Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The only pair of things that match better than these pictures is my ass and your mom's meatloaf.

Zero Tolerance? HA!


Antonette said...

This just in...Blake was fined $1000, but not suspended.

seth said...

that dick should've been suspended

Ryan said...

The old guys face during the Christensen goal is priceless

btw...hi pensblog, i'm finally making my first post from the great land of virginia tech

seth said...

question: why would they even switch the camera to the refs after a goal?

Derek said...

Ryan Welcome to the Blog man

chris said...

ryan cole? :)

youre the only ryan i know that loves hockey and goes to vt

whats up man :)

Ryan said...

haha yes it is me chris...not much has been going on still going to school and still playing hockey, thats about my life right have you been?

and derek...i met you when i ran into adam randomly on the southside on new years...just incase you were wondering


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