Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey Hey, My My

First things first.
We want to send our support to Edmonton Oilers fans in the great Northwest.
Coping with the Ryan Smyth trade.

Remembering how we all felt when Jags got dealt to Washington?
Raise your cups of whatever beverage you drink. It will get better, Edmonton.
Smyth's press conference was gut-wrenching.

Keep on keeping on, Oiler nation.


On to Penguins news....
Our buddy at the PittsburghSports Insider got the scoop on the lines.
There's a myriad of possible line combinations, though.

1st Line: Roberts (wearing #10) - Crosby - Recchi
2nd Line: Malone - Malkin - Ouellet ( Ouellet has naked Pics of MT)
3rd Line: Staal - Talbot - Armstrong
4th Line: Laraque - Christensen - (Ruutu, Thorburn, Petrovicky)

If you aren't excited about Laraque tomorrow night, you're nuts.
Here is a quick interview with him via KDKA, thanks to Big Daddy Will for the heads up.
Very impromptu interview.
Laraque will be meeting the Pens in New York.
He had to beat some people up in Phoenix before he left.


As far as Roberts goes, a lot of people are not happy about the trade.
Wearing Ron Francis' number?

What a player

We just want to win hockey games, so the jury is still out.
The crack research staff of our Homoblog did a little background on Roberts to get to know him:

Gary Roberts --
Gary Roberts -- Wikipedia

Does Mario Lemieux have an action figure?
Yeah, probably not.
Does he have two?

Roberts about to kill a midget.

Picture: Gary Roberts owning in 1991-92

The first and possibly only Gary Roberts look-a-like contest.

The early favorite is Slider from "Top Gun."

For the sake of Photoshops everywhere, Roberts better not score on Thursday.


Some other stuff:

...Bob Smizik writes another Pens column. And no Steeler's reference? Stunning... writer Allan Muir ranks winners and losers of the Trade Deadline...

...Mike Prisuta loves the Laraque move.....

One score of interest..

Ottawa now 5 points up on the Pens.



Joshua said...

I can not wait to see the first guy "Le Rock" takes down as a penguin!

Staff said...

Words cannot describe how exciting tomorrow nights game is going to be

Anonymous said...

how could anyone have been sad about trading jagr? we got kris beech!! kris f'n beech!!!

imagine where the pens would be today with another great young player.

kris f'n beech!!

chris said...

no way in hell malone pushes staal of the second line, just so staal can play the wing on the third line. you can bet your ass on that one.

malone will be 3rd line at best.

go pens

Anonymous said...

yea, i mean look at all the records beech set while a penguin. going to be hard to beat..............................
unless you are ouellet


Staff said...

The Ouellet thing is a joke. How did he even make the team?

Loser Chris said...

By the end of this post it will be painfully clear who my all-time favorite player is...

How I felt when Jags was traded? Try how I felt when Ron Francis skated off the Forum ice in Montreal knowing he was done as a Pen.

As for Roberts wearing number 10... this is why I hate this guy. I should have seen it coming after he wouldn't let Ronnie have #10 after he signed with Carolina. Like I've said before, Roberts strikes me as a big time "me guy". I'm surprised he didn't hit up Mario to wear #66. If Roberts helps us win this year that is great, but I won't be pulling for him. I'll tolerate him the same way I did McSoreley and Barnaby when they were Pens. I'd much rather have Dom still than this jerk.

So I guess this means they won't be retiring Ronnie's #10 any time soon...

Loser Chris said...

Oh, and Mario had a minimum of 5 action figures (3 McFarlane and at least 2 Starting Lineup) and yes I am almost 30 years old and should not be retaining that kind of "knowledge".

Oh, and Gary Roberts is still a jerk.

seth said...

hey, where can i see the ryan smyth press conference?

Andrew said...

i wish it was 7pm already. this game should be so much better than yesterday's shitfest.

well guess i'll catch up on 2k6 tomorrow. i just traded melicar for BGL. my pens are 29-0-0-0 and i signed kovi as a FA. he has 13 hattricks. also of note in the game, MAF has a .45 GAA but only a .87 save percentage. i have it on 2nd from hardest difficulty too. i just wish i could get Sid, Geno, Staal, Whitney, and Gonch in that game. i need to pick up 2k7 next time i got to EB.


mike m said...

my line picks:

staal-malkin-oullet (cant break this high scoring line up)
malone-talbot-armstrong(best 3rd line in the league)
laraque-christensen-rutuu(hate to see christensen here but really what choice do we have?)

maybe if they switched talbot and christensen the 3rd line would be another scoring force, with both scoring and tough board play. the idea of laraque, ruutu, and talbot (the hardest working penguin in my opinion) on a line together is just amazing.

seth said...

hey andrew.. want a cokie? take it off rookie

seth said...

wow.. i can't spell cookie. i'm a fucking retard

tiffany said...

To see the press conference, just go to TSN's website. Scroll down until you see "TSN Broadband - Today's Top Videos." And two videos of Ryan Smith should be there. :)

I'm so pathetic. I don't know anything about the guy, except for him getting traded today, and I'm crying watching HIM cry....

Anonymous said...

heya SETH...I too really wanted to hear the Smyth conference, and all i could find was this...


Born and raised on the Pens, ill have to admit that i have always been a tad envious of the hockey culture of Edmonton. Their fans are plain FLAT OUT NUTS! That Coupled with this Smyth audio brought tears to my eyes...

Can you believe what he says at the end?!?!?!? What a class act this man is...

Full well knowing this is a mortal sin amoungst us loyal Pens fans...
Im going to root for the Isles to win the cup if we Dont make it that far, ahhhhhhh! Cant believe i just said that!!!

People like Smyth, and of course 'La Rock', make me proud to be a fan of the greatest game on earth!


P.S. Kick arse blog here, really top notch, im a fan for life!!!


Anonymous said...

To utilize that link youll have to copy it over in two pieces...

A must listen though :(

He acknowledges EVERYONE! Even Joey Moss, which in and of itself is a touching story!!!

Will said...

Big Daddy

the press conference was cool, except for the camera work, wow fire that guy.

How you don't have Laraoque-Talbot-Ruutu line is beyond me. If that line is used its officially called the...

"the bad mother fu..shut your mouth" line.

OK, two losses, we can't afford to stay down like this, it took a lot to roll off 16, but 16 don't mean crap if you lose the next 5 or so.

Things i need from tonight.

1. Sid to f'ing score a goal or two
2. MAF to keep stay hot (can't blame him for the loss vs. NJ

3. Recchi and Roberts get the senior discount at Old Country Buffet.

and most of all


Christina said...

Lord Therrien broke up Staalkin?? for god's sake, keep Staal up on the second line, and bump down malone or ouellet.

and regarding the gary roberts lookalike first thought (especially from that pic of him in the press conference) was of morgan spurlock of "super size me" fame....

holy shit i wish i could see the game tonight...bring on BGL!!

Anonymous said...

The Jagr trade? "I'm dying alive in Pittsburgh." Good riddance, I said.

In the BGL interview, is Trenni (sounded like her?) 3 ft. tall, or is he staring at her chest the entire time?

Anonymous said...

Man, I would feel like shit if I was an Islander fan today.

thomes08 said...

Man, I just watched that 15 minute news conference with Ryan Smyth. Probably the most depressing thing i've ever seen. I would feel like shit if i were an Islander fan. I wish he could have at least played in one last home game, especially because they retired messier's number.

Besides the Pens, obviously, i'll also be rooting for Ryan Smyth (and in turn the islanders) to win the cup so he can bring the cup to edm. That, or i want him traded back to them asap. Someone fucked up bad on this one. Who's happy here? I'd love to have him but i'm glad he didn't go to us.

Damn, i really feel bad for this guy.

On a much much much sweeter note. for those of you who don't get FNS pittsburgh, the PENS GAME TONIGHT WILL BE STREAMED ONLINE BY VERSUS THROUGH YAHOO.COM Be there


Elly said...

Will: That Laraque-Talbot-Ruutu line would be money, just for hearing Lange say it.

While I don't hate Roberts' guts, not to thrilled to see him wear #10. He better come in and blaze a hot streak, that's all I gotta say.

Justin said...

leclair wore 10 and he didnt exactly set the world on fire in a pens uniform

Anonymous said...

Cry me a an effing river Ryan Smyth. His agent and the team were 300 G's apart on a deal, so Lowe called his bluff. It's called greed people. But I guess Ryan Smyth has to "feed his family" poor guy just couldn't live on 5.4 Million a year.

I got your "i'm gonna root for the Islanders" right here you tool

loralei said...

A couple of things... I agree about Jagr. Couldnt wait to get rid of his "dying alive" ass. He was my favorite player as a kid (besides Mario) and i just started to hate him more and more every year because of his antics. He would like pout on the bench like a 5 year old. I soo dont miss him.

Also, how do you take Staal of the 2nd line and leave Ouellet there? I just dont understand. Staal & Malkin had crazy chemistry and what has Ouellet done? Zip. I liked the Christensen-Talbot-Army line as it was as well. Ouellet should be out. I'd rather see him as the odd man out and have Petro w/ Laraque and Ruutu with an occational side of Thorburn.

Loser Chris said...

A few thoughts on the Ryan Smyth thing:

- All of this talk about how he was their "heart and soul" and yet he wasn't the team captain. Something doesn't add up there.

- If he was that attached to Edmonton he should have taken their offer. If it means that much to him to be there he should not let a relatively small amount of money get in the way.

- He could still easily resign with Edmonton in the off season. I'm guessing he will.

All in all, I'm still rooting against the Isle and always will. And for the record, I wasn't thrilled when they let LeClair have #10 either. Just retire it already! Along with #55 and #77 and maybe even #35.

Jason said...

Totally agree with whoever mentioned that Leclair wore #10...I loved Francis but give me a break, we have two retired numbers and maybe will add another 20 years from now but you can't stop people from wearing their numbers, what's next, nobody can wear 33 because of Zarley Zalapski??

Roberts is a consummate pro, and notorious for working well with young players, anybody who has listened to his interviews can see the guy has a great sense of humor and that helps in the locker room...

As for Ryan Smyth, great player, but I have no sympathy for the Oilers...they overpaid most of their players (4 making over 3.5 Mil a year). They could've extended Smyth's deal over the summer before making these signings but they tried to take advantage of sentimental connections and expected him to take a hometown discount instead of pay him what he's worth...and this isn't a symptom of the new CBA, its a message for all teams that if you just throw your money around to undeserving players, you will eventually lose a star. Moral of the story, prioritize and do a better job of assessing value

Jason said...

Oh, and while i loved Jagr growing up, he started acting like a 5 year-old girl in the mid-90s and I was happy to see him go (should've gotten more for him). This differs from Smyth because the Pens couldn't afford Jags, the Oilers could afford Smyth but mismanaged their funds...tough break

Jason said...

P.S. you don't retire jersey's of people that played 1/3 of their career here...if Francis's jersey were to be retired it would be in Carolina (10 in Hartford, 6 in Carolina)

Justin said...

no one can wear 95 again in honor of morozov
boy could we have used him tuesday night........there was a guy a few rows in front of me at the game wearing a morozov jersey...too bad marty didnt see it, maybe he would have shit his pants

Justin said...

that was all sarcasm by the way
the only numbers in pens history that need retired ARE retired

Loser Chris said...

How could anyone seriously be against retiring Francis' #10. This franchise would be lucky to have one Cup without him and sure wouldn't have a second (we never get by the Rangers in '92 without him). This isn't like Colorado retiring Ray Bourque's #77 (how insane was that?). Ron Francis, Larry Murphy, Paul Coffey, and arguably Tom Barrasso all deserve their numbers in the rafters.

Conrad said...

If anybody's got the claim to No. 10, it's Pierre (Lucky) Larouche, the franchise player before Mario. (I'm sort of kidding. Sort of.) But, Ron Francis . . . man, he was a WHALER! Hartford's saving the space. Whenver they get a team.

Jeffry said...

Roberts hasn't even played a game for the pens yet, but i'm sold.


"I don't know how much rubbing off needs to be done here..."

am i the only person that couldn't stop laughing and missed the rest of the press conference?

Anonymous said...

The big losers in the Ryan Smyth trade will ultimately be the Isles. Smyth will be free agent after the season and they gave up two players drafted in the first round plus a first round pick. Unless they win the Cup this season they are officially screwed. Which makes me happy.

When all is said and done, Edmonton may end up w/ what is essentially 3 first rounders/picks plus Ryan Smyth after they resign him in the off-season.

On a side note...I'm more excited today in anticipation of tonite's game than I was on Christmas Eve as a 7 yr old. Should be fun.

Anyway, great blog. I just started tuning in about a month ago and I'm hooked. Keep up the good work.


Andrew said...

i'm on pro dificulty. BGL has 4 goals in 3 games. and i've only had him take about 50 shots to get them.

also here's my lines i'd like to see:
Roberts/Staal - Sid - Rex
Malone - Malkin - Staal/Roberts
Oulet - Chrisensen - Army / Ekman
BGL - Talbot/Thorburn - Ruutu/Petro

i'd rather see Staal on the first line, but doubt it'll happen. that makes 3 very dangerous scoring lines and a flat out dangerous 4th line.
-- less than 5 hrs away!

Andy said...

For the record, Gary Roberts looks like the love-child of Ken Whisenhunt and Bill Cowher.

thomes08 said...

Fuckin Eaton hurt in the first period. Looks like a knee or part of the leg.

Count that as another pens player that hurts himself this year.


thomes08 said...

This game is so frustrating. Pens have some good chances but nothing is going in. Flower having an outstanding game then we scored on ourselves and their next crappy shot goes in.

Should we be starting to worry about being able to score? Hell no we'll come back all we need is one to get us going again


Will said...

someone shoot Rob Scuderi please, man he sucks!!!!!!

loralei said...

Will someone please tell Rex that making out w/ Sidney post-shootout win is not the way that you want to get on SportsCenter?

Ellen said...


thomes08 said...

haha yeah that was funny recchs kissing crosby. Man crosby is starting to be the man in shootouts. As is Flower. Good comeback. Good game.

Two shorthanded goals

sweet, made my night


tiffany said...

Holy crap!!! What a game!!!

"The Heart Attack Kids," what an appropriate name. With Staal's 6th short-handed goal to get things going, Army's incredible goal, Gonchar's goal to tie it, and Sid's game-winning shootout goal...

Did anybody hear what Steigy said when a penalty was called on the Rangers for interfering with Fleury??
"Fleury went down like he was shot with an elephant gun!"

Was that close to a Lange-ism??

Also, when the shootout was taking place, Errey says this on NY's 1st attempt:
"That was pathetic!...I'm sorry, but it was."

I thought the exact same thing, but Errey said it for me.

thomes08 said...

The game online was the MSG broadcast in NY so i didn't get the chance to hear the much better announcers. Staals goal was sweet i hope it gets some media love. I'm happy to see us score again and Flower playing like FLower again

Anonymous said...

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but can we PLEASE give Melichar a break??? He has been playing some of his BEST hockey the past 10 games or so. And at times, he seems to be the only defenseman that knows that you need to get the puck out of your own end.

Is there anybody out there that can admit that he's improved??

On a lighter note, way to go Pens!!! Great game, loved my blood pressure rising, and looking forward to tomorrow night's game.


Scott said...

Georges Laraque has been a penguin for 2 days and he has an "In My Own Words"...any thoughts on that

rachel said...

Karri, I think Melichar has improved and I think he's playing really well.

Tiffany, I told my friend those exact 2 lines that Errey said, haha!

Staal was pretty much amazing tonight! He hurts his shoulder and still scores the SH goal!

PittCheMBA said...

Check out the video clips of Laraque on YouTube. He is the "heavyweight champion" of the NHL.


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