Tuesday, January 9, 2007

(If you want my thoughts on this game summed up in one picture, scroll to the bottom.)

Good thing that Pens fans everywhere were chomping at the bit to get a piece of Tampa Bay after Sunday night's defeat.

The puck was dropped at 7:38 tonight. At 7:38:24, Crosby scores, and the Pens are up 1-0.
Crosby's going down to his knees to score goals is slowly becoming his trademark.
(I bet Alexander Semin will be stealing that move from Sid.)

" Okay, we scored. We can take a nap now. "

Less than 6 minutes after Crosby's goal, Lecavalier scores on a jobber-redirect in front of Fleury to tie the game up.
Nothing much else happened in that first period. It was a yawner.

The second period was basically the same as the first.
The Lightning scored another kick-the-coffee-table goal to make it 2-1.

I close my eyes right now, and all I see is Martin St. Louis and the blonde doctor from Scrubs.

No big surprises for the rest of the second...other than another too many men on the ice penalty on the Pens.

Picture: Pens getting caught with too many men on the ice.

...And that brought us to the always riveting third period. The Pens have been showing up in third periods this year, which is an excellent thing to dote on while rehashing tonight's crapfest.

It only took the Lightning three minutes to score their third goal, but it definitely resulted from Martin St. Louis' hook on Gonchar which consequently made Gonch lose control of the puck.

And then, with well over half of the third period remaining, Erik Christensen takes a high stick to the chops...resulting in a double-minor penalty.
The Penguins feared power play unit takes the ice and th--- Cleared.
The Penguins feared power play un--- Cleared.
The Penguins feare--- Cleared.
T --- Cleared.

Next thing you know, the 4-minute penalty expires.

With less than three minutes left, everyone's favorite Penguin gets a goal on a lucky bounce from a Brooks Orpik shot.

" 'Real men make their own luck.' Billy Zane -- Titanic. "

The Pens gave it their best shot with the goalie pulled late.
To give it your best shot, you actually have to get a shot.

Things will be better once we get this pesky Florida road trip out of the way.
Florida Panthers tomorrow night.
We are guaranteeing victory.
Take it to the bank.

  • Crosby: 1 G
  • Shots: TB (24) PENS (31) ---- NICE.
  • Powerplay: TB (1 for 4) PENS ( 0 for 4)
  • 11 Penalties not called. Half of them were on us.
  • We're watching Tampa Bay's next couple games to see if they only play this well against the Pens.
  • That arena was dark as hell. I hate it.
  • "Look around, and what do you see? A beautiful world."

Barring setbacks, the video from the rally will be up tomorrow evening sometime.

Enjoy your


Joshua said...

Please don't make me look like that much of a douche in the video! lol.
Tough game to watch tonight, at least I was gettin paid for it.

Hey Pensblog, is there an email i could reach you guys at? Possible big developments in the Arena thing I got from an inside source...also there's a strong possibility of a rally down city hall.

seth said...

frustration is the perfect word for tonight. every game is a must win.. we can't afford to lose tomorrow

Anonymous said...

"With less than three minutes left, everyone's favorite Penguin gets a goal on a lucky bounce from a Brooks Orpik shot."

you guys are being sarcastic about that right?

i hope so.

also, bring back chris thorborn. petrovicky is pissing me off.
he hasnt proved anything to me atleast.
also, when is ouellet going to realize that the second half of the season has started?


Adam said...

sarcasm is awesome.


Tawm said...

Open your eyes, and what do you find....

a beautiful world

Brett said...

Tough one to watch.....good thing we had Guitar Hero and Nerf dart guns to get us through this one tonight.

jmorg said...

even though the game was painful, seeing colby score was great. probably my favorite player (no sarcasm). it's good to see him get one in there even if it was goofy and really didn't matter.

Andrew said...

Honestly...the last f'n person I want to see on the ice with 30 seconds left and the goalie pulled is Michel Ouelette. He must seriously know how to tongue Therrien's balls just right (a little light, but very sloppy). When will he get his turn to sit on his goofy ass and watch some games from the pressbox.

Oh...can we please fire Petro. I mean, I know before the season started I wished and wished for a winger that would take stupid penalties and not be able to finish. Simply because that's how all of my sexual encounters end up anymore.

Geeves said...

first quarter of season, petrovicky = suprisingly useful physical presence who occasionally made an offensive play; ouellet = suprisingly opportunistic offensive asset (6G, 9A in 19 games) who occasionally made impressive defensive plays.

second quarter, petrovicky does nothing but take elbowing penalties, and ouellet has disappeared (1G, 2A in 14 games).

don't good teams adapt when they see patterns developing?

though i think it says a lot about the team that ouelllet has been in such a huge funk, and he and ekman are still 6th and 7th in points on the team.

ummm, let's go play another one on shitty ice tomorrow?

Geeves said...

forgot to add. i don't think either of those guys is worth leaving thorburn as a healthy scratch.

Derek said...

Tough times.

Anyone notice the hooking jobs by the lightning. I am watching their next game, they better play that well, or I am going to kill someone.

We should leave Ouellet in Florida. Petro is mud.

I hate Marty St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

their should be a law against St. Louis and Lecaiv (who cares how you spell it) and the constant Penguin killing they seem to do against us.


Arlow said...

I now officially hate the Lightning. Would it have been too much to ask someone to layout Lecavalier of St. Louis on at least one play? Seriously, where has the hitting gone? Orpik used to be a mad man and Colby hasn't been the same since his hit that left a Hurricane unconcious. Start knocking some damn heads!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil Esposito, who does color for the Lightening, was on XM Satelite radio this morning and said he had a "source" that says the Pens are most definitely staying in Pittsburgh. He said that Plan B is currently being changed and the Pens are believed to like the plan. They will continue to contribute some money to the plan, but its prolly not going to be as much as PLAN B initially called for. He also said 66 wont sell until after a new arena is agreeded upon and he believes the price will go from 175 to about 200 mill once they have a set arena.

Basically, and of course we have to take all info with a grain of salt, Espo is convinced the Pens are staying.

Just wanted to pass this along in case other people dont have XM.


Arlow said...

Man, my typing sucks.

Arlow said...

If you can't trust Phil Esposito, who can you trust?

Andy26 said...

Very disappointing game tonight. If the Penguins can't find someone in this current line-up who can score independently of the actions of Crosby, this season is going to go down the tubes fast.

Last night was the first time in a long while I felt like I was watching last year's team .... Crosby, and 21 other players that aren't Crosby.

They can still turn this around for sure, but SOMEBODY has to step it up and be a consistent #2 guy every night.

Gavin said...

Anybody seen Eric Christensen lately or should I repost his picture on various milk cartons throughout the area again this season.

Adrienne said...

St Pete Times Forum isn't really that dark. It's an amazing venue++

Andrew said...

Yeah, looked great on the ole FSNHD.

Tee said...

arlow the lack of hitting is because orpik doesn't want to answer the bell when he crushes a star, and colby just looks lost this season... if the pens had a legit enforcer the hitting would probably pick up, but dealing Roy and scratching Thorburn every night kind of makes it tough on them.. they're afraid to lay people out. It's pretty sad when Ruutu is the toughest guy on the team, nothing against him but I'm firmly of the belief that you need someone that can protect your stars and keep your team feeling safe. Wish Cairns would come back soon, I'd love to see Cairns vs Roy

Anonymous said...

god it was so dark in there. it looked like there were spotlights on the goals and thats it.

did anyone else notice the lack of a powerplay clock from FSN for two penalties? i thought for a second "that's the fastest penalty kill i've seen without anyone actually killing it".

hyzdufan said...

I was curious about the arena lighting as well, perhaps it was to make it all stormy and ominous, you know, lightning, get it?

Hooks Orpik said...

[i]first quarter of season, petrovicky = suprisingly useful physical presence who occasionally made an offensive play[/i]

totally true, if only because petro rehabbing the hip for the first quarter of the season.

does anyone have a link to the video of the crosby goal from last night? i can't seem to find it yet. another game, another signature goal. incredible.

Colcloughs Hands said...

i hate marty st louis too
but what do you expect from a guy named after a city in missouri.
might as well start calling lecavalier vincent kansas city.
i hate olli jokinen just as much so if they lose tonight it will be just as bad.
the only thing theyve been doing consistently is getting too many men penalties.

Arlow said...

All I know is that they need something. Other than a fight, nothing sparks a team and at the same time takes a little wind out of the opposing team like a huge hit. And as you stated, without an enforcer type right now and the glaring fact that Sid is providing almost all the offense, how long will it take before opposing teams start taking runs at him like they did the majority of last season?

Christina said...

we seriously outshot them last night?? wow i must have really been asleep.

seems like the only ones who showed up to play last night were sid, fleury, talbot, and moore. pretty sad.

the non-calls last night were ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the bad lighting and terrible ice...i think everyone fell randomly last night.

let's hit some people tonight for a change....

seth said...

way to pull through matt

Adam said...

matt comes up huge.

Scott said...

Nice stuff matt...that made my shitty day better...pens win tonite it becomes an ok day

Greg said...

EVERYBODY VOTE FOR MALKIN TO BE ON THE COVER OF ESPN THE MAGAZINE'S "NEXT" ISSUE!!! There's a link to it on espn.com's home page I believe


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