Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome to the 11 hour

Wherever you stand on this unseasonably warm Janurary night. We're with you.
If your on the ledge because you can't take it anymore.
We feel you.

Quietly optimistic because you thing the Pens are safe.
We hope so too.

If your tired of the worrying, and need to step away.
We don't blame you.

But if you think Pens fans will go quietly into the summer.
We are dropping the gloves, and ready to dance.

Fact of the matter it was another day of torturing for Pens fans.
But for the first time in awhile, we have a glimmer of hope.


It all started this morning

The worlds biggest ashtray

Now this wasn't shocking, but merely surreal.
Its got worse as Kansas city offered this.

"They have told us they will make a decision within 30 days," Leiweke said. "We will know within 30 days whether they are going to work out their issues in Pittsburgh and get an arena built, or whether they will ask the NHL for permission to move the team to Kansas City."-Tim Leiweke, president of Anschutz Entertainment Group

Did anyone know that Luc Robitaille is apart of the group trying to bring the Pens, or any team to KC? We had no clue.

Luc you broke our hearts.

Add another enemy to Pensblog.

Ok so at that point we all were feeling sick.

But finally we got some hope, if only a little.

After a 90 minute meeting
We heard this from Mario.
"I'm optimistic with the meeting we had today,"-Mario Lemieux
Mario also called it a positive sit down.

Rendell said this:
“When you factor in the tremendous fan base here and the fact that hockey has failed in Kansas City, I think we will beat it,” Rendell
( Thanks to commentor Seth)

Bottom line is this.

Our hopes, hearts, and collective minds ride with Ed Rendell, Luke Ravenstahl, and Dan Onorato tonight.

God help us all.

Recap coming later tonight.


Scott said...

Leiweke also said that he thinks they dont want to move the pens...good news on a shitty day

Joshua said...

Ahh damnit I can't take this anymore. It's like a freaking yo-yo. Who the hell does KC think they are?


I really think this has become 10 times more important since the port authority announcement. That screwed a shitload of Pittsburghers over when Onorato and them announced that. SO this puts more pressure on them to save the Penguins or they know they are in some deep trouble. If the Pens go, I really see this city breaking down.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but not only was Robitialle hired to head up the management company, the guy that has promised to purchase a team and place them there... Del B??lio something or other is the same guy that tried to purchase the pens several years ago. And thats not the worst part... from what I remember reading, those 2 along with Mario own a minor hockey team together. Im going to have to look for that article and post a link. It was in one of the Pittsburgh papers last week.

O and BTW...

STRAKA LIVES BABY!! Hat trick tonight! *sigh* If he could only be playing on Sid's wing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was wrong. It is just Luc and Mario partnered in a minor team. But still, reading this made my heart sink to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

F*ck Robitaille, wish he would remember the city that made him famous. Just saw Mario's interview with reporters on FSN Pittsburgh, he didn't really reveal too much besides that "we will know within a week or two what our plan of action will be." Not a very reasurring interview, but it coulda been worse.


Anonymous said...

this was taken from WTAE

Rendell said the Kansas City deal is not as sweet as it sounds.

"Look at the Kansas City deal carefully," said Rendell. "Concession revenues are an important part of the deal. They're not getting a free arena and all of the revenues from Kansas City either."

seth said...

anywho, a little off topic.. but still confused about o canada

Anonymous said...

i would like to take this oppurtunity to publicly say, i f'ing hate Ed Rendell, that crooked bastard. Sorry i really needed to get that out.


Adrienne said...

The slot license decision has officially screwed Pittsburgh, and it's taxpayers over.

The port authority decision has officially screwed the working class of Pittsburgh over.

Now with the whole KC thing, it's like they're just telling the people of Pittsburgh that they could give a shit less about us.

Good game.

As for Straka, BADASS win. Too bad the Rangers suck ass and need to die in a plane crash. (sans Straka and Kasparaitis)

And Tampa won tonight = awesome. :D

Derek said...


I wanted to say I am sorry for Adam not coming to visit you in the stands, he did represent the pensblog staff on that haha..

Adrienne said...

Its fine. But I'm leaving for London on the 10th, so I would have liked to have met people before I left.

Since I'll be out of the country for the rest of the season, you're all responsible for good recaps since I'll miss any game that doesn't start before 3pm :(

Derek said...

oh no! Thats unreal. Are you going for school?

We will try out best.. Good luck over there.

PittCheMBA said...

ESPN radio's Mark Madden has called Ravenstahl, Onorato, and Rendell collectively as "The 3 Stooges"


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