Saturday, February 3, 2007

Among the Wild Flowers..PENS WIN

2 - 0


Marc Andre Fleury's back has to be hurting. Because he is carrying the Pens.
Anyone watching this game most likely shook their head in amazement at the performance of the Flower.

Sick stat from
Fleury has stopped all but 4 of 106 shots in his last three games.

If you were expecting a little bit of an emotional let down, you were right.
Not that the Pens were flat; it was just a natural feeling after all the Montreal stuff.
Needless to say, this game was huge.

The first period was pretty much a non-event.
Both goalies brought the goods, and both teams were trying to figure each other out.
Picture: Chris Thorburn, bored in the first period, tries to use magic to guide the puck to a teammate.

If you were looking for Colby Armstrong, he was held out because of a knee issue. He is day to day.

AO steamrolled Talbot. Not a dirty hit, but Guy Carbonneau would probably want Ovechkin court-martialed.
After the hit, Talbot had to go vomit in the locker room.
Be right back guys

The first period ended with a whimper.
We hope you didn't have the over.

The second period was more of the same, as both defenses could not be solved.

Sherlock Holmes killed himself in front of Washington Plaza after failing to figure out the trap the Pens were using.

The teams traded some more power play chances, but it was a moot point.
Mark Eaton got called for a penalty. He then most likely did something solid when he was in box. What a player.

Ryan Malone was out of his mind killing penalties, probably the most exciting thing all game was watching him do it. Now that's bizarre.

The pace picked up towards the end of the period, with both teams having some decent chances.

Finally, Ronald Petrovicky went coast to coast?
Yeah, that's right.
Petro tore a wrist shot past Olie the goalie to put the Pens up 1-0.
Kind of a weak goal after all the saves he had made, but what else would you expect from Kolzig?

After that, it was all Fleury all the time.
AO didn't have a shot until the third period, and Fleury would have none of it.

Picture: AO -- stunned after seeing his girlfriend making out with WPXI's Rick Walsh in the stands.

The Caps, to their credit, kept coming. But MAF was unbeatable.
Jordan Staal added an empty-netter.

  • Petrovicky: 1G
  • Staal: 1G
  • Malkin: 1A
  • Crosby: 0G, 0A.. first time Pens have ever won a game that he did not score in. They were previously 0-30-1

  • Great effort by the third and fourth lines
  • Crosby vs AO, no goals, no points.
  • Can anyone even believe this is happening?
  • Seth for you: Pens 12-3 with Eaton
  • Shocking stat Pens 16-7-1 with Alain Nasreddine in lineup. Look it up
  • Tomorrow game is going to take a lot out of all us.
  • Montreal lost today, so you know its going to be tough.


Anonymous said...

*standing and appauding Mark Eaton"

Andy26 said...

Huge effort -- Crosby plays his worst game of the season by far (was he sick??) and the rest of the team steps up big-time ... these are the types of games they haven't been winning for the last 5 years.

hyzdufan said...

Guy Carbonneau is such a drama queen.

"We're going to get in touch with the league, all this hitting is ridiculous!"

Shanna said...



seth said...

Thanks for the shout-out.. hate to break it to ya but i do believe its 12-3 with Eaton

Anonymous said...

Thepensblog has reached an ultimate high and so have the penguins. I love you pensblog staff woo hooo. Also for anyone not in love with the Pens and with thepensblog you can go jump into a frozen pond cause obviously you are in need of a little cooling off when you come to this site.

- Mark

Staff said...

good call seth

Scott said...

not gettin too far ahead of ourselves but who would u guys like to see us play in the playoffs

Pens Insider said...

Even after I looked past this game to Montreal tomorrow the Caps gave us a decent run for our money surprisingly. Tomorrows game is bound to be a model NHL game if I ever expect to see such a thing.

Totally agree Andy these games used to slip by because the Pens couldn't stop anything from getting in the net but MAF has stepped up, I say first star for the NHL this week.

CDY said...

Once again... why don't the Pens lock up Flower for 10 years right now?

Teej said...

This 6-game winning streak has gotten me so pumped up and excited...

...I will now go to my room and do myself.

Will said...

overstated comment for the next 3 months..

huge game tomorrow

Geeves said...

* that looked a lot like pre-lochout hockey. petro looked faster than half the team, which should never happen.

* what are you guy's thoughts about errey's 3rd period comment about how there has been a noticeable uptick in orpik's play now that he's playing with eaton instead of joltin joe?

Staff said...

We could play with Mark Eaton and he would make us look good.

Anonymous said...

the pens are in 4th place! ok, it's actually 6th, but it's actually 4th...if you arrange them by winning percentage, baseball style, or points per game. 4th!

a win tomorrow would be HUGE!

Elly said...

Both Montreal and Ottawa lost today, tomorrow's game is going to be huge. It's great that CBC is going to be showing it, too.

Go Pens!


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