Friday, February 2, 2007

The Habs and The Hab-Nots. PENS WIN.

5 - 4

Remember that sick feeling you get when it's the playoffs --
The Pens are in a close game....
You have your vomit bag ready....
Stomach is in knots....?

That feeling made an appearance tonight.
Just an incredible game.

All we know is that games like this, coupled with the Arena situation, might kill us all.
But hey, bring it.

You could tell this game was going to be chippy, as the Habs came out trying to be bad dudes.

Right off the opening face-off, you had to feel that this game was gonna be interesting.
Crosby takes a knob to the face, and his eyes glaze over.

Right off the opening face off, Bing got hit by Maxim Lapierre. And you knew what was up. Montreal is all class. Not.

The first 15 minutes or so consisted of the teams feeling each other out.
A couple of jobber penalties thrown back and forth, but neither team capitalizing.

Michael Ryder takes a hooking penalty that eventually leads to a Pens powerplay.

Gonch blisters a shot and Evgeni Malkin, celebrating his win in court, had a nice little deflection past the Montreal goaltender David Aebischer.
Still not sure why Cristobal Huet didn't get the start.

Oh, wait. We forgot. He was basking in the reverie of his latest LSD trip.

The Pens and Habs were just playing normal hockey in the second until the shot heard 'round the world was fired.
Colby Armstrong comes flying down the wing and levels Saku Koivu; hitting him so hard that Koivu's left testicle was seen flying into section B15.

Sheldon Souray lost all of his faculties and went right after Colby Armstrong.
Colby took it like a man, and Souray ended up getting an instigator penalty, a five-minute major for fighting, a ten-minute misconduct, and a game misconduct.

Oh, sorry, Sheldon. We forgot that we're not allowed to hit your boyfriend.

After coach Guy Carbonneau whined and whined, the Pens were given, essentially, a 7-minute major powerplay.

Guy, your thoughts:

"I understand the seven minutes but I just don't understand why Armstrong didn't get anything. I still think he was charging (Koivu) and then he drops his gloves. Armstrong knew what he was doing and dropped his gloves and didn't get anything."

Some more cheese with the whine, Guy? Dick.

After throwing it around for a while and having the powerplay units cycled, the Pens get handed a gift when Radek Bonk gets an interference penalty.
The Pens go on the 5-on-3.
Sergei Gonchar gets a huge goal with help from big Jordan Staal screening goalie Aebischer.

What happened soon thereafter is a testament to why the whole screaming "shoot" thing while on the powerplay is stupid.
Gonchar succumbed to the fans' requests, and the result was Radek Bonk blocking the shot and skating back up ice into the Penguins' zone.
He beats Fleury straight-up, shorthanded, to make it 2-1.

Sergei Gonchar comes to the rescue a minute later, however.
Another on-the-rush goal propagated by Sidney Crosby puts the Pens up 3-1.
Life made sense again.

Hold the phone, though.

Radek Bonk shows up again before the end of the second period and jobs a goal past MAF.
3-2 going into the third period.

If you weren't on the edge of your seat for the third period and subsequent overtime and shootout, you don't have a pulse.

You half-expected Montreal to tie it up early in the third, but the Pens defense and Mark Eaton held strong.
Then the Pens third line executed one of the prettiest plays you can ask of your third line to pop it back up to a two-goal lead.
The reaction of that line when they scored that goal; how great is that.

Five minutes later, though, in vintage Penguin-home-game style, Montreal crept back in with the always-deflating deflected shot from the point.
Pens were up 4-3 with a little over 5:00 left.

Another two minutes, and our worst fears were realized.
A couple of unfortunate bounces leads to another Montreal goal, and the game was somehow tied at 4.
You got to hand it to Montreal. They came out storming late in that third period.

We head into overtime, and the kind of hockey in the overtime tonight makes you happy to be alive.
A mere 42 seconds in, Saku Koivu starts becoming a cheap hockey player.
The referees aren't calling things anymore. It's sad.
Both Brooks Orpik and Saku Koivu go into the box (we'll take that trade-off any day of the week).
That whole melee with them two brings this hockey game to some 3-on-3 action.
The goal was simply not to give up a goal in that situation. Defense first.

Fleury makes up for a defensive lapse and robs a Canadien right on the door step.
If you saw that play developing before the pass was made, you probably said, "Game."

The Orpik/Koivu penalties are over, and the Gonchar is sent to box with the worst call since God knows when.

The Pens had to weather the Habs' powerplay storm for the rest of the overtime and did so with 17,132 fans cheering every icing of the puck.

Fleury has to make one last save, and the game slips into the shootout.

First up is the Penguins Erik Christensen, who has turned into our go-to shootout specialist.
He buries it.

The FSN camera crew then smacks us in the face with a close-up shot of Kovalev's mullet.
The shootout was tied 1-1 before he even touched the puck.

Three people died and one lady gave birth to her baby 7-months premature after Kovy made this move.

Sidney Crosby is next and is made a fool of.
He could go 0 for his next 90, and Therrien would still put him out there.
Anyone would.

Montreal is up next, and they toss some dude named Higgins onto the ice.
He tries to beat Fleury with a dead-on shot, but it nicks Fleury's and barely missed wide.

The Pens push Malkin onto the ice as their third shooter.
He goes down and cleans up Bing's mess.

All right, MAFer.
Your turn to shine.
Thomas Plekanec comes down and doesn't have a chance.

  • Crosby: 3 A
  • Gonchar: 2 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Whitney: 1 A
  • Shots: Montreal ( 44 ) Pens ( 33 )
  • Powerplay: Montreal ( 0 for 6 ) Pens ( 3 for 6 )
  • Marc-Andre Fleury is in another world right now.
  • If you utter the phrase "I'd let Mark Eaton do my girlfriend," we can't blame you.
  • We have four solid lines. Simply put. No way around it.
  • When you don't notice your defensemen on the ice, that is a great thing.
  • 7-0-1 in our last eight. WTF?
  • The rematch on Sunday is going to be a bloodbath.


Anonymous said...

ovechkin, geico called. they want a replacement for the caveman on the commercial


CDY said...

Would anyone be upset if Shero offered Flower a DiPietro style contract right now?

Andy26 said...

Fantastic game ... we have NHL Center Ice and got to watch the TSN broadcast -- the announcers were going crazy. Pierre "a-little-too-clean-shaven" Maguire wanted to put the game in a time capsule and send it to the future or some shit....

You had to love Souray hitting for the cycle against Armstrong .... 2, 5, 10, Game.

Great game, great site!!

seth said...

How about Koivu almost cutting Orpik's face with his skate?

Continuing with Eaton's record: 11-3 when in the lineup

Staff said...

seth my night wasn't going to be complete without that.

Andy I saw that too.. I really hate the habs.

Doug said...

I am not sure if anyone caught it, but at the end of the broadcast it sounded as if Steigy was taking a shot at Mr. Smithers. He went on a rant about how great hockey is and how important it is to the city, just as important as any other sport.

Good stuff. Can it be, there is more than one MFOM?

Anyhow, great game. This was the first game watching in a while where I felt there was a true playoff intensity and atmosphere. Can't wait until the rematch Sunday. Bloodbath could be too nice of a word to describe what the game could be.

Anonymous said...

enough with the "job, jobbed, jobbers" already!

if you do that, and errey/steigerwald stop saying "kitchen", the world will be a better place.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Crosby go second in the shootout...I turned the crowd (in the room) and said...they are giving Malkin the chance to pull a Crosby. He

Oh...and I wanted to kill a guy who was watching the game...because as the Pens were up 4-3...he started talking about the Pens in shootouts...sure enough, the Canadigays score...I hate people like that.


Adam said...

job, jobbed, jobber is the word "the" to us.

But we take your challenge.

We won't use it over the weekend.

wes said...

great game all around. cant wait for the weekend series.

on a side note, is anyone else noticing how bad the HD cameras are for FSN? real grainy.... the game has to be in 720p or 480i. oh well, at least they arent as bad as FOX OR the cameras they take on road trips to canada....

Arlow said...

I've been watching hockey now for almost 20 years and I don't believe I have ever seen a 7 minute power play. Good call on Ovechkin, Jay. I said the same thing about him while we were watching the All Star game last week. What an ugly mother fucker.

Elly said...

The Habs are going to come loaded for bear on Sunday. What's amazing is if the Canadiens lose their next game, the Pens win against Washington...then on Sunday, with a win, we could overtake Montreal in points.

Will said...

oh man what a game at the igloo last night. I went intending on taking some pictures and proceeded to forget and only took like 2 that are worth while.

I am going to do a post on my myspace page after work this afternoon ( i am about 4 hours late already) to give you guys some highlights from C 11.

Including maybe the dumbest western PA girl in the history of Penguin fans.

Anonymous said...

Jobber needs to stay. Its my new favorite expression. Use it at will.

And, 720p is what FSN broacasts their HD in, because its currently the best technology for sports. ESPN and ABC use it. CBS and NBC use 1080i, which stutters and can't show fluid motion well. I can't even imagine how crappy and jittery a hockey game would look in 1080i. Until they come up with a way to broadcast 1080p (supposedly 5 to 10 years from happening), 720 p is the best there is, and I don't see FSN as being any less quality than ESPN's broadcast of any sport.

Staff said...

yea no way were not using some form of the word "Job"


Adrienne said...

Jobber is an awesome word. I just don't want to see it used-out like "Shot and a DRIVE!" from the Playoffs last season. Dear lord that got tired right quick.

I was on the edge of my seat for the shootout. Oh my god. It was the "No way in fuck did I stay up until 3.30am to hear us lose this game in the SO." Then winning it had me cheering enough to make my neighbor pound on the wall. Whoops.

We're amazing right now, and I'm literally crying that I can't actually see any of these games.

And what the hell exactly happened with the whole Instigator/minor/major/misconduct incident?

Christenson is amazing in the SO, Crosby is 0 for 7, and I'd let Mark Eaton do me into next week. Thank god he's back.

loralei said...

I had the TSN broadcast as well... Pierre McGuire was b/t the benches and they had to keep cutting off his mike cause Jarko was leaning over talking up a storm at the Canadians bench. Quite a few F-bombs slipped through. It was classic.

Shorty said...

Boy did Army give Koivu the Inglewood jack or what?! I must say that the Habs got jobbed on that 7min PP but it's not like we shouldn't have had a few more, even in OT. That geico/AO referance is golden...i smell a new PensBlog main page image. Who's all goin Saturday? D-23

thomes08 said...

I"m so happy we pulled through with the way the 3rd ended. I'm jealous of everyone who gets to actually watch the games. In Indiana, where there are more cornfields that people who have heard of hockey, no resturaunt/bar has center ice, I can't get dish at the place i'm living, and i sure as hell don't get FSN pittsburgh.

So i watch the game update on and listen to it on the radio. Sounded like the place was going nuts, i know i was at my computer.

I can't believe the standings right now. Everything is so tight and our boys are playing ridiculous. It's great that there is no one person/line/position that's winning these games. It's everyone.

Armstrong hasn't produced as much as we all hoped he would but that kid has some balls and it's come in handy for us at times. Great comment under his picture btw.

Can't wait until the games this weekend, sunday especially. I hope we silence all of canada. VERSUS is streaming the saturday game online at 1 for those who don't have a way to catch the local boradcast.



Ellie said...

i'm feeling the long distance pain too (i'm up in albany, ny for school). thank god for mike lange on the radio, and the pensblog : )

i'll have to check out versus on saturday thomes. thanks for the heads up.

Ellie said...

p.s. you should include forsberg in the geico commercial too.

Arlow said...

Ovechkin, Forsberg,Afinogenov,and Chara. The best Geico commercial yet? Who is the ugliest bastard in the NHL? I'm pretty sure Afinogenov was an extra in Dawn of the Dead.

Justin said...

the only thing more awkward than ovechkins face is his voice

Anonymous said...


al pati's on philly street in indiana is a rugby/hockey bar and usually has the games on FSN on at least. nothing flashy inside but not dumb like half the other bars on philly street.

AO is a caveman, a pretty caveman, but still a caveman.

Joshua said...

Yeah Kiouvu definitely got the Inglewood Jack on that one. But I cant believe more people didn't notice the move that Crosby made! IT WAS THE SAME MOVE that he used last year against the canadiens to win it in the shootout except to the OTHER SIDE! He would have scored too except the puck unfortunatly jumped his stick.

CDY said...

How can you make a Geico commercial without Mike Ricci?

Justin said...

geicos new ad campaign is gonna use inbreeders instead of cavemen.
theyre on the phone with olli jokinins agent as we speak

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

Sorry Guys, Pretty bad news.

if the link doesnt work check out the pittsburgh post gazette's site. There are plans to accelerate KC talks.

seth said...

hey arlow.. i've only seen it once before called against andre roy in a game vs philly last year. I forget who it was but he just attacked one of their players and got that same call. Luckily we were able to kill all 7 minutes and end up with a 2-0 win

Tee said...

You're an asshole Joshua.

Tee said...

Seth - it was Dennis Gauthier, the turtling visor wearing slimeball cheapshot artist. They never used to call it, situations like that are what the instigator is supposed to be used for, but nowadays they seem to look for any excuse to throw you out. Like Cairns boarding Ondrus last year in the arena, I was 11 rows up center ice for that and really looking forward to seeing Cairns and Domi go at it, but the stupid refs tossed him for a borderline hit. Stupid new NHL.

Justin said...

it says they MAY accelerate talks, not they WILL.
just like i MAY fucking kill someone if this doesnt get done soon, not i WILL fucking kill someone.
big difference.

Arlow said...

Thanks Seth. I do seem to recall that game. Speaking of Cairns, has there been a setback in his rehab? This guy is gonna go nuts when(or if) he can get back in the lineup. He may kill someone.

Tee said...

To be honest, I think Cairns is probably healthy enough to play right now but the pens aren't interested in dressing a slow enforcer with marginal d skills. At least not until someone puts Crosby or Malkin out for a few games, then we might see him. If he truly is injured, then they'll make the call down to WBS and bring up either Brookbank or Carkner more than likely, or hell if they clinch a playoff spot maybe even Bonvie.

Joshua said...

hey tee,
dont kill the messanger

Rachel said...

I was at the game last night and it was amazing! My curse was broken as they finally won a game I went to!

Rex was presented with an award for all his achievements by Shero. There were 4 people behind me that drove down from Ottawa to see the Habs. They were pretty nice, but then when we were winning I kept hearing them say shootout and then, I was like crap another shootout... But the Pens fans around me were great!

"Including maybe the dumbest western PA girl in the history of Penguin fans."
Will, could that be the girl that said Punxsutawney Paul, haha! My whole section just started cracking up and was like is she seriously from PA?!

Fleury was just amazing! I'm definitely wearing my Fleury shirt to Tuesday's game. Colby's hit was great! It was probably the best game I went to this year (except for seeing Sid's amazing goal vs. Tampa) not only because we won, but because the fans were insane! Another sellout crowd, 16th this year!

Scott said...

I heard KDKA is reporting that a deal could be announced at 7pm tonite...we'll see

Justin said...

cairns isnt cleared to play yet because he keeps complaining about headaches, nausea, a piss poor attitude, no energy, dizziness

he was diagnosed with Plan-B-Itis

Shanna said...

Great game last night. I cant wait for the rematch. Should be a good one. It's gonna start out as a hockey game but end up as fight club. I'd love to see our guys knock those arrogant Canadiens down a few notches.

Army's hit on Koivu was sick. The highlight of my night. And my God how about Marc-Andre? He's playing outta his mind right now. Not good news for the opposition.

Eric Christensen is money in the shootout. I like MTs shootout lineup. Christensen should always go first, he's bank, then and Geno should always go last. That way he can win it for us (hopefully) if Sid misses (he'll get it tho. His shootout move was sick last night.)

Let's get this f'in arena done, good night and GO PENS!!!!

Shanna said...

Great game last night. I cant wait for the rematch. Should be a good one. It's gonna start out as a hockey game but end up as fight club. I'd love to see our guys knock those arrogant Canadiens down a few notches.

Army's hit on Koivu was sick. The highlight of my night. And my God how about Marc-Andre? He's playing outta his mind right now. Not good news for the opposition.

Eric Christensen is money in the shootout. I like MTs shootout lineup. Christensen should always go first, he's bank, and Geno should always go last. That way he can win it for us (hopefully) if Sid misses (he'll get it tho. His shootout move was sick last night.)

Let's get this f'in arena done, good night and GO PENS!!!!

Shanna said...

Oh and one more thing. WTF happened to Ovechkins face? It looks like he got in a fight with a machete or something.

Reality Check said...

"Colby took it like man"...the wimp turtled like a girl. Everything the penguins got in this game was given to them on a silver platter by brutal officiating. Even that 7 minute PP didn't stop them from being outshot 18-12. If you're patting yourselves on the back over this one, you're fooling yourselves.

The Pens are a very good team, will soon be a great one, and hopefully in Pittsburgh not KC. They did not play a good game last night.

Staff said...

scoreboard at the end of the game is all that counts.....

go pens


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