Friday, February 16, 2007

The whole thing about the Post-Gazette's blog was that we sent an e-mail to the writer, telling him about our blog and awaited a reply.

Since the blog was recently started, you got to think the guy checks his e-mail.
But, considering our history with the Post Gazette, maybe our e-mail address is blocked on their servers.

Anyway, we've never really complained that the Pens don't get exposure.
We just make fun of how much attention the Steelers get.

I, personally, like the PG blog.
It's funny.
We want it to succeed and have the whole city whipped up into a Pens frenzy.
It would be good for business.
Oh, wait, we aren't paid to run our blog. Never mind.

We're just interested as to why it's been started right now amidst the hottest streak since Ken Jennings on Jeopardy.
Hence the FairWeather moniker...but if you read the PG blog, you would know that whoever writes it isn't a fairweather fan.
We just liked that picture we used in the post.

We've never said that the blog was a rip-off of ours...
...Our commenters said that, and The Pensblog is mud without our commenters.

Regardless, Mark Eaton is justified in his comments.
We love it.

We just wanted to clear some things up like we're ProActiv.

Go Pens.


Pens Insider said...

Not sure if you got a response from the author or not but I just got a response from the author, Seth, a little bit ago. I sent my email last night just talking hockey with the author and asking him about link exchanges and comments on the new blog. It sounds like they will come in due time and, I'm only paraphrasing, but right now posting seems to be the focus.

Staff said...

thanks, man.

i think we're getting the Joe McCarthy treatment

thomes08 said...

holy crap, watching that game update on for the last 2.5 hours was pretty stressful.

Everyone and their brother knew the 3 goal leads we had would be blown. I think it's on purpose to keep the games interesting.

If we were player a western conference team we would have let it go into OT just to make a more dramatic ending.

How was the game those who got to watch it?

Can't wait for highlights.

Can't beleive it, GO PENS!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wait... staff, are you guys the McCarthy-ists or the anti-McCarth-ists?

I'm confused... and drunk.

PittCheMBA said...

Dudes, The PensBlog Rocks! The PG blog is fairweather, an attempt to increase PG readership and ratings. You guys blog from the heart - love for the Penguins and hockey. You guys are awesome!

Staff said...

mccarthy went around accusing people of being communist.

so i dont even know where i was going with that one.

haha damn it

Geeves said...

what a game (i watched on the tee vee)

jarkko is on a roll!! wonder what the NBC boys will say sunday??

petro was stickhandling like a mofo. where did THAT come from?

after that three goal lead, it was like jersey sped up somehow.

zach parise is really really fast. and that's about it.

New Jersey was apparently so sapped by the loss they traded a guy who hadnt played a game for them.

site says attendance was 15,404. no way in HELL there were 15 thousand people being THAT quiet. it sounded like a DIII hockey game

Washington85 said...

Jarkko Ruutu for Govener of Pennsylvania!

Tippy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Eaton said...

Ha ha, I'm so flattered I got my own post. My comments were meant to be addressed to the Pensblog community as a whole for harshing on the PG blog. This blog is awesome and is totally inline with my sense of humor, but I could see how some people might be put off by it and would enjoy a different take.

I can hardly wait to see my Photoshop Expo. It better be good or I will utilize my powers of invisibility to sneak into all of your houses and stuff up your toilets with your favorite shirts

tiffany said...

Hahahahaha.......funny comment Mark. ;)


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