Friday, February 2, 2007


...The Penguins emotional game Thursday night against Montreal was almost the top story in the sports section of the Post-Gazette on Friday.
But, wait, Jeff Hartings retired.

...The arena deal is going to be announced, but Ben Roethlisberger will buy soap at the supermarket that day, and the Post-Gazette won't have room to talk about the new arena.

...As Pittsburgh media has been doing recently, we get brought back down from the Montreal game by this article...


The only hope shared by Pens fans everywhere is that the boys don't overlook the Capitals in anticipation for that huge game on Sunday.

If you think we're alluding to the Super Bowl, leave the Pensblog and ne'er return.


Speaking of Les Habitantes, coach Guy Carbonneau apparently attended The Bob Smizik School of Contradicting Statements: (article)

"I know it was legal, he hit him with his shoulder, but when a guy's battling one-on-one and (another) guy comes from a blind spot and hits him, I don't like that. It should have been called.

It was definitely a cheap shot, I'm not afraid to say it."

"I know it was should have been called."

Does that make any sense at all? Nope.

Travis Birkenstock from the movie Clueless agrees with Pens Nation

Prepare yourself...
Take a nice, deep breath before scrolling down.

This comes courtesy of this Montreal Canadiens blog.
(link takes you to the post about the Countdown to 2012)

Evidently, everyone in HabsNation is convinced that Bing will bolt for Montreal when he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2012.

Somewhere, someone is having a heart attack from seeing that jersey.


FSN - 1:00

This is Adam here, and I feel like the biggest jackass for saying it was on NBC.
No excuse for that.
I grounded myself.

Pensblog Prediction:
Penguins will take a 1-0 lead on a goal by Sidney Crosby

Thanks to eMill for this pic.


CDY said...

The game tomorrow isn't on NBC. NBC is showing Sunday games the rest of the way. According to the schedule on their website at least.

The game will be streamed on Yahoo though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the game is on FSN.

The game on the 18th is on NBC.

Scott said...

Anyone see Malkin on sportsbeat...he said 2 things in english...thank u and lets go pens

Will said...

i had it set out that i was going to write this great blog on how sweet the game was in the stands. Then i got about half way through it and soon realized that it sucked. So i guess i have the hangover too.

Brief points:

Eaton's "Centerfold pose" blocking the cross crease pass. Quote from my wife.

The lady next to me with the nun boxing puppet was sweet.

The guy sitting behind me cheering for cheap carpeting when we scored 4 goals.

The cotten candy guy, you all who have been to games know this guy, is the best. Also the lemonade guy at PNC park.

I should have more but i just assume they are only funny to me.

Scott said...

The cotton candy guy is TC i see him everywhere i go Kennywood Sandcastle Heinz Field PNC Park and the arena...he also went to the world series to do a game and hes in the western PA sports museum

Jon said...

Yeah, first off there's this thing, maybe you've heard of it, I believe they call it "popularity." I hear that the NFL has just a smidgen more "popularity" than the NHL. So please don't be those {expletive deleted} fans that whines about the Stillers getting more exposure than the Penguins. It's similar to an Xplosion fan whining about all the coverage the Pens get. Really. I love all three of the sports teams equally, even the red-headed (and now red-jerseyed) step-child that is the Pirates

And second, I get NHL center ice, and between periods of the Blues Red Wings game, they were talking about the Pens-Gaynadiens game. First up they mentioned Souray sticking up for his captain after a legal (but the head coach didn't like it) hit.

After a couple of minutes of nearly pulling my hair out, they mention Sid getting speared before that even happened, and Pierre Mcguire turned WWE wrestler-giving-an-interview after hearing that people in Montreal were saying el Sid was embellishing feeling pain from getting 8-10 inches of hockey stick to his stomach. Intense...

He called out anyone from Montreal to "come see him" if they felt that way. I hope Sid saw that...I don't know what's worse, having people from a city openly courting you call you a wimp that can't take hard wood to the gut (that sounds kinda porno-y) or knowing said fans got called out by a guy who looks like George Costanza's svelte older brother.

Scott said...

George Costanza would be my boy if he was real

Anonymous said...

Jon, I'm sorry but the jeff harting's retierment has no business being put over this great penguins win. The reason the steelers are more popular is because the get more coverage.

Truthfully I hope the steelers are loosers for 20 years straight. It would serve these stupid yinzers right. An yes I am a native yinzer myself. Sports should not be a religion, and that includes the pens. People need to get lives instead of caring about Joey Porters dogs!!!

If I hear steelers nation one more time I am going to puke.

Jon said...

Anony Mouse, I don't get the paper I can only go to the website, so I couldn't tell...Was the Hartings retirement in a size 45 bold font and the Pens recap wasn't even on the front page? And no, the Steelers aren't more popular because they get more coverage, if for some very odd reason, the Xplosion all of a sudden got more coverage than the other Pittsburgh teams, do you think they would become more popular? What a boneheaded statement.

And if following sports brings happiness to your life, if it's your "religion", so what! This world is getting more effed up as the days go by: wars, murders, old perverts messing with children. I'm a Navy Corpsman, and I'm sure any day i'll be going over to the freaking desert to take care of our Marines in the field. Following sports teams takes people away from their problems, for a short while at the very least. Maybe you have better ways to spend your time. Maybe you're rich and can take nice vacations to exotic locales where you can drink little fruity drinks with umbrellas on the white sandy beaches. I'm sure u have something in your life that your passionate about. And if not, you probably hunt small animals so they can "feel your pain."

Steeler Nation baby...Now go choke on your puke

Staff said...

we understand that people hate the penguin lover/steeler hater.

If anyone has been to the site more than a week, you should know that we play into that stereotype on purpose.
It's why, in all of our fun posts, we find a way to have the Steelers leave town.

Our knowledge of topics regarding the Penguins could only be surpassed by one thing: Our knowledge of the Steelers.

We're die-hard fans, but it's fun to do this to the Steelers.



chris said...

people take what we say on this site wayyyy too seriously. hahah

however, on a seriously serious note...thanks for coming, we love the comments. they make our days :)

go pens

Jon said...



Staff said...


we love everyone

Jon said...

Yins play the whole Penguins rule Steelers suck angle pretty well, but there are alot of people out there who do feel that way. My ramblings were directed at them. But anonymous with the puke comment really got my goat. I gotta go, I hear if u post too many times on the same topic they somehow take years from your life...scientific and such.

Teej said...

Black and gold, and gold.

Go Penglers!

Justin said...

ill tell you what i am sick of......anything that starts with "KDKA reports.........

Rachel said...

Tee, I'm liking the Go Penglers!

On a side note, I love the heading, haha!

Staff said...

Yea no one worry, like A-dub said we know and love our sports equally.

It is so funny to play the Steeler/Penguins thing. Its only going to get worse too.

In other news, I am kinda of excited about this new rival in Montreal.

No question the Pens game on sunday is way more important then the Super bowl

Anonymous said...

Malkin on Sportsbeat tonight was classic. The look on his face after Stan gave him the bobblehead of himself was priceless...I could only imagine he was thinking something along the lines of "What the f*ck am I gonna do with this thing?" Russian of course.

Also, Stan telling Geno "there are girls in Pittsburgh too" had me howling for 5 minutes straight.

In the words of Geno "Less Goh Pens"


PittCheMBA said...

Coach Gee Guy Gus Gay is a hypocrite for saying Armstrong's hit was cheap. What about the cheap shot on Sidney? I am glad to see the other Penguins players sticking up for Sid. Army has made some wicked checks this season. Sundays game should be fun!

Jon said...

Rivalry with Montreal?!? Is the NHL going to allow this? I thought that was the whole reason for having 8 friggin games against division opponents, so rivalries would develop...what will happen if we develop a rivalry outside of our division, sheer madness I tell yinz

CDY said...

Or maybe this will help fuel the NHL putting the Pens back in that division like the proposal from a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

anyone else notice that smizik wasnt on sports talk at all this week? or so i think.

maybe he was afraid callers would try to grill him on tv.

also, nice pic of ovechkin guys.


Staff said...

Bob Smizik is in Miami pretending to cover the Super Bowl

Adrienne said...

who's joey porter? And what the hell is his dog doing in the news?

Is it bad this is a serious question?

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

Joey Porter is some dude that got shot in the ace in Denver, I heard he was talking trash about about one Joe Sakic...and his dogs were in the news because they recently came out with their own line of pit bull lingerie, for all the rappers who can't decide whether to put video chicks or pit bulls in thier videos. Cause we all know they can't have both...too many cliche's

Tee said...

Damn right army is throwing some hellacious checks this year. If he's not gonna score he might as well be an agitator, we have the peskiest 3rd and 4th lines in the NHL, I love that.

On a side note, now that I see the game is being streamed on yahoo... is it wrong cancel a date to watch a pens game?

thomes08 said...

Watching the Pens game should BE the date. If it's not good enough find yourself another.

Adrienne said...

Agreed. Pens games ARE dates

Tee said...

thats an idea, but she doesn't know me that well and my maniacal love for the pens might be a little bit much for her this early in the game. I've been known to strip off my 92-93 "Double Impact" cup shirt and twirl it around my head anytime the pens score.

Doug said...

For what reason would a struggling newspaper like the post gazette have for sending smizik to the super bowl. the steelers aren't playing the pirates aren't playing. hoooooooray for free vacations to south beach.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think that the contingent of Steeler fans that don't care about the Penguins, and the contingent of Penguin fans that resent the Steeler fans and therefore hate the Steelers should arrange a game hock-ball between the Steelers and the Penguins to settle this "Stiller yinzers vs whiney hockey fan yinzers" beef once and for all!!!!

Now, I have no clue what hock-ball is, but if it involves Ike Taylor on skates I'd probably watch.

As for me, I just like all the Pittsburgh teams.


Will said...

leftover pizza....check

bag of Dorito's....check

Glass of Mt. Dew....check

sounds like date night with my wife and I watching the Pens


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