Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pensblog State of Mind

It's February already. Are you serious?

February is known for the saying "In like a pretender, out like a contender."

From now until April 7, the longest stretch of days off that the Pens will have is three.
They play in Toronto on February 10th and come back home to play Chicago on the 14th.

Here's hoping the Pensblog doesn't become garbage during the busy playoff stretch.

COMMENTER SCOTT: Unless it's been changed recently, the Arena plays "Kerncraft 400" by Zombie Nation at the end of the periods.
There's probably more than one version on Limewire.
Make sure you get the one with the "Oh Oh Oh Oh's" in it.

..................................................................'s Power Rankings place the Pens in 12th...

...Speaking of, here's the article about John Buccigross building himself a hockey rink in his backyard...
--- Love him or hate him, but when an ESPN SportsCenter anchor and columnist is this devoted to hockey, something makes sense in the world.

General Ambrose E. Burnside
How great would it be to able to look at this picture and say he is your great-great-great-great grandfather?

...Continuing on our ESPN kick, Scott Burnside suggests now is the time for Toronto to part ways with Mats Sundin... has always broken stories about anything related to the NHL before even local news sources have.
We're telling you, for the best knowledge and quickest reporting, is the place to be.
I check their site every morning to see if I die later in the day.

Therefore, it is with semi-heavy hearts that we give you this.
--It simply says that Andy Sheehan of KDKA is a boobsac.
Sources are telling TSN that stories saying the deal is done are "premature."

Andy, stop. Thanks.

In case you're wondering, rumors came flying from Mark Madden that a deal was done, as well. Maybe he is right...

God help us all. At this point, it is a waste of pixels to discuss. All we know is that no one will be the same after this ordeal. The arena issue has taken at least 5 good years from our lives.

...And, as one of the worst-placed link shout-outs in history, the Bucco season is rapidly approaching.
Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke? is getting into full swing.
If anyone reading is curious, that blog was the motivation that drove us to start our own.
We honor and respect its operator, Pat, as much as you can honor and respect someone you have never met.


Tonight, the NHL is slower than my retarded cousin who stole my firetruck Micro Machine when we were 7.

It had a light-up siren, you son of a bitch.
Sorry, Aunt Natalie.

...Toronto finally did something exciting in the United States. They beat the Rangers 2-1 this evening.
The tie-breaking goal was scored in the third period by the aforementioned Mats Sundin...

...The other games are Columbus-Edmonton and Phoenix-Anaheim...


Should be a good one Thursday night at the Igloo.


If Jules Winnfield coached an amateur hockey team:


Pat said...

Thanks for the shout-out, guys.

Anonymous said...

MMMM, That is a tasty burger!

Anonymous said...

ron cook almost made it again writing an article without mentioning the steel............oh wait, he did


Joshua said...

I died laughing of the firetruck that was stolen from you for God knows what reason.


Derek said...


haha I thought the same thing while reading it.

After writing nothing but Pens stuff:

"If Mike Tomlin has the Steelers overachieving like this next season, we'll be calling him a genius and saying "Bill Who?"

Why Ron, Why?

Anonymous said...

Pat is the coolest. Check out his blog, its the real deal.

(different Pat, same great name)

Anonymous said...

i was watchin sudden death do i miss mike lange as play by is the matter with you fsn pgh???

seth said...

i'm pretty upset with the contradictory statements being made on this arena deal. optimism to tension to optimism to having a deal to not having a deal. wtf. i'm gonna shoot the next person to write an article on the arena unless its a press release that the deal is finished. until then, no more speculation

Adam said...

If I was a betting man, I would put a modest $10 on the chance that there will be an announcement during one of the intermissions Thursday night.

I would make sure we watch the game at a bar if that is the case.
Imagine the jubilation.

Night, all.

Anonymous said...

in unrelated news:

sheetz = beer

Sheetz Inc. has been cleared to sell takeout beer at its super-sized convenience store and restaurant in Altoona.


Adrienne said...

holy shit i miss sheetz :( Thanks Jay

The whole arena thing really needs to be settled, and fast. I'm tired of the emotional rollercoaster that they keep putting me on with all these positive and negative articles. I mean, seriously. They need to quit messing with my emotions.

Christina said...

i agree adrienne. it's a neverending roller-coaster (to use the Jack Rabbit analogy again...)

in a perfect world, tonight...
1. the pens win, in dominating fashion
2. the arena deal is announced
3. i'd have center ice tickets to the game
4. Guts came back on the air (or any other of the quality Nickelodeon programming of the 90s)

one can only hope!

ps thanks tee for that info...i'll give the internet stream a try next week (rome trip this weekend, minus laptop)

Will said...

T minus 12 hours until i finally get back to a game and see the Pens kick some Canadian!!

i almost want to call off from work cause i am that excited.

Justin said...

john buccigross was born in homer city, indiana county.
do i see the next target of "pensblog: in their own words?"

Anonymous said...

Guts and other quality Nickelodeon programs are back on the air... on Nick GAS (Games and Sports)

Ulf said...

It's a little known fact that, when it comes to hockey, TSN's main source is actually god. And this is not the "send me money for prayers god" that Pat Robertson claims to talk to. They have a direct line to god in their hockey news war room. They speak to him.


Shorty said...

I agree, all this premature elation (did u get what i was goin for there...huh, huh?) is killin me. Oh well game nite, gotta put all this behind us and gear up. I love that vid, i laugh every time is see it. Some1 (Thorburn if he's back) needs to give Souray the Inglewood Jack!!

BTW sorry to hear bout your firetruck...micromachines kicked ass!

Anonymous said...

in keeping tabs on the mullet sightings it seems crosby's sporting one too. check out today's in the locker room bit on the pens site.

Tee said...

i worked at sheetz for 3 years, from age 16-19... they stole a part of my soul.

Justin said...

i wonder if jules winnfield has a dry erase board that says "bad mother f**ker"

Teej said...

I'd watch the game at a bar tonight here in Happy Valley, but I fear going in and seeing the bar show nothing but college basketball...

GUTS was awesome, but don't forget gems like You Can't Do That On Television, or The Tomorrow People for that matter...

DerekBell4President said...

Not so much a comment on this post but I love the site. You guys are great.

From one blogger to another, keep up the outstanding work.

Joshua said...

I hate to play devil's advocate...but the arena is like a rollercoaster...bad news from Rendell

seth said...

This arena stuff is fucking gay

Scott said...

I found the zombie nation one last nite but i still dont have the other one...for any of u pitt football ppl they played it when the team came out of the tunnel...thanks for your guys help and i would also like to thank pat from WHYGAVS cause i think his blog is great and i read after every pirate game and he also led me to the pensblog...big game tonite and my gut says they'll announce a deal at intermission

thomes08 said...

Hey guys I've been reading your site for about a week now after a fellow pensblogger saw me in a computer lab wearing my Malkin hat in West Lafayette, IN (Purdue).
Anyways I absolutely love this site.
It's great (not really) to hear from other people that feel just like me about the roller coaster ride we've been dealing with for all these years now. I can't beleive it's been this long and everyday is still escalating the tension. Here's to hoping!

Big game tonight for the pens as usual.
We should also be rooting for Philly, Buffalo, Atlanta, and i can't decide who should win in the carolina/TB game for the pens' sake.

btw being a steelers fan and living directly between indianapolis and chicago, and in indiana in general, is really annoying.


seth said...

i say we root for carolina cuz if we happen to lose and tampa wins, we fall a spot in the standings

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

if anybody in pittsburgh/where ever does not find the penguins an exciting team, they are a fucking retard.



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