nice camera view tonight...if you were trying to watch the Kennedy assassination.
  • The refs really let them play tonight.
  • Another win in the homestretch.
  • Malkin was everywhere. Frisky Horse.

Here is the Buffalo/Ottawa fight from tonight video ( Thanks Chris)

Speaking of Ottawa...if the playoffs started today, we'd be playing them in the first round.

Bring it.

Edit: If your looking for some great other goalie fights check these out( Thanks Emdubs and Elizabeth):


PittCheMBA said...

Love the graphic of Jordan Staal and the Stanley Cup. I was surprised not to see his mullet peeking through his helment.

Anonymous said...

anyone see Colby's moonwalk after he scored in OT? M.J. has shit on Army


the classic crime said...

mad max is my hero

Anonymous said...

I glad that we have a backup we can count on.... and i agree when t-bo said you have to get away from the game sometime to regroup... i still love MAF

rachel said...

Max was just going crazy this game. And then I just love this video...

Colby's moonwalk was hilarious!

New stat:

When Staal scores the Pens are 19-0-3

seth said...

Thibault has really improved over the course of last year to this year. You can tell he's more comfortable moving side-to-side after his hip surgery(s), not sure if he had multiple. He didnt just flop around.

That being said, he was good, but Fleury is the go-to-guy. No question.

seth said...

rachel, as the keeper of the mark eaton stat, i want you to be the keeper of the staal stat

rachel said...

^^Sorry, scratch the 19-0-3...

It's 18-0-3

rachel said...

Seth, I will definitely be the keeper of the Staal stat.

And I agree that Thibault played great tonight, and MAF is definitely the number one go to guy.

Staff said...

Rachel great stat

The moon walk was great, but the lights were out and you could barely see it..florida shut the lights out quick

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

Here's the Sabres/Sens fight:

rachel said...

Thanks, staff!

The lights sucked the whole game.

Chris, thanks for the link. That was a great fight! I thought the coaches were going to start fighting, too.

Andrew said...

according to a report on a ESPN radio station for Pheonix, BGL is headed here. he just needs to waive a no trade clause. had the article posted. imagine a 6'5" 250 lb BMF in front of the net screening for sid, rex, whitney, and gonch. i can't wait.


Rick said...

"Overtime goal scored By Colby "The Cheese" Armstrong..." and the crowd goes wild. Well, not the crowd in Florida, they were ticked. But somewhere, a crowd went wild.

Screw the Eaton bandwagon, it's time for the era of "the Cheese".

Staff said...

Thanks Chris, I have been waiting for that all night. Love the coaches going at it

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

I can't believe nobody on Ottawa jumped in to take care of their goalie. I also can't believe Murray was dumb enough to send out his top line right after Drury got nailed.

And they play again Saturday...

Staff said...

Tomorrow your going to have the typical moron from espn or something start complaining about this.
Fighting it allowed in the NHL. Not the NBA. I cannot wait till someone goes off about it. I can feel it.

But man, that was awesome. Emery is insane. Gotta respect Biron for dropping them.

When was the last time goalies fought?

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said... has the Buffalo feed too. It's has some better camera angles but you'd better mute it because that Sabres announcer is pretty much audio torture.

Teej said...

Great game! Fleury will bounce back for sure...and it's kickass to know that we have a backup that will bring it ALL to the table when called upon... T-BO T-BO T-BO

i'm drunk, here are my keys

Andrew said...

Was I the only one who didn't realize Emery was black?

I had no idea until he threw it down on Biron.

By the way...he's a crazy motherfucker...did you see him smiling the whole time...even when Peters was beating on him?

Emery might be the new Ron Hextall. He's definitely climbing the ranks of my favorite goalies...

Andrew said...

Congrats on the Deadspin shoutout, Pensblog. In the words of Lilian Gish, "Young man, it."

Anonymous said...

I like MAF.

I like T-bo almost as much as MAF.

Is it a crime to enjoy both?

Let the senators and sabres beat the crap out of each other again saturday because the play offs are coming baby! Woot woot, how about army armstrong finally showing up this season?

Anonymous said...

There was a better chance of the Red Cross in downtown Pittsburgh accepting blood from Magic Johnson than one of Florida's shots getting through during that powerplay.


Magic Johnson was also a frisky horse.

Andrew said...

Oh yeah...Steigy also said "Pterodac-tile" tonight. I knew the Pens were gonna win...

Anonymous said...

Check out the "Who am I?" section at the bottom-right of the main page on I couldn't believe my eyes!

Anonymous said...

ps that "who am I" thing is subject to change at any time. In case you miss it, "Yorku" Ruutu is featured.

mike m said...

Emery is the guy that had Mike Tyson painted on his helmet, so you know he means business

Christina said...

that fight was the best thing i've seen in a long time...i freaking love hockey!

and it's about time that Colby pulled out a clutch goal...nice work by T-Bo too

EmDubs said...

How you could guys forget about the last time there was a goalie fight?

ha ha

Elizabeth said...

Ok classic goalie fight time.

Roy vs. Osgood - during one of the crazy 90's avs/wings games.

they are just completely beating the crap out of each other.

Will said...

anyone else notice T-Bo's hair comming out from the top of his goalie mask?

Funny goalie fight memory...
Leroux got into it with Dale Hunter from the caps. They are throwing hay makers left and right. From out of the corner of his eyes Leroux sees Kolzig comming at him. Without missing a beat, he takes a step back, clotheslines Olie the goalie and then proceeds to whip Hunter's ass some more. great stuff.

Its so nice beating the Panthers simply because i really hated that damn rat throwing thing.

Will said...

nice to see ESPN reporting news from like a week and a half ago.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the content on this site, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that you guys masturbate a lot.

Loser Chris said...

How can you post classic goalie fights without having Potvin/Hextall and Cloutier/Salo? Garth Snow taking on the entire Sabres team during the playoffs is a nice one too. Don't know if that one is on YouTube though.

Ellie said...

nothing like a win for the pens and a good goalie fight : )

Anonymous said...

You douche bags should consider using paragraphs. It would make your nonsensical jibberish a litle bit easier to read... but unfortunately, still no easier to stomach.

On an off topic, what are your World of Warcraft screen names?

Rwarner174 said...

Get over it! Make your own blog and write paragraphs till your heart is content?

Oh and also of course, LETS GO PENS!!

Anonymous said...

I consider that a challenge. I will write my own blog with paragraphs aplently. Of course, you might not understand proper grammar, but it will be easy on the eyes nonetheless. The Pensblog will be the first subject of said blog. I will post a link when it is done.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from above is an a..hole.

This is the best site for the Pens I've ever seen or read. Sure, you can post a long and boring grammatically correct paragraph and have all of the punctuation marks in the right spot and get no one to comment on your wonderful literary prose. You pretentious prick.

This is a forum for people to express their opinions and have fun at the same time.

No one points out a spelling mistake or slip on the keyboard because it doesn't matter.

Now as for the post at again just before midnight...
great again guys. I just loved it.

The (Editor's Note: You reassess your life when you find yourself doing a Google-image search for "feline testicles".) is hysterical! Thanks!!! :)


Rwarner174 said...

The above anonymous poster is a turd sandwhich with a side of giant douche. I am just not sure which part of you is worse?


Anonymous said...

"This is the best site for the Pens I've ever seen or read. Sure, you can post a long and boring grammatically correct paragraph and have all of the punctuation marks in the right spot and get no one to comment on your wonderful literary prose. You pretentious prick."

Or you could just post nonsensical bullshit and have all of your lifeless friends comment. What's is worse is when said friends encourage such bastardization of the fine English language.

Off topic, if you want to see fine grammar and readable blogs, I suggest visiting

Shanna said...

This is the best Pens site around. I love it. Nowhere else can you get a recap like you can here. Great job guys. Keep up the fawesome work.

Army doing the moonwalk was absolutely priceless. I love him. He should do that everytime he scores, kinda like a touchdown celebration in the NFL. Army is clutch. T-bo is money. GO PENS!!

tiffany said...

First of all, right on Karri and rwarner174!!! Whoever doesn't like this site, and says the kind of stuff anonymous does, IS an ignorant A$$hole that doesn't know which HOLE to $H!T out of.

On a lighter note, I totally agree with everyone that loved Army's moonwalk - that was sweet. And Mad Max was a bit "mad" during that game.....he's awesome. The way he kept diving on the ice to stop the puck was amazing, especially considering how much pain he must have been in. "Maxime Talbot flops around like a fish, blocking shots." took my idea!! ;) When I saw the game last night, it made me wanna post the Jordan Staal stats too--props on doing it first.

And "good" didn't know Ottowa's goalie was black either....haha. I guess now we do. That was great, though, I kept laughing cause Emery wouldn't stop smiling.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with masturbation and hockey?

Last time i checked they were in my top 10 favorite things with beer and boobies coming close as well.

Oh well, you guys must devils fans.

To bad the Av's had to go to Budai, he's a pud.

I intentionally broke this all up William Shatner style, because...

I.... Hate.... Paragraphs....

Three cheers for the pensblog and the best fans in the city???????

Andrew said...

andy chiodo from WBS had some nice ones before too.

Anonymous said...

The "bastardization of the fine English language" line...too funny!

The is a descent site...I go there regularly...great paragraphs...though, never any comments.........oh wait, two in the last ten posts!

Thepensblog staff has such an off-the-wall sense of humor that always has me laughing out loud when I read THEIR posts. I LOVE this site.

If you don't like it, then don't read it. Too afraid to use your name, or any name? Awwwwww....poor baby.


tiffany said...

Were you the Andrew that called in to "Savron on Sportsbeat?"

Elizabeth said...

lol I love the drama

rachel said...

Tiffany, thanks! I just had to share it ;)

I didn't know Emery was black until he slashed Lapierre and him laughing during fight just made me like him so much more, haha!

Fun Police said...

What is it with this whole "Pensblog Staff" concept? Are you paid employees or something. Are you trying to be more than a blog, which is what a self-given handle such as "Pensblog Staff" would imply? If so, may I suggest a few things:

1.Write in paragraphs
2.Get lives
3.Use proper punctuation
4.Maybe talk to a female every once in a while
5.Get lives
6.Stop bullying 10 year old kids on World of Warcraft
7.Set foot outside more often than once per month
8.Get lives
9.Give your arm a break from patting yourself on the back so freaking much
10.Stop being hypocritical; thinly veiled accusations that the Post Gazette is bandwagon hopping with their new Penguins features are really showing your true colors. If you schmucks were such loyal fans where were you three years ago? Funny, I don't recall a Ramzi Abid Photoshop contest.
11.Stop thinking that comments are what make a good website.
12.Stop talking about the arena deal, no one really cares if the team leaves.

tiffany said...

If you watch the video you posted again, listen closely when Max starts to hug Christensen. Eric says, "No, don't kiss me." I was crackin' up when I saw it on FSN. :)

I think that's a great idea about Army! Moonwalking should be his signature move after he scores.

BTW staff, here's some more of your comments that rock!!
--"Maxime Lemieux" and "You reassess your life when you find yourself doing a Google-image search for "feline testicles."

Anonymous said...

"Fun Police," please go away......nobody wants you here. Why don't you follow your OWN advice and get a life??

Scott said...

hey fun police...suck my balls pal

Anonymous said...

Anybody else REALLY love the commentator for that last goalie fight? He was way into it!

Andrew said...

yes i was.

ps. steigy liked it, and savarn came around after steigy said how good of a fit he'd be here.

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