Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For Your Consideration

Nothing quite like being 26 seconds away from remaining immortal.
Instead, Marc-Andre Fleury is mud?
Come on.

...Coach Therrien not real happy about Fleury.
We are still convinced that Dave Molinari hates MAF. He took time to job Fleury in his recap of the game.
In Sunday's recap, Molinari made out with Jocelyn Thibault, calling his performance "Brilliant."

Someone probably described the writers of "My Two Dads" as brilliant, too, so it's a sliding scale.

Look at this little bit of Molinari's article:
"People near the Penguins' dressing room immediately after the game reported that Therrien gave Fleury a blistering assessment of his play, and he wasn't much easier on him when speaking with reporters."

Come on, Dave. "People"? Like who? That old lady who has sex with all the Islanders players?


Lord Therrien was pissed:

"Fleury was not good," Therrien said. "This is four games in a row that he's given up way too many goals. ... Lately, we give him like four or five or six goals to help us to win games.

"He's got to be better than that. It can happen once in a while. This is four games in a row that I think Marc was ... fair. That's not good enough."

If he was gonna turn on Fleury, he would be starting Thibault.
He's just messing with Fleury.

Besides, has it ever occurred to Therrien that Jean-Claude Van Damme had to put on Fleury's equipment to save the Nassau Coliseum from imminent doom?

Maybe Flower played so bad because this field-hockey goalie stole his pads.


Seven shopping days left until the trade deadline. Some jobber at CBC gives us this.
---We'd take Brent Sopel in a minute. Brent Sopel Photoshop Expo on the horizon.

...Some news from the GM meetings...

And if you are still mad about the game, leave it to Jake Wheatley to piss you off even more.

The Trib has a nice little piece on the legacy of the Mellon Arena.
"An opponent is Democratic state Rep. Jake Wheatley, who disagrees with preservationists' view of the arena's historic value. The facility built 49 years ago to house the Civic Light Opera, he says, was a project that left a scar on the Hill District community he represents and calls home."

How do you really feel, Jake?
"For many Hill District residents, the Mellon Arena has been the symbol of the beginning of the end of our community and communal process," Wheatley said.

Pensblog is running against Jake Wheatley in the next election, what a joke.


Go pens


Geeves said...

alright, staffers. i TRIED to be polite. my open letter to the genius of DW Molinari:

Gee Dave, thank you so much for taking all that time after the game yesterday to sit down and hammer out a quick "Why I Hate Marc-Andre" article.

First of all, opponents have certainly scored a number of goals in recent games. However, dumping the blame on Fleury (for yesterday's loss, or any other game - Coach Therrien) is misguided at best. Marc may be an above-average goalie, but even a guy like Brodeur can only do so much when the defense in front of him does a horrible job of clearing the puck out of the zone, giving up repeated odd-man rushes, and poorly defending those rushes.

Second, the game articles are supposed to be recaps, are they not? You made absolutely no mention of how any of the 11 goals were scored, any of the action in between (of which there was quite a bit, obviously, with 11 pucks going in the net).

Third, a goalie is just like a starting pitcher - whether he is on fire or struggling, as long as he is keeping his team right with the opponent, he's pretty much doing his job. I'm pretty sure Coach Therrien is aware of that, and he isn't about to bench a goalie who has won as many in a row as Fleury over one bad game. That's absurd.

If I want to be immediately depressed after a game, I'll just read Smizik's articles. Please just write the recap next time.

Bellevue, PA

let's see what i get, eh?

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

First comment? The field hockey joke was funny.

wes said...

who took a #2 in jake wheatley's wheaties? geez o man, what a joke. he was about 81.3 minutes old when the damn arena was built, anyway. to echo my comment from 12/5/2006 @ 10:11am (which now comes up when you google "holes of enema bret hart"):

"If you were to give the United States an enema, you'd stick the hole right here (in the Hill District)."

Will said...

Jake needs punched. He was handed the one thing that would help the "Hill" with stores, a facelift, and revenue. He turned it down, if there was anywhere else to put the new arena, i would put it as far from the Hill as possible. They, he, doesn't deserve anything. All he does is complain and complain about this city and the officials. What has he actually done to change my, or your prospective on the Hill.

Working for Frito-Lay, i have been robbed both of the two times I delivered to the Hill, and know of many, many, many others.

From this point on, i am giving Jake no more of my time, until he actually does something to change the Hill. Instead of complaining to everyone else to change the Hill for him.

Besides he's probably like the rest of them, involed in the everyday "dealings" in the Hill to begin with. Yes i did say it!

Will said...

And then I read this...

"The presence of the Mellon Arena is on the same par as having the Confederate Flag put in the middle of a community of African Americans, because it symbolizes destruction and hate, even though some saw value in it."

Are you F'ing kidding me!!!!!

hyzdufan said...

I'm definitely a fan of the 1 minute power play in overtime, and I'd bet the bank that Sergei Gonchar is too.

DerekBell4President said...

Don't hate Jake Wheatley. Hate the unexplainable amount of idiots that voted the man into office in the first place.

Also, doesn't he bear a striking resemblance to Mike Tomlin??

Staff said...


You couldn't be anymore right. Its amazing how someone would actually vote for this guy. Good times.

hahahaha great call on the tomlin thing, the more I look the more I like it

Arlow said...

How was Recchi not one of the 3 stars on NHL.com yesterday. Chris "Smoke 'em peace pipe" Simon? Are you fuckin' kidding me?

Elly said...

I haven't heard a Sudden Death joke in a while. Excellent.

Is Wheatley for real? I can sympathize with the anger of the families displaced by the building in 1956, but to compare the Mellon to something like the Confederate flag in a racial sense is verging on PR suicide...not to mention it's a horrible analogy.

Poor Fleury, though, goalies seem to always get the blame.

gjhead said...

Being stuck at work yesterday I listened to the game on the radio. Anyone else get a kick out of these commercials having the nerve to tell us to put down our deposits for our season tickets to 'be here at Mellon Arena for the Penguins 07-08 Season!". WTF! Get the damn deal done!!!

Justin said...

hill district residents dont want anything to interfere with their prosperous crackhouses....seriously, is there anything they dont complain about?

Adrienne said...

Here's my thoughts on the Arena vs Hill District:
It's NOT a racial issue. The government, city, and residents need to quit making out to be one.

Honestly, who cares if 30% of the Hill is black, or if 100% is? It's a demographic, nothing more.

From what I've seen, fairly well removed from the issue, is all a bunch of bollocks.

"People got uprooted," so what? And that didn't happen when they built any other stadium/arena anywhere in the US?
"It ruined a peaceful community!" Yeah? So will the casino when they build it, but that's not stopping the government and city officials from celebrating the supposed incoming revenue the city might face.
Ever been to Wheeling? You have this nice ass casino with a fancy hotel surrounded by a rundown ghetto. OR, one can look at Columbus, Ohio and see that the introduction of the Blue Jackets franchise revamped the entire area from a ghetto into a respectable commercial area.
Shut the hell up, we're trying to save the Pittsburgh economy.

The arena is not a racial issue. People need to quit exploiting it like it is.

The people of the hill bitch about oppression, when they're openly allowing themselves to be used by government officials for an issue they undoubtedly could give a shit less about in the first place.

Good game.

seth said...

I don't really agree with everyone's stance on Dave Molinari. Fleury has been shakey the past few games and yesterday's game so i think he deserves criticism of his play.

Play bad, get criticized. That's how sports works

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

Forget NHL.com, Recchi wasn't even one of the 3 stars of the game!

Joshua said...

awesome photo of Sid:


(note it may change as the NHL updates this thing almost daily)

Scott said...

geeves where u live in bellevue? im on straw

tiffany said...

Oooh man.....I LOVED your letter.

And I mean, yeah, I was a bit upset at Fleury too, but you CAN'T blame everything on him. Like someone else said, there's also the defensemen who weren't great either. So hopefully the coaching staff can help Marc out and see what he needs to work on, as well as the defensemen, to try and fill in those gaps that have developed.

Also, it's not that everyone's pissed that the Pens actually lost a game, it was just a little sad to see that they WERE in fact human. ;)

Scott said...

MAF spent a nite out in the town got drunk waddle back to the team hotel and was hungover explainin his shitty play yesterday

Geeves said...

thank you tiffany, i still sit and await dave's response.

MAK has definitely given up some goals he shouldnt have, but that is going to happen now and then. no reason to ride hte kid like therrien is.

laurel and euclid, scotty.

Geeves said...

i should clarify just a bit: i am upset at Dave for railing on Fleury more than is probably warranted.

but i am more upset that dave's job is to provide a game recap (since we dont use the AP recaps for pens games), and he didn't do that at all. anywhere.

besides, dave is paid as the beat writer for the Pens, not as an editorial columnist.

i think they should take back his paycheck for monday. he didnt do his job.

scott said...

north or south euclid...i kno ppl on south

seth said...

dudes.. Fleury played bad the past couple games. Dave said he played bad. What's all the bitching about?

Anonymous said...

somebody keep eaton away from MAF's girlfriend, then we'll see some progress.

it could have been worse, I mean, it could have been at Mellon and the blood of Kevin Stevens might have rose from the ice like it does everytime the islanders are in town...

Geeves said...

scotty. south.

seth. fleury played bad, but therrien saying things along the lines of "we score five goals and don't win, what's wrong with him" are ridiculous. any tard watching can tell therrien that they score five goals and dont win because they're so busy trying to score that they get lazy on defense.

my issue with dave is that he writes the article like it is fleury's fault we lost, and his fault we've given up so many goals lately, when that is flatly not true.

yes, fleury hasn't been great, but he hasnt been horrible. you can only do so much as a goalie when you continually face two-on-one rushes , and then your defenseman refuses to take away the pass, forcing you to guess who will shoot (which is rarely successful). you can only do so much when your team is so horrible at backchecking and clearing the zone.

also, my primary beef with dave is that his job is to write the game recap. he didnt do that. if he wants to write a second article discussing the large quantities of goals lately, so be it. and if he DOES that, he should giv equal face time to the poor defensive play AND the goals fleury has given up that he shouldnt.

here... http://inglewoodjack.blogspot.com

seth said...

fair enough

seth said...

oh, geeves.. did he write back to you? I usually email him with questions and he gets back to me within a day, so if he hasn't gotten back, it's probably him just ignoring it

Staff said...

And Seth not to gang up on you because I agree with your views also.

I was listening to the Cobly Armstrong show today and Army flat out denied that Therrien flipped out on Fleury.

I don't know much, but I went to school for Journalism ( to bad I still can't write or spell)

You never, ever, ever, ever, ever attribute something to "people."
I was stunned when I saw this Paragraph.

"People near the Penguins' dressing room immediately after the game reported that Therrien gave Fleury a blistering assessment of his play."

That is a joke

seth said...

its all good

Andrew said...

OK...I might get crucified for saying this here...but, let's be real. That last goal was not Fleury's fault. Eaton screened him. That's that.

Eaton was probably just tired of winning and wanted to help them get started on a new streak. No big deal.

Derek said...

haha don't worry Andrew, we aren't as blind as we pretend to be about Mark Eaton. Nothing Fleury could do. Eaton will make up for it, we forget he mistakes on purpose to make it look like he is human

Andrew said...

Much like God...Eaton works in mysterious ways.

He must have seen that the team was getting too proud...and needed a little reality knocked into them. No way Eaton makes that kind of mistake otherwise.

scott said...

YOU PEOPLE ARE CLUELESS! Try reading that Trib article again.

There are people saying the Mellon Arena has significant historic value and therefore shouldn't be torn down if a new arena is built. Wheatley is just saying they're wrong, that it should be torn down. Which is exactly the same position the Penguins, and all of you, are taking.

In your rush to bash Wheatley you completely failed to grasp what was being discussed.

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