Sunday, January 7, 2007

What a roller coaster.

It looked bleak with 6 minutes left in the game, and the Pens trailing. We get a point.

The first period was scoreless, but it was still exciting. The Pens came out with some jump, which is something we don't expect in weekend home games. Fleury stoning Lecavalier on a breakaway (a recurring theme) was the highlight of the first period.

Halfway through the second period, Therrien thinks of what it felt like to have Shane Endicott in the lineup.

The second period was gay. Ryan Craig (another two-first-name hockey player) scored on a jobber goal to give the Lightning the lead 7 minutes into the second. Nothing Fleury could do there; just some unfortunate bounces.
The Pens looked completely out of it for 19 minutes and 55 seconds. Then, out of nowhere, Recchi and Crosby are on a two-on-one. Recchi carries it in, and Crosby, anticipating the pass, goes down on his patented one-knee to get a better look at the pass coming. He redirects it past Jesus to tie the game going into the second intermission.

That was quite a boost.

The Pens came out in the third period possessed. But so did the Lightning.
That resulted in a tense 20 minutes of hockey.

After working in the Lightning's zone for about 8 minutes, with Lightning players falling on the puck every 11 seconds, the Pens had to weather the Lightning (ha).
Friggen Nick Tarnasky scores with 6 minutes left to give the Lightning a nice little 2-1 lead going into crunch time.

Nick Tarnasky takes time from his job at Quizno's to score a goal.

With time winding down, and Tampa Bay going into Devils Mode, Maxime Talbot draws a tripping penalty that puts the big boys onto the ice for a solid chance.

I must stop right now and say how good it feels to be in a playoff race and having a powerplay like this that makes you stop thinking about everything else other than the Pens winning.
Can't describe it.

The Pens were fartin' around on the power play, waiting for their golden opportunity.
Whitney has a wide-open wrister in the slot, but he shoots it at the goal judge's head.

Crosby gets a hold of the puck and just Crosbies it to the net. It hits something, it goes in.
After celebrating, I look back at the TV and it felt like coming back to your table with a drink for your girlfriend, and she's making out with some guy.

Hang on, guys. Gotta call the war-room in Toronto.

After a lengthy delay, the goal stood. Recchi didn't make a kicking motion, and it hit a Lightning players' boot.

The rest of the third period consisted of the Penguins playing not to lose. And the game slipped into overtime.

Overtime was ridiculous. 4-on-4 is great, but I don't understand why Malkin and Crosby didn't go up against St. Louis and Lecavalier.
Anyway, Gonchar makes one of his few bad plays of the season, springing Lecavalier on his second breakaway.
With the five-hole wide open, Vinny goes blocker-side on Fleury and is stoned.

Right after that, Joltin takes an acceptable penalty, and the Lightning go on a 4-on-3 powerplay which was basically like The Rock taking off his elbow pad before delivering the People's Elbow.
99.9% of the time, the elbow is landed and the match ends. The Pens were in the .1% tonight.

Not tonight.

An emotional penalty-kill with everyone in Pens Nation cheering every block and icing of the puck.
The penalty expired, and Malone streaked down the ice.
He jobs around in the corner for a while, and instead of passing it out to a wide-open Jordan Staal in the slot (twice), he just plays with himself.


First up was Vinny. Fleury bangs his wife.
Christensen comes in and Buddha makes him look like a fool.

Brad Richards comes down on Fleury and tried to go five-hole. Fleury blanks him.
Malkin comes down and does nothing.

Missouri comes down and shows off for his 7th-grade girlfriend, and it unfortunately goes in.
Crosby comes down faster than himself and is denied.

Good Game.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Recchi: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: TB ( 29 ) PENS ( 22 )
  • Powerplay: Both teams ( 1 for 4)
  • Maxime Talbot: Pensblog Star of the Game
  • Andre Roy gave the finger the Mellon Arena crowd, and after he was traded, he learned how to skate again. I would look like a good hockey player, too, if Ryan Whitney falls over himself and gives me a nice look at the net.
  • The Malkin Bobblehead resembles left-over bobbleheads from Ryan Whitney and Ryan Malone night.
  • Jon Barbero took the night off, handing Bob Pompeani and Pat Parris the reigns.
  • Malkin almost made it the entire game, but with two minutes left in the third, he falls....
  • Staal looks like he is leaps and bounds above his linemates.
  • Solid performance by Fleury.
  • I'm probably missing some things. Comments, as always.


Anonymous said...

I think Malkin fell down in the 2nd period too when he was trailing on a rush just as the puck left the zone. I have him down for 2 tonight, for a league leading 112 on the season.

Brett said...

Staal's stick is 80 feet long.... and oh yeah, hes only 18 folks.

chris said...

i hate going to games and sitting around a bunch of jobbers who know nothing about the game...

i hope none of the pensblog readers are guilty of this but...PLEASE STOP YELLING FOR THEM TO SHOOT IT ON THE POWERPLAY.....THEY SHOOT THE PUCK WHEN THEY GET AN OPEN LANE

if they were to take your stupid advice and shoot when you would be blocked by the defender and end up as a short-handed opportunity....soooooo


they get advice about how to play from the man who is payed to give it to annoying

Anonymous said...

Chris, I couldn't be more with you. I have been to Buffalo, Vancover and Carolina. None of those places do anything like that. It must just be here? People need to calm down and let them setup the powerplay.

EmDubs said...

What was the new patch the players were wearing on their uniforms tonight? I couldn't get a good look at it from the stands.

Joshua said...

Haha when I was at the St. Louis game I tried lecturing my section on shooting lanes. Needless to say I was pelted with various objects.

Very good game. Malkin fell down ALOT tonight. Early in the third, as the camera pans away...Malkin just trips over air near the TB bench. *Smacks forhead*.

btw, the rally was awesome. got some really good pics, and argued with a lady four times my age about the pens. granted she was nice, but so fucking senile it made Pat Roberts look like Marylin Manson.

Joshua said...

the patch is something garth brooks is doing for charity, sell the jerseys blah, blah. I call on Pensblog to declare Garth Brooks a curse on the Penguins.

seth said...

Highlights from the Pens rally today:

1. Showed up a little late, which was good because we got to see the players drive into the parking lot and cheer for them.

2. Ryan Malone didn't bother to make a U-turn, so he and his greasy hair drove over the median

3. Told Max Talbot that we loved him and he responded by pointing back and saying he loved us too

4. Told Colby Armstrong we wanted to bang his girlfriend but he shook his head and told us no

5. Got some nice perspective from Bob Grove.. he was walking down and he stopped and talked to me and a few of my friends. He said about 4 days ago that he was scared about KC's offer but he said that he is optimistic about staying here. He told us that lemieux wouldn't say he was optimistic if he wasn't.

6. Bob Grove quote of the day: I mentioned how I was happy that the Chiefs lost and his response was, "Yeah, screw them"

Anonymous said...

Ryan Malone, what the hell?
All I can say.


Anonymous said...

OK, the media coverage on the rally just plain sucked.

the game freakin awesome! I had all this stuff to say last night right after the game, but now i forgot because its 5 am.

hopefully i'll remember when i am driving the Dorito truck around beaver county today.


Bert said...

Did anyone else hear on the FSN broadcast when: either Whitney or Malone, can't remember which, was crossing the blue line of the Lightning and he just stumbles and gives the puck away and as he is stumbling you hear very clearly, "Oh F**ck me!"


CDY said...

"I have been to Buffalo, Vancouver and Carolina. None of those places do anything like that. It must just be here?"

Try going to a game in San Jose sometime. I think those people just figured out that hockey is played on ice. To their credit, Sharks fans are almost as loud as they are clueless. Almost...

hyzdufan said...

What was with the Lightning players trying to sleep on top of the puck in the 3rd period? That's crazy - should be a delay of game penalty. I can't defend you, so I'm going to play sleep-on-the-puck!

Arlow said...

I wish Recchi was sucking it up so there could be a case to put Staal on the top line. His progression is making his linemates look ridiculous. However, congrats to "the wreckin' ball" on 1300 points. His been exactly what we expected when we brought him back.

scott said...

People here are conditioned to yell "shoot" on the power play because they're used to seeing a power play that passes the puck around the perimeter for 2 minutes and never gets a shot on goal. Nothing is more frustrating than that.

Teams with good power plays get the puck to the net at every opportunity and bang home rebounds. Yes, the Pens have some skilled offensive players who can make passes, but they're not exactly the '87 Oilers. They still need to get some garbage goals once in a while...

Christina said...

that was a wicked awesome shot by crosby...he's in a league of his own, that's for sure.

and on the tampa bay side of things...andre roy was playing like he had something big to prove...nearly leveling scuderi then getting off that shot after whitney somehow fell over himself repeatedly. luckily for us he can't shoot the puck...

good game. i'd like to see staal on the top line with malkin and crosby too....just to see what could happen....

Adrienne said...

The game was slow as hell for the first two periods. Come on, SOG were 5 to 7 at the end of the first. That's not active hockey :( Thank god the third made up for it.

Gonchar was on his ass for a majority of the game.

Grats to Recchi for his 1300th point.

Nothing better then watching LeCavalier get stonewalled the entire night. While St. Louis got the shootout goal, and beat us, I can't be mad. Tampa is my second favorite team, and he's one of my favorite players.

My brother got a ton of shit from everyone around us again because of his Tampa Bay jersey. And was further boo'd after he continuously reminded everyone that we were losing to Holmqvist, TB's backup goalie.

Malkin did fall a lot, and the bobblehead looks nothing like him.

The announcer was terrible. Because "Richard" Craig got the goal. (Anyone else notice this?) Nothing like an unenthusiastic announcer to ruin a game. And why Tampa still has Prospal is beyond me. He's fucking terrible.

For the third Lightning/Penguins game in a row I've been to, we go and lose in a shootout. While I admit I would have been dissapointed to see it finished in regulation time, I'm happy the trend continued; although it would have been better had we won.

We'll break this losing streak tomorrow though. And then I can leave the country happy :D

Adrienne said...

Forgot to mention:
"Tonights attendence 17,132. A standing room sell out for the sixth game in a row"
Translates to:
A quality moment for the arena to have started chanting "NEW ARENA"
good game.

Sell the Flyers, keep the Pens

Anonymous said...

thank god for fluery last night.

how bout the look on crosby's face when he scored that goal on his back/side. incredible.

and how bout the look on tarnasky's face when st. louis scored the ot goal. priceless lol.

Bake said...

To clarify, Holmqvist has 21 games played while Denis has 26 games played. All of Holmqvist's numbers are better. I believe that they're actually going on a system similar to the one in San Jose with Toskala and Nabokov.

It's not exactly like they threw their Thibault in the net for us. That was a game they needed to win to go .500 on their road trip and to establish something for the return game in the St. Pete Times Forum on Tuesday. Wouldn't be surprised if they went with Holmqvist again.

wes said...

i look at the therrien pic and the first thought that popped into my head was: nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diahrrea.

Greg said...

"Lady Elaine" Nasreddine sucked it up in this game... Fanned on a great scoring opportunity (if there is such a thing for him) in the 3rd, fell over and let the puck go right by him on the power play at around the same time, and couldn't get the puck out of the corner which led to Tarnasky's goal. I have been pleasantly charmed with his play thus far this season, but that game showed why he'd been in the minors for 10+ years. Lucky for him he blended in with Whitney and Gonchar tonight so maybe Therrien won't notice

Bake said...

Watch that Tarnasky goal and Recchi's amazing defensive effort.

Rachel said...

First off, the crowd was freaking amazing last night!

The rally was great!

Why did I have to eat dinner and miss the players coming in?!?

Malkin's bobblehead does look nothing like him. I also saw him just randomly fall down by the bench.

Sid, Geno, and Jordan on one line would be interesting to see!

Can Malone ever shoot a puck on a breakaway?

Did anyone watch the Pens warm up and Jordan and Max just randomly smash each other by the boards?


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