Saturday, February 17, 2007

No Sympathy For The Devils. PENS WIN.

5 - 4


Glad to see the Devils fans came out in droves for this game.

More people came to see my cousin Becky at her piano recital.
Our whole family thinks she has a penis.

Talk about a huge game.
Who didn't expect the Pens to come out flying?

It took a mere three minutes to get a lead.
Jarkko Ruutu continues his dominance of the NHL with a redirection goal.

Two minutes later, Rob Scuderi/Ryan Malone scores from the point to give the Pens a 2-0 lead.

The rest of the period, the Pens spent their time trying to avoid raving lunatic Cam Janssen.

Cam Janssen actually started from New York to take this run at Petro. Look how far this guy is off the ground. That's charging, ass.
But, it's all for not. Petro doesn't feel pain.

The Devils didn't really threaten too much for the entire period.

With time winding down, Staal scores his 24th goal of the year on a great feed by Oscar to make it Eaton - 0.

The second period was fine.
Until Brian Rafalski farts in a shot from the point to get the Devils on the board.
No worries.

Brendan Fraser makes his biggest mistake since Encino Man when he cheap-shots Petrovicky.
Petrovicky stares at him from the ice with Zen-like patience as Crosby and Malkin hop over the boards.

Six seconds later, it's 4-1. Sidney ends his meaningless goal-less streak.
We're 13-0-2....and Crosby had a nine-game goal-less streak during that stretch?
Is anyone complaining?

Two minutes after Crosby's goal, Fleury turns into Andy Moog and gives up a lazy backhand goal to Patrick Elias, and the game was 4-2.

Four minutes later, Moore gets a shot on net, and Ruutu follows up to get his second goal of the game.
It was 5-2.
Time to button down the hatches as the third period began.

Mark Eaton assimilates Sergei Gonchar's body to block a shot in the third.

Was this game in the bag?
Or would yet another Pittsburgh sports team choke in the AFC Championship Game?

It sure looked like it.
Less than three minutes into the third, it got hairy when Zach Parise scores on the powerplay to make it 5-3.

At that point, the Pens weren't generating as many chances as they were earlier.

And with a little over 11 minutes left, Fleury continues to exhibit his morphing capabilities by turning into Tom Barrasso.
He lets Pat Zajak pull a Tom Fitzgerald and bring the Devils to within one goal.

"Jeopardy takes advantage of a cushy time slot."

The Pens go into survivor mode again.

And Jamie Langenbrunner was flopping around like a girl.

The clock dragged for the rest of the third period, and the Devils pulled Brodeur with a little over a minute left.

The last 45 seconds of the game can only be compared to a frantic race through the aisles on the set of Supermarket Sweep.

Save after save was made by the back-to-normal Fleury.
You're watching the action, and out of nowhere, Steigerwald says there's only 11 seconds left.
The puck clears the blue line.


  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Ruutu: 2 G
  • Melichar: 2 A
  • Shots: Devils - 31 ------- Pens - 24
  • Powerplay: Devils ( 1 for 4 ) Pens ( 1 for 3 )
  • There's really no reason to knit-pick and talk about the Pens penchant for letting teams get back into games. This team hasn't been used to playing with leads. If they start losing due to this recurring theme, then it is time to discuss. Winning close games like this isn't a bad thing. 13-0-2.
  • Did it feel like Staal and Malkin were on the ice for only like 5 minutes tonight?
  • Chris Thorburn wants the Pens to lose just so he can get back in the lineup.
  • Brodeur almost killed Moore in front of the net. What a joke.
  • How extensive is the Supermarket Sweep wikipedia page? Damn.
  • Eaton was an offensive threat twice tonight. He is scoring a goal soon.



Washington85 said...

Greatest game by far....who will i be voteing for next election...Jarkko Ruutu for Mayor/Govener/ will happen

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

Eaton would have had a hat trick tonight, but he was preoccupied thinking about the impending Photoshop Expo.

Joshua said...

Things like the attendance in New Jersey piss me off. No one was there. At first I thought, oh that must be a shot taken during pre-game warmups...IT WAS 3 SECONDS BEFORE THE OPENING FACEOFF!

Gary Bettman has screwed the NHL so bad it isnt funny. This man should be ran out of town. So many blunders:
1) Expansion down South
2) North America Vs. World
3) Bigger Nets?!
4) The lockout
5) Bad TV deal with Versus

feel free to add to my list

Jon said...

I told yinz...we're taking the division. Imagine the heartbreak when all 4 of the Devils fans see us take it from them. Life in Newark will become unbearable. Well, more than it is now.

And Mondesi of Mondesi's house pretty much put it best when he compared the Pens to Kobe Bryant in his high school days. We jump ahead, let the opponent come back, and then just break their hearts at the end of the game. I love it.

Staff said...

So far the pics we have gotten are hilarious. Coupled with that, the two songs in last nights post section are incredible.

We love you all.

Eaton pics will be up tomorrow

Huge win.

Moore should of passed the puck to Eaton. But great finish by Donnie Jarko.

Staff said...


I thought Mondesi's comparison was mud. Plus the Pens didn't rape anyone in colorado, unless Bily Tibbets was there.

Could not agree more.
Last night unreal game with the Flames and Avs. A game like that should be on Versus. Bettmen is a joke

Geeves said...

just for the record, it's "batten" down the hatches.

what a faboo game. dont forget, this shows progress. blew a lead this time, but held on to keep it from going into OT. flat-out visible progress there.

Geeves said...

and how about Danny Po's awesome interview with Jarkko???

"you're my boy, Dan"

Staff said...

mark eaton called.

he said it's button.

i'll trust him over Merrian Webster's any day of the week.

Nick said...

Mark Eaton wants to know where the love is for Shop 'Til You Drop

Matt said...

Seth: Errey stole some of your thunder tonight by mentioning the Penguins' record with Eaton in the lineup. People are taking notice.

Wait 'Til Next Year

Justin said...

best part about the game tonight......max talbots handlebar mustache

seth said...

DAMNIT! I couldn't catch much of the game cuz i was at my bro's game tonight. I would've creamed my pants if i heard it. Sigh...

If anyone can somehow find a clip of it, post it please

On to the important business,

good lookin out, matt

Brett said...

Shut up about Eaton

tiffany said...

Supermarket Sweep.....ahh the good old days...

Justin, you noticed "Mad Max's" mustache too? He needs to shave that
And Geeves, my favorite Dan Po interview was the one with Talbot, but I loved Ruutu's comment.

What an unbelievable game, though!! The Pens have definitely made an improvement by making sure they didn't give the Devils a point. How do you like them apples Jersey??

And staffers, good to know I wasn't hallucinating about Brodeur/Moore. What the heck WAS all that nonsense???!!! People in prison probably get better treatment.

It seems Errey and Steigy said it best to sum up the game:
“Oh boy, does anybody have any hair left on their head?!” - Bob Errey
“And the ‘Heart Attack Kids’ do it again!” - Paul Steigerwald


Anonymous said...

Marc Eaton says its "all for naught" too.

Elizabeth said...

How clutch were Eaton and Fleury in the last 30 seconds? Sick.

Anonymous said...

so is hell going to freeze over?
the penguins are the number one story on

and ruutu is the number 1 player.


Jon said...

Just for the record, Mark Eaton had an affair with Kobe's mother some number of years ago, and he is in fact the abominable rapist's father. He was the one who taught him how to be a dominant force on the basketball court. Now Eaton's passed on that knowledge to our Penguins...It's nature's way

EddieSpaghetti said...

I've been wrong about so many of our players this season. Did anyone lose faith in Rutuu around Decemberish?

Tippy said...

The desire to kick Brody in the nuts for trying to smother Moore was high, until I realized the team did it for me by putting 5 goals up on "the best goaltender in the league." When they say best, they mean oldest, right?

thomes08 said...

I was gona complain about how every web site and newspaper for the last two weeks has had the same headline for the pens' win "surgig pens..."

Then i realized how sweet the repetetiveness sounds.

T-Bo in goal sunday if M.T. does what he says he would do this weekend. I think he'll be on fire and it'll be good to let Flower get a break.

Oh another thing i don't like in the news, when they say crosby is up by 12 or so points all the time..... they should add in "with 5 less games". I always do. Just makes himsound that much sweeter.

I don't know what to do until sunday. GAME ON NBC if the Blackhawks don't get air time in my area! But for everyone else not in another market it's the nationally televised game. Here's to hoping the game is in HD unlike the last game. Interestingly enough last game on NBC when the play-by-play said "we welcome those who just finished watching the Rangers" the picture immediately switched to HD. Anyone got an answer for why that is?

GO PENS! here's hoping we keep it going for a long time.

Andrew said...

In addition to Hell freezing over...

The Pens were the second story on Sportscenter this morning. Right after all kinds of Daytona 500 garbage.

How sweet is that?!

Teej said...

Preds now favorites to win the Cup now that Forsberg is there? I just don't see it.

Huge win in Jersey last night, in front of about 20 people... and at least 15 of them were arena staff.

Shanna said...

Holy shit, that was a crazy game last night. It's a good thing I had my vomit bucket right beside the couch because I thought for sure I was gonna need it.

Jarkko Ruutu is now my hero. I just wish I had gotten to him before Potash, damn. Great to see him get those goals. He's been playing so well lately, he deserved it and to be the number 1 star.

I've been one to hold my tongue on Ryan Malone cuz I really do like him but last night he really did piss me off. Sid made a beautiful pass to him and what does he do? He just stops skating. If he had kept going, it for sure would have been a goal as it looked like Brody was out of position to make the save. GO TO THE NET RYAN!!

Anyway...yay for Sid finally getting a goal. You knew it was coming after his sick shift in the last 30 seconds of the B-hawks game.

MAF and Mark Eaton are both ridiculous, thank god they're on our team.


seth said...

Mark Eaton doesn't go hunting... He goes killing

Tee said...

I vote next photoshop expo be Jarkko Ruutu. We should blatantly rip off and just do photoshop fridays with a different pen every week.

Red Anchor said...

Absolutely. Photoshop friday for the win.

Max Sherry said...

WWJD....this is how I am going to live day in and day out for the rest of my life. "What Would Jarko Do?" Basically, if I ever get in a pickle, I will just yell "retard" at the top of my lungs and everything will get better. What a resume skill. Love this guy.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it malkin chugs a fifth of vodka before every period. any truth to this?

alan said...

Hey have you guys by chance seen the article Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star wrote recently?
I'd like to congratulate this guy for trying to make the case that the pens would be perfect for KC, yet all he did was give ample proof that they wouldn't be. He even goes so far as to say that "most people in town...don't care about hockey" and that they wouldn't pay to see the pens play. Yet somehow after admitting this, he attempts to tell us that they would be a perfect fit?!?! As if the nail wasn't already in the coffin, he completely kills his argument by saying that people in KC are always looking for the "thing to do", and that the pens would be that thing. Yeah maybe, but for how long? Are you kidding me? He says that the people only don't like hockey because they havent seen Sid pay, but tell me how on earth are they gonna appreciate the things Crosby does if they don't even understand or care to understand how hockey is played? This guy along with his entire argument is a joke. The second the team would have a down year, the arena would be empty, it it wasn't already. I'm not trying to bash all the KC hockey fans cause I'd be excited too about the possibility, but idiots trying to make nonsense arguments just annoy me a bit.

Shanna said...

"What Would Jarkko Do?" That's great. I love it. Why ask Jesus when you have Jarkko? He should be an inspiration to all us young hockey fans. I know that Ghandi is the most quoted person in the world, but now I'm pretty sure that that distinction should go to Ruutu. "Hey Retard" that was priceless.

Teej said...


I think the argument he's trying to make is he'd love to see KC get a team, but he wouldn't want to "steal" a team such as the Penguins away from Pittsburgh, seeing as we have true, passionate fans and lots of great history. Though the article is a bit misleading, for sure.

alan said...

I understand he says that but read down, after he is done with that point he makes his feelings clear on how the penguins would be perfect for KC. I used that article more as an inside look into how the people of KC feel about hockey, of which it is very telling, from both public viewpoint and from the view of a sports writer.


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