Sunday, February 11, 2007


6 - 5


As the old saying goes: If you missed this one, shame on you for six weeks.
Just an incredible hockey game.

Things started out with probably the most pedestrian first period all season. Both teams feeling each other out like it was a blind date.
Midway through the first, the Leafs Bryan McCabe did something stupid and got called for it. He whined about it all the way to the box. Maple Leaf doctors immediately wrote him a prescription.

Nothing really else happened until a late rush up the ice with under a minute to play.
Jordan Staal and Michel Ouellet played a nice little give and go. Staal smoked Andrew Raycroft.
Pens up 1-0.

We have to ask. Where would the Pens be without Jordan Staal at this point?

Things looked ever better in the second period as Staal took a pass from Malkin, and smoked Laura Raycroft. Pens up 2-0.

Minutes later, on the power play, Crosby decides to play for a little bit, makes a sick pass to Malkin. Raycroft had a better chance of making out with his teammates then stopping it.
Pens up 3-0.
But, if you have been around Penguins hockey long enough, you knew it would all change.
And oh did it ever.
It all started when Hal Gil not only gets away with a penalty, but a crime against Cobly Armstrong.

Sorry, didn't you know "New NHL " rules don't exist yet in Canada

It was a complete joke. Gil's little stunt gets the fans all riled up. And of course next time down the ice, the refs call a penalty against the Pens just to jack around Pens fans.
The Leafs waste no time, and job a goal past Flower.
No biggie.
Than things started falling apart faster than the David L Lawerence Convention center.
Pens pick up another penalty, Mats Sundin takes a wiz in the crease.

Picture: Mats Sundin scores a jobber goal.
Mark Eaton kills Sundin's entire family at intermission. Twice.

Just trying to get out of the period, the Pens make a mistake.
Bates Battaglia nails one home.
And you're thinking "here we go again."

The Leafs didn't lose any momentum by showering together during the second intermission. They came out flying,
4-3 just like that.
And it looks like the win streak is done.

Not so fast. Ryan Malone makes a rare appearance, posting up a Leaf, he knocks his own rebound in.
All looked fine, until some guy named Boyd got lucky and beat the MAF
Well it was fun while it lasted.


Max Talbot, who was lights out tonight, bust down the left wing board, waits.. waits.. waits..shoots.. top shelf. Goal

Then it gets really fun.
With Talbot's goal not even announced yet,Kris Newbury challenges Ronald Petrovicky to a fight:

Not a good decision

We are giving Petro a free pass, on just about anything for at least a week. What a knockout.That was as close to seeing someone getting murdered as you can get.
No question very similar to "Little Mac"on "Mike Tyson's Punchout"

After they cleaned Newbury's jock off the ice, things got right back into the flow.
Fleury had to make a few huge saves, but you knew where this was going.
Overtime city again.

Lord Therrien used five different line combo's in OT, and everything was going fine. The Refs had to make Leafs fans happy though and called a pentaly on Rob Scuderi.
Well at least we got a point....

Hold the phone.

The following faceoff. Mark Eaton, using mind control techinques, makes Nik Antropov take a pentaly.
3-0n-3 hockey.
As soon as Malkin and Staal stepped on the ice, it was over.
Malkin stole a puck deep in the Pens zone, flew up ice, dropped a pass to Staal. Staal undressed Raycroft. Shortside.

  • Staal: 3G, first Pens rookie ever to score a hat trick on the road.
  • Malkin: 1G, 3A
  • Talbot: 1G
  • Malone:1G
  • Crosby: 1A
  • Staal vs Malkin for rookie of the year?
  • 4th line was incredible tonight
  • Orpik was scratched due to an illness.
  • Last loss was a month ago
  • Maybe the best celebration all year. Staal got a huge facewash.
  • Good times


CDY said...

I already told you...

Staal + mullet = Calder

Justin said...

what a game....what a fight!!!!
wasnt too thrilled to see joltin joe back in the lineup but oh well.
is it just me or does he make the softest clearing attempts EVER?

Staff said...

I was stunned to see Orpirk scratched. There has to be something more to that

Pronovost said...

Orpik was scratched due to illness.

Rachel said...

I've been waiting for this post for a while now, and you guys delivered as always.

Apparently, Orpik was out due to illness.

Basically, Staal = wow ... My Staal jersey can't come in soon enough!

Did anyone see this article? read the comment under the picture...
Screw the media

Scott said...

Could this season get any better...this is one of the best rolls ive seen a pittsburgh sports team on...anyone see talbots postgame interview with potash and max said ass and like 5 secs later they tried to cut it out by muting the sound...great work by fsn on that one

Staff said...

I had the the Post done at 11:30ish, and ready for proofreading by Pensblog Gade. My computer froze. I almost killed myself. So sorry in advance for any editting mistakes.

Thanks for the heads up on the Orpik thing.

Staff said...


Couldn't agree more, this team refuses to lose

Anonymous said...

with melichar comin orpik gonna be traded???

Scott said...

well only one thing could make this season complete...that new arena would be a sweet icing to the cake

Scott said...

If orpik is traded to keep Melasuck in the lineup i might just stop watchin the games

Rachel said...

That was great with Max and then he had his arm around Dan P!

I wish I was going to the game on Weds!

New arena would be the sweetest icing ever!

Anonymous said...

this is signs of a good team...the ability to overcome adversity and make sure they get that win, esp over division one is waiting for baseball this year

Justin said...

sundins goal was sponsored by sanford and son

rachel said...

"no one is waiting for baseball this year"

Does anybody wait for the Pirates? haha

Scott said...

Being a baseball player i do kinda wait for the season and look at it this way...when its baseball season its playoff time and i miss watchin the bucs and hearin lanny and crew

rachel said...

I was just joking around. I do watch the bucs and go to a game when I get a chance.

PittCheMBA said...

The refs sucked. Army got pummeled, but Petro made ammends with his knockout punch. What's up with the refs being blind when a Penguin gets hit with a cheap shot?

seth said...

With Eaton: 15-3-1

I have to post it but i hate to say i don't think he played very well in this game. I know he drew a penalty in OT but he played human tonight.. just not sharp

tiffany said...

Thanks for the article. I liked it other than the title "Leafs Lose A Wild One" and the subheading under the picture "Hal Gill shows Sidney Crosby what he thinks of crybabies in the NHL." Seriously, that's the only bad thing people can think of to say against Sid. Oh well, we can't all be friends. We just need to try to ignore the nonsense and cheer on this amazing team!

Besides, Mark Eaton found out who wrote that story and threatened to break all ten fingers if they ever wrote anything negative like that

Oh, and Scott!!
I saw the post-game interview with Mad Max too. I thought it sounded like they were censoring him, but I didn't catch what he said. That's pretty funny. :)

Anonymous said...

In keeping with the Mike Tyson Punchout theme, Melichar is about as useful as Little Mac's corner man Doc, who keeps telling him to join the nintendo fun club anytime he needs help. Anytime Fleury needs help from Melichar, he always comes through....errr, wait, that's the exact opposite of what he does. Get well soon Brooks.

rachel said...

Tiffany, glad you liked the article and the Eaton jokes are just priceless, lol

tiffany said...

Totally agree with you about the refs. I was yellin at them through the t.v. practically the whole game (as usual). That idiot was punchin Army like crazy! And the refs are watchin it all like they're just waitin for Colby to throw ONE punch so they can give him a penalty. It was a bunch of "mierda de toro!!" (For those of you who don't speak any Spanish, it means 'bull crap.')

So of course, I was cheerin Petrovicky on when he was fightin Newbury. Then Newbury collapsed, and I was like, ".......oh my gosh...." I was completely stunned (and apparently so was Newbury).

Thankfully, it sounds like he's gonna be alright. Dan potash was sayin he was alert and movin his fingers when they were on their way to take him to the hospital.

Oh, and something a bit out of the blue, Jordan Staal does NOT have a mullet. :)
And Rachel, I'm with you. I was crackin up when I saw Dan and Max. :P

Nick said...

jordan staal youngest nhl player to ever score a hat trick. so he's got that goin for him...which is nice

tiffany said...

LOL......thanks, glad you liked the jokes. I jumped on the bandwagon along with the rest of the staff. And I wish I were goin to the game too!

But back to the article "Leafs Lose A Wild One," they couldn't put "Penguins Rake Up The Leafs?" The staff posted a similar comment, when the Penguins beat the Nashville Predators, and ESPN's headline was "Pens Power Past Slumping Preds."

They just can't catch a break in the media.

Anonymous said...

I read Petrovicky's lips. He said "if he dies, he dies". Then went into the box.

Staff said...

"I read Petrovicky's lips. He said "if he dies, he dies". Then went into the box."

hahahahahhaha This may be one of the funniest things I have ever read in the comment section. hahahahaha Oh man.

Do we have permission to use this in a future post?


I agree about Eaton. He feels the Pensblog pressure

Steph said...

I wanted to be really, really mad at you guys for tonight.

But oh come on, you just can't be pissed at Jordan pulling that off. So I remain friendly and say thanks for the point.

Andrew said...

You know what? I LOVE the media saying the things they do...

Pittsburgh has ALWAYS been an underdog town. This city loves facing adversity, saying "fuck you" to it, and then having sex with it's mom and the same time.

Keep calling Crosby a whiner, keep discrediting the Pens wins, keep telling them that they will never do it because they are too young, too soft, too whatever. They're going to respond positively to it.

Also, Petro...if he really said "if he dies, he dies" he seriously might become my favorite player ever. I know that's kinda f'd up to say...but how bad ass is that? He knocks the dude the hell out and then says he doesn't care if he killed him. Wow. Which brings me to my next point, we really need an enforcer....(gag).

tiffany said...

"Keep calling Crosby a whiner, keep discrediting the Pens wins, keep telling them that they will never do it because they are too young, too soft, too whatever. They're going to respond positively to it."

I never thought about it that way Andrew, good point. You've changed my mind.

Andrew said...

dear evil andrew, we need an enforcer.
love, andrew13

i had to work tonight and fucking missed it. saw the fight video on youtube though and it wasn't bad.

they need to package melisuck, ekman, and a pick together for someone at the deadline. bertuzzi and carter are being shopped around tsn said a while ago. either of them would fit in well at a wing i'd think. and bertuzzi could fill the enforcer role while being 50+ goal scorer with sid.

Andrew said...

there's two andrew's. i still say we need BGL or Hordi or Boogey. BGL seems to nice, but we need to find the biggest, nastiest mother fucker to ever strap on skates, then go out there and beat blake's head in. and then break both sides of fridges face.

Tee said...

That wasn't actually a petrovicky punch that nearly killed Newbury, during the fight Mark Eaton sneezed from the bench.

tiffany said...

OMG! Did Petrovicky really say that??!! I'm gonna have to check it out. It's just I thought I heard someone say that he was concerned about Newbury. (I think it was Steigy and Errey.)

Oh, and if there are two Andrews, which one did I respond to?

"Mark Eaton, using mind control techinques, makes Nik Antropov take a pentaly." staffers never cease to amaze me. :-D

tiffany said...

"That wasn't actually a petrovicky punch that nearly killed Newbury, during the fight Mark Eaton sneezed from the bench."


Antonette said...

You know, Jordan Staal WAS NOT ready for this team at Training Camp. (Also, he was a complete ass- I think he's slowly learning the ins and outs, but I'll give him that, since he's 18 and now Sid). Thank god that Shero kept him. Lord knows how much Craig Patrick would have fucked up his development.

I'm liking that we can pull out of these shitty games and win. I'm also liking how OT isn't an automatic death sentence anymore.

And for the record, if we're going to get an enforcer, lets steal BGL from Wayne, since he's the only interesting thing about the Coyotes.

Justin said...

it just looked like mark eaton played a bad game.
in reality he did play a good game, because he was changing sweaters all game and going out for shifts as different players.......therien would say "mark, go out for a shift as malone"......BOOM, malone scores a goal......"mark, go out for a shift as petrovicky"......BOOM, petrovicky almost kills newbury

Anonymous said...

I don't think we need an enforcer. I mean, petro almost murdered someone plus we are 11-0-2 in the last 13. Leave the team be I say.

Justin said...

good story about michel therien

Anonymous said...

Mccabe is a whiney turd and he is a goon. I just wanted to get that out there.

Will said...

Max saying ASS in the locker room with Danny P. was hilarous because he first said ice (setting up the censers) then corrects himself and says "ass".

As in the last post (really during the game) Staal will win Rookie of the Year.

I now feel bad that I went to bed before the post sound like Derek had a bad night.

On the enforcer debate, I am all about enforcers (my bud Francois Leroux) but I think with this young team the little guys standing up for their team mates might work better down the road.

Malone vs. Chara
Gill vs. Armstrong

instead of just sending in the goon and the rest waiting for him to do everything, these guys are doing it themselves; and I love it.

Does anyone else miss the in game chat room thing we had for a few games? I'd run it if you guys would be interested. I am home for almost every game.

Andy26 said...

Justin .... great article about Therien.

On the CBC broadcast last night, Don Cherry shredded the Penguins management for not letting Crosby talk to HNIC - and basically called Pittsburgh pathetic because it can't sell out games ... the guys an uninformed A-HOLE.

On the bright side, when Jordan Staal was asked if he got a kiss from Cherry during his interview with HNIC, he responded (LIVE) by saying that "I don't swing that way."

Anonymous said...

and once again, i do not get to see the game. I dont think i have been able to see one game during the whole streak. such is life with the tv contract and living in the heart of crapitals country.

at least i still have this blog to read daily. keep it up guys.

andrew in dc

Christina said...

"if he dies, he dies."


i'm so happy for staal...he deserved to have that kind of night in toronto of all places. the way he's been playing lately...almost makes me want to say, screw mark eaton, i'd let jordan staal do me

great recap guys

Anonymous said...

i do believe during that hailstorm of shots after petrovicky performed plastic surgery on Newberry, Eaton blocked a heavy slapshot...i could be wrong, but im pretty sure that net was about as wide as anna nicole know

Jon said...

Even the posters are getting fun to read, with the semi-obscure movie references..."He's got that goin for him, which is nice..." (Caddyshack), and "If he dies, he dies..." (Rocky IV). I can't believe there are 45 comments already, you are all losers!!!

but I love you

Anonymous said...

"if he dies, he dies."

thats a line from Rocky 4 said after Drago kills Rocky's friend in a fight. Petro didn't say it, you could tell he felt (somewhat) bad.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaa army in the box, "he hit me four times, thats fucking BULLSHIT!"

Andrew said...


You responded to the *good* Andrew.



The Good Andrew

rwarner174 said...

As funny as I think the if he dies he dies is. I am a big rocky 4 fan. What isn't funny is that petro could of killed that guy. The way that guy's head hit the ice it could of very easily been a one way trip to a mourge for him. That was some very scary stuff. As much as I hate the leafs, I hope the leafs' player is ok.

I know I am going to get a bunch of angry posts back at me. But isn't it time to at the very least do something to make fighting far less pervalant in hockey (I know they have already done alot). What would of been the headlines if that guy died. Leafs players dies as teamates and refs stand by and watch. It just could of been a very horrible situtation.

I know people are going to say its part of the game, but I would argue that it isn't. Getting hit into the boards is part of the game. Knocking someone out with your bare fist is UFC.

The least the refs could do is if they see a guys helmet come off step in immediatly. Thats no joke, that guy could be dead. Even if he isn't dead, he may never be the same. I just hope the leafs player is ok.

Andy26 said...

Article in todays Kansas City Star ... at least this guy doesn't want to steal the Penguins.

Adrienne said...

You miss that we're all hoping he's okay. No one really wants to see someone get hurt (Altho I'd still love to see Jagr get laid the fuck out by someone.)

On another note, Staal seemed to have had a damn good game. I fell asleep right at the end of the Third, go figure :(

Lets keep the mullets growing, and take our chance for the playoffs. :D This might be enough for me to come home early...

Justin said...

the staal-ets

Staff said...

i love staal and all, but lets get real here...there is no way he will win the calder. lets try not to forget all of the amazing things malkin has done this set up all of staals goals last night for example. HE WILL WIN, and he deserves to win. staal is awesome, but malkin is too.


go pens

Derek said...


I think your def right, but Staal warrants consideration at this point.

But Malkin had the most quiet 4 point night of his life last night.Like I said in the recap, as soon as those two stepped on the ice in OT it was over

It is just sick we have all this talent

Shanna said...

Did anyone notice the line changes in the third? Putting Christensen on the top line with Sid and Recchi and Malone on the third. Great move as Malone scored right off the bat. I'm actually not sure if I like that move or not. I'm not sure Eric can do the board work that Ryan does but at the same time, if the line change sticks, it'll be nice to see a LWer that can finish what Sid starts. Hopefully.

Anyway, Don Cherry is a asshole. Someone should take him and drop him into the frozen waters of the North Atlantic. And he likes Jordan Staal just a little too much it seems. When Jordan scored his game-winner, it sounded like Cherry was seriously about to blow his load.

Great game, a little scarey but glad we won it. Hope Newbury is gonna be ok. "Rottweiler" Petrovicky really clocked him good.

Great recap. Always a great read.


Tee said...

Rwarner, this isn't a hate filled response, but you're completely wrong about fighting in hockey. It's actually what keeps the really bad stuff from happening. Think about the two worst incidents in recent memory, the McSorley and Bertuzzi incidents. In both cases what caused the dirty play that seriously injured someone? It was the player refusing to fight. Fighting is how the players police themselves and the game. If you take it out all of a sudden no one is worried about charging into someone with their head down in the boards or getting their stick up in someones eye anymore. Thats when people actually get hurt. Ever wonder why you don't see as many knockouts in hockey as you do in the UFC or boxing? It's because while yes they are really getting punched in the face, it's not the same as taking a punch while standing on the ground. The skates absorb a lot of the impact, and also prevent players from throwing a full power punch. I recommend you do some research on the subject, I'd start out with "The Code" by Ross Bernstein. It has a ton of great insight from former and current players and coaches on the subject.

Anonymous said...

as entertaining as i think fights in hockey can be, i truely believe that it is an antiquated part of the sport.

tee, im not sure what you are suggesting in relation to bertuzzi/moore and mcsorley/brashear. they were both attacked by thugs, and now Steve Moore's career is over.

the NHL reviewed what happened with Markus Nasland/Moore and did not find there to be reason to penalize Moore for it. Then Bertuzzi attacks him. How could a fight have stopped that? and McSorley smacked Brashear with his stick. Fighting didn't stop that, he was out before there was a fight.

The NFL is just as physical (ice certainly hurts more) as hockey put you don't see an offensive lineman attack a linebacker when a QB suffers a late hit. The offender's team is penalized severely. The NHL simply needs to call more penalties and enforce their rules. Giving Jason Blake a $1000 fine for what he did to Crosby is a joke. If a similar incident happend in any other sport the fine would have been more substantial than that and the player would have been suspended. A $1000 fine is hardly a deterent and it sends the wrong message about what is tolerable from the league.

When Armstrong blasted Koivu last week the thought of any one of the Canadiens fighting him didn't stop him. He layed out a legal hit and was attacked for it, just like what Todd Bertuzzi did. I see little difference between the two incidents.

Adrienne said...

I still think Bertuzzi should have been kicked out of the NHL for his hit.

Andrew said...

bertuzzi challeneged moore, moore skated away like a bitch, then he went after him. mcsorely challeneged brash, brash skated off, then he gave him a lobomody. the mcsorely incident i consider to be terrible, but bertuzzi's wasn't that bad i think. it was the 3 colorado players jumping on top that broke his neck.

lets say blake makes a borderline cheap play on sid and ko's him. sid is forced to miss 3 games with a concusion. wouldn't you like to see malone or orpik next game beat that pussy's ass? you play dirty, you have to pay for it. that is why there is fighing in hockey. there's no way to get rid of it, and anyone suggesting that you should needs to move to europe and watch the shitty hockey over there. hockey without accountablility leads to cheapshots and dirty play. i honestly think if the pens have an enforcer, that wouldn't happen nearly as much to sid and malkin as it does now. most of the top teams in hockey have an enforcer, and that's the reason they do. the wild discovered when boogey doesn't play, their players get ran left and right. when boogey is out there, noone try it. why? because noone want's to answer to the boogey man.


Tee said...

Todd Bertuzzi is a thug? The guy puts up 25 goals a year and has come close to 100 pts twice. Sure he has a rough side to his game, but so did Eric Lindros, Mark Messier, and Brendan Shannahan. Are any of them thugs? He hit Moore in the back of the head because Moore refused to fight him. Why did McSorley hit Brash in the head with a two hander? Because he refused to fight him. It's how the players police the game, and without it the bad stuff happens. Believe me, now that they're allowing fighting in the DEL this year, the dirty stickwork has gone down tenfold. In the past it wasn't uncommon for guys to lay a twohander on someone when they took exception.. thats a hell of a lot more dangerous than throwing a punch.


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