Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bloody Sunday. PENS LOSE

"The Penguins suck more than me right now."


5 - 1


Deep breath.

1. No one got hurt
2. They didn't get shut out.

Other than those two things, what a brutal game to watch. It's most likely a good thing we don't remember the last really bad game the Pens played.
But it doesn't make it any easier.

When they talk about this game, they will say the team from Pittsburgh didn't show up. They didn't play with any passion and they were severely out-matched.

Is it a coincidence that a lot of Pittsburgh Pirates were at the game?
Lets just hope the bat that Freddy Sanchez gave Crosby doesn't make it back to Pittsburgh.

Stay away from the Penguins, Freddy.

On to the game...

Things just didn't feel right.
Within the first two minutes of the game, the Pens took a penalty.
Tampa Bay didn't waste any time.
Marty Missouri scored a jobber goal.
Some terd named Paul Ranger scored a minute later.
It was 2-0 before you knew what to do.
The rest of period was all Tampa Bay, all the time.

Picture: Arena workers repair the glass while Sid makes sure Thibault doesn't have poop in his pants.

Five minutes into the second period, Fidel Castro somehow gets one past Thibault to make it 3-0.
That was it for Thibault. Fleury stepped in and took over the rest of the game.

On an unrelated note, to any fans of the great Nickelodeon show "Pete and Pete":

Tampa Bay forward Eric Perrin looks like character "Endless Mike"

I hate this guy

Moving on...
The only chances the Pens had of scoring today banked on either Johan Holmqvist dying mid-shot, or the Pens getting a 5-on-3.
The latter rang true.

Gonchar gets the puck at the point and has time to drill an entire pack of squares.
He sets up base camp and rifles a shot that squeaks into the net.


If Ouellet or Moore could get a jobber goal, it would be a game again.
But no dice.
Besides the Tampa Bay goal judge being a homer, that was it for the second period.

And, early in the third, any thoughts of the Pens coming back disappeared faster than Edward Norton in The Illusionist.

"That 16-game point streak was just an illusion, dicks."

Brad Richards, the Larry Brown of hockey, scores less than two minutes into the third.
It wasn't over yet, though.
Yeah, it was.

If you heard someone singing after the Richards goal, it was this thing.
Holy shittttt.

The Pens coughed a couple times in the third period, to remind Tampa Bay that they were in fact still playing an NHL game.

The Richards goal sucked the life out of the Pens.

To add insult, Vinny scores on a gorgeous shot with less than 6 minutes left to make it 5-1.

Vinny and Marty rendezvous after a goal to celebrate the new apartment they just bought together.

Tampa Bay shifted into cruise control for the rest of the game, while the Pens were still fumbling with the gears on their 10-speed.

Talbot and Tarnasky fought a couple of times in the third period, and Tarnasky simply made Talbot lose his balance in both fights.

1. No one got hurt.
2. We didn't get shut out.
3. Heroes is on Monday night.

  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Shots: Tampa Bay: 24 PENS: 18
  • Powerplay: Tampa Bay ( 1 for 2 ) PENS ( 1 for 4 )
  • Tampa Bay sucks.
  • Eaton was the closest Pens defenseman to the puck for both goals in the first period....photoshop jinx? Worst defenseman in the NHL? Trade him?
  • This loss is nothing compared to a heart-breaking loss we'll inevitably encounter later in the year.
  • In a way, this loss feels good. Just something about it.
  • Get ready for the message boards demanding a trade.
  • Tampa Bay plays two lines.
  • The fans down there were really into it.


Scott said...

did anyone check lord therrian saying im fuckin changin goalies to the ref cause he wasnt gettin their attention maybe...i found it humorous

Derek said...

haha he was pissed... why did he do that anyway? The goalie play today had nothing to do with the outcome

Scott said...

idk...tee-blow (and that has been his name to me since last year and im not just killin him for today) looked slow...he wasnt movin at all...but i think therrian knows we'll be seeing alot of MAF

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

As a Penguin fan and Tampa resident, may I be the first to say....


Now I'm off to check Florida's state Constitution to see if there's anything in the bylaws written 6 years ago about the Penguins not beating the Lightning again until I move from this city.

Staff said...

hahaha seriously.

it has to be a law down there.

yeah said...

Fleury is still our #1 goalie. I think it was a rather stupid move having Thibault in there in the first place. Therrien wanted to give him something for playing well and he does deserve a shot in goal soon, but not today's game, not against Tampa.

The Pens have enough trouble beating Tampa as it is...and then you put a team in front of a goalie that, in my opinion, the team isn't comfortable with. It may be me, but I don't see them playing as well with him in goal as I do with Fleury. Perhaps it's just a coincidence with them having a bad game when Thibault is in net...

Although I'm pretty sure with the way they played today there could have been a board in front of the net with only a tiny slot barely big enough for the puck to go through and they still would have lost.

your mom said...

Per the shit write-up that the Pens site has up (well really the Trib, but it is the same write-up)...which is better than the nothing that the Post-Gazette has...

Sid has 199 points.

Perhaps 200 will come on Tuesday?

the link

John said...

The Penguins just didn't have their usual heart. They have had an exhausting schedule until now. I just hope this was one bad game before they gear up for their March schedule because it looks vicious.

tiffany said...

I noticed that too! :)

I completely agree with you.

.....(very long sigh)......I suppose it IS better that they lost like this now, "but it doesn't make it any easier."

Andrew said...


Staff said...

john, we were looking at that today, too.

we hate to be pessimistic paul's, but holy crap.

4-11-2 isnt out of the realm of possibility.

we need alain.

rachel said...

I definitely miss Nasreddine.

Scott, I think I have to go rewatch the game just to see Therrien saying that, haha!

I found this video funny... Armstrong and Staal are in it

seth said...

Look at it this way...

1. We're not gonna win every game from now to the end of the season.

2. When we lose, it's not always gonna be a one-goal game that we played well in. There's gonna be those blips

3. Someday we're gonna beat tampa bay..and its gonna feel awesome

Geeves said...

1. i cant say for sure, but my gut feels that one or both of those first goals dont happen with fleury in there.

2. zach Fucking duke in a lightning hat, that's why the hell we lost. hope the fucking traitor gets a line drive in the balls thursday.

3. seriously, mrs nasreddine had the baby 10 days ago already, where the fuck is alain?

4. max may not have won, but at least he was TRYING (unlike most of the other guys on the ice)

5. remember how back in the day, there was that one friend who would play you in street fighter, and would just keep hitting you with the same move 15 times in a row until he won? that's the lightning.

6. i'll predict a more generous, but still average 8-6-3 March.

tiffany said...

I want Alain back too! And as much as I like Mark Eaton, I think it might be a good idea for Nas to replace least for a little while. (Please don't hate me.)

Thank you sooooo much for that video. I was tryin' my hardest not to wake people up. :D

And Seth,
Thanks for the reassurance. It took away some of the pain.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt say those first two goals were eatons fault, but they were pretty close.

a jinx? who knows.

bozo the clown wrote an article about how "An 'enforcer' would not help the Penguins' cause"


tiffany said...

Hahaha.....Street Fighter. I still love that game. It was always hilarious when Chun-Li died. (Ah, ah, ah....)

Tee said...

I dont think you drop eaton when nasreddine comes back, I think you get slow clumsy Melichar out of there. I stayed up until 1:30 to watch this game, why do they always get murdered when I stay up? I think my dreams help the pens play better in some strange way. I dreamt of a brawl though, maybe I'm a prediction dreamer guy type thing...

rachel said...

Tiffany, glad you liked the video! I think my favorite quote came from Colby talking about Staal... "He's got a nice set of lips on him."

Tee, you better go and dream some good dreams when we play NJ ;)

phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

naserdine is a healthy scratch, melichar is in there instead

errey said this during the panther game

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Yeah, I guess I'm the Lightning then. I used to pick the Sumo wrestler guy and just repeatedly do that move where he moves his hands real fast and chops the shit out of the other guy.

And Duke was wearing a Lightning hat? What a fucking douche!! I thought he was in the paper talking about how he goes to Pens games in Pittsburgh all the time! (I had the Sunshine Network broadcast so I didn't see the Pirates in the crowd.)

It's become funny to me since I moved here we simply cannot beat the Lightning. I come to my first game against Tampa in 01: We're awesome and have Mario back, they suck... we lose 5-1.

2004: We suck, they're awesome, we lose 9-0.

2006: They've still got something left from their Cup year, we're sprouting a young dynasty.... and we still lose 5-1!!!

Why did they have to be jinxed against the fucking team where I live now?!?!?! I mean, I swear that about 7 or 8 years ago the Lightning would win 2 games per year.... both against us!!

Couldn't we be jinxed against some team far away from me, like Vancouver or some shit?!!?! Oh well, at least hockey's not a big deal here do I don't hear much shit about it.

See, you guys will forget this shit in a couple days when we beat New Jersey... but it irks the living shit out of me because I have to live in this Waffle House and cheap strip club-laden town!!!!!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, I meant no offense to the Waffle House or cheap strippers by my previous statement.

Adrienne said...

Again, I can't be upset we lost to Tampa. However, it would be nice to break their- what, 10 game streak against us?

I fell asleep listening during the 2nd period. The hockey gods chose just to spite me since I've been waiting all semester for this game :(

The hell happened to our team?

tiffany said...

"Lets just hope the bat that Freddy Sanchez gave Crosby doesn't make it back to Pittsburgh."

"Vinny and Marty rendezvous after a goal to celebrate the new apartment they just bought together."

Love the lines!! I've been calling "Vinny and Marty" the "Brokeback Buddies." :)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the BGL trade is dead? Use the 1st rounder on something we need, a defensive defenseman or a scoring winger.

How about this... Army or Malone plus the 1st rounder for Heatley or Semin. Heatley could threaten the opposition with a ride home from the game and no one would go near Crosby with Semin all over the ice.

Anonymous said...

vinny looks like he's breast feeding marty in that picture!!

pensblog chris said...

we all forgot about the georgous save fleury made on vinny. the beutiful toe save to the post....definately one of his best.

i think that was our 12 straight loss to them.

its nice to be expecting wins instead of losses isnt it?

go pens

Anonymous said...


Doug said...

I don't thnk that Duke was wearing a Tampa hat. It looked like a Blue Moon Beer logo. If that is the case good man, that stuff is tasty.

If it was a Tampa hat then I curse the Pirates to another 14 years of losing (although as long as DL is around there should be no problem in this happening)

Anonymous said... is reporting a potential trade with Gary Roberts, and the site says that the Pens are interested. Could Roberts be going to the Pens? He has to waive his no trade clause though. At least this would give Recchi some company when he goes to Ponderosa to get the Senior Citizen's breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to this the most of the comments...

Everyone has to put this game behind them...maybe they had too much fun in the sun down in Florida. They certainly will not find that in the 'burgh.

I want to see Sidney back on track, scoring goals, not just assisting them. Can't anyone pass to him? Someone else on that line should be open since Crosby is at least double-teamed if not triple-teamed.


Anonymous said...

Oh...and guys...
"Vinny and Marty rendezvous after a goal to celebrate the new apartment they just bought together."


"Brokeback Buddies."



Steve Craig said...

I was so siked for this one. I've been livin in St. Pete for a couple of months now and have been waiting for this game since the beginning of the season. With all the success of our team and the playoff race, there was nothing more important to me than this game.
I remember the last time I was at a Pens game, It was last year in the burgh against the lightning, for sure we lost our asses to them like 5-2 or some shit. It felt aweful. The time I saw the Pens before that was against the Lightning also, but it was down here in St. Pete when I was living across the state in Vero Beach, we lost our asses again.
All that lead up to game time. I was so excited walking into there my heart was pounding like a drum and I had goosebumps. When the puck dropped I was ready for us to kick some ass and enjoy the game. But...I'll skip the in between, we lost, but we didn't just lose, we got spanked and my fucking lightning friends all laughed and didn't give a shit cause they weren't big hockey fans to begin with. It sucked more than you could belive. That loss last night was heartbreaking to me, and I know its not that bad and that we aren't screwed out of the playoffs because of it and your right, no one got hurt, but that was my only chance to see the Pens this year, againt a team we've played the last two games I've been to. Really blew. But one of the reasons I come here is because you guys manage to chear me up and put it into perspective for me, that there is still a shitload to be excited about, and that the next time we win is gonna be fuckin awesome again. I fucking hate the lightning. We better not lose to them again.

Scott said...

Alain in melichar get the hell outta here for the life of me

Brett said...

Second game in a row Talbot had a sicko pass... Armstrong's game winner in Florida and Ouellets miss the netter in Tampa Bay. Whatever happened to the Talbot I came to love over the past year or two, you know the one who just flies all over the ice and really doesnt do anything with the puck. Now hes a finesse guy who flies all over the ice. I say we bump Talbot to first line center and trade Crosby for Donald Brashear... after all, we will need someone to protect Talbot, plus it's still Black History Month.

tiffany said...

I agree with what you said. I wish Sid could get more opportunities too, but when he starts scorin''s gonna be fierce. Oh, and happy you liked my nickname for those two roommates. I think while discussing their secret, new living arrangements, St. Louis said to Lecavalier "I wish I knew how to quit you." Sneaking around sure does make their lives more difficult....

Steve Craig,
I feel your pain.... :(

tiffany said...

" one would go near Crosby with Semin all over the ice."

I don't believe I need to comment on

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey guys...what's with the Die Hard reference?

I'm a little confused.


Shanna said...

Well, last nights game sucked. I wasnt really expecting to win so I'm not too upset with the loss. But damn it some things just piss me off:
RYAN MALONE-he should not be on the top line with Sid and Rex. He doesnt have the speed to keep up or the hands to shoot. The only time he scores is when he's in front of the net to bang it home. Otherwise his shots are waaay off the mark. And when he does keep up with Sid, he's too busy watching him to take the his passes and they go off his stick. GAH!

MICHELE OUELLET-Can this guy NOT see the net or what?!? It's right in front of his face and he still cant get his shot on net. This guy couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat. Please get him some contacts or get him off the ice.

LORD THERRIEN-His man crush on Ouellet makes me sick. It's seriously clouding his judgement.

Ok, I'm done raving now. Here's to a better game tomorrow. GO PENS!!!


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