Thursday, February 8, 2007

Midnight in the Garden Of Eaton

Count it.

It's been one week since we've heard any Arena talk.
It's nice not having to read every day about how Jimmy Blowhole from Jimmy's Blog thinks the Pens aren't gonna stay.
Nobody cares about your blog. Nobody cares about our blog.
Go to hell.

So just brace yourself everyone, because when this Arena thing hits, its going to hit big.

"It's gonna be big! BIG!"

In case anyone missed it, Myron Cope with a heartfelt letter to Mario Lemieux.
Very nice of Mr. Cope.
Every little bit helps.

There's been lots of talk of the Pens getting an enforcer out there in Pens Message Board Nation and the Pittsburgh blog world.
Why not pick up that jobber astronaut who drove 900 miles in a diaper to beat up some other astronaut? That's toughness.
You don't think she'd fight for a puck in the corners?
We pride ourselves in not being up to date on anything outside of hockey news, but that's money in the bank.

Fourth line:
Ruutu - Astronaut Bitch - Thorburn

Do the Pens really need an enforcer?

Sure, Crosby and Malkin are going to be harassed some nights, but is it really worth picking up someone and having to lose some young talent?
Unless you bring in Jason Vorhees circa 1985, how can one guy really make that big of a difference?

You know how you get people off of your stars? You put goals on the board when people take penalties against you.
Teams are going to take shots at your stars.
It happens in every sport.

You think that people don't try to kill Tom Brady? Or that no one would bean Derek Jeter in the chops?
You think no one took a shot at Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson?
That's pre-AIDS Magic Johnson, too. Everyone got the heebeejeebees after the announcement, and no one wanted to lick his sweat anymore.

Sports are tough. If you're the best, someone is going to try to job you. Simple as that.
Protection isn't going to help you.
Did anyone stop Mario Lemieux from getting slashed by Adam Graves?
People still hang on Jagr. There is nothing you can do.

It is not the ref's fault.
It is not the NHL's fault.

Mike Tyson once said:
"Everybody has a game plan until he gets hit."

We don't make a point of living our lives to the tune of Mike Tyson, but that might be the smartest thing he has ever said.

And you have to credit head coach Michel Therrien. We have heard rumblings that Therrien should be more careful on who he plays Crosby against.
Anyone with common sense knows it's pointless to send Crosby out there when the game is well in hand.
But maybe we don't know some things that Crosby and Therrien do.
Crosby might want to be out there.

Maybe some guy is holding his girlfriend's dog ransom in a cellar in Romouski.
This seems to be the likeliest reason why Crosby is out there late in games.

"125-point season, or the bitch gets it."

Crosby's quote from the Islander game when he got speared by Jason Blake:

"The referees were really dogging us out there."

Crosby's desperate cry for help.

...Colby Armstrong faces allegations about his mysterious knee injury...

...In that same article, Ray Shero has been named co-GM-ish of Team USA... gives us this article....
--International fans, that article is your chance to see Malkin on SportsBeat.

....Kansas City wants a hockey team, but they can't even handle a Chemical Plant...

...The votes are in for's best lines in NHL history...

...Speaking of, they just can't let the "surging Penguins beat the Preds."
No, we have to "power past the slumping Preds."

Lick my mom's deodorant stick,

One game of interest tonight...

Buffalo beats Ottawa 3-2....

We love the Western conference, but every game in the East is so important anymore.
We got no time for the Western Conference.

Big night Thursday. Go Pens.
Big shout out to Will from Astro-Naughty Butler who is going to hook us up with some pictures from Philly.

Pensblog's Chris and Gabe got into the Pens locker room Tuesday night and escaped with this:

Yeah, that's Chris on the right.
Good photographers are hard to come by in the Pens locker room.


Andrew said...

they need an enforcer. they have Brookbank and Bonive in Wilkes-Barre, just call one of them up. also, enforcers are cheap to trade for. Parros was gotten by the Ducks for a 2rd rd pick. he's a home town guy and i'd love to see him on our team. plus, he's porntastic.

if it's true that gretzky and the Yotes aren't happy with BGL, maybe the pens could get him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. he can actually play well, and those pussys like blake wouldn't think about touching Sid if they knew BGL was coming off the bench for them.

Staff said...

Have The Pens ever had a Black Hockey Player?

Adam said...

Differing in opinions is what makes life great.

If the Pens went out and got an enforcer, everyone would embrace him with open arms like Journey.

Adam said...

the first black Pens player would be Ben Roethlisberger if he put on skates.

chris said...

i must disagree with you andrew. when you're the best player in the world, teams can't just let you roam free on the ice. coaches form their game-plan around you. players know that in order to slow you down, they need to get under your skin. like the great ones before him, Crosby is going to see the harassment his whole career.

we have all the enforcing we need, the team we have is a band of brothers, usually id be calling for some kind of trade, but i dont want one. our team is fine, we have a solid core of players that combine skill and grit perfectly. there is not one player on our team i want to see moved from the roster. everyone is contributing.

go pens

chris said...

adam just held an entire conversation with himself



Andrew said...

i don't see where trading a draft pick, which will most likely be a lower one since they apear poised to "make the dance" (don't want to jinx it) would hurt the team in the long run. it's more important i think to keep sid, geno, rex, staal, whitney, ect out of the hospital.

gretzky always had an enforcer on his team, like McSorley. plus, the guys i named (Brookbank, Bonvie, Parros, BGL) are all able to play both wings and Bookbank has always played d at times. a 4th line enforcing winger would be a nice addition i would think to the team. i don't see how much it helps when the "standing up" that the guys do is like talbot last night jumping in then turtling.

Boogey and Hordi have talked about just going out there and running over everyone they see against teams that don't dress an enforcer against them. Boogey doing that the the Flames made them call up Godard, who has given us some of the best fights in recent months, beating Parros and Boogey x2. fighting has it's place in hockey, and i have never been to a game where people didn't love a fight. the NHL is also entertainment, and i think they need to add the hitting and fighting back into the game to get some fans back that have been lost. teams like detroit and NJ are painful to watch, no matter how "good" them might be.

seth said...

Don't you pensblog guys communicate by like phone or something other than comments?

Andrew said...

oh, what about Cairns? he's listed as making an appearence at a shop n save next week. i doubt he's really hurt, so they should just take him off the ir. the only downside to him being the enforcer is he's a dman. they're paying him a ton of money to have only played 1 game all year.

Bradley said...


The Pen Phraternity is taking care of their own.

(no offense to the cuddly BGL)

- bwzimmerman, stuck in AZ

Anonymous said...

see the difference between talbot and thorburn standing up to guys AFTER a play is that if the big guys want to run someone they still will, and the damage will already be done. A true enforcer with a mean streak, for example brookbank or carkner serve as a deterrent, people won't run crosby and malkin because they know if they do, whether they want to or not they're going to get beat down. You ever wonder why Gretzky had so much room to skate on the ice? He was on a line with Marty McSorley and Dave "cement head" Semenko.

Andrew said...

Bringing up Brookbank or Megan's Law Offender Dennis Bonvie would be a terrible idea.

Seriously, Brookbank isn't even getting solid ice time in WBS. Why in our right mind would we waste a roster spot on him? It makes no sense.

Having someone like that is not going to deter someone from cheap shotting Crosby.'s not like Crosby is built like Gretzky. Crosby is actually a physical presence on his own (wasn't he voted #2 by the players for best physical shape or something?). He's not small...a clean hit isn't going to hurt him *kow* and an illegal hit will hurt the other team, because he's going to make them pay for it on the ensuing power play.

This team is fine how they are. No need to bring in a scrub to do occasional dirty work.

Ugh...I'm so tired of this discussion.

Anonymous said...

i understand your point of view andrew, but what happens when ted nolan realizes his team isnt going to make the playoffs and decides to send out some jobber who can afford a 20 game suspension to break crosbys wrist or ankle before the playoffs?

Adam said...

is there any way to stop said jobber from doing that to crosby?

Antonette said...

I'm going to add absolutely nothing to the argument about enforcers and just say that the title of this post is BRILLIANT.

Will said...

come on you can't talk about enforcers with out talking about my man. He's still skating (with the pens charity team) Francois Leroux baby!!!!

By the way i hope i can get you pictures, if i was going you'd get them, but i am banking on two guys from work.

Matt said...

that was indeed the best paragraph ever.

chris said...

seth...we live together

we can hear each other fine, but for some reason we choose to talk IM each other instead haha..

final comment on the enforcer stuff. i guess there wouldn't be any harm if we got a solid offensive player that was tough, but i just couldn't pick a player to scratch for him to play. i love our 4th line. especially when theyre scoring goals...same with the 3rd. if it aint broken, dont fix it

philllllly tonightt


Arlow said...

I think trading for an enforcer is a mistake. I like the fact that right now, if you mess with anyone (not just Sid), someone on this team is gonna step up and jack you. Or at least attempt to. This is in my opinion the tightest group of guys in the league and I wouldn't have it any other way. Throwing a new face in now is only gonna mess with the cohesiveness of the team.

Oh, yeah, Scott Burnside from S.I.= douche bag.
Messier over Mario on his top line of all time? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

best title EVER.

Anonymous said...

i do not think the penguins need an enforcer. they have what some teams dont: a ruutu. somebody that crawls under your skin and pisses you off.

in return, the other player takes a stupid penalty while ruutu calls him a retard and makes him sit down. though, when that happens, the penguins fail to realize they are on a power play so, it really doesnt pay off.

but in the end, they have enough people to step up, or should step up (orpik, i am looking at you). also, would it be worth wasting money for somebody that is going to sit in the box the entire game.

also, say the other team has atleast four goones. so, the penguins big goone is in the sin bin. that brings it back to square one where the penguins step up for each other.


thomes08 said...

I was just watching Sportscenter hoping they might throw in a minute of hockey in their hour and a half shitshow of gossip, and they did!

Barry's Best.

He shows a pretty sweet DiPietro save and goes on to say "The New York Islanders are the hottest team in the east right now."

We're 9-0-2 in our last 11. The Islander are 5-3-3 in their past 11. 20 pts vs. 13 pts out of 22. Am i missing something.

WTF where's the love.

I'm unsure of what the pens should do before the trade deadline. I see both sides with the enforcer issue. I also agree that we have guys that won't let teams manhandle sid, malkin, and recchs. We have a team that's working really well together and it would be a shame to send one of them out. Malone is the most likely to go and, as disappointing as he's been this season, i still think he's a good fit for the team and will get out of his slump eventually.

Anyone know where i can see the video of malkin's scrum???? I'm dying to see it.

And damnit what the hell is going on with the arena. I'm (we're all) freaking out not knowing.


Pens Insider said...

I think the key we need to be focused on is winning not smoking the other team in the face. Sure it'd be great to watch but in the end we want to be in the playoffs so unless we can find an enforcer who can play I say we stick with whay we got.

Tee said...

I'll be completely honest here, I'm a huge proponent of fighting in hockey. I have over 600 posts on the forums, and I follow the fight game very closely (over 2000 clips in my collection.) Now to say that having a true enforcer is going to stop someone like hordichuk from running crosby is wrong, hordichuk can handle himself and he knows what he's out there to do. By the same standard, if Cairns is dressed and Jason Blake or Max Lapierre were to cheap shot Sid... well it would be a massacre. That's what an enforcer brings, he's not going to stop the other teams goon from taking liberties because thats his role, however he WILL stop the jobbers from doing it simply by intimidation. Jason Blake does not want a pissed off 6'6 230lb man coming after him trying to punch him in the face as hard as he can. He doesn't care if his team gets a 7 minute powerplay, he won't take that risk. If you don't believe me watch a Minnesota game some night, if Boogaard is dressed there is almost no hitting on their forwards, but if he's scratched there will be guys leaving their feet left and right. So in conclusion, would having a goon stop the cheap shots? No, of course not. But what it would do is make teams think twice about doing it. I can almost guarantee you that Fedoruk wouldn't do half the shit he's sure to do tonight if Cairns (who once broke his face in a fight, literally broke it.) was in the lineup. That's just how it goes.

loralei said...

What purpose would an enforcer serve really if you dont put him on the ice with Sid? Semenko and McSorley were on the ice when Gretzky was on the ice. They're not going to take Recchi or Malone off of his wing for a piece of meat that cant skate with him. And technically we already have too many defensemen. I mean are we going to take one of our guys out of the line up to put out some guy that's not going to be able to keep up with this team skating wise but can punch really hard? Thats just silly. I think having Malone on the line with him is just fine. He's more than willing to jump in. Brooks isnt exactly shy either. Either that or put Kamikaze Army back on Sids line. After that hit on Koivu, i think its known that if you hit our guy will will start running at your guy from 10 feet away and plaster him into the boards. Its as simple as that.

Andrew said...

there's two andrew's here. i was asleep by the time the megan's law thing was posted. anyways, the pens had Tibbits for a while who couldn't even travel to canada because of his criminal record. Bonvie is a nice guy and is a fan favorite in WBS

Anonymous said...

barry melrose hates the penguins. just an FYI

Tee said...

loralei - if you read my post above, what I'm saying is a lot of the cheap shots would stop, and as for protecting him when he's on the ice, what coach in his right mind is going to put his goon line out on the ice at the same time as sid? name one tough guy in the NHL that crosby couldn't skate around backwards... I don't see any goon going after sid, believe it or not they're some of the most respectable guys in the league and they know better than to lay their hands on a superstar. What a goon would offer however, is the intimidation that stops Jason Blake from spearing Sid. As far as a spot to put him on the roster.. let's take Wade Brookbank for example, he can play either forward or D... so let's say we're playing the flyers and we know eager and fedoruk are going to be taking runs at our stars all game, we put him in Thorburn/Petro's wing spot on the 4th line or sit Nasreddine for the game. Nothing permanent, he just goes out there to make sure none of the dirty shit happens when we're playing a rival.

ryan said...

The Pens don't need to get an enforcer.

They already had one this year. His name was Andre Roy.

How'd that work out?

Shanna said...

Seriously, best title ever. It's gonna be hard to top this one. I just wanna say that I LOVE Ruutu. There is nothing better than hearing him call some other asshole hockey player a retard. Makes me wish I had my own Ruutu to take with me everywhere I go.

Flyers suck. Go Pens!!!

Tee said...

Ryan - Andre Roy would still be on the team if he didn't come with a 1.1 million dollar price tag.

My case for enforcers goes like this, let's look at the top 5 teams in the league.

1. Buffalo - They dress Andrew Peters when they play someone that they think might play dirty
2. Nashville - Darcy Hordichuk plays a regular shift.
3. Detroit - Ok they only have 4 fights all year.
4. Anaheim - leads the league in fighting majors, has 3 legit tough guys who all skate regular shifts.
5. New Jersey - Cam Janssen has never scored an NHL goal, but he still plays a regular shift (he was sent down this year due to salary cap restraints and the fact that he was the only player on the roster with a 2 way contract, but he's back now after philly took some liberties with them)

I can't think of one great team in NHL history that didn't have a goon. Even the great pens teams always had Stevens and Tocchet or Francois Leroux or even Steve McKenna.

Anonymous said...

No enforcer is needed. Who would you take off a line at this point? Like someone said, it aint broke dont fix it!

Good article on ESPN's NHL page about the Pens not needing an enforcer for Sid. Check it out.


Tee said...

Pat- good article, but some of what he says isn't entirely true, for example... his line about the canes not needing protection... last time I checked Eric Staal skated with a 6'4 230 lb man who likes to fight named Mike Commodore.

loralei said...

All good points Tee, I disagree to a certain extent though. I dont necessarily agree that the cheap shots will even lessen. Look at Jagr. We had Kasparaitis for all those years and people didnt stop cheap shotting Jagr (even though their heads were up at all times when Kaspar was on the ice). Having Ulfie around didnt stop Adam Graves from slashing Mario. Having Souray around didnt stop Colby from nearly killing Koivu last week either (back in the day when they still called charging that would have been a charge. He took like 5 good strides to get to him). They are going to happen. They are shots to Sid out of pure frustration because he is way better than them and they cant keep up and they know it. I dont understand who the 6'6 guy is going to intimidate? The jobbers dont care. These guys are hockey players, not Peyton Manning clones. What is going to happen, the jobber is going to be taken off the ice on the next line change or be put out there on the next shift w/ the resident tough guy. And the 2 tough guys are going to fight. There's an honor code there. Having watched Darius Kasperaitis--the king of all jobbers-- for a number of years, I cant say that i recall him being intimidated by anyone even after he knocked out Eric Lindros. (excellent debate to kill time at work!)

Andrew said...

kasper is not an enforcer, he's a pest. hockeyfights people hate him because of that reason. they hate ruutu too, since he's the same way. they're guys who make hits (some dirty), talk shit, and usually just piss off oponents instead of fighting them.

also, the rangers are going to have a Hollweg/Avery line now. cheapshots galore next time we play them. EC should dress tonight to take on fridge and whip his ass. also, someone said brooks... brooks is to valuable to have him be the team fighter.

and to the guy who said about hockeyfights - i'm on there too. andrew13. i stopped checking though cause i got tired of everyone whining about sid.

Tee said...

wow andrew13... JeanLaRose here..

Ulf and Kaspar weren't enforcers, they weren't even fighters.. they were cheapshot artists who both got what they had coming to them. Not saying I didn't love them because they were pens, but they played the game dirty and they both paid for it.. search Tie Domi vs Ulf Samuellsson on youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about. What the 6'6 guy brings to the table is that the jobbers don't take liberties because they know they have to answer to the goon.. it's part of "the code"
Granted, the goons usually settle it amongst themselves, but if a player gets out of hand putting him in his place is part of the goons job, instead of putting him out there against the other tough guy they put him out there against the jobber and he sends a message to the other bench.

Anonymous said...

TheGuyFromPgh Said...

Wow.... I almost forgot how fucking good it can feel to be a Penguins fan. Who really imagined from last year that we would be where we are today (anywhere but last place)? And now the team is gonna stay? Holy F'N Shit! God it feels good to be a Pens fan. GO PENS!!!

loralei said...

Guys, that's exactly my point. We watched them every night and it didnt matter who was on that bench. They were still going to go out and terrorize the other teams star player. Yeah they took some beatings, but do you really think that stopped them from doing it again? Hell no. If anything, they did it again on purpose to get to you take another fighting major and get kicked out of the game. The presense of an enforcer is not going to intimidate anyone. Sid is going to get hit. I'm not saying that they shouldnt fight. If some Jason Blakeish jobber comes in with that stuff, I think he should get his ass kicked. But if that Jobber has any self respect he's not going to be intimidated by anyone on the other teams bench and he is going to go out there and do his job.

Dobler said...

You've all seen the lead story on the ESPN NHL page, right, about how Crosby doesn't need an enforcer?

The best thing about this stupid debate ("Does Syd need an enforcer?") is that no one in the press is writing about how, for the first time EVER, the Penguins have a superstar in goal. (As soon as they start writing, Fleury is bound to go a little haywire....) Barrasso was fine, obviously, but he was poison in the locker room and it was basically his job not to fuck up. He never carried the team the way a Hasek can. Anybody else marginally good? Nobody. Denis Herron, Frank Pieterangelo, Wendell Clark, Ken Wreggett, Robert, scraping the bottom of the barrel here....Greg Millen? (I used to use a Greg Millen stick. Nice guy. About as effective as a garbage can in net... Lots of long rebounds there.)

Anonymous said...

andrew, goto youtube and search on jarko rutuu. You will see that he not only fights but he is also a good enough hockey player to be in the league. He is a little bit more than a pest. He does have 6 goals this year. Not lighting up the scoreboard but that is 3 goals and 7 assists more than zero and not bad for a 3rd/4th line guy.

Anonymous said...

I also want to know who the penguins should bump of a line for an enforcer? Give me a name.

Anonymous said...

Tee- i thought that same thing exactly while reading the article. Those Staal's, like Sid, can fend for themselves. Other than that, i thought it was a pretty interesting article.


Adam said...

Easily the best commenter conversation in TPB history.

A nothing post coming within the hour.

Scott said...

Nice tremors reference and i bet the arena deal will be done by monday and do all of u guys live together

Adam said...

a) scratch that. no post.

b) tremors is a great film.
top 80 of all time, easily.

c) 3 of us live together.
derek is the lone ranger out on I-70.

Scott said...

famous tremors quote "pardon my french" u guys go to pitt?

seth said...

finally a little love from

Bake said...

Until it's proven that we can't win hockey games without an enforcer, I say this TEAM that we have now is taking care of its business. I'd much rather be 9-0-2 in the last 11 with guys like Whitney, Malone, Jarko and Colby standing up for their teammates than be 5-5-1 with Parros fighting every other period.

BTW, Sid and Malkin have both stood up for themselves already this year. And with the 4th ranked powerplay in the NHL, teams are learning really quickly that you can't be dumb and give these guys the man advantage.

I love how we have a good hockey team now so everyone is an expert, much like the 100,000 NFL head coaches that currently reside in the city.

pensblog chris said...

im the only one still at pitt...the others are workin men

one hour babyyyy


Harry (From WWWPM) said...

you have
to read
You may not know this, but the readability of a blog is greatly affected by the spacing. You would do well to start writing in paragraphs.

thomes08 said...

10-0-2 in last 11.

With Eaton our record is ..... naw, i wasn't gonna take it from you seth



Scott said...

ya im tryin to go to pitt...u like it

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add something quick, the game just ended. I'm stuck living in the shithole known as Philly with hockey's worst fans (well maybe the montreal fans tie). I love that Sid just shoved all of their "boos" up their asses with that last goal. Flyers continue to suck! Can't wait to go to work tomorrow!
-Pens fan stuck in Philly

pensblog chrisss said...


appreciate the comment, but in all honesty,




yeah, im yr 4 of 6 for pharm.

it's cool, but i'm ready to get outta this place to be honest.

Go Pens

Scott said...

ya im sick of high skool already its always the same...solid win tonite sid finally comes through in the shootout

Andrew said...

chris - i was at wilkes for 2 years for pharm. i fucking hated it. i'm much happier now in CS. i need to get back out to wilkes though next semester. clarion sucks.

jean - cool that you post on here. were you the one from butler? and is everyone on there still whining about the best player in the world? i just check the headlines, nightly recaps, and download the videos anymore...

Will (from butler) said...

no i am the butler guy

Andrew said...

i meant on

Will said...


Adam said...



Anonymous said...

Andrew - This is JeanLaRose from work (where for some reason I can't login) and yeah I'm the guy from butler on, also you go to clarion? I spent a year there.. grey icy hell with 7,000 morons and a bunch of professors who had no idea what they were talking about. I eventually just gave up and joined the air force.

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

Haha. After I posted it, I thought it was a little bit rude. Either way, I'm just saying that it's easier to read a paragraph. Just a suggestion.

andrew said...

yeah, this place blows. i need to get back out to wilkes next fall. i just ended up here because i failed out of wilkes pharm on purpose and it messed up my finacial aid, so i came here because it's cheap and i live nearby...

Chris said...

A Pirate blog from you guys would be awesome!

- The Other Chris


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