Thursday, February 8, 2007

5 - 4


10-0-2 in our last 12 games.
It is February, and the Pens are tied for fourth in the Eastern Conference.

Read that again.

Was this game even exciting in the first period?

The train to the penalty box in the first period was brought to you by Amtrak.

And somehow, among all those penalties, Jordan Staal scores an even-strength goal to give the Pens a 1-0 lead.

Two minutes after that, Eric Gagne used those magician classes he took over the summer and got a puck past Fleury to tie the game up.
How the hell did that go in?

This kid gets beat up every day.

And then, before the end of the first period, Eric Gagne scores again with a trash goal to give the Flyers a 2-1 lead.

The Pensblog has learned that during the first intermission, coach Michel Therrien showed naked pictures of himself to the team to get them motivated.

In the second period, the Flyers came close a couple times to jumping out to a 3-1 lead.
Fleury is unreal right now.
There is no need to elaborate.

Picture: In aiding Marc-Andre Fleury, Mark Eaton uses the gymnastics skills that landed him the Platinum Medal at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.
He remains the only Olympic athlete in history to be given the Platinum.
And remains the only athlete to medal in gymnastics at the Winter Olympics.

Speaking of defensemen, we'll be the first to admit that we were Whitney Haters early on in the season.
Seriously, he hadn't done much, and we felt people were looking at his potential and giving him a free pass.
He has become a proven defenseman this year.

His pinpoint three-line pass to Oscar changed the momentum of this game.
Oscar goes in, blows a tire, gets up, and turns Nittymaki into a midget.
Powerplay goal. 2-2.

The only other thing of note was Sidney Crosby's nearly disastrous giveaway that led to a breakaway chance for Philadelphia.
Remember how you used to get worried when the other team had a breakaway?
For the first time in a while, you sat there tonight and just said, "Come on, Fleury."

Oh wait. We're not lettin' Sid off the hook.
He's challenging Food Network's Rachel Ray for most turnovers made in one week.

This brings us to the third period.
The game was tied, but that lasted about as long as the flavor in a stick of Juicy Fruit gum.

You are a joke, Juicy Fruit.

Mark Recchi pops in a goal 34 seconds into the third, and then 30 seconds later, Christensen scores.
4-2 out of nowhere.

Mike Knuble scored to make it 4-3 about 4 minutes later.
Then the game picked up.

End-to-end action.
Fleury coming up big.
But then the Flyers jobbed (the only word to describe that, too) an icing call which led to them pulling their goalie and tying the game up late.

No big deal. The Flyers getting a point is as meaningful as we have no idea.
We go into overtime.

Good chances for both teams in the OT, but no dice.
Fleury again stands on his head.
The OT comes to an end, and it slips into the shootout.

Christensen puts himself on autopilot, and Nitty robs him.
Jeff Carter started for Philly and didn't even get a shot off.

Malkin came in next and hit Big Ben.
Forsberg came down trying to show off for his mom but also hit the post.

Sidney Crosby.
The Next One.
0 for 93 this year in the shootout.
He comes down and beats Nitty.

The Flyers call Eric Gagne in from the bullpen for one last gasp.

No dice.
Fleury robs him.

  • Malsby: 0 G, 0 A, 0 P
  • Staal: 20th goal of the season
  • Christensen: 1 G, 1 A
  • Whitney: 2 A
  • Fleury: 1 A
  • Shots: Philadelphia - 33 | PENS - 32
  • Powerplay: Philadelphia ( 2 for 5 ) PENS ( 1 for 5 )
  • Mark Eaton's lackluster play is attributed to the death of Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Great job by the refs tonight.
  • Philly looks so lost. It is great.
  • What happens when Melichar gets back?
  • Do we ride Fleury until this streak is snapped?

A new Pensblog feature debuts tonight.
An up-to-the-minute listing of other games that affect the Pens in, gulp, the Playoff race.


Three games tonight that ended up huge for the Pens.

Toronto Lost:

So did Montreal:

And the Devils beat the Isles. Remember we want the Islanders to fade away.

Here is where the Eastern Conference stands tonight:

Toronto is going to be in a frenzy on Saturday night.
Go Pens


Jon said...

OOO I'm first!! You guys are unreal with your humor, I haven't laughed so hard reading shit since I got high hourly in college. And I love, looooove seeing the Phlyers with the defeated looks on their faces, I hope Derian Hatcher cries throughout his post-game shower.

And I'm kind of sort of regretting my decision to personalize my Pens jersey over Fleury's...I'm developing a slight man-crush on him. I'm waiting for the day his name shows up under the Vezina on's trophy tracker. And speaking of, they described us as "red-hot" on he front page of the website.

Perhaps we could enter White-hot territory soon?

Jon said...

with Crosby's over Fleury

Anonymous said...

were the fans chanting:
"go home flyers?

or lets go flyers?"

because it sounded like "go home flyers" during the third period. i mean, i possibly could not see them actually chanting "lets go flyers." the two fans there couldnt have been that vocal.


Anonymous said...

We cheer f%&# the flyers because we are from the burg and we hate the flyers, thats why on tv sometimes it sounds like lets go flyers.

Anonymous said...

TheGuyFromPgh said...

Wow... Still in disbelief...

Playoffs?.... Holy Shit!!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!

Staff said...

anyone notice how they show Mike Yeo every third Period?

seth said...

Am I the only one not impressed with this game? I mean I'm thrilled we pulled off the win but we had a lot of defensive breakdowns and sloppy passing. Luckily it was against the flyers and not someone who would easily take advantage of our mistakes and not allow us to score 4. But hey, enough bitching, we win, 10-0-2 streak.. can't complain there, eh?

Mark "God" Eaton: 14-3-1

CDY said...

Eaton is apparently also the only person to win a Gymnastics medal at the Winter Olympics.

Staff said...

seth totally agree. Not a good effort by the Pens tonight. Going to have to jack it up for sat night. The game is huge

Adam said...

that's how sick he is.

Staff said...

Can we change the staff icon to Mr. Burns?

Joshua said...

AHHH where was the waste management truck in the post!

For some reason that picture tells the entire story of a goal.

Anyway, great game and recap guys.

I vote burns btw.

Andrew said...

scary game tonight. at least they pulled it out of their asses in the end.

Elly said...

I met a Flyers season ticket holder tonight. I don't think I need to elaborate on what was said.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

lead story on

Back on top of the NHL world.

"The Nashville Predators reclaimed the NHL points lead from the Buffalo Sabres with a 4-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs"

but, holy fuck, the penguins beat them and its like, "sluggish preds go down to penguins"

fuckin spare me.


chris said...

how much did it suck to have the lock-out year....pretty bad, but someone dare argue that it wasn't worth what we have right now. its good to be a pens fannnn


go pens

Mike said...

When a Philly area newspaper asked players to pick Sid or Alex, here's what this num nut said:

Todd Fedoruk — Ovechkin. “He dishes it out and takes it, that's the thing I like about him. Crosby is a player who doesn't think certain things should happen to him. Ovechkin just plays through it.”

Exactly why I don't want an enforcer on our team. Just some rimjob who's only talent is trying to ruin better players' careers.

mike said...

BTW, the only other player to agree with Fedoruk was Ben Eager. He wasn't such a tool about it but just look at the way he played tonight and that speaks volumes.

All the skill players wanted Crosby, because they know damn well their goal output would increase significantly.

Jon said...

Oh, and how bout that move Malkin made along the boards, when he ducked that Flyer (I don't remember who it was) and kept possession of the puck. That's almost up there with that move Crosby did in the Ranger game where he did that 360 never breaking stride....These kids are sick

Christina said...

very few things compare to waking up and finding out the Pens beat Philly...again! and that sid finally managed to score in a shootout....nice.

Mark Eaton as winner of the Platinum Medal = priceless. the guy is unstoppable.

steigy and errey's comments after staal's goal (on had me cracking his stick is a diving rod...good lord

Christina said...

and by "diving rod" i meant "divining rod"...yes i'm hungover

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

Did anyone see the Idol episode where they all sang that song? "Dont you wish your girlfrien-Boyfriend be hot as me?" Seriously though, your titles are great.

Will said...

so i have a confession to make to pensblog nation. I didn't watch the game until the overtime, i mailed it in because we were playing philly. (to busy shooting people on Xbox 360)

Once i turned the game on, I instantly hear in my head, "Shame on you for 6 weeks".

But on a sweet note, i think i got something cooked up for the Pensblog guys for my week of vacation next week.

GQbed said...

Better than naked pictures of former equipment manager Steve Latin. Ugh! That was the worst day of my life

Arlow said...

Is there any reason for Darien Hatcher to even be on the ice anymore? Him hitting the corner glass at the end of the bench when Malkin ducked his check was the funniest thing I've seen in a Pens game this year. I hope you guys can find a picture of that for your sight. Priceless.

Arlow said...

For your site, not your sight. That wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.

Adrienne said...

Impressive game. I managed to stay awake til the 2nd intermission this time :D

Sounded like we really should have played better. A little too close for comfort, especially against the Flyers of all teams.

Oh well. Nice for you to announce the winter olympics medal win for Eaton. ROFL

Gavin said...

I am starting to question your sanity when you start directly insulting gum, but all in all a pretty hysterical post. Has anyone else started to move to the edge of their seats now when Staal gets the puck at center ice, just like with Crosby and Malkin? Dude's an absolute stud.

Anonymous said...

Fleury's reaction after Forsberg's shootout attempt hit the post: THE BALLS.

Jon said...

I think Jersey losing would be better to root for than the Islanders fading away. If the D'evils keep winning, the highest we could get in the standings is fourth, and who the hell cares if the Isles sneak in at the 7th or 8th, I don't really think they'll make it anyways.

Anonymous said...

Really, we are only a Brodeur injury away from a 2nd or 3rd seed...

Shanna said...

Scarey game last night. Glad we pulled out a "W" though. I thought for sure we were gonna lose it. I should known better than to doubt the Power of the Flower.

As much as I hate the Cryers, I have to admit they are playing better hockey now then they were at the beginning of the season.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the fact that when the Cryers FINALLY thought they had Crosbys number, he stuck it to them in the end. Go Sid

Next, on to Toronto, lets go Pens!!

Geeves said...

the ugly truth about todd fedoruk.

Scott said...

Nothin should happen when Melichar comes back...the dude is ass and notice the run we have been on since hes been out

Pens Insider said...

I was totally caught off guard by the fight the Flyers actually put up. I mean we're practically doubling them up in points so we can give them left and right and not have a care in the world.

Toronto will be nuts, 'nough said.

pensblog chris said...

news flash for everyone...this is the NHL...not the AHL or OHL. The players in this league are the BEST in the world. anyone can win on any given night, it doesnt matter where you sit in the standings or how much money your team makes. the flyers have great players on their team. we got the win and that is all that matters.



Tiffany said...

Ok, I taped the Pens vs. Philly hockey game from Thursday night because I knew I was gonna miss the first few minutes. So since they won (thank goodness), I rewound the tape to the beginning of the game and I think Jordan Staal was robbed of that first goal. I mean, if you're gonna take the goal away, give them a penalty for goalie interference. But if you're not gonna give them a penalty, then give them the goal. Stupid call by the refs, yet again.

Then, when Jordan ends up scoring anyway off the rebound of Erik Christensen's slap shot, it was like saying, "F you in the F U Center." Sweet justice.

However, it was counted as an even-strength goal instead of a power play goal. Since I taped the game, I have the luxury of having my very own "instant replay." So by rewinding the tape to seconds before Jordan scored (for the second time), I saw that there was still one second left on the power play. Hence, he should have gotten a power play goal.

And yes, I realize I have =)

tiffany said...

Arlow, I totally agree that Malkin dodging Hatcher was hilarious. I couldn't find a picture, but found this on You Tube......enjoy. :)


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